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**We are a server of Truth seeker's and awake mind's please join us and share your mind**. We have prepping Information, Holistic medicine, links and documents for Alt News, Intel and information sharing. Ran by Christian Truthers.
☪ ☫ ☬ ☯ ✞ ☥ ☤ PolitiSpot ☤ ☥ ✞ ☯ ☬ ☫ ☪
📖Various Subjects
🗣️Fair Debate
⚖️Minimal Moderation
🌎Diverse Community
A group/social Club where like minded Flat Earthers who know we're not on a spinning ball shooting through infinite space can meet & discuss all things FE...Also other topics exposing deception e.g.- NASA lies are welcome...ENJOY! (SHARE WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT)

The members of this group decide everything on their own while respectfully paying attention to the other members energies, but especially THEIR OWN.

I will be observing and guiding the newest members and within time tell you the "real plan" of the group. Hint: FE Expedition!

We can do it together...or we can do it decide!
We are devoted to researching and exposing the truth.

🔹️ Flat Earth / Fighting the Globe 🔹️ The Aether / Free Energy 🔹️ Conspiracies 🔹️ Vaccine Damage 🔹️ The Coronavirus Effect 🔹️ Politics 🔹️ Science 🔹️ Current Events / News 🔹️ Culture Trends 🔹️

Also, discover our new platform on Element, where we can share our opinions without fear of censorship.

Join now!!! ✊
Flat Earth Official, the one and only Official Flat Earth Discord!
Everyone is welcome regardless of your personal beliefs or background, we encourage healthy debate and banter.
i would like to introduce you to a new flat earth server! This server has lots of helpful staff who have all modded on similar servers for years so they know what they are talking about, they are very friendly and love to debate! .we have lots of fun channels for debating earth shape, general talking, playing games, having debates, lots of channels to discuss the bible and Christianity and voice channels to talk with others! We also have lots of different roles to match your beliefs on the shape of the earth and accept all views! so even though the server may be a small work in progress we hope you would consider joining the best flat earth server!
24/7 MOSTLY LEVEL, Not Flat Earth anymore but MOSTLY LEVEL!!!!
LEVEL EARTH DISCUSSION AND GAMING. Biggest oldest and best Level Earth debate and fun server of all. Now inclusive of Concave, Superglobe, Dinosaur, Donut and Cube Earth roles!
We are left wing feminist animal rights activists furry flat-earthers fighting for your rights. Be sure to join and state your opinion in the right for freedom!

No but in all seriousness this server is pretty much ironic and satire feel free to join and say what you want or state how you feel on certain topics and im sure conversation will be made.

"Real men dont rape oh shit must've been ghost then. consent is sexy? lingerie is sexy! consent is a basic human right!"

No Racism
No Doxing
No Spamming
I created timetounite to help and inform us in the journey in our realm. Everything you have been told is a lie. Fabricated fake history, hiding our real world in front of our eyes. The elite who rule over us are lying to us about everything. Will humanity unite against the elite or suffer under their tyranny? It is time to unite, only the truth can set you free!
Feminist Discord | No ban / mute community | Debate Channels | 3,000+ members | Thanks for checking out the feminist community! Our mission statement is to provide a safe space for feminists to discuss feminist and gender studies. Everyone is allowed here as long as they adhere to the rules.
Area 51, The Illuminati, UFO's, Flat Earth, Hollow Earth, if any seekers of the truth desire to discuss or debate, this is the server for you.
A safe place, political server for feminism, flat earthers, journalists and more! Enjoy your stay!
Dedicated to the proposition of an oblate spheroid-shaped Earth moving around the sun at 0.000696 rpm. Roasting flatbains and their conspiratorial ideology using science, logic, and reason since 270 B.C.

The heliocentric cosmological model is the truth, deal with it.
Ideology Playground aims to be a community server where people of various controversial ideologies can coexist. Overall, the primary focus is currently chatting, but as the server grows, we hope to expand on gaming and (respectful) debates in specific channels for those interested. Absolutely everybody is welcome, no matter what you believe, where you are and what you are.
Join the mini militia gang, live vc team death matches. Our 100 member group chat on Kik is #omegleflatearthschool
A server for the debate of flat earth and antivax, we also invite feminists and anti feminists to debate in our channel, this is a friendly server for everyone to come and debate their views and opinions.
Our objective is to wipe the Flat Earth movement from the internet. They thrive here, even on Discord and continue to give stupid people false information about such simple things, while insulting everyone who challenges their opinion, calling them "globetards". It would be incorrect to call a Flat Earther stupid without any further evidence of that - many of them know what they are talking about regarding the Flat Earth and are obviously not unintelligent individuals, but just believe this shit.
Kill flattards.