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Liberty Lounge is a left-wing political discussion server that stands for liberty, democracy, human rights, and economic rights. We oppose authoritarianism of all stripes, be it communist, fascist, or theocratic in nature. Join us if you want reasonable and meaningful discussions free from trolling, spam, and other annoyances.
Bitch is the largest female-centric community on Discord! Over 23,000 members | 100 Nitro emotes.
United States Of America:
If you'd like to join an active political server, with people all across the political spectrum with in-depth debates, this is the place to be. We have staff across the political spectrum and work together as a team to make a thriving server and we hope you can join us.

- Daily Polls
- Debate Nights
- Text and voice debates
- Active and interactive admins
- Free Speech
- Non-Partisan

Established July 16th, 2019.
Politicord focuses on politics as well as our various other non-political topic channels. Discussions happen frequently about current topics from around the world. Join us and assign yourself some of the 150+ available ideology, religious, and party roles.
If you are interested in a server focused of free speech debate, this is the one for you. Minimal rules, free speech, and formal debates included. There are plenty of staff opportunities available, and we take pride in the diverse demographic we have in our server. We hope to see you soon!

*this server has been remade*
Este Server fue creado con el fin de reunir a personas que son liberal, libertarios etc.
Si es que no sabes que es Liberalismo te lo resumo en una sola frase:
- "Ser Liberal es el respeto irrestricto del proyecto de vida del prójimo"
Nosotros defendemos los 3 derechos naturales:
-La Vida
-La Libertad
-La Propiedad Privada
Tenemos diferentes secciones como:
- Noticias
- Debate
- Aportaciones
- Preguntas y Dudas
Cheetus Gang is an autism/scoliosis friendly Discord server filled with creative and intellectual minds who wish to play video games with each other. Cheetus Gang, previously going under the name "Liberal Gamers United", is one of Discord's oldest gaming communities. We are allied with the servers "Feminist Central" and "Disabled Gaming Alliance". Always have some users willing to have a peaceful debate, but PLEASE do not come just to troll.
We're an inclusive debate community with a focus on a well moderated, safe and productive environment.
Join our growing server for a cozy, active and pleasant discord experience! We aim to stand as an inclusive safe haven for everyone and every identity. No toxic discourse, no reactionaries, no harassment.
Want to show off your artistic abilities, socialize with likeminded people, further your political understanding or test your prowess in debate? Then this is the place for you!

-Active, transparent moderation!
-Self-assignable roles!
-Channels for lounge and debate!
-Server events!
Technocracy is a proposed system of governance where decision-makers are selected on the basis of their expertise in their areas of responsibility, particularly scientific knowledge. This system explicitly contrasts with the notion that elected representatives should be the primary decision-makers in government, though it does not necessarily imply eliminating elected representatives. Leadership skills for decision-makers are selected on the basis of specialized knowledge and performance, rather than political affiliations or parliamentary skills.


A fantastic politics and discussion server, with amazing things such as:

🏛️ Self-Assignable ranks
📜 Various channels (memes, politics, philosophy, news...)
👪 Diverse Community
🎵 Music Bot

Come and have a great stay! We're sure you'll love it here.
The Rainbow Club is a friendly server for every member of the lgbtq+ community to come and chill out. We are really looking forward to meeting you and expanding our community with you on board.
Burgeoning political server with an eclectic mix of ideologies and characters. Substantive, topic-specific discussion of film, gaming, and sports as well as quality banter
The Empire is a server based on our right wing ideologies. We welcome anyone that has a desire to join and socialise with like minded people or just have a civilised debate with our members. Whatever your reason for joining is remember to be respectful and obey the rules of the server
Politicord is a social discord server with a political focus. We also offer various topics to debate about, but our main goal is just for everyone to have fun.
Epic is a political social server. We host people of all ideologies and offer various topics to debate or even just meme about, but our main goal is just for everyone to have a good time.
We also regularly host moderated debate nights.
We're the most based and redpilled server out there!
Political server specifically for conservatives and right-wingers alike! Other ideologies are welcome, but may not be appreciated too much by the community.
:sunglasses: do you love obama?

:muscle: do you wish obama was ruler of the galaxy?

:thinking: do you lay awake at night thinking of obama's glorious feet?

then this is the server for you! we love obama and support him.

Discord's fastest growing, most realistic, model american government. All ideologies and people interested in politics are invited.

Become a State Legislator, Governor, Congressman, Supreme Court Justice, Cabinet Member or run fr PRESIDENT.
A discord for high-level discussions of economic and political theory primarily from a center-left, liberal point of view, but still with a strong emphasis on debate from all ends of the political spectrum. Free speech zone; all political views, even extreme ones, are allowed, as long as the rules are followed. Looking for people who want to have interest in voice debates.