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We are a political discussion server that aims to promote the exploration of political, religious, and other debate topics in a manner that is civil and in-line with Discord TOS. We would encourage anyone of any political ideology to join because more variety often leads to more interesting debates.

Here are some things, things we offer:
- Weekly VC's with moderation .
- Daily activity and polls, which can start interesting dialogue .
- Friendly staff, who enforce rules with impartiality .
- Welcoming community .
- LGBT+ friendly conversations .
- A vetting system, which prevents raiders and spambots, which plague so many other similar servers .
- Partnership channel, with a range of enticing servers .
A sunni Muslim server that welcomes everybody! Here we discuss theology, religion, history, atheism and much more. The purpose and objective of the server is to create an environment possible to intellectual growth and enrichment for our members.
+ Friendly community
+ Respectful, mature discussions
+ New server and improving

Some quick rules
- Maintain maturity
- No trolls
The Drake Islands are a political simulation of a fictional country set in the real world. Represent your party or be independent and make our nation better. We have news channels and other fun things. Our country is a island chain in the north Pacific with a unique mix of British and Japanese culture that allows you to choose a side or make your own path.

We have:
🕶️ Self-assignable reaction roles

🗿 Fun events

🔊 Voice chats

🏃‍♂️ Active community

👮 Unbiased admin staff

Join in and make your own party or join one of the ones that people have already made!
Welcome to The Texas Republic
Right Wing Political, Historical, and debate server.
We value Freespeech, Pro-Life and the 2nd Amendment, which is rooted in the Christian foundation on which our nation is built upon

This is a server for those against vaccination, this server is autism friendly and flat earther friendly. We have real and proper debate channel
** 15 Nitro Boosts and counting **

A political simulation where you can create legislation, debate policy, run campaigns, and serve in the various branches of the US government.

- Voice chat is heavily used on a daily basis for court cases, debate, and general discussion!
- We also have a stock market that you can invest and trade in!

Join us to start your political career today!
Newly formed Political Orelia; utilizes parties/coalitions working together to create laws and legislation to govern a fictional nation; accompanied with scheduled debates and votes. Both provincial and economic systems being incorporated, with the intent to provide the most compelling experience. Any/All political ideals and participants are welcome.
Islamic Emirate is an Islamic server, but non muslims are allowed, as long as rules are followed :) Enjoy! We give you discussion and debates, and much more.
The Auberge is the newest virtual hotel in town. Talk to guests in the #lobby, gamble your savings away in the #casino and share your pictures in the #showroom. We're a close-knit, conversation server looking for new and active members.

》 120+ members
》 Low moderation
》 Active voice chat
》 Frequent events
》 A Minecraft SMP coming soon
》 Monthly competitions
Hello everyone. We are a small Tunisian community, consisting of bunch of Tunisians and also non tunisians (north africans, Europeans, few amaricans..ect) speaking both English, Arabic and French. We usually do bunch of activities together like listening to music, amateur chess tournaments and podcasts, we have also channels for art, food, books, history and others for serious debates/discussions (hopefully as we grow in the future, we plan on doing more). And also Every Sunday night we watch a movie together.

We are pretty much chill
So feel free to join!!
The Mu'minun Server.

قَدْ أَفْلَحَ الْمُؤْمِنُونَ

We humbly welcome you to the Mu'minun server! This server's primary goal is to promote the unity of the Muslim community by giving them a place to gather and exchange knowledge through discussion and debate. We welcome Muslims of all sects as well as non Muslims and people with differing views to join us and inform us on their beliefs.


•🕌 Muslim community that welcomes members of all faiths.
• 🗣 Frequent lectures & discussions - Participation encouraged!
•🌎 A diverse international community.
• ⚤ Special gender specific roles and rooms.
•❓ Q&A system that promotes academic questions and answers with sources.
• 📚 Library of resources.
• 🤲 Daily Quran and Hadith.


