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‿︵‿︵Chewy's Bar Lounge‿︵‿︵
───> A supportive , friendly , active , and social server! <───
Our community is supportive when it is needed , we're also friendly when people are friendly towards us! We welcome people with open arms and are excited to meet new people! We're wholesome and random at other times and we know how to enjoy ourselves!

Feel free to express yourself and enjoy yourself over at the Bar Lounge! 🥂

What we can offer you as of now! 🍸

(1) A community that welcomes newer people and are often willing to be friendly and kind to one another!🥰

(2) An interesting level system which allows you to gain roles and rewards on the server! 😊

(3) Organized Channels with Specific Reasons! Venting , Gaming , Memes and so on! 😮

(4) Fun Bots! Such as OwO , Mudae , Mantaro and so many more! ✔

There's still so many things to do! So.. why not join us and become a part of our community? We would be happy to have you around us!
Hello!!! this is a friendly community of LGBT+ peeps, (Cis, straights are still welcome)

Hangout and chat meet a bunch of other LGBT folk aswell!!!
Lonely is a community of positive and supportive people from all over the world. In this server, you don't have to be lonely alone. Relax, find solace and comfort in like-minded conversation, vent your frustrations, and much, much more. In silence, find your voice; with your voice, find yourself.

⤛ LGBT Haven ⤜

┊   ┊   ┊   ┊
┊    ┊   ┊  ✧・゚
┊   ┊    ✧・゚
┊  ✧・゚


age requirement is 15 and above!


LGBT Haven is a server for anyone and everyone in the LGBT community,
though no allies or cishet people; this is solely to provide a safe space for
those within the LGBT community so we can all share our experiences
together, and provide support where needed


we offer:
ღ safe, lgbt only environment!
༄ self assignable roles, from colours, to orientations, gender and more!
ღ channels for all interests!
༄ discourse and debate channels!
ღ gender and sexuality channels!
༄ system friendly server, with the PluralKit bot!
ღ witchcraft and religious channels!
༄ separate 18+/nsfw section!

🌿 🍄 ━ Trauma Support ━ 🍄 🌿
I created this server to provide a safe environment for survivors of trauma (and those who wish to support them) to enjoy while opening up at their own pace without the pressure of tiptoeing around heavy topics. You will never be expected to share a diagnosis or details of your trauma unless you are comfortable and wish to do so. Every race, gender, sexual orientation, class, ableness, body size, religion and marginalized group are welcome here under the agreement to respect our rules and members. We have several optional opt-in text and voice channels to have discussions, share hobbies, and seek support. Although we focus on the topic of trauma, we offer community events, educational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, game + movie nights, cute emotes, and channels devoted to making friends. We are fairly new, however I am extremely devoted to this project and I really hope that we will be the right place for you!! We are 18+ with exceptions for 16+ people who we feel can benefit from and contribute to the positive space.

• All of our channels are opt in
• Volunteer opportunities
• Educational show and tell opportunities
• Server events
• Dedicated trigger warning vent channels
• Movie and game nights
• Aesthetically pleasing and organized server
• Cute emotes!!
• Text and media channels unrelated to trauma to bond and make friends
Welcome to The Ancient Forest, a mystical place filled with opportunity. We offer mental health support to those who need it, and we have lots of fun events such as movie and game nights! You never know, wandering into these ancient woods may change your life. Safe travels, wanderer.
[noun.] the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self or way of life

This server is a small hang out community where our only goal is to provide a safe environment for you to make friends and seek help. Our moderators are trained to provide as much help as they can. Feel perfectly free to be yourself; you can trust that we will keep our judgement as neutral as possible.
Hello we are an accepting community with a varity of fun bots and we vibin. Everyone here is welcoming including the staff. We are accepting to all races, religions, ethnicities, sexualitys and genders! I hope you have a great rest of your day <3
𝓢𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓽𝓾𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓼 𝓒𝓪𝓯𝓮

A simply aesthetic server, in which is a cafe. It was made recently.
What is Sanctuaries Cafe?
Sanctuaries Cafe is a cafe and support server. We provide for those who need emotional help. You're never alone on your harsh battles!

What do we have?
-a couple fun bots
-a bunch of vent channels
-self-roles and colors (more added often)
-cool emotes
-an open-minded community

So, come on down!
Lost Souls is an (18+) server for the lost souls of the internet to come and hang out, meet new people, post memes, play games, and sit around in a VC with your mates, but also having the option there to be a support for people when needed for those rough and tough times that life throws at you. We are an EXTREMELY new server, so if you're looking to help us build a new community and start something fresh come join us and help all the lost souls out there feel a little less lost
Welcome to the Rainbow Fortress 2.0!
This server is an lgbt+ support server, a remake of an old one! The owner of the original Rainbow Fortress had her account deleted, so I've taken it upon myself to create a new one!
The server has a multitude of channels and fun things to check out!

+ The mod team in the rainbow fortress needs YOUR help! We are opening mod applications and are looking for mods in training to join us!

In this server we haaave:
• Support channels for LGBT+, mental issues, and general venting!
• Game bots such as Pokecord, OwO, and Unbelievaboat!
• Reaction roles for your preferred pronouns, gender, and sexuality!
• A friendly and welcoming community!

I hope you’ll join us very soon! The server is very fun and I can’t wait to meet you all!
Rainbow Owner Snow
Sassy community is a place for streamers on all platforms, and also youtube. its a place to make friends and chill out, we have a music station aswell. everyone is welcome! we also have a banging memes
Welcome to Finding Happiness. We are a mental health support server that was created after we found a need for a loving community of people after wanting a fresh start. We created this as a safe space for those that need us; and we are a lovely, growing community. We created us as a space where people can create friends, support each other and also have fun. We specialise for those with mental health and / or physical health issues however everyone is free to enter here.
> ```Welcome to The Mental Rebirth Center server, we are a diverse community of Fluffy Furries and Lonely people, Our server offers Mental and Physical Support, Fun Games, Gambling, Friendly Channels to talk about your favorite hobbies such as watching a certain cateogorie of tv show, video game/anime. We recommend you joining if you have little to no friends, you'll meet some here.
Are you in the Discord Yandere community, but have a hard time looking for a Yandere support server? Do you identify as a yandere, And deal with intrusive thoughts and Obsessive behaviours? Well, do I have the server just for you!
Yandere Support has a focus on support and positivity for yanderes, no judgement here!

There's plenty of interesting features as well! We will have a weekly question as well as a weekly yandere question and Diary channels! We also have yandere sub-type roles!!

This server is mainly for yandere's, but we do have a role for those who wish to join in on the support, who we label as our lovely supporters.

**The minimum age is 18, so please, no minors. We also are generally not very supportive of poly relationships and would rather keep most talk of it out of our community. Thank you for understanding.**

Once you join, you will need to DM the server owner or a moderator for the application questions. This is to ensure we keep our server positive and safe.

Hope to see you there!
Discussion, support, and advice centered on polyamory and Ethical Non Monogamy (ENM) and all the people that live this life.

Our Mission is to "Be a community to learn and share about polyamory without judgement" using common sense and compassion.

18+ only please. We also have space for the things that our members share: photos, discussion, voice chat, and even a few places you can ask really nicely for, including adult verified spaces.
Do you ever just wish you had somebody to listen when you’re feeling depressed, anxious or alone? Shelter from the Storm is a very engaged and welcoming community focused on offering support for anyone who struggles with a mental health issue or difficult life situations. You don’t have to go through this alone!

We offer:
☆ A relaxed, kind, non-toxic, supportive group of friends
☆ A full list of channels dedicated to specific mental health issues
☆ Trigger-free safe zones
☆ Well-moderated support groups for discussion of triggering topics
☆ 1:1 peer support with caring volunteers
☆ Fun, creativity, events, contests, VC and more
☆ Active and caring staff and mods

Join us!
Hello! My name is Lucy, and this is my server for general use, but mainly for talking about music and getting emotional support.

Our server includes:
💖 Multiple channels for talking about music 💖
💘 Venting and support channels with friendly members 💘
💝 Monthly giveaways for $10 Nitro 💝
💗 A nice and welcoming community made to serve everyone 💗
💓 A small but active community to know you better 💓
💙 Channels for bot games and economy 💙
💚 Silly memes and meme review 💚
💛 Art sharing and tips 💛
💜 Self roles for pronouns, color, and age 💜
🧡 Active VCs and game nights 🧡
We are a community called Sunshine Shelter.
We want to make this big and for all kinds of people. You can chill, socialize, shitpost and more.

✧・゚: *✧・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚✧・゚: *✧・゚

We have some channels for art, memes, media, gaming and calls.
Also a foreign chat if you want to use other languages.
NSFW is allowed in certain channels.

You can find all channels information you will need at #🌸|server-guide . If you still have questions after reading this, just contact
one of our staff members. Please don't forget to read the rules at #🌸|rules . Not reading them isn't an excuse.

If by any chance the verification does not grant you access to the server, private message one of the Moderators.
Chill Town is a friendly LGBT community (allies are welcome) where people can meet, share common interests, and have fun! Not everyone has the same views here, but we all encourage a respectful environment towards differences and diversity. We have to offer:

🌻 A respectful environment for everyone
🌻 Chill staff (5 admin, the co, + the owner)
🌻 A variety of different roles to select
🌻 Lots of different channels to be in
🌻 Fun bots, including Plural Kit for people with DID
🌻 Server Events


🌻 mental health peer support
A warm, friendly, recieving server for people with a mental illness. We are open to anyone 13+, and are a relaxed, not-strict server, where you can get the support you need. Be yourself here. We’re here to listen. Nobody is alone out there!

We are also looking for more mods/staff!

Angel's Wings Support is a peer-support discord server with an active, friendly community and support channels for mental and physical health and for help with everyday skills, like cooking. Anyone can support others here, and anyone can get support. Join us if you are interested in receiving support, giving support or a friendly, non-toxic community.

We have:

☆▪︎☆a friendly, welcoming, and accepting community where everyone is welcome to join and is encouraged to get involved!

☆▪︎☆ Lifetime support-- those who can help you learn how to do activities that your parents should be teaching you(and may not be able to).

☆▪︎☆ Mental and physical health support

☆▪︎☆ active moderators and support staff members

☆▪︎☆ support channels, casual talk channels, picture channels, art & writing channels, and more.

☆▪︎☆ "toaster" team dedicated to giving compliments and having people understand that they're not as bad as they think they are.

☆▪︎☆ "positivity committee" team to welcome people when they join and show them around the server.

Come one, come all. Join us if you need support, or a friendly community to become apart of.
Welcome to Mental Sanctuary; a safe place to talk about anything that's bothering you.

-Multiple support channels for all of your needs
-A team of moderators to keep the server under control
-A team of supporters to help you with anything you may need regarding your mental health
-Many bots for multiple purposes such as moderation, music, tickets and more. Some of these bots include but are not limited to: Dyno, Unvelievaboat, and our very own bot called Toaster!
-A self roles section where you can choose roles that fit you

Why should you choose our server?
Many people have problems and often get told they are faking or other things that hurt them. In our server we do not tolerate that kind of behavior. We strive to help people, no matter the issue. We have supporters who are always looking to help others.

Please note we are not trained professionals, but we will help you to the best of our ability.
Please please please read our in server rule channel before chatting.
Our server is a newly-made, community-guided women's space where all women are free to join. We have groups dedicated to gaming, voice chats, and plenty more. Additionally we have a strong focus on supporting and uplifting our users. Generally our server is a women focused center for socializing, gaming, meeting new people, and seeking support.
We have a soft age requirement of 18, however any users verifying that are underneath this limit will have their situation considered on a case by case basis, so please don't let this deter you from joining.
Our community is defined by the way that all descision are made by the users. Whether you're a verified member, staff member, etc. your opinion and direction for the server matters just as much as any other user's. The staff simply exist to maintain the server. All major descisions will be made based on user polls.
If you're looking for a place to relax and meet new interesting people in a budding community we would be more than happy to have you join!