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💫Welcome to Galaxy Vale!💫

Here in Galaxy Vale, we pride ourselves in our many categories and chats that everyone can enjoy! Make friends and have a great time!

Here in Galaxy Vale we have:

💫Show and tell channels
💫Fandom and OC channels
💫Various voice channels
💫Serious channels
💫Random channels
And much more!

Drop by and bring a friend or two! Remember to have fun and have a blast over at Galaxy Vale!

Have a dazzling day!💫
Our community of 600+ members is Space themed
We have:
《☆》Role-based pings for announcements that you can enable or disable
《☆》Open to everyone who is willing to follow server rules!
《☆》Many custom roles, such as levels, preferences, and server gangs
《☆》Community events that anyone can participate in to earn points for their team of choice
《☆》Easily acquired levels, and an associated channel to see when someone levels up
《☆》Partnerships with any server, with differing categories based on your member count
《☆》Bots o' plenty, such as Pokecord and Tatsumaki
《☆》One advertisement channel for pretty much anything
Blast off with us today over at Galactic Lounge

Hi! Im Ni. This is my server dedicated to making friends and having a good, welcoming community. We have a few bots and many different things to do! I made this to make new friends and hopefully make some people more happy. Hehe you should join ;;))
a server where you can roleplay to your hearts' content. Welcome to Galaxy High School!
gezellige leuke community voor gamers/non-gamers

galactic haven is a friendly, respectful community for all ages to come and hang out! it's mainly focused on aesthetics/art, while there is other stuff.

we offer
- fun bots!
- a place to share your thoughts
- sharing your creativity!
- we accept new people with open arms
- a friendly, respectful community.
We're a small group of friends who play ROBLOX for two reasons:Galaxy and Nostalgia. We usually play fast paced matches on Galaxy arcade, but we are now shifting towards the actual Galaxy and other games!

As a small group we hope to increase both our community and our faction strength as well as improve our server, so please help us out!
This is a nation roleplay server.
Meaning you don't register for one-character roleplays.
You may ROLEPLAY as a character, but, in general, you have to roleplay as a nation.

Your time begins as a civilization, in control of one star system, in a massive galaxy. You have a choice; to dominate the galaxy and crush all those who oppose or to become the peacekeeper of all who live. Or, perhaps, you wish to become the richest of the galaxy. Or the most technologically advanced. The options here are as diverse as the grain of sands on every beach.

You, as a player, have the unique ability of making your unique species. Craft your civilization from the ashes, or, from the ground up, depending on your backstory.
The server features channels called "Factbooks," channels where only YOU can write in it (though Moderators can interact inside it, if you need help), where you can document things like your Species' Anatomy, Physical Description, Backstory, Religion, Military, Government, Capital City, anything and everything, turn it into an entire library if you want!
You, as a player, also can basically do whatever you wish! As long as it does not break common sense, the rules, or break the balance of roleplay-power, you could
become a warmongering mercenary empire, who fights for the highest bidder,
an alliance of religious zealots, fighting for what your religion deems holy,
a xenophile democratic republic, united under one flag and government to lead all the races under the banner,
an authoritarian dictatorship, who's intents are one of darkness and of secrets,
and much, much more!
A server about an unknown galaxy. rp as an alien species with reason
Looking for a place to role play with good Aline races to choose from, and a good story to follow? Then this is the right place for you! Come join Portalix’s Galaxy Rp Server today! ^^
😊 Hello and welcome to 🌌OUR GALAXY🌌 😊

❤》Our Server was made to gather people around the world and make a great non cancerous community.

❤》The server is mainly about Chatting and Gaming where you can change ideas and talk about anything you want.

❤》We hope you enjoy your stay, of course we won't mind if you want to bring your friends in here and be a part of the family 😘 ❤

🤝》Open Partnership.

🌠 🌠
🔥Permanent invite link🔥
My main discord with a bunch of cool places
A server where demons and angels are at war with each other but other creatures still live. Can you stop the war or maybe you can fire it up some more, who knows? Its time to have fun with other members and help our community grow!

Eine geteilte Galaxis, durch einen schnellen Gegenschlag nach der Schlacht von Geonosis hat die Droiden Armee von Count Dooku die Kontrolle über die wichtigsten Hyperraumrouten an sich gerissen. Wodurch die Republik von Großteil ihrer Klon Armee getrennt wurde. Mit den wenigen noch verfügbaren Klonen können die Jedi Generäle keine Stellungen im Outer Rim erobern da sich mehr und mehr Planeten Dookus Separatisten anschließen. Während die Jedi beschäftigt sind Krieg zu führen bleibt niemand mehr um den Frieden zu wahren. Chaos und Verbrechen breiten sich aus und Unschuldige werden in einer gesetzlosen Galaxis zu Opfern.

Welchen Weg wirst du gehen?!

This is an Astronomy Server with good rules to feel safe!
The Dark Millennium. In the year 4567 a grand empire collapsed, leaving a huge power vacuum. Millions of people formed their own groups, brother fighting brother, father fighting son, and betrayal being an everyday occurrence. There’s no such thing as a good guy anymore, only bad. Space Pirates raid small unsuspecting villages, The Templar’s of Mankind kill innocent aliens, The Shadow Dominion preys on the weak, and constant infighting among communities. This all started when an Emperor died, the only thing keeping his empire together. The Empire collapsed and everyone fought for themselves trying to gain power. It’s now 5000 where your goal is to survive. All technological advances stopped after the empire collapsed with research no longer a priority. A group of battle hardened marines trapped in the realm of monsters are the only who truly remember the empire. Slavery, rape, theft, even murder are as common as food and water. It’s up to you now to decide who you will be, will you be a bad person, or a horrible one?
Mo's Astronomy Corner (MAC) is a Discord Server where people interested in astronomy and space chat about stuff that has to do with space. :)
-= Join the Intergalactic Squadron!! =-

This is a newer server with not yet a lot of members. We are looking to grow and expand to spread throughout the expanse of the galaxy! Great plans to come for future expansion, join for the thrilling fun to come! Planning on improving based on suggestions, including events, games, and trivia!

- Fun Bots!
- Active members!
- Friendly staff!
- Colourful ranks!
- Space themed server!

In the year 3945 the universe is in a constant state of war between factions. It all started in 2467 when the fourth world war destroyed Earth and humanity went to the stars to continue their existence. After many wars with alien species the Milky Way has been largely taken by the humans, but the fate of the universe will fall in your hands. Will you fight for one of the human factions and take over the entire universe or will you fight for an alien faction and stop humanities conquest. The choice is up to you.
📱Make Friend and Chill📱
🤷‍♂️Nothing More🤷‍♂️
We have a lot of fun and cool bots you can interact with! You can also do art, poetry, writing, and so much more! We have different bots such as Pokécord, Dank Memer, and Tatsumaki! Join now and have fun!
We hope to see you there! :)