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Bonjour a tous !
Laissez moi vous présenter un tout nouveau serveur !
la "Faradz'Family"

Dans ce serveur nous faisons du :
Brawl Stars
Clash Royal
Créative Destrcution

Avec plusieurs mini-jeux :
Brawl Box
Système de Level
Système d'économie

Des giveaways régulié

Plein de rôle a choisir et a gagner !

Avec 1 clan dans chaque jeux nous allons XP ensemble !

Nous vous attendons avec impatience !

This is the server for "Danganronpