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A gaming community where people can group together, and have fun playing games with each other, and also make new friends. We also have discord packing events as well, to make everyone laugh, and we have fun bots so people can play little RPG's.
Welcome to Octiverse, the server with many arms!
We are a social server that covers many different fandoms for you to interact and learn about. It's not mandatory to talk in a fandom either, your access to them depends on whether you want to or not!

Our full list of fandoms are: Beastars, Cookie Run, Crash Bandicoot, Dark Deception, Don't Starve Together, Five Nights at Freddy's, Identity V, Jurassic World, Minecraft, Sky: Children of Light, Undertale, JoJo's Bizarre Adventures, Furry Community, Danganropa, SCP, Roblox, and Plants VS Zombies.

We are a new, small server with a big heart, and we can't wait to welcome you into it!
Just a server trying to grow and become a chill community, We offer many things revolving around Anime , A chill chat, Funny ppl, And so on. We only hope you join us and have a great time with us. Thank you for your time and stay safe.
This server is based on any anime and games this is like the best unity server where many other new bots and new creation and we have started giveaways like nitro ,dank memer coins, etc...
🎨 Art Community 🎨 is a fun server meant for sharing your artwork and chatting about art! We offer a nice community of respectful and kind people, channels for playing games with bots, and many places to share your beautiful art! Why don't you come on over?
▪ We are a chill, anime/manga, gaming server that welcomes everyone!
▪ Staff are very friendly and are always down to help so feel free to message one of us!
▪ Watch animes/movies with others at night and vote for upcoming things to watch!
▪ Play some of the most popular games online with others including Genshin Impact, League, Valorant, Apex, Minecraft, and Animal Crossing.
▪ Post anime-related content, memes, fan art, and more!
▪ Robust server that lets you customize your own experience. Which means you choose what games to play, and what categories will show up for you.
▪Special role for streamers in the server to help you grow!
Civ13 (formerly 1713) is a game based on Space Station 13 code, which features several epochs of human history. (hence the name). It features both RP and Combat maps and gamemodes.
《𝙼𝚒𝚕𝚔𝚒𝚜 𝙷𝚘𝚞𝚜𝚎》

We are going to host a nitro event soon so dont be shy and join :)

𝙷𝚎𝚢 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎!! 𝚃𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚛𝚎𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚟𝚎𝚕𝚢 𝚗𝚎𝚠 𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚟𝚎𝚛, 𝚐𝚎𝚊𝚛𝚎𝚍 𝚝𝚘𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚍𝚜 𝚟𝚒𝚋𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚘𝚒𝚜, 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚐, 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚝𝚊𝚕𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚒𝚗 𝚐𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚛𝚊𝚕! 𝚆𝚎 𝚊𝚛𝚎 𝚊𝚗 𝚊𝚜𝚒𝚊𝚗 𝚋𝚊𝚜𝚎𝚍 𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚟𝚎𝚛 𝚋𝚞𝚝 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚛𝚢𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚒𝚜 𝚠𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚎. 𝚂𝚘 𝚍𝚘𝚗'𝚝 𝚑𝚎𝚜𝚒𝚝𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚓𝚘𝚒𝚗! ~

This server provides you with a Milkis theme and clans to compete against one another during events! The server also includes the following:

。jOie's hot toes
。Clan wars hehe
。 Gaming Channels / Events
。 Movie Nights, Streams, QOTD, etc.
。 Variety of Channels / Topics
。 Fun Bots + House point system
。 Custom Emotes
。 Experienced Staff Team
。 Various Partnerships and MORE !

𝚆𝚎 𝚑𝚘𝚙𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚜𝚎𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚓𝚘𝚒𝚗 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚟𝚒𝚋𝚎 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚐𝚊𝚗𝚐. 𝚂𝚎𝚎 𝚢𝚊 ~
bom dia,boa tarde,boa noite,eu não sei em que hora está vendo isso,mas já que está aqui entra aí pow,vai ser divertir,o server é pequeno mas almejamos crescer,e com a sua ajuda vai ser mais rápido :)
Stream team. very supportive towards streamers and Artists/content creators. A server focused on having fun and making new friends. Come and be apart of this amazing community.
If your looking for video game discussion, people to talk to, a fun time, memes and meeting new people this is the perfect server for you. Doesn't matter what you like you will still fit in.
We are a community of people who love seeing new people come into the community! We usually play games, voice chat, or just do other things. We are accepting new people and would love to chat with you, feel free to join and have fun!!! We’d love to see you there!-Celine
𝚊 𝚠𝚘𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚛𝚏𝚞𝚕 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚌𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚛𝚎𝚕𝚊𝚡, 𝚖𝚎𝚎𝚝 𝚗𝚎𝚠 𝚙𝚎𝚘𝚙𝚕𝚎, 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚢 𝚠𝚒𝚝𝚑 𝚋𝚘𝚝𝚜, 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚓𝚘𝚒𝚗 𝚒𝚗 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚏𝚞𝚗 𝚘𝚏 𝚠𝚎𝚎𝚔𝚕𝚢 𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎𝚜 !
To Everyone in the Disboard, I've been hosting Halo: Reach Custom Games for years, even through the transition to Xbox One. I have over 400 maps and Gametypes ready to go. Recently I made a chat on IFunny and got well over 150 members interested in receiving updates. However IFunny sucks, and that platform was garbage. I've created a Discord for anyone who still plays Reach, and is looking for a fun lobby to join in.
If you
* Are Genuinely interested in joining.
* A Halo fan at heart looking for friends to play with
* Just Curious
I welcome you to join the Discord to receive updates throughout the week on when the next Lobby is being hosted.
I literally made a reddit account for this. Anyways thanks for your time.

👋 | Hey und willkommen bei Fun & Games.
Wir sind ein noch kleiner Discord Server, und suchen User. Es würde uns freuen wenn du joinst.

Was wir bieten:

• Viele verschieden Text und Sprachkanäle.
• Nette User.
• Eine nette Atmosphäre
• Witzige Emojis
• Aktive User und Admins
• Giveaway's
• Server Vorteile für Booster

Falls du bis nach hier gelesen hast, willst du doch bestimmt joinen. 😉

Wir freuen uns auf dich
Color battles is a team-based discord mini-game similar to the game "Mafia", yet being different in many ways. Join the server to try it out today!
Welcome to biancachandon. This server is full of friendly people even the server is not that cool.anyways we have very fun things to do come and join us and have fun with your friends
This is a server where you can play the "Secret Hitler" board game, using a bot, inside of discord. Games last from 10 to 40 mins, so if you're looking for a fun game, do join!
Welcome Nomad, to the Trails of a Nomad server! We a small community that is packed full of surprises the deeper you look!

We are the hidden gem you didn't know you were looking for yet stumbled upon and found a second home full of creativity and opportunity.

We may be small yet we are large in diversity, with people all over the world, from coders to chefs, students to entrepreneurs. We pretty much have it all.

We have riddles games, Question of the Day, daily Would you Rather questions, eternal counting channel. Whilst consistently adding new server suggestions so we can shape the perfect chill pad for you!

Categories for those creative, all types of artists, gamers/streamers, writers and the likes.

If you consider yourself a down to earth individual, then you're more than welcome!

*If your intent is to be toxic from the get go, you will be banned without question.*
🎉 Hello Great Gamers! 🎉
✔️ Our server solely dedicated to people who wanna talk about all kinds of video games.
✔️ We manage VC games involving PUBGM, Among Us, FIFA, COD, LOL, Dofus,GTA, and many other games!
✔️More Than 10+ Music/Games/Memes bots!
❗️ ❗️ Let's go have fun and build meaningful bonds with others❗️ ❗️
new server that isnt for people who get offended easily if you are a piss baby like that dont join
We are a very small but very friendly discord server looking for new members! Or server is normally active for our small server. We also vc every night.
∞ ₒ ˚ ° ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
🌺A fun and friendly community and staff team!
🍥 A nice clean aesthetic layout!
🌙 Cute emotoes
🌺 Plans for very fun events to include all!
🍥Chats for anything you want to connect with people on!
🌙 Group games including; Minecraft, Among us and more!!
TSB_Cradle is a gaming server supporting all ages, so long as you can act like you aren't a total heathen! we have a small based community all about talking to each other and playing games. Feel free to join we are a friendly server to all the newcomers.