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Right now I don't have anything but I'm looking admins to help me make the server. After I get 5 admins I'll lock the server for a bit and when I'm done I will release it back into the server list.
😊 Hello and welcome to 🌌DeadAstro🌌's Galaxy 😊

❤》Our Server was made to gather people around the world and make a great non cancerous community.

❤》The server is mainly about Chatting and Gaming where you can change ideas and talk about anything you want.

❤》We hope you enjoy your stay, of course we won't mind if you want to bring your friends in here and be a part of the family 😘 ❤

🤝》Open Partnership.

🌠 🌠
🔥Permanent invite link🔥
A Galaxy World🌠 Join us for galactic emojis💜 Everyone is welcomed🔥
We have streamers in too! Get notified whenever they stream💎
A server about an unknown galaxy. rp as an alien species with reason
We have a lot of fun and cool bots you can interact with! You can also do art, poetry, writing, and so much more! We have different bots such as Pokécord, Dank Memer, and Tatsumaki! Join now and have fun!
We hope to see you there! :)
In the year 3945 the universe is in a constant state of war between factions. It all started in 2467 when the fourth world war destroyed Earth and humanity went to the stars to continue their existence. After many wars with alien species the Milky Way has been largely taken by the humans, but the fate of the universe will fall in your hands. Will you fight for one of the human factions and take over the entire universe or will you fight for an alien faction and stop humanities conquest. The choice is up to you.
2120, marked the year of the first human colony out of the Sol System. It was a time of excitement as the very challenge humanity has tried to reach since many years has finally been completed, the planet would be named Crece. This time alien life would be first discovered by human agencies near the Alpha Centauri System, this was kept from the public until major leaks occurred and the news would spread like a wildfire but humanity didn't break into chaos, instead they would prepare to enter the galactic stage of politics. 2160 would mark the time as Humanity would colonize other systems outside of Alpha Centauri with the help of alien technology, but due to the distance away from Earth, other nations would rise up against the United Earth and attempt to separate the outer colonies and this is were your story begins.
Many wars had happen in the past due to other races, along with hateful crimes, and many other things, so the galaxy decided to make the 3 alliances that are known to be @Lyra @Ursa @Zeta. These alliances are to keep peace throughout space and their planets. All 5 planets connect to each other somehow- so you don't just have to use a ship to go from place to place- but it is the quicker way. However their is known to be @Outlaws who like to reek havoc onto the planets just for fun- some hold a grudge from the past, or they are from another distant galaxy. Wars are known to still go on because of these gangs, but the alliances are here to stop them- but it won't be easy, as they all usually have tricks up their sleeves. It is known that creatures from invading galaxies do come to attack, which is just another threat for the 3 alliances... this is why you can either choose to be a citizen, or go into one of the alliances, or even make an outlaw gang yourself, or join one. The choice is yours- the galaxy is ours to share... even if it causes a bit of fight. Maybe our stars will cross one day...
Hallo, willkommen bei Star Was Galaxy RP Germany, wenn du dich für Star Wars interessierst bist du hier richtig! Wählst du die Rolle eines Sturmtrupplers, oder lieber ein TIE-Pilot? Was ist deine Vergangenheit, bist du ein guter Anführer? Wir werden es sehen, denn hier schreibst du deine eigene Geschichte im Star Wars Universum.
The most tiniest Discord server ever, it's fairly new, there is a bot in the server, the server also has a Quiz night which is on Fridays! Any suggestions can be asked in the pink letter box channel! Thank you for reading! You don't have to join if you don't want to :3

My server is still a WIP (Work In Progress) so please bare with me!
I hope you join and have fun!
- Owner of the server (小Xiao🍉/🍱Miki🇯🇵)
The Earth has been destroyed by an Evil Goddess and she created a new Universe with 5 Planets that are Evil. Each one has an Evil Leader and it is your goal to defeat them all so that they won‘t destroy everything.
Lilithen, the Queen of the Blood has also been reincarnated into one of the 5 Evil Leaders and she will be the hardest to take down since she started Project Kanojo, a project to create the perfect woman.
LGBTQIA+ Friendly!
Travel through space with friends, we are a positive server and we want to make your day better by filling it with nice things!
This is still a very small StarWars fan server. You can be active by leveling and by leveling you will rise in rank. Of course, updates are also regularly.
Hey there everybody! This is my space server. We don't have NSFW, so don't ask. You can talk about space and stuff. We also have a good amount of bots, so come on in!
Hello! Welcome to the Milky Way, home of Earth. You can meet people from everywhere! Come join and have fun!
This server is about sharing information together, Talk about space aviation, make new friend and hangout together!
Sci-fi nation roleplay with custom nations locked within the Milky Way galaxy.
It was my birthday wish to get members.