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I am a content creator and researcher. I produce mini-documentaries in an attempt to not only educate others, but myself in the process. I pray to Yashua Hamashiach for all truth to be made known to me that pushes me in my purpose and assists me on the battlefield. We are dealing with dark forces that would have the truth eternally hidden in order to keep us from salvation . It is my intention to uncover and share the truth all the days of my life.
A place for discussion, exchange and debate. About Politics, Conspiracy Theories, Spirituality, Philosophy.
This server is based on principles of cooperation, equality, fairness, transparency and positivity.

We're a server devoted to ideas. We feature discussion and debate on a variety of topics including Flat Earth, NASA, New World Order, 9/11, Direct Energy Weapons(DEWs), Weather Modification/Chemtrails, Political Conspiracy, Predictive Programming, Satanic Ritual Abuse, MK Ultra, Subliminal Messages, Hollyweird, Mandela Effect, Hidden History and more.
**We are a server of Truth seeker's and awake mind's please join us and share your mind**. We have prepping Information, Holistic medicine, links and documents for Alt News, Intel and information sharing. Ran by Christian Truthers.
Looking for a place to discuss and debate conspiracies, politics, current event or just meet people whit similar interests.Come join are small server even if don't know anything about conspiracies or believe in them, it's always great to expand your mind and learn something new.

New members are always welcome.
Ice wall and 24/7-mostly-level are owned by the government. just join them and observe the mods just fucking lol. join mine
Over at Synthesis, we're looking to find new members, including you.

Synthesis is a server that believes everyone has spiritual potential, no matter what walk of life they come from. We're all-inclusive, welcoming everyone who'd like to join, regardless of your ideologies or beliefs. Everything goes as long as it's within the guidelines of Discord's Terms of Service. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an Admin or Mod, and we'll respond as soon as possible.

We are a community that has gone through several phases, changes, and schisms, yet through it all, we've come back together, realizing that "the real Occult tradition was the friends we made along the way".

For those who decide to join, we say:

Welcome to Synthesis, and enjoy your stay!
This server is a general community for all things creepy! As per the name, I encourage members to think about phenomena that make you question the presence of good and evil within yourself. I also encourage discussion and debate. As such, this frightening server is ironically an avenue for discouraging sociopathic behavior. So, get ready to explore new and scary worlds and be creeped out! And have fun!!
24/7 MOSTLY LEVEL, Not Flat Earth anymore but MOSTLY LEVEL!!!!
LEVEL EARTH DISCUSSION AND GAMING. Biggest oldest and best Level Earth debate and fun server of all. Now inclusive of Concave, Superglobe, Dinosaur, Donut and Cube Earth roles!
A group/social Club where like minded Flat Earthers who know we're not on a spinning ball shooting through infinite space can meet & discuss all things FE...Also other topics exposing deception e.g.- NASA lies are welcome...ENJOY! (SHARE WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT)

The members of this group decide everything on their own while respectfully paying attention to the other members energies, but especially THEIR OWN.

I will be observing and guiding the newest members and within time tell you the "real plan" of the group. Hint: FE Expedition!

We can do it together...or we can do it decide!
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Are you interested in the paranormal?
Then this is the server for you!
We have roles for Entity, Cryptids, Aliens, Theorist.
We discuss anything from unexplained phenomena, conspiracy theories, mysteries to just strange things.

This server will have everything that isnt normal.
The Altar is an active, 18+, community full of people with a shared interest in occult knowledge. We have members with a diverse array of experiences and backgrounds. A large number of channels promote discussions on topics such as magick, astrology, technomancy, dream interpretation, paranormal entities, collapse, conspiracy theories, and more. We also have channels for casual discussion, as we seek to foster a community of individuals interested in and learning about similar topics, without being too bogged down by our own seriousness. Come join our community to discuss mystical endeavors, and whatever else is going on.
The Best Conspiracy Server ● The Best Emotes ● Important News, Articles ● Videos, Documentaries ● 5G ● Free PDF's ● RSS Feed to keep you up to date ●
Join fellow Cryptid Kids to talk about Cryptids, True Crime, Unsolved Cases, Conspiracies, And [REDACTED]
We are a community of societal misfits that have been marginalized.
This server was created to be a place to support others and as somewhere you can be yourself.
Strictly no calls for violence or denial of events such as but not limited to: genocides, 9/11, or school shootings
No porn, you can find that elsewhere
Join this server it's quite new or not by what time your reading this but we are a group of people who wanna research into the unknown we are very flexible just don't troll and you will be fine.
All about forming a tribe of like minded individuals in these times of tribulation who will be there for each other, and strive for unity;
Despite differing opinions and beliefs, we're here for each other no matter what.
If you, like me are looking for knowledgeable people who all stand together to form a tribe of power, this is YOUR server.

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—————ˏˋ⋆ ゚☆゚HELL ゚☆゚⋆ˊˎ —————-

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✰ About Us ✰
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Hell is a 15+ horror-based community server. We specialize in healthy discussion relating to conspiracies, debates, and host events like game nights and viewing parties. Not for the faint hearted, most discussion is allowed here, as long as those who partake in said discussion do so with the utmost respect for each other and exhibit high levels of maturity; therefore, those under the age of 15 are prohibited, and if it is found someone under the age of 15 is in the server, they will be removed. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

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✰ What We Offer ✰
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✰ Daily QOTD and polls
`·. Come check us out! ★

Looking for Partnerships, Partner Managers, and experienced VC Moderators!

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✰ Miscellaneous ✰
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☆ Owner: bunny#2229 / 471853428910456842 (DM for questions or concerns)
Area 51, The Illuminati, UFO's, Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, if any seekers of the truth desire to discuss or debate, this is the server for you.



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