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Want the latest anime clips and news, along with nightcore and more? This is your place.
8 hours ago
Официальный информационный паблик посвященный различным новостям, фильмам, арт, музыке (развлекательный контент для досуга) а также темам которые подвергаются цензуре и запрету в соц сетях
18 hours ago
**Looking For People to play with?** Join TGaming __**Discord Server**__

*We offer the following:*

News | Request something you want! |
Content Creators
Free advertising
Active Admins | We'll come as soon as possible |
Custom Server Emotes
People you can play with | They'll Come if interested |

|soon| Events
|soon| Giveaways

We're a Gaming Community Looking For more People to join us and have some fun! You're all Welcome!
18 hours ago
A group for teenagers/teenage writers to discuss stories and articles, and potential post them on the web, or just have general conversation.
1 days ago
Publicz is the place to discuss politics, ethics, philosophy, and public policy. We promote open dialogue and communication, as well as free inquiry and expression with a focus on quality discussion. We have active VC with some sane left-libertarians who are tired of identity politics. We encourage members to share their views and bring up topics that matter to them.
1 days ago
Welcome to Timekeepers!

What is Timekeepers?

We're a server that discusses current events about the world, discord, and all things related! If you're not into that we offer many global chats (or general chats) that can be used too talk about anything! Timekeepers was created April 29th, 2018 at 11:42 AM EDT/EST. We currently have two owners; one of them being @danny who manages Sponsorship and Manages the server; the other one being @AWEFUME who manages Partnership and the staff team.

Sounds great! Now what are the rules?

We try to keep our server as clean as possible but still enjoyable for everyone, the current rules are in affect and can be changed at any time:

No Swearing
Wait what? I can't swear? You're allowed to swear anywhere but #global-chat, swearing in #global-chat will result in warnings and if done multiple times a mute.

Not Safe For Work content is not permitted anywhere on this discord; anything being NSFW or similar too NSFW will get the user banned.

No Spamming/Chat Flood
Since we don't want people scrolling through 100 messages to see their best buds last message we don't permit spamming in any way, spamming will result in a server mute and the spammer to be banned!

No Harassing People
Harassment isn't allowed in any form; harassment will result in a permeant blacklist from the server!

No mass tagging people
No one likes seeing that little red bubble next to their favorite server!
8 days ago
Political discourse and debate. All ideologies welcome.
28 days ago
Looking for a server to fck around in, look for people to game with, find partnerships or even just to be in and be inactive? The Lost Souls welcomes you!
32 days ago
Welcome to our server! There, you will get fresh news about gaming (and other), find new friends, listen to music together, be in Events and Giveaways and more! Join now :)
40 days ago
This is a server where you can check out what is happening around the world, daily birthdays, facts, and more! The owner is Danthemanmc61712, you can have the chance to post news of your own. News is posted daily if not every other day!
42 days ago
Wanna know what’s up in the Gaming Community on YouTube and on Social Media? Join CGS and stay up to date with NEW GAMES, GAME UPDATES, ALL GAMING NEWS, MEMES and DRAMA on one channel!
54 days ago
SNG is a hub where every size Discord server, size content creator, and size fan can have a place to promote themselves and get together. Now many servers already do this, what makes mine so special? Well, it's also a place where everything and anything that’s size related gets reported. From manga, anime, movies, live action, etc. If it has a size theme, scene, or character. It’ll be reported and shared so everybody can see it. If that concept sounds interesting to you then come on by!
68 days ago
The internet is toxic and Intelligent conversation is scarce, this is my contribution. The Official Intelligentsia will encompass everything from politics, news, education of all strides, and a community built on the idea of self betterment.
83 days ago
Welcome to the Community FortniteNews DiscordApp Server!

We bring regular news about Fortnite!

➥ Twitter
➥ Server Invite
89 days ago
A nice Discord for everyone! On this Discord Server you can see the newest gaming news and find friends to play games!
96 days ago
This is a group where we play and talk about counter strike . We will also do news on counter strike . We do ranks ,but don't worry it is to see how much you play. We will not treat you different than a HR. If you ever need someone to play with then this is your group. I hope we get to see you. See you on the battlefield recruits.
115 days ago
Freelan is a country roleplaying server! Join today and play as the president, police and more!
202 days ago