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A server dedicated to the one and only Crystal Castles. New and old fans are all welcomed!
Flamme Nacht

In times after wars and kingdoms falling, in 2599, Three main Guilds came to prominace.

Blacksteel, tasked with keeping a gentle balance through tedious training and conquering enemies act as guards and enforcers, keeping an interesting company within their ranks that do their parts, all under the prestigious Blackstone.

Whitemane, acting as the politicians to deal with the knives under the table with their words. Most trained as scholars and freelancers, they keep their hidden cards a secret through espionage and careful planning.

Cybran, the technologically advanced masters amassed under one banner, Androids and Humanoids alike. They create things for the advancement of human society.

The Guilds keep balance, but with the rising Blacksteel being seen as a threat they are all uneasy. All it would take is a little push to break the balance, on any side.

Don't forget your sword, for the Blacksteel wolves will get you.

This is a non erp non nsfw server, please enjoy yourself and follow the rules.