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➥ Please read the full description before joining!

A low-profile server so enthusiasts and newbies alike can have a friendly space to talk about music, headphones and other related audio gear.

• Focus on portable and computer audio gear.
• Anime and manga are cherished a lot.
• Active bots: MEE6, Gaius Cicereius, Tatsumaki, Epic RPG and Idler RPG.

Rules ultra short version:
• Please discuss in a polite, mature and excellent way.
• Please don't be toxic, edgy, rude and a spoiler.
• Gear shaming is not allowed.

Admin. notes:
• New accounts under 15 days will be auto kicked.
• Accounts with a default pfp will be auto kicked.
We are an Audiophile and Audio related server/community hoping to welcome new hobbyists and experienced enthusiasts. Our design is to make sure as much genuine audio knowledge is reciprocated within the audio community as possible and hobbyists can have an open platform to get alternative opinions and perspectives on gear and technologies for referencing and to better understand the audio community.

Feel free to ask questions regarding audio and anything related or just hang around and talk with us. We love our active and invested members and welcome new ones with open arms with no regards on level of experience!

Keep in mind, everybody is welcome but we share a PC culture free adult attitude, if you are uncomfortable around a no PC culture environement then Sonic Getaway may not be suitable for you.
In this server, we offer online voice acting survival guides and assistance on how to audition for projects! Helping you meet fellow voice actors and feeling comfortable is our goal!
• Server channels for VOICE FEEDBACK and AUDIO FEEDBACK (asking for help/assistance goes in the same category)
• Experienced and professional staff
• Potential jobs for voice acting (RAN BY THE OWNER - VA ROOKIES)
• Other fun channels to have fun with others (Waifu bot, pet pics, face reveal, etc)
• A large variety of occupation roles related to the arts (Singer, Artist, Writer, Music Composer, etc)
When you join the server, you will be asked to be verified! Please make sure to find out how to do so! We want you to be apart of our community! <3
- Audio makers
- Decal makers
- Roblox audios
- Roblox decals
- fun bots
- scripts
VTC is an online community of voice talents. Here we look to expand our horizons by expanding our skill sets and reinforcing pre-existing ones, and if you're new to the voice acting world, have no fear, we will guide you through it. Producers are also welcomed to joined and help pitch in. No matter if your a voice talent or a producer, experienced or an upstart, there's something to learn from each other.

See you there~
Podcast Pros is Community on discord that focused on helping you create, launch and level up your podcast.
A server dedicated to the, in my opinion, best digital audio workstation: Cockos' "Reaper". - and audio production in general.

Everyone who has some basic manners and wants to learn or teach about audio production, or collaborate, shall find community here!
The Audio Hut is a Discord server oriented around music production, composing, mixing, mastering etc. etc. you name it.

We aim to provide the social feel of a small/friendly group but keeping the standard of knowledge/professionalism high.
Serveur dédié à l’audiovisuel, à l'entraide entre créateurs. Dessus vous pourrez trouvez des partenariats, échanger, faire votre pub (pour chaque pub vous devez faire un retour sur une des vidéos présente dans le salon dédié) et participer à des projets collaboratifs originaux (et à distance)
Create, Share, Connect, and Collaborate.

Outer Lives is a server that was created to establish
a supportive community for artists to be able to
connect, collaborate, and support each other.
Regardless if you're a complete beginner or a skilled
professional, or even just a music fan. This server
has something for you.
This is a server where we talk about all things tech! We talk about audio, video, lighting, and everything in between! Feel free to join, we'd love to have you!
Server dedicated to discussion of audio tape formats (cassette, 8-track, reel-to-reel, and much more)!
ITA: Benvenuti in questo meraviglioso viaggio nel tempo, alla scoperta delle più rare perle audio e video dal passato più remoto ai giorni nostri! Tenetevi forte e allacciate le cinture, si parteeee!!!!
Il nostro server è aperto a chiunque è appassionato di canzoni, musica, sequenze video, ma anche impianti Hi-Fi, dischi, videoregistratori e altro ancora. Ovviamente trattiamo anche di giochi, di discussioni su temi generali (fuorché la politica), di YouTube etc.
Entrate nel server più colorato di Discord!

ENG: Hello everyone and welcome to this wonderful journey in time, discovering the rarest audio and video gems, from the very past to today! Hold on tight and put on your seatbelts, let's go!!!! This server is opened to all analog and digital audio and video sources enthusiasts, we talk about songs, music, video sequences (commercials and promos), but also Hi Fi systems, records, VCRs, YouTube, music boxes and much more. Obviously we also talk about games and general topics! Basically we discuss about everything (EXCEPT POLYTICS!). Come on and join the most colorful Discord server ever!!!
This community is dedicated to helping the community out on audio/visual subjects, feel free to join and connect with industry professionals!
Welcome To Hysta, Hysta is a roblox bypass Leaking server for Roblox we have Audios/decals/words/games/clothing. we also give out ranks, Usually Daily Stuff! Also let's Get that 500+ Members!
This server is a fun server for all your roblox audio needs!
We have a library of all types of audio. ( Even the bypasses :D )
You can also request audios and our team of staff will find the song for you.
--- --- Join in a community with other like minded producers! --- ---
This EDM community offers:
✅ Free samples
✅ Free Presets
✅ Free plugins
✅ Promotion channel
✅ DAW Specific channels

Need advice or have a question? We have a channel for that.
Trying to grow as a community? This is the place to go! We have GFX's, Developers, Audio's and Builder's, this is also a marketplace to sell, trade and buy. Join up and experience the love of the ROBLOX community!
A new and friendly server looking for new members to play games talk tech and be nerds!
SUPPPP! We are a group of car enthusiasts along with other interests like audio.
BUUUUTTTT This group will MAINLY BE around shitposting and hilarious circlejerk. NSFW for sure don't join if your rotating assembly is weak bro ain't worth it.
the intersection of culture and technology:
making + listening to electronic music
DIY electronics
food + cooking