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Server created for spiritual, Alien research, Conspiracies, astrology, and general spirituality,also has channels for working out, anime, movies and more!
Hi, welcome to Crime, Conspiracies, and Cryptids! This is a friendly environment to talk about all things weird, spooky, and monstrous. Share your favorite creepy pasta, post your monster art, laugh along to false flag youtube videos, and just have a good time!
A place centered around God's word. Everyone is welcome. Truth seekers, fellowship with us!
We're two guys searching for others aware of the non-human/tare/creatures living amongst us, if you are real, please join us.
JOSEPHINE is a server dedicated for people interested in gardening, conspiracy theories, etc.

Anyone, and everyone, is welcome! Just read the rules in the server first before acting on anything.
A server with multiple channels dedicated to discussing different conspiracies. Sources and definitions are provided to better explain each conspiracy. Multiple voice lounges and off-topic channels are included. Users may suggest new channel additions.
Join this server it's quite new or not by what time your reading this but we are a group of people who wanna research into the unknown we are very flexible just don't troll and you will be fine.
We're a group, currently 7, tight-knit friends looking for more friends. Frequent topics include conspiracies, all things strange, politics, and memes. We're generally an open-minded group.
We are here to discuss theorys and other things please don't judge just join we talk about aliens ghosts conspiracys and other things