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This is a server for anyone to socialize, chill, with other members or make new friends. Or just feel free from our own thoughts. This server is made for anyone who wants to hang out, Share, food, selfie, pets, we even manger events to watch movies together or play games. Or want to talk about one of our favorite thing, like anime, manga, fashion and much more. Everyone is welcome to our community ^*^ as long as you’re following the rules. Our staff will try their best to keep this community in control, to solve problems and make sure your comfortable and don’t get any kind of harassment. We hope you enjoy your time here at our community and be part of it ^^
A server for pretty much everything (but mostly debate).
-politics talk
-formal debate
-weapon talk
and anything else we add in the future. Lax rules but strictly no pornographic or gory images.
This is a server in which you can civil conversations, or debates with other intellectual individuals. Additionally official competitive debates are hosted every Saturday at 6:00pm central time. The more debates you win( judged by three judges) the higher your rank(role) as an intellectual individual will be. If you enjoy debating and consider yourself to be above average in debating or just want to be the audience to great debates make sure to join! ( more information in server)
A Political Server designed for Organizing people who may have some disagreements but overall similar political goals. We're mostly pro-worker, but we wouldn't mind having people who don't want to join the group, and would rather just debate.
This is THE best server on Discord, hands down, you can fuck my sister. As long as you don't advocate for the wholesale extermination of entire peoples (go do that in some other server you weirdo), this is literally the only server on Discord worth being on. Don't be a mental midget.
An open-minded feminist-run debate server for philosophical/political discussion.

Come by and say hi :)
where all people can communicate and discuss games freely with other people
Welcome to Devil's Advocate! This server is for anyone wanting to partake in meaningful debates/discussions. All ideologies are welcome! There is little moderation and only a few simple rules to follow. Freedom of speech is top priority!
Fun and chill small server for nerdy teens. Pokémon, memes, music, marvel superheroes, and more╰(*´︶`*)╯
Publicz is the place to discuss politics, ethics, philosophy, and public policy. We promote open dialogue and communication, as well as free inquiry and expression with a focus on quality discussion. We have active VC with some sane left-libertarians who are tired of identity politics. We encourage members to share their views and bring up topics that matter to them.
In this server, you are free to have your own opinions on ANY topic. We have debate channels, games, anime channels, art, and more, JOIN TO OPPRESS SEVERS THAT MAKE YOU FOLLOW RULES KEEPING YOU FROM EXPRESSING YOURSELF
As of now we are accepting all people from all ages, and feel free to join and say hi.
We are not to strict on rules just use common sense. Also we were originally an Chess server so currently you could ask anyone to play an game of chess!

If you need any help just PM me and i will assist you. That is if i am awake.
This server is for all Christians of all denominations! Find other believers and engage in discussion and debate! Deus Vult!
Ici, pas de prise de tête, on parle de tout et de rien. Si tu veux te posé tranquillement, boire une bière avec nous, tu as trouvé le bon Discord ;)
A discord server dedicated to letting conversation happen through fair moderation, structured debate and openness.
The server has functions for relaxing, like music and chill-rooms.
An Islamic organization that tells which religions is the best for you with all proofs and evidence!
Millbank Tower is a political discord community which is primarily concerned with UK politics and European affairs. Global current events are also discussed but tend to be secondary. Userbase is primarily British. If you're interested, come join our community!
Enter, The Hub. The minimalistic hangout Discord you never knew you needed.

Featuring an uncluttered, well-setup channel selection that fills all your needs.

With levels, activity perks, and a friendly community, this is the last chill Discord server you will ever join.

We look forward to seeing you there.
We're a feminist-run political debate / hangout server where you can sit back, relax, and sip some juicy discourse. All of our staff is feminist-run or supportive, and unlike a lot of other servers, we take an active step in moderating against bigots, trolls and fascists so that you can thrive in a toxicity-free environment without having to hide in a private channel.

With a thorough vetting process for new members and an active staff base who's always willing to lay down the law, we hope to foster an environment where you can be yourself without having to worry about creeps creeping!

We have Verified Feminist and Verified LGBTQ+ roles with corresponding private channels for those of you who want to do anything from talking about subjects without people outside of those groups listening, getting advice from your fellow feminists and gay icons, or just relaxing in an environment where you know your comfort is a top priority!
This is a server dedicated to serious philosophy and theology discussions. We support a variety of religious viewpoints and are an inclusive community. Engage in debates, share your viewpoints and tackle your own mortality.
We have a plethora of self-assignable roles to declare your own personal gnosis to engage in the community.
A server for all seeking meaningful and intellectual conversation. Dialogue is a safe environment that promotes a free and active exchange of ideas on any topic. The server is a cancer-free zone.
Hello! This is Historically Accurate, a Discord server purely for historical debate & discussion. We also have memes and gaming, sometimes. We've even got Dad Bot. What more can I say? Join today!