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The official r/Logic_301 discord! Come to discuss Logic and anything else with over 1000 members!
🅳🅴🆁🆁🅸🅲🅺 🅱🆁🅰🅽🅲🅷's OFFICIAL COMMUNITY Server, Goth, Metal, Cosplay, scarlxrd, HipHop, 4chan, soundcloud.
This server is a place for all musically inclined people of all backgrounds from producers to rappers to guitarists. We have competitions for everyone to take part of. There is many different roles to chose from to customize yourself. The community is helpful and friendly as well. There is no reason not to join us!
The FASTEST growing discord community made for music and hip hop lovers!

- Chat about anything
- Discuss music
- Give yourself roles (rapper, singer, producer etc)
- Get updated with the latest hip hop news
- Recommend songs
- Promote your playlists and music
- Listen to music
- Freestyle
- Battle rap
- Share hip hop/music related memes
- Suggest your own ideas for the server
And much more!

Although our main focus is hip hop,
we do discuss other genres and topics.
Whether you're into Tupac or Migos,
you are welcome!

Feel free to invite your friends!
HipHop Hub is a discord community where you can come promote and discuss music and opinions on music specifically in the hiphop genre. If you are a artist you can also promote your music here.
A warm community for people who make lofi, hiphop, and related genres to come together to sharpen each other's skills. Also we gladly accept people who are just interested in those topics and want to talk about it more in-depth. We also discuss animes/mangas + 24/7 Lo-fi radio
We are a big lo-fi hip hop music based community, with over +900,000 subscribers on YouTube.
A discord server focused on teaching and learning music production, or just chilling and listening to music.
Here you can collab, promote your music and talk everything about music.
we just started so be on of the first to join!
We are a community that is slowly building up! We have music and gaming for everyone! We are a friendly server and will help anyone in need! If your looking for some fun or meet new people, ETERNAL VIBES is the place for you!
> This is Winter Production - >

What is this discord? : Well, this is mainly used as a gathering for all kinds of Music Producers, so we can all come together and do what we love to do... Make music! So to start off please follow the steps below and come join us for a chat / business talk ( depending on what you are here for). If you are looking for business talk head over to the #music-production to discuss possible selling / buying music, if you are here for a general chat, then head over to #chilly-chat or possibly you are here for others music, you know looking for something new, then head over to #music-ads where everyone is free to share their music!

Finally i ask that you follow the rules correctly and stay safe and enjoy the music
Welcome to the ORIGINAL and LARGEST Discord server for all things related to hip-hop!

Created by Kim#9999
This server is for talented people of all kinds on discord. This includes rappers, engineers, producers, songwriters, graphic designers, and those who want to learn.
We are an up and coming discord server based around Kendrick Lamar. If you are looking for a fun community to discuss rap as well as a Kendrick Lamar server we are here for you :)
We look forward to you joining.
Please join if you're into hip-hop! If you're into Nas, Wu-Tang, Earl Sweatshirt, Playboi Carti, Travis Scott or anything hip-hop related, we cover it! We also talk about other topics other than music. (If you have any questions and/or suggestions, please let us know!) Also looking for active members!

Do you want to work with other artists or looking for a producer be sure to join! Everyone is welcome: rappers, singers, producers, vocal engeneers, mixers etc...
egy magyar underground / mainstream soundcloud (hiphop, trap, cloud rap... stb) szerver ami majdnem hogy csak a zenék kibeszélésről szól. ez persze nem azt jelenti hogy CSAK arról beszélünk egész nap. ha bármilyen formában érdekel téged ez a téma, nyugodtan csatlakozz.
Yo whats up? We're a hiphop server that consists of: Producers, Rappers, Graphic Designers, Singers, Listeners so if you need to find someone to collab with we are the go to place.