Welcome to the Teenage Debating Discord! We offer a community for teenagers who want to discuss topics about anything related to politics, history, philosophy and more. We also have areas for memes, casual discussion and music.
Let's Talk Elections is a discord political community.
⭐DISCUSS many topics ranging from elections, to current events, to sports with an active community!
⭐ELECTION PREDICTION CONTESTS hosted weekly for primaries
⭐TRIVIA EVENTS based on topics such as current events and government.
⭐COMMUNITY POLLS posted daily
⭐REAL LIFE NEWS coverage channel
⭐RUN for positions in our new roleplay government.
Join today!
AFLA is a place for leftists to come discuss, converse, debate, argue, whatever pleases you.
We allow all ideologies excluding racist ones but keep in mind this is primarily a leftist server.

An anime / gaming server for vegans. Join us for anime watch parties, share memes, and play some games together ♥

Non-vegans are welcome. By joining you agree to defend your view in debate.
🔴⚪🔵 **Welcome to iDebates!** ; A server founded on formal debating and organized discussion of ideologies, beliefs, and other specifics subjects. We have a variety of people around the world with different political, religious, economic, philosophical views and more. Our goal is to create an environment for people to learn about other perspectives, engage with like/unlike-minded people, and strengthen one’s own arguments argumentative + speaking skills. 🔴⚪🔵

We are looking for:
✷People willing to debate their views
✷People who want to strengthen their argumentative + speaking skills
✷People who are interested in organized events

Formal Events consist of:
✷One on One debates
⤷Opening argument/ rebuttals/open dialogue/closings
⤷Debate moderators
⤷Questionnaire for audience members
✷Subject-specific seminar seminars

Unrelated Events:
✷Daily questions
✷Speed debating tournaments
✷movies Nights

Pending Events
✷2 on 2/3 on 3 debates
We're a friendly and social Community. We focus on Discussions and Debates. There's a lot of passion and diversity in philosophy and politics here; all positions and views are invited.

We also host weekly events such as Mock Debate Tournaments, Programming Workshops, Music Production, Open Mic Night and many more events!
☪ ☫ ☬ ☯ ✞ ☥ ☤ PolitiSpot ☤ ☥ ✞ ☯ ☬ ☫ ☪
📖Various Subjects
🗣️Fair Debate
⚖️Minimal Moderation
🌎Diverse Community
Calliopean Club is Discord's largest intellectual society dedicated to self improvement, quality discourse and civil debate. We host regular seminars, debate nights, chess tournaments and more. Join our international community and meet people from around the world who share your thirst for knowledge!
Welcome to the 24/7 **PRO-Vax** Discord server!
Here we consist of (mainly) Pro-Vaxxers, though if you’re anti-vax, feel free to come in and learn a thing or two through debates!
This is a new server, so we’re still growing!
This server is a server created by @Nigerianprince42069 on TikTok, and its sole purpose is to have civil discourse, regular socializing and has selective roles for different political ideologies
The objective of this server is to bring skeptics together in a non-toxic community whether it be to have discussions, debate or to just chill. We offer many channels including private ex-theist channels that members will gain access to once they've been in the server for a while. We focus on intellectual discussions but we do have random conversations as this is a community. Infidel means "a person who does not believe in religion or who adheres to a religion other than one's own." This term is often used as an insult but we've embraced it.
🇮🇱 Welcome to The Zionist Lobby! 🇮🇱

About Us:
We are a server full of different people from different nationalities, religions and backgrounds. We focus on all sorts of politics, philosophies and religions but mainly Zionism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Our Goal: 🎯
We aim to gather people that are interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Zionism. People that both support Zionism and both reject it. We wish to have peaceful discussions and debates on the subject and welcome everyone.

What we Offer:
🔷 A fair and helpful moderator team to ensure the best experience for everyone!
🔷 Self assignable roles!
🔷 Debates&Discussions!
🔷 Memes, philosophy books, and more!