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-The Sharpening Center II-

A friendly Christian community open to those who are seeking growth or friendships, as well as those who just want answers.
Welcome to More Than Conquerors centered around the Bible verse Romans 8:37.

"For we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." - Romans 8:37

We are a non-denominational community centered around Christianity and interesting dialogues between non-Christians and Christians. All are welcome here regardless of their political, philosophical or religious views.

Lots of bots to interact with
Active staff and members
Bible studies and fellowship
|◆Adonai◆| Is for anyone who wants to get in depth with the Bible. We have Bible studies, Bible study references and Christian music. Come join us today! You won’t regret coming here. We have a fun family-friendly community and we hold a weekly Bible study. You will more then likely enjoy our content here too and now includes bible trivia bot!
Hello all, this is an online Catholic community centered around fellowship and growth among brethren, typically this is not a online chatroom where one comes to goof off, instead this is a place made with the intention of growing your spirit, act here as you would, in front of Christ or at church, because there are those here who are not of the faith and avidly watching, I hope you'll enjoy our small yet rich community in spirit.


Headmaster Heathcliff
Hello there!!

We are a small Christian community with big hearts and strong faith!

We welcome all believers, non-believers, and humans of all ages!

This server includes:

• Rules are kept strictly to make sure everyone has a good time.

• Fun moderators who you can go to for help and love anytime!

• No NSFW!!

• An awesome welcoming party!

• We are all fun and loving and will include everyone into our family!

We look forward to seeing you! : D
Welcome to the Sons of The Redeemer reader. This server was created for informing the whole creation about Jesus;The Good News (Mark 16:15) and by doing so we add names to the Book of Life that God has in Heaven. Everyone deserves a chance at salvation, no matter how much sin you’ve committed in your individual life, everyone must know the Truth. We post sermons and teachings, obtain many brothers who are faithful, honest working ministers, and a lovable welcome for all who join. Hope you stop by, time is short.
The Kursk Root Lodge is an Eastern Orthodox community where Orthodox Christians can mingle, study, ponder, reflect, and pray with one another. Non-Orthodox are also welcome.

We have regular Bible Studies, prayer services, and book club meetings. All are welcome to participate in these activities :)

Our mission here at The Kursk Root Lodge is to inspire, spiritually aid, and motivate our brothers and sisters to continue their walk in the Faith, as well as to help educate inquirers, provide them with resources, and spread the Faith to the best of our ability.
Focused on investigating the Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and other religious texts from a historical perspective. Join us for secular discussion of the literature.
✅ All backgrounds welcome!
✅ Extensive files library of books and articles!
✅ No pings!
We are "Christianity"! Here is information about our server and what certain events, activities, and etc we provide as well as our various server aspects/features.
Christianity's mission statement: A religious community to provide discussion, education, support, and happiness to people of similar Christian beliefs and people on their road of holy discovery.

We aim to provide a holy place/educational server for people of the Christian belief and/or people of other religions. Our server consists of many great activities such as the following:
1. Debates. A great way to discuss and debate various beliefs whether they come from inside denominations of Christianity or other religions.
2.Sermons are educational/religious lectures given by preachers. A great way to familiarize yourself with more information of the Christian faith as well as experience what you would normally experience in your church.
3. Bible Study is a great way for some new christians to be able to learn about certain books/verses within the Bible. A great way to go into depth about certain biblical events. This is also a great way for people of other religions to get a profound understanding of the Bible.
4. Sometimes it is difficult for people to access a Church near them, whether it is closed due to irl-problems, such as the pandemic, or you don't have any near you. We offer Church services that allow you to experience Sunday services and other special religious events from right at home!

We also provide biblical-information for those wanting to be educated on Christianity.
1. A channel dedicated to ask experienced Christians any questions you'd like. A great way to get an understanding of the specific aspects you'd like to be educated on.
2. Verse of the day allows people to learn parts of the Bible and educate themselves on the importance of the Bible.

Looking for a christian server where you can engage with others and talk about logical validation of Christianity? Or looking for a christian server where you can ask your questions about Christianity?

Then this server is for you.
- Ranks to accommodate your positions
- Active staff & owner
- Bots to interact with
Welcome to Heart Strings! The goal of this server is to establish a versatile community with emphasis on Christian beliefs.


✷ Over 50 custom and animated emojis
✷ Friendly members and staff (positions open!)
✷ Bible and game bots

Thank you for your consideration. Hope to see ya there! :3
Our main goal is to serve God through fellowship and worship. "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matthew 18:20
We are a Messiah centered server aimed at bringing believers from all over the world together for the purpose of fellowship and edification. We will have weekly bible studies either by voice or text. We have meditation verses of the day, questions of the day, a main room, private groups for men and women, a game room, a praise room, prayer requests and more!

We hope you will join us!
Grace fellowship is simply a server for people who believe Jesus is God to fellowship in. We are a fellowship server, NOT a debate server. Invite:

All events currently take place 8:00PM EST (Eastern Time) Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
✨✨ **Welcome to The Ligh†house!** ✨✨

Are you a Christian who craves a deeper relationship with Jesus?Join our active Christian community today! We fellowship, pray for, support and encourage Christians of all ages through:

🔹 Active chat & voice chats
🔹 Weekly Bible studies
🔹 Prayer requests & intercessory prayer
🔹 Group events
🔹 Specialty channels
🔹 Verse of the day

🔸 Please note we are not a debate server.🔸

John 8:12 (NASB): Then Jesus again spoke to them, saying, “I am the Light of the world; he who follows Me will not walk in the darkness, but will have the Light of life.”

Proverbs 18:10 (NKJV): "The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe."

New Server
Seeking Mods
Help build AD IMPERIUM IESU with us
Looking for a christian server where you can engage with others and talk about logical validation of Christianity? Or looking for a christian server where you can ask your questions about Christianity?

Then this server is for you.
- Ranks to accommodate your positions
- Active staff & owner
- Bots to interact with
As two Christian women, our mission is to encourage and point women to Jesus Christ and His gospel through bible studies, videos, discussions and sermons. We hope you will be encouraged and edified.
Welcome to the Bible Weebs Discord server! We're a group of Christians who also enjoy anime/manga and gaming. We have channels for a wide variety of subjects and enjoy talking about the Bible and anime. (This is not a server for ironic conversations)
This is a Discord server where we discuss biblical unitarianism. It is open to believers, non-believers, trinitarians, binitarians, non-trinitarians... or whatever you want to call yourself.
The main goal is connecting (biblical) unitarians though.

"Biblical unitarianism encompasses the key doctrines of nontrinitarian Christians who affirm the Bible as their sole authority, and from it base their beliefs that God the Father is a singular being, the only one God, and that Jesus Christ is God’s son, but not divine."
This Server Is All About Fellowship! We Have Worship Nights, Prayer Events, And Bible Studies To Connect Not Only People, But Christ! We Live By The Following Verse, "I Appeal To You, Brothers And Sisters, In The Name Of Our LORD Jesus Christ, That All Of You Agree With One Another In What You Say And That There Be No Divisions Among You, But That You Be Perfectly United In Mind And Thought." 1 Corinthians 1:10! Can't Wait To See You In The Server!!!
this is a wholesome Bible study server, come on and grab your friends lets go to a very holy land!
KJVO Bible believe server for IFB for you are not one that ok as long as you don’t go telling you false doctrine around so you can learn about the Bible an what it teaches