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Was wir dir bieten:question:
Wir umschließen viele Themen wie:
🔸️ANIME SERIEN/Mangas bzw. Empfehlungen.
🔸️Gaming/Games bzw. Empfehlungen aber auch Tipps und Tricks.
🔸️Musik Themen wie: Empfehlungen und Interessen.
Und noch vieles Mehr also nimm dir die Zeit und schaue dich um.
Wir sind ein Deutscher Discord server für das Spiel Dead by Daylight.
Wir suchen immer nach neuen Legenden unter euch also Joint doch einfach mal drauf
Wir sind gerade über 140 Member
Wir freuen uns auf Dich! :)

Unsere Steamgruppe:
Hello! Welcome To Crimson DIO. This Server Is A Place For JoJo Fans To Just chill. And Have Fun Of course. Even If You Don't Know JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, You Still Come Here to Chill. This Place Welcomes Everyone. Weeb Or Not. JoJo Fan Or Not. Make Sure To Read The Rules Though. Not Following The Rules Will Result To A Warn, Mute Or Ban. And Make Sure To Have Fun.
Plutus aims to enable users to seamlessly convert their crypto to fiat and be able to spend their funds at any brick and mortar store worldwide
Welcome to Huney ✨ A server to socialize and find friends, boyfriends and girlfriends, gaming teammates, and more!
*Our server was made in January, so it's not ALWAYS active, but if you ping the owner, she will make it active!*
We have:
🥀 | Female server owner
🥀 | Egirls
🥀 | Selfie and introduction channels
🥀 | Active staff and chat
🥀 | Self roles
🥀 | 40+ color options
🥀 | Active owner
🥀 | All ages 13+
🥀 | Easygoing rules
🥀 | Fun bots
🥀 | No weirdos
{📚} -- The main purpose of this server is to create a community that can naturally put together patterns based on their personal SUPERNATURAL EXPERIENCES. |

🔔 -- The server is strictly for supernatural experiences and will forever stay that way !

(Spent weeks putting it together before I advertised it. If you like the idea of this and want to support it, help would be appreciated.)
Welcome to Pink Simmers Chat! A place to meet new people and make friends. 

- Music
- Nsfw chat
- Memes
- For all simmers
- Custom content channel
- Friendly
- Gaming
- Netflix
Hey, ich hab mir mal überlegt einen kleinen Discord Server einzurichten, der in die Richtung Animal Crossing und Community geht.
Aktuell bin ich (Dominik, 18 Jahre) der Owner des Servers und leite somit alles was an Aufgaben anfällt.

Da der Server relativ neu ist und noch nicht so viele Funktionen besitzt würde ich mich sehr freuen wenn ich ein paar nette "Bewohner" bekommen würde :D
Es ist natürlich niemand dazu verpflichtet auf meinen Discord Server zu joinen.

Regeln gibt es aktuell noch keine, trotzdem werde ich User bestrafen, die sich nicht höflich gegenüber anderen User verhalten!
Hey everyone it’s yukis cafe.

here you can hang out in the lounge talk to friends discuss anime. look at memes together and have fun with bots we try our best to stay active here and enjoy discussing stuff with eachother I hope you can find that our server is friendly and cool so hope you all enjoy it thanks!!
Inclusive server filled with friendly people :) We're a tight knit community too and we have daily vcs when we game together. Occasionally, we do have meetups as well (if you happen to live in SG) So what are you waiting for? Feel free to pop by and say hi!
We are a hangout/community server of 200+ people and still growing!

Everybody is welcome in Kame House

Here’s what you can find and do in our server:

-Be part of a community and shit post.

-Show off art you made or like.

-Chill and link up for video games.

-Forget that the world just entered the twilight zone.

-Keep it real.

Kame House is a fairly chill server and we are always looking for new members!
🌸 Shimu Cafe is a newly created server that is full of kaωaii, cute bots and much more. Come and join our cafe today! 🌸
Siamo on da tre anni e non facciamo un tubo qui dentro, passa con noi l'isolamento!
Welcome to the Hangout Hub! Whether you're here to socialize or simply find a relationship, we've got you covered! This server is mainly about chilling out and relaxing with others, typically during the late night hours when nobody else seems to be online!

We Offer:
-Tons of Self Roles
-A Welcoming Community
-Emojis to mess around with and use :flushed:
-LGBTQ+ Supportive

So why not at least try the server out, come on and see what it's all about? I mean, you have read this far anyways after all.
A RPG efed based on Fire Pro Wrestling World for the PC. Take a wrestler to represent you and come join the Twitch Channel, gain points and level up your wrestler as you watch!! Join us for more information!!
Are you a fellow demigod, looking to find a safe space from the horrible monsters which plague the world?
Look no further! This is Camp-Half blood, an OC only server with monthly events, a budding plot line, a none-toxic community and lots of fun emojis. Plus anyone can submit and enter a quest
The staff are always open to new ideas, and new emojis, as well as being welcoming and friendly
A safe environment to make new friends and meet new people to play League of Legends with!

-Ages 16+
-Active server
-Non-toxic SFW community
-Diligent and unbiased, active staff
-Server is always evolving
-LGBT friendly
-Meet a new duo

~Orianna bot

Preferably NA; EUW welcome. English speakers only.
***-ヅ A server for Arabic speakers and even who aren’t.✧・゚: *
-ヅ Meet people and new friends.✧・゚: *
-ヅ Gaming Channels✧・゚: *
-ヅ Many giveaways including Nitro.✧・゚: *
-ヅ Small amount of rules and moderation.✧・゚: *
Was bieten wir?

~ Eine aktive und nette Community
~ Ein eigenes Level und Supportsystem dank eigenem Bot
~ Giveaways für Discord Nitro
~ Bald schon eigene Emojis
~ Ein eigenes Economy System mit Rängen und Slotmachine
~ Du machst Videos auf Twitch oder YouTube? Komm zu uns und hol dir eine Rolle
~ Eigenes Merchandise
~ Einen eigenen Anime Channel
~ Reation Roles
~ Eigene Währung, mit der Du dir z.B. Discord Nitro kaufen kannst, ohne echtes Geld dafür nutzen zu müssen

Komm zu uns, du wirst es nicht bereuen :D
- A very active and fun server.
- 1:1 male to female ratio.
- Fun emotes.
- Active VC's.
- Chill and laid back staff
We are the Official Discord to r/HeistTeams, the largest LFG Discord server in GTA Online community. Here you can find other members to play heists and any other GTA Online modes with on all platforms PC, PS4 and Xbox.
-- Ελληνικός Server --
-- Μέσος όρος ηλικίας 16 --
-- Ένας ελεύθερος σχετικά server όπου υπάρχουν mini games , voice channels
,text channels κ.α. --
-- Για roles επικοινωνήστε με τον Server Owner - "Dafuk" --
-- Μέλη : 55 --

This server is a friendly non-toxic server where you can find a lot of friends, and maybe a special someone.

Friendly staff
Music Bot.
A lot of channels for all people to have something to enjoy.
Lots of emojis.
(We only ping a max of 3 times a day)