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A growing community of new, experienced and full-time traders. Focusing on the FX markets and major commodities.

The server boasts interactive charting bots, automated role bands based on optional knowledge tests, market analysis and live member trade calls... not to mention the heaps of educational resources too!

Inactive members are also removed after 30 days - it's nothing personal. Unlike others, we are not about the size of the server, but rather we focus on the quantity of active accounts. It benefits everyone!
Our growing community is mostly centred around hearts of iron 4 but recently we have deiced to expand to stellaris too and he hope to expand to other games like crusader kings 2 in the future
Welcome to the dark gem world!

A place where the unique souls live. Get to know the server by exploring our small but friendly community in our various channels. We are a small gacha community but we are coming out to you with open arms. Become a part of our community.

-Gacha community
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
-Friendly Staff and Owner
~ ʚ ──────── G͊̉ͨ L͒̐̊ Iͪ̃̒ Tͫͪͩ Ċ̛̓ H̔ ──────── ɞ ~
✦              ‍ ‍ ‍ ‍                  ,       .             .   ゚      .             .       ,       .                                                                                  *         .
GLITCH is an Aesthetic server based around conversing with others about mainly anime, music, art, and a couple more topics!
We're still just starting as a server but we try to have a nice and welcoming community with amazing people that share similar interest to you!

We really hope that you have a good time here on GLITCH.

       ✦                    ,             ..     .           .
      ,       .                 .                                                     .                 .          .                ˚
This is a small and growing server that is super friendly and accepts everyone! It's SFW as well so any age can join, really. There's many bots and games that people can play, such as the Pokecord bot, the OwO bot, the Dank Memer Bot, and more! Please join if you wish, and meet many new people!
Join our pretty active server and have fun! We have
- casino money giveaways
- multiple roles you can buy with the casino money (bot casino of course).
- multiple channels including vcs and texts for different purposes
Join and make new friends! Amuse yourselves!
เจ้าของเซิฟเป็นคนไทยนะค้าบ มาจอยเราได้เน้อ เซิฟเรามีทั้งแลกเปลี่ยนพูดคุยต่างๆ ทั้งภาษาไทยและอังกฤษ เรื่องคุยทั่วไปและเรื่องเกมส์ต่างๆ
ปล.เปลี่ยนที่อยู่เซิฟไม่เป็น เลยยังเป็นอเมริกาอยู่5555555
» Failing school?
» Lost your job?
» Girlfriend left you?

Just because you play GAMES all day???

Then this is the place for you!!! :D

╔══════ ♔ ══════╗
⋆◦| Welcome to Da Hub |◦⋆
╚══════ ♔ ══════╝

—— » ˚◦˚Free Nitro giveaways
—— » ˚◦˚Live streams every week
—— » ˚◦˚Promote your YouTube, Twitch, Mixer channels
—— » ˚◦˚Dank Memer
—— » ˚◦˚Games updates & lots of info
It all started in 2020. A few cases of the corona virus in the US supposedly "mutating." However, not many people cared since they were too busy with drama from an election and presidency. Soon there were reports of these infected attacking other people, wanting to bite and scratch them...yet. A majority of people ignored this, soon after the military got involved after a whole two states were quarantined. Then did people start to pay attention, folks started accusing others of being infected and got into gun fights. It didnt take long but a year for the military to have to take full control. They took all fully automatic weaponry and explosives away from anyone, including themselves. Restricting their own vehicles as well for the safety of civilization. This stopped nothing. The military after two years lost control and faded away by 3, leaving nothing but civilization left. As for the virus, now 75% of the USAs population is infected, every state is infested with them. Any who come across them get bitten, or eaten. Then turn into them. The rest of the world is a mystery but all transportation by air or sea has been taken away from year one. Electronics are still working such as radio stations and TV but, nobody is operating them so its quiet. Most places will have working lights or a generator if the electricity there is down. Power stations play a large role in this. (Hint: The infected/undead are not called "zombies")
Bonjour à tous, je vous présente Le Restaurant Petit Matin.

Le propriétaire : @Kerogs#6706

Un serveur de rencontre et de partage pour discuter et faire connaissance au tour d'une bonne table ou chaises !
Un serveur qui prône la détente et l'amusement avant tous.

- Promis je mords pas !

здесь вы сможете найти друзей, поднять кубки, пообщаться, узнать что-то новое и многое другое! У нас тут весело заходи!
Server for meeting new people, kpop, anime, league of legends, doing giveaways for games every 100 members joined!
+++++|Depressed Aussie Teens|+++++
>>>We have nice staff that will talk to you about your problems and wont abuse you.

>>>we have the usual bots like carl-bot, Dank memer, groovy bot and nekado bot, all these bots are here to enhance your time while on this server and to provide help.

>>>Welcome our new Fun Chats you can unlock while texting by leveling up and unlocking new chats, 6+ chats to unlock.

>>>We also have a fun leveling system with nakedo bot, while leveling up you can unlock fun chats to use when the server is in its quiets moments or use them with your mates.

>>>Anyone that has been on the server for more than a week can apply for staff and work for us to keep our server a nice and healthy server.

>>>This is a friendly server which means racism and bullying is prohibited in this server and you will be warned or banned.

>>>If your being bullied or harassed ask staff or owners for help, if no staff or owners are online try to fix the situation yourself in a nice way.
Helo! This is SharpAsriel's official server! This is a place for furrys, for artists and for anyone who would share their sfw/nsfw content!

Hope you'll enjoy there!
A general community server for people just looking for a conversation about themselves and life with a side focus on philosophy about self-improvement, stoicism, and habits.

We try to have an active voice chat whenever we can, and try to promote a productive environment, providing a collaborative doc with self-help resources and an accountability system if you want to opt in.

- Server events (drawful, games, shows, etc)
- Discuss advice and self-help solutions
- memes and other community essentials
- Tools and programs for whatever skills you're looking to improve.
- Small, try our best to be active.
J'ai donc créé un bot Discord qui génère gratuitement plus de 30 types de comptes premium crackés ! Il existe également un générateur de liens pastebin valides.

De plus, il existe une catégorie premium où vous pouvez générer netflix, base de données, outil, proxies, e-book, méthode, scriptweb, scriptbot, leaks...

Le bot est fait en node.js et a été validé une multitude de fois!
Looking for a hangout place? Well today is your lucky day! In Shaymin's Garden it's a great place to make new friends! We are looking for people that actively use pokecord too! We provide giveaways weekly, we have gyms and we have daycare. I hope you enjoy your stay.
Looking for a cool place to hang out where free speech is allowed? Join us because a lot of random stuff happens here and we use U.S. Navy ranks! If you're in jrotc you can join us to get help or even if you're in highschool we can help you with whatever!
Hello Disboard! Welcome to Internet Babbies! We're a small community with admins and mods dedicated to keep members safe and away from toxicity. The Owner is practically available at all times, though she'll let it be known that she can not be contacted. We also have a reCATCHA system to try and prevent bots from entering our server.

I hope to find more friends and be involved in an accepting community. We're always open to suggestions!

Hope to see you soon!