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Du bist interessiert in die große Welt der Musik ?
Dann bist du auf Musicord richtig.
Zu den viele Genres gibt es eigene Channel und es gibt jede Woche das Event "Song der Woche", wo man sein Lied reinschicken und andere hochvoten kann.
The official server of Boy Nooga!
The Comfort Zone ss where you can chill and talk about whatever, mostly anime, music and games like Super Smash Bros. Here you can also promote your own tracks and stuff once the respective role has been given to you.

That's all!!! I hope you can find some good friends here. <3
Here in this server you can share your videos, music or games and have it showcased if it's good enough.
Musix is a discord server created with the purpose of letting people share their music they love or have created with other people. Any genre, any length, any key, we all love music.