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welcome to jam on toast :))
⟶ in need of staff
⟶ color and self assignable roles
⟶ daily billie eilish updates
⟶ events you will enjoy
⟶ very chill staff and community who is accepting to everyone
⟶ partnerships
⟶ much more to come
The Quarantined Corner is a family-friendly server with no NSFW allowed. A small friendly group of people. At Q.C. we have our own personal bot called Hoppi. Our server is full of active and respectful people. We will gladly welcome anybody who is respectful to the rules. Please note that if your account does not have dms open or your account is less than 7 days old, you will be kicked by Wick. **AS OF AUGUST 8TH, THE SERVER IS HAVING A GIVEAWAY WEEK FOR ROLES!! THIS WILL LAST ONE WEEK!!**
hii this server is still under construction so we have a tiny amount of members but please join! we have a friendly staff, e-girls & e-boys, and cool emojis! we also do fun activities like qotd's, smash or pass, confessions, etc.! this is a great place to make friends and find people with the same interests as you:)
in this server you can talk and stuff there are a few rules but thats about it
This Server is Very versatile with many things!

Gaming, Music, TV Shows and Movies, Supernatural is the main attraction! 💫

This server’s focus is for Everyone to have a lot of things they love in One Big Server!

Have Fun Posting Memes, taking and playing Video games with other people! 🕹

Talk about the Supernatural like aliens, ghost and etc! 👻

Talk about your favorite musican/ artists! Have fun talking about your favorite music, and genres! 💽

Discuss about your favorite Tv-Shows and Movies 📺

Talk about your favorite anime, or favorite superheroes 🤓

This Server is always active, so don’t worry about it being inactive!
Our server is dedicated to those who LOVE the color pink and want to explore new friendships and experiences! We are new, expanding our opportunities to include joy within our community ˚୨୧⋆。˚ ⋆


💕│ GAME NIGHTS ⁎⁺˳✧༚

💕│ CUSTOM BOTS ⁎⁺˳✧༚

💕│ 150+ EMOTES ⁎⁺˳✧༚



💕│ CLUBS ⁎⁺˳✧༚
.. & more!
Our staff is experienced as well as friendly, & we provide partnerships too! We don't allow simps tho.. That being said, we hope you enjoy your stay and become part of the family.
~The Sleepy Forest~
Sleepy Forest is a friendly server for ages 13-18 :) We are small, active server who supports LGBTQ+ rights and more! We have trigger warnings in place so you never need to worry about being upset, and active staff who can sort any offensive or rude behaviour out instantly! We would be very thankful if you stopped by and said Hi!
Ps~ Disboard does not show the correct amount of members on the server so there are most likely more than displayed :)
.˚✩ welcome to vibes!!

· ─────·本·───── ·

. ˚ vibes is a place for all communities! here you can meet new people who'll support you for who you are!

· ─────·本·───── ·

. ˚. ✧ we offer...

─ :: active chats
─ :: movie and game nights
─ :: debate channel
─ :: partnerships
─ :: nsfw channel
─ :: selfie, pet, and suggestion channels

come join us <3

· ─────·本·───── ·
Switch N' Snap is a Nintendo server made to bring Nintendo fans together! Although we're a bit low on users, we're high on activity and mutual friendship. We welcome new people to join us anytime! The server offers a nice, chill, 100% non-toxic place to hang out. If you're interested in meeting new people, making new friends, etc, feel free to join!
A Role-playing server, Star Hotel aims to have a nice, calm environment where everyone is accepted and comfortable. While this server has mostly ERP channels, we accept all role-players that are comfortable with that environment, and welcome them to come and add to the story. Come on in and have some fun! Please be sure to note that this server is 18+ only, as it is largely sexual in nature.
Currently celebrating Halloween early because we love it so much.

Our primary focus is to create a community of people we vibe with, a family of sorts. We have chill laid back people, chaotic characters, and a few rambunctious memers but at the end of the day we're all really tight and looking for new friends. Feel free to check us out if you want a new home server to be a part of.

What we have to offer:
-An environment that promotes privacy and safety of our users by weeding out children, bots, and malicious users.
-A diverse community full of cool guys and girls to get to know.
-A usually active voice chat of about 4-8 people almost every night.
Parallel, a server where you can chill out and meet new friends! We're an English speaking server, and everything is community-ran. There are admins and moderators, but only to keep things less-chaotic. I hope you join us and have a good time!
Safe space for Panda lovers. This server is a chill place for people to chat and make friends. Come in and join a fun, safe and carefree server.
This server is Mainly a tf2 community,where all kinds of gamers chat,discuss each up with other tf2 gamers and squad up! You are also allowed to offer trade to some other players. Discussion about anything on tf2/games.We recommend you to Play team fortress 2 for better understanding the server.Make tf2 friends here and lets we make a big community!! Invite your frinds for joining this server too. So the community journey begins!! Lets make a epic community 💪💪
☆ミ Discord Puppies is a Global Emote server with decently active and fun community which welcomes everyone to enjoy the cute animals and friends! ミ ☆

╰┈─➤ Chill, Relaxing and Fun.
╰┈─➤ GLOBAL EMOTES which can be used in other servers without nitro!
╰┈─➤ Lots of lovely Roles and cute emotes.
╰┈─➤ Fun Bots like Pokecord, Tatsu, Mantaro etc.
╰┈─➤ Many cool channels as per your interests like nature, memes, etc.
We look forward to having you with us!
﹤Gay Kids ﹥

••Gay Kids is a server for LGBTQIA+ people wanting to find a place to feel accepted and wanted. We want to create a safe environment for those who are in need of one.


- What do we at Gay Kids offer?

•Loads of fun text & voice channels !
•Custom emotes !
•NSFW - related channels !
•Lots of roles to chose from !

We require 18+ verification for ALL NSFW content!
Since 1999, The Allspark has been among the oldest active online Transformers fansites. In the past decade and a half it has been a community hub and go-to site for news and discussion for all eras of Transformers toys, tv, games and comics. Over the last few years fan interests in the site have expanded to other properties ranging from super heroes to My Little Pony and all things sci-fi and geeky. All are welcome here! Think of this as a place to make new friends!

``` ˜”*°•.˜”*°• ⤙〚 ⓚⓞⓘ'ⓢ ⓟⓞⓝⓓ 〛⤚ •°*”˜.•°*”˜

this server welcomes (almost) everyone! join the fish pond today and be a part of our community <3

» entertaining chats
» minimalistic server design
» userphone channels
» a place to potentially make friends
» looking for partner managers, moderators, and potentially admins

think about it and join ッ
Owari is a Helltaker themed server where we have a fun and friendly community which welcomes everyone. Our goal is to have you join our server, make new friends and have a great time!
Below is a list of what you will find in our server.

❥ Welcoming members
❥ Friendly staff
❥ Many channels to discuss your favorite topics
❥ Mudae & Waifu bot
❥ Music bot
❥ Daily pings for activities
❥ Events and Giveaways
❥ Level up roles

☆ This is laid back server where you come to chill and and meet new people with a variety of different interest, from topics like anime, music, sports, or gaming!☆

What we can offer,

⭐ Friendly owners and staff

⭐ Minecraft leveling theme

⭐ Many different channels! Such as, anime, music, gaming, memes, photos, and more!

⭐ Interactive bots such as, Mudae, Pokecord, Dank memer, mafia, and userphone!

⭐ Lots of cool emotes and likely more to come

⭐ Opportunities for partnerships

Feel free to join and say hi! Hope to see you there!
Este servidor fue creado con la intención de reunir y socializar con más gente que tiene tus mismos gustos, contamos con bots interactivos y distintos roles que podrás ir adquiriendo con la subida de nivel. Sin nada más que agregar los esperamos!!!!