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🔥 After Hours VC & Webcam Hang Out Sessions
🔥 We are a very cannabis-friendly server! 420 somewhere! Never smoke alone! 💚
🔥Movie & Game Nights
🔥 Aesthetics & Nostalgia
🔥 SFW & NSFW Content Sharing
🔥 NSFW Private Channels for Verified 18+ Members Only
🔥 Custom Roles & Emotes for Users Who Boost The Server.
🔥 18+ Server

Try us out before verifying!
Brand new server with lots of cool people joining so if u wanna find some new friends or something to cure ur boredom then come on down to cafe mochii :))
Horror's Dawn is a horror based server dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the internet, focusing on online and real world terrors, as well as immersive media such as Alternate Reality Games. We value a close community and friendly conversations.
astro <$ is an aesthetic low moderated server
that lets you meet new people and make new friends ʚ°

$. semi active / active staff and members

$. over 100+ members

$. partnerships 24 / 7

$. aesthetic server layout , low moderation
Welcome to Ghibli World!
We have some awesome members who share the same interests in you and who would love to talk/meet you! We vibe to music, have events, do game nights, call, chill out, and other things! If you want to talk with people who like Studio Ghibli movies ranging from their most popular to not so popular movie or interact with some of the characters outside of the movies then this server is for you! We are all very nice and welcoming and we’re usually always chill and active! We’d love to have you as a member!
Welcome to Shelter!~

Shelter is a weeb based family-like server!

𐐪𐑂 100+ Adorable & Meme emojis
𐐪𐑂 Level 1 boosted
𐐪𐑂 Lots of roles to express yourself
𐐪𐑂 Fully SFW
𐐪𐑂 Tons of bots to play with! [mudae, dank memer, zodiac bots]
𐐪𐑂 Lots of channels for your different topics!
𐐪𐑂 Nitro Giveaways & Fun Events!
𐐪𐑂 Supportive & Friendly staff!

A great place to make friends and talk about whatever it is you're into!
𐐪𐑂 Come in and join us! we don't bite hehe 𐐪𐑂
First off don't mind the name idek why that is that. Anyways....
We're all feel a bit bored now and then, so why not join a server to talk with some people.

We have:

Nice people
Friendly staff
Verification system
Level system
A great community
Did I mention nice people already?

Yeah feel free to join
Welcome to Kix Cereal 🥣

This server offers:

🥣 Chill Server

🥣 Tons of Memes

🥣 24/7 Radio Bot

🥣 Plenty of Fun Bots

🥣 Random Fun Stuff

🥣 Bot & Troll free

🥣 Level Reward System

🥣 Game Chats & Memes

🥣 Anime Chats & Memes

🥣 50 color roles & much more

📌 NonToxic Server
📌 Anime| Gaming | Meme Based Server
📌 Discord Server Promotion allowed in #server-ads only
Hello, Welcome to Cafe Snowflake a very new! Discord server created for teens who want to make new friends or find the love of there live's and join a fun community of kind people and have fun no toxicity just a chill happy time ^-^
We have
(◕‿◕)Waifu Bot
💵Fun Economy
🌈Color Roles
😭Meme Bot
Hope to see you here !

Server sin categoría, solo para charla, tenemos una gran dedicación al server, muchos servicios y opciónes como: Auto roles, Funciones nitro gratis, Sistema de soporte, Recompensas, etc. Ademas de una comunidad sin cringe y poco sensible xD
We’re a gaming community looking to vibe with others

Our goal is to grow a SFW server where everyone can be included

Things we offer:
- Voice chats to vibe with others
- Bots to mess with a bit
- Staff may or may not be toxic but like, we v i b i n
- We just feeling purple

We hope to see you soon!
『 💯 SERVER - Otaku's Community 』

Olá, venha conhecer nosso servidor 📌!
Somos focados em animes e diversos tipos de jogos, venha aproveitar de:

➡️ | Staffs ativo e preparado para lhe proporcionar comodidade, segurança e entretenimento;
➡️ | Um sistema de níveis práticos e eficazes, com muitas recompensas;
➡️ | Chat para animes, jogos e memes;
➡️ | Servidor organizado, com sistema de cargos automáticos;
➡️ | Sistema para aniversariantes, com recompensas!
➡️ | BOTs para entretenimento dos membros: Uno, Gartic, Akinator, e Músicas;
➡️ | E muito mais por vir!

Tenho certeza, você vai gostar da nossa comunidade! 😃.
The Sapphic Spot is a new server ran for sapphic wlw/nblw folks to hang out (although all are welcome as long as you're an ally)!!

Our community is still small, but it's active and tight-knit!

We currently have:
✧ a welcoming and supportive staff
✧ a variety of cute (and cursed) emotes, including a diverse set of pride hearts for lesbian, trans, ace/aro, bi, pan, and genderfluid homies!
✧ a starboard for all your favorite messages to be showcased
✧ a unique QOTD to get the conversation started!
✧ a variety of channels for fun and interests (gayming, art, cute animals, aesthetics...)
✧ a verification system that keeps away trolls while still making it simple for new users to come in!

We hope to see you there, so we can make this server a safe space for all sapphics!! ♡
★ Dymensia ★

Un serveur communautaire où vous pouvez apprendre différentes langues.

💬 ✦ Un serveur Communautaire actif en vocal et à l'écrit !
🎮 ✦ Une catégorie pour les jeux vidéos
🎉 ✦ De nombreuses animations et events
🤖 ✦ De supers bots tels que Mudae, Koya, etc...
🐼 ✦ Plein d'emojis pandas !
🎁 ✦ Des Drops et giveaways fréquents de NITRO

📚 ✦ Des cours de Japonais, Coréen, Anglais, Espagnol !


★ Qu'attends tu ? Rejoins nous ! 🚀
A discord gaming server aiming to build a nice and friendly community where others can discuss.
-Regular Giveaways
-Rank System
-Servers hosted for Mordhau
-Level 1 Server Boost
A server for you to hangout and play video games with the community and there is also an advertising channel if you need it. :)
Brand new SFW, 18+ preferred chatting server. Music, gaming, and memes. Friendly people, active environment.
Come vibe with us.
This is a new Discord Server I made. I made it so people can make new friends and have a place to hang out. The Staff and I are excited to meet new people. So come on and join le server!
Join our server for some wholesome activities, we are a very active server and would love to have you join us!
We are a friendly community of people, looking for new members to join and hang out with!
-LGBTQIA+ friendly
-Ages 13-17

Server Offers:
-Non toxic community
-Friendly Staff
-Self roles
-Verification system
-Level roles
— 𝖑 𝖔 𝖙 𝖙 𝖔 * 🍙・

╭┈ ⚡︎..

✧ sfw + no toxicity ・

✧ chill community ・

✧ friendly staff・

✧ color + self roles ・

✧ anybody in this server is easy to chat with・

╰─────────── ⚡︎

✦ ゚ .  .  *       ,
Welcome to Sensible Humans! We are a relatively small server that tries to grow and expand bigger and better each and every day. We have a variety of things to do. Have some art you'd like to share? Share! Have some juicy stories you would like to share? Go for it. We also have music bots, meme bots, and much more.

There is even more than what I posted here. If this strikes your fancy - feel free to click the join button and make some new friends today!

Deep regards, The Owner!
Bienvenidos a Natsuki
Un server con una comunidad que acoge a cualquiera que quiera pasar el rato,con un staff activo casi el 100% del tiempo.
algunas reglas generales son:
-no flood
-no spam
-usar los chat como es debido
-no nsfw(por ahora)
-no ser toxico