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Hi, welcome to the server! We are a NON-NSFW server that welcomes everyone! Hope you enjoy!

*Confusion*’s owner, Pugicorn#8169
❄️❄️ Freedom of Speech! ❄️❄️ Discussion and debate (LGBTQ and liberals needed!)
Server created for spiritual, Alien research, Conspiracies, astrology, and general spirituality,also has channels for working out, anime, movies and more!
A brand new server to discuss theories!
Looking for staff!
Looking for a place to discuss and debate conspiracies, politics, current event or just meet people whit similar interests.Come join are small server even if don't know anything about conspiracies or believe in them, it's always great to expand your mind and learn something new.

New members are always welcome.
Un servidor político dedicado a todos los lados del espectro en el que no debes preocuparte por estar en desacuerdo con un mod. También se le permite debatir con personas con las que no está de acuerdo, siempre y cuando siga siendo educado.

No te dejes guiar por el nombre, no necesitas ser neoliberal para entrar.
The Conspiracy is a discord group dedicated to producing theories about movies, news and other topics. You can join as a member, apply to become one of our official conspiracists or go for an administrative approach.

Server Owner: James-#6826

We are completely new and require head admins and all other roles
A server with multiple channels dedicated to discussing different conspiracies. Sources and definitions are provided to better explain each conspiracy. Multiple voice lounges and off-topic channels are included. Users may suggest new channel additions.
Join this server it's quite new or not by what time your reading this but we are a group of people who wanna research into the unknown we are very flexible just don't troll and you will be fine.
Hi, welcome to Crime, Conspiracies, and Cryptids! This is a friendly environment to talk about all things weird, spooky, and monstrous. Share your favorite creepy pasta, post your monster art, laugh along to false flag youtube videos, and just have a good time!
This server is about Shane Dawson! as we discuss him and do merch giveaways we also INVITE U BC WE ARE ALL LONELYYYY!!!! also this server is very neat and clean, we do ask that you join and give us you're fav Shane song!!! SHANE DAWSON CULTTT
We're two guys searching for others aware of the non-human/tare/creatures living amongst us, if you are real, please join us.
JOSEPHINE is a server dedicated for people interested in gardening, conspiracy theories, etc.

Anyone, and everyone, is welcome! Just read the rules in the server first before acting on anything.
We are here to discuss theorys and other things please don't judge just join we talk about aliens ghosts conspiracys and other things
Come on over to Arispal, we talk about things related to paranormal. We talk about aliens, sciences, mysteries, spirits, psychic/ESP abilities, conspiracy theories, magick, philosophy and many things. Our community voice chats.
Low moderation fun social server with event nights like game nights and movie nights. Multiple random discussion channels for astrology, conspiracies, partying and more. Plenty of cute e boys and e girls to be friends with. Self assignable roles & colors, ROLE CHALLENGES, voice channels, and more. We have the typical music bots, astrology & tarot bots, etc. Some of our server sugar daddies will even buy you pizza if you ask! We just bullshit and chill, come join us (: