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A right-libertarian oriented MBTI/Enneagram/Instinctual Variant personality type server. Specifically an alternative to the alt-right/ethno-state meme servers.
This server is for anyone that wants to get their debate skills toa higher level. Pick a faction and participate in annualized debates!
A Free speech server.
No SJW's, No BS.
No topic off limits.

Dozens of ranks based on the Waffen SS.
Levels, economy, trivia, akinator, gambling and more!

Help us find the answer to the JQ.
The Respublica Discord Server is a political discussion server and spiritual community for Conservative, Libertarian, and Classical Liberal Pagans and Polytheists, including practitioners of Polytheistic Reconstructionism, Eclectic Paganism, Witchcraft, and Western Occultism. This server is tailored for discussions of moderate political positons in a polytheistic context, but is not a strictly debate oriented forum.

People from other political or religious perspectives are asked to be respectful of the core ethos of this server.
We are a group of people who hate government control and the left in generals. Join us and make fun or stupid people together!
Alright fags it's time
We make plans here to be the biggest trolls in the world
Heil Hitler, heil trump, just dont be a pussy
We dont care who you are just troll and be altright
Historical Studies
Want to speak with intellectuals?

Want to meet people ready to debate on political and historical subjects?

Let's explore the mysteries hidden in history!

Then join Historical Studies!
Dedicated Admins
Dedicated Channels

We canโ€™t wait to see you!

Invite Link:

A new server that's geared towards furry conservatives, but is welcoming to other alignments. Chat, debate and relax!
Small but active growing community of autistic shitposters. We talk about politics, share memes and shitpost. Grug welcome, normies get out REEE
FOX NEWS discord server is a fun community based 16+ discord server. Come join!
Just join if you love talking about politics and if you are against genderfluid, SJWs, Antifa, radical liberals, and all that cringe worthy conformist bullshit. It's time to make some real friends who are actually intelligent and tolerant.

Also if you love games and anime.
A relatively new server where all ideologies are aloud! Come join the community!
A political server with no censorship, feel free to speak your mind as well as talk with people and debate them. We accept people of all political leanings.
This community was made by Joe the Eagle#2351, If you are looking for friends with politics in their hearts, youโ€™ve come to the right place. Whether your conservative, liberal, or somewhere in between (or far out either way) we welcome you with open arms
Welcome to Conservative LIVE. Our main goal is to get Conservatives connected. Our slogan is, 'Conservative talk, plain and simple."
WELCOME FELLOW REPUBLICANS! This is the land of RIGHT WING PARADISE! Just make sure to follow the TRUMPMANDMENTS. We encourage you all to promote the server to other Republicans, Trump Supporters, and Conservatives that you know. The more people you recruit, the more promotions you will receive! Commence for the stumping
A political chat for those that support President Trump and wish to debate the future of America. We serve two major Reddit communities: r/Trump_Train and r/Trumpservative. #MAGA
A political discord for all political ideologies but focuses on new/far/alt right topics. Join the server to get vetted and hop in to our private chat rooms to say hello!
THE Discord Server for having a close communtiy to speak to on political issues, and more! We are designed to give to the lowest common denominator (the weeabo) who is interested in politics, but we welcome all!
The Ninjonian Republic is a fictional webnation formed 5 years ago. We are a strong community that has recently created new new main server. We are soon going to be updating our server!
Join for..
Interesting, times.. I guess.
We're a conservative/nationalist/right discord server, feel free to join we talk basically about everything in politics and other things also.
Project North Star is a right wing server with very active users primarily for discussion and debate but also and much more. Our general audience is conservatives but liberals and other right wingers are acceptable including fascists as long as they are civil.