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Earn money INSTANTLY by linking PayPal to the invite that will be ready for you when you join the server. You also get 50p INSTA-Cashout nothing else needed for you to do. Avg. £3 a day can be made. But if lucky more than £10 and maybe into £20
Salut bienvenue chez Giveaway+🍻

Ici tu trouveras

🎁 Beaucoup de giveaways/drops
> CrunchyRoll
> MailAccess
> Minecraft
> MyCanal
> Netflix
> Credits Cards Fresh / BIN
> Disney+
> Origin Account Spotify Premium/Family
> Nitro
> Et beaucoup d'autre grâce à nos fournisseurs

> De nombreux giveaways seront mis en place !

🌟 Avantage pour les boosters

💫 Un rôle personnalisé avec la couleur de ton choix
🚬 Un compte de ton choix dans l'invite rewards chaque semaines
🔐 Perm Vocal
📝 Perm Image en Général
🏵 2 fois plus de chance d'être pris dans le staff sur le serveur
Best way to get free robux by just joining our free server giveaways and earn thousands of 💰💰ROBUX💰💰
Just join our server, join giveaways and soon a website also where we will host all giveaways
_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-🔥5 invites = 300 Robux🔥-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-
5 invites = 300 Robux
7 invites = 600 Robux
10 Invites = 800 Robux
15 invites = 900 Robux
20 invites = 1000 Robux🔥🔥
🚀 __**24 HOURS SPECIAL OFFER**__ 🚀

Are you looking for a __REAL__ server that gives you __OG Skins, V-Bucks__ **OR** __Nitro__ for inviting people to the server? Well, you have found the correct server to join!

💸 `Here are the rewards you can obtain for a certain amount of invites` 💸

🐬 **Fortnite OG Skins Rewards:** ✨

> **5 Invites** - 🎁 __Random OG Skin__ `(5-25+ SKINS)`
> **10 Invites** - 🎁 __Renegade Raider__ `(45+ SKINS)`
> **15 Invites** - 🎁 __Recon Expert__ `(65+ SKINS)`

👑 **Fortnite V-Bucks Rewards:** ✨

> **5 Invites** - 🎁 __2,500__ V-Bucks
> **10 Invites** - 🎁 __5,500__ V-Bucks
> **15 Invites** - 🎁 __13,500__ V-Bucks

🚀 __**Discord Nitro Rewards**__ ✨

> **3 Invites** - 🎁 `1 Month` __Classic Nitro__
> **7 Invites** - 🎁 `1 Month` __Boost Nitro__
> **20 Invites** - 🎁 `1 Year` __Classic Nitro__
> **30 Invites** - 🎁 `1 Year` __Boost Nitro__

🔗 __**» DISCORD:**__
🏷️ __**» BANNER:**__
I would like to clear some stuff up.
We are not a scam
We have been doing this for a while and you guys need to realise that nitro does not come out of thin air. You will recieve your nitro when we get it.

We give priority to people who buy a nitro ( <#710560065773633556> ) and people who have the most invites. Once you have the correct amount of invites, you need to create a ticket ( <#709359064144150538> ) and therefore wait until we ping you to collect nitro. If you spam ping, beg, or call us a scam, your invites will be reset.

According to the 'hack' earlier, that was 2 staff members who spam created channels. They have been banned so if they dm you about any 'deals' or call us a 'scam' then block them. They had the courage to take nitro from us, call us a scam, and mess up our discord server. We gave them a nitro for free and they still thought we were scamming. We will be looking into applications, so make sure they are really good or we will deny it due to trust.

Thank you,


** <#710553912775540887> for Queue faster ** info
Earn free PayPal & Amazon payouts by just watching simple Ads 🥳

Current users achieve 5$ - 10$ per week 🥰
HELLO!! This is Tear's Nitro rewards server! We have the best discord nitro generators ever coded by our amazing staff team with lots of coding experience.
Here are our rewards:
>2 invites = 1,000 random unchecked nitro codes
>4 invites = 10,000 random unchecked nitro codes
>5 invites = DISCORD NITRO GENERATOR (1 code every 5 seconds)
>6 invites = BETTER DISCORD NITRO GENERATOR (10 codes every second)
>10 invites = Discord Sniper claim Nitro instantly from Joined servers.
>15 invites = VIP CHAT ACCESS and 1 month of FREE discord nitro!
>20 invites = 100 MILLION DISCORD NITRO CODES!!!!
>25 invites = 500 MILLION DISCORD NITRO CODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Check into Dank Out! We are a Dank Memer server that does giveaways everyday, free nitro and so on. ROBBING IS DISABLED!!!
We are the kind of community you can always come back to after a long day :)
We are looking forward to make it perfect for everyone. We've got Mudae, Pokecord, Yggdrasil and more!
We are recruiting! Looking for staff and server partners as well!
a free/anime public server with no limits, as long as you don't act stupid.
friendly members and staff, lots of cute emotes, dank memer 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐮𝐦, self roles - colors and bit of dramas :) !
server still growing and there'll soon be nitro giveaways <3
A server for everyone to chat freely and enjoy :) Join if you're bored out of your mind and want to chat.
Polar Cafe is an active Roblox community with nice staff that specializes in a chilly cafe with lots of members!

This is a server where you guys take control of:
- Updates
- Moderation
- Shifts
- more!

Join this amazing server to keep up to date with Polar Cafe and with our community.
:art:GFX 4 U:art:

This server is made to provide you graphics of your choice by inviting your friends. Join us now and get your GFX done!

Our Services:

【】 Logos
【】 Thumbnails
【】 Intros Outros
【】 Avis
【】 Mascot Logos
【】 Advertisements
Roblox Template Server! We make free to use templates for anyone to save and use!
- Template’s are uploaded to a separate channel for you to choose from!
- Free to use for yourself or anyone!
- Can request new templates to be added!
- New server, will evolve over time!
The Official Server for Broke Protocol : Online City RPG. Get updates, share mods, promote your server and build a community.

🌟20,000 members - The largest and best homework server made

🏆500 Custom Emotes and Amazing invite rewards!

💻We also have a Website (To get your solutions without logging onto discord every time) and an API for developers

Want To Watch Movies With Friends?
Join The Screening Room Discord!
+Can Watch Movies 24/7
+Can Chit Chat With Other Watchers, Or Just relax and watch em solo
+Options To Watch any Movie On Demand
+Over 500+ Titles Released from 1940-2020!
Rank I
➪ [🎟️] 5 Invites
➪ [💸] $5

Rank II
➪ [🎟️] 10 Invites
➪ [💸] $10

Rank III
➪ [🎟️] 15 Invites
➪ [💸] $15

Rank IV
➪ [🎟️] 25 Invites
➪ [💸] $25

Rank V
➪ [🎟️] 35 Invites
➪ [💸] $35

Rank VI
➪ [🎟️] 45 Invites
➪ [💸] $45

Rank VII
➪ [🎟️] 55 Invites
➪ [💸] $55

➪ [🎟️] 65 Invites
➪ [💸] $65

Rank IX
➪ [🎟️] 85 Invites
➪ [💸] $85

Rank X
➪ [🎟️] 100 Invites
➪ [💸] $100

If u reach any Rank kindly dm me or a supporter and be patient we get allot of dms so it could be that you have to wait a while @everyone