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A server for all Pokemon players!
Meet new friends! Find that Pokémon you desperately need for your dex!
Learn new Tips and Tricks!
Giveaways every single week!
Custom Roles!
Earn currency for being active to buy Pokémon from the server store!
Events and lots more!
Great community server!
New Gen Shop, Get custom pokemon from server currency!!!

For those who love Hip Hop and discussing the latest news that’s dropped. Use the Censored Discord to stay up to date with all your Hip Hop needs!
A great server for those looking for a chilled out community

The Moratorium is a mystical refuge for left wing feminists to debate and discuss the issues of the modern era in a peaceful environment. This is a primarily leftist server with a vetting process mandatory new members to join.

• Cats
• A single gif of a long nosed chimaera
• HE
• Various channels for discussions
•Server contests
Politicord is a place to not only discuss and debate politics, but also to keep up on important news and global issues. Opinions and ideologies of all sorts are welcome, but harassment of any sort isn’t. Some of the features we offer are a weekly debate, tweets from prominent politicians, and news updates from ABC, BBC, and CBC.

If politics aren’t your cup of tea, we also offer channels for other sorts of discussions, and meme channels for those interested.

With your help, we hope to grow into a prosperous and respectable community.
Join Team Seishin and let's build an awesome community! This server is about connection and we're always changing and improving to make everything nice and friendly for everyone. ~ Allen | アレン#2261

✪ Verification system
✪ Free game giveaways
✪ Latest anime news, gaming news, science news, etc
✪ Daily deals and offers
✪ Game roles (connecting people playing the same game)
✪ In-house bot
✪ Many more features

Current goal:
✪ Reach 1,000 members
This community revolves around the state of New Jersey. Our Discord server provides our members with news updates and weather updates. We use two bots named DISBOARD and Weather Bot. The DISBOARD Bot is used to advertise our server, as the Weather Bot is used to give weather updates.
ScrazyTube is a server created for community shit ! Gaming, Music, NSFW, Social, Memes & More.!!
Music Genius is a server for anyone who appreciates music. No matter what genre you listen to, if you love music then this is the server for you. We have a nice, friendly and welcoming community with over 900 members. We also host events for all of our rappers/producers to help them promote their music. Join today!
A server is full of weebs that are chill, along with lots of art made by the server members, so if you want you can post your art in the server as well.
We also do gaming nights so if you are interested then feel free to join :).
The koala welcomes you!!
Koala haven is a community server that is always trying to improve. So, feel free to join and help us develop it and make it a great community. But, currently, we offer the following in the server:
- Gaming Section
- Anime Section
- Music
- Art posts
- Active Mods
- A friendly environment(But you can choose to go to the DARK SIDE OF THE SERVER)
We are also recruiting for mods at the moment so feel free to apply
We're a community of friendly leftists who enjoy discussing political and social issues. We are not a debate server. That's not all we're about though and we have many people from all over the world, so feel free to drop in if we sound like your kind of people!

We are well moderated and take a strong stance against discrimination.
Outer Heaven is a historic Shitposting server that was a home of /pol/ operations against HWNDU, we had multiple e-celebrities and articles written about us. Now server is a shitposting server with lightly moderated rules and focus on free speech.
Hi we are the official Polar News!
We are a news Discord Server,
join us for news coverage from around the globe on multiple different topics!
Общение,Поиск игроков,Представительство множества игр,Форумы, моды, пин-коды к играм,Опросы, Обсуждения, Дискуссии,TV,radio,MUSIC,программирование,СВЕЖИЕ НОВОСТИ,онлайн рынок,Стримы каждый день,TATTOO ,NSFW.
В эпоху массовой информатизации, появилась возможность изучить ту область, которая вам интересна, но возникает вопрос, как из такого потока информации выбрать максимально точную, практичную, а главное актуальную информацию. Для этих целей и служит данный сервер, присоединяйтесь, чтобы узнать больше.

In the era of mass informatization, it became possible to study an area that is interesting to you, but the question arises of how to select the most accurate, practical, and most importantly relevant information from such a stream of information. This server also serves this purpose, join to learn more.
Political server for Twitch Streamer Detroit Free. A fun inclusive community for people of all political affiliations. Open to all.
Du spielst Fortnite?
Du willst alle Wichtigen Infos zu Fortnite?

Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig.
Wir bieten über 50 Kanäle rund um Fortnite.
Sowie nette Owner und Mods.

Haben wir deine Interesse noch nicht geweckt?

Dann hör jetzt genau zu.
Denn wir bieten viele Turniere bei denen ihr euer Können beweisen könnt und viel Geld abräumen könnt.

Dazu bieten wir noch Costum Games Runden um Herausforderung etc. schneller abzuschließen.

Du bist immer noch am überlegen?

Dann hör gut zu. Zu all dem könnt ihr an vielen V-Bucks und Skin Verlosungen Teilnehmen.

Das war es aber jetzt fürs erste.
Wir sehen uns hoffentlich bald wieder.
Der Owner des Daily-Fortnite-News Servers.

Ps:Wir suchen noch nette und hilfsbereite Mods.
welcome to my political server :)
this server was made for the current news and politics

1. many channels with ENDLESS updated news and politics
2. many active debate channels
3. open to all political views
4. many political roles you may add yourself

topics like - trump china economics feminism and mesn rights mgtow ( men going their own way ) climate race issues gun control and more

hope you like news and politics ;)

Just a same group of friends that talk about any and everything. Lots of bots, games, etc. Looking for Admins that are good with bot commands.
Looking for a place to discuss and debate conspiracies, politics, current event or just meet people whit similar interests.Come join are small server even if don't know anything about conspiracies or believe in them, it's always great to expand your mind and learn something new.

New members are always welcome.
Welcome to the Gaming Royale!

> Check your in-game stats for Minecraft Hypixel, Fortnite, Clash Royale and more,
> Listen to music
> Talk with friends
> Memes
> Choose games you play with roles
> Talk with AI bot or with akinator
> and more!

Join today!
Publicz is the place to discuss politics, ethics, philosophy, and public policy. We promote open dialogue and communication, as well as free inquiry and expression with a focus on quality discussion. We have active VC with some sane left-libertarians who are tired of identity politics. We encourage members to share their views and bring up topics that matter to them.
A server dedicated to keeping you properly informed through the means of unbiased news. We do have strict rules on which sources you can post so be sure to keep it unbiased. There are debate chats and all-around general discussion. Come join for a fun and informed time!
Welcome to The Fresh Network. Home of original series such as Fresh News, The Fresh Podcast and The Meme Awards. Meet new memers and gamers in the community and stuff around bots such as Pokecord, Gambling bot, Dank Memer and Rythm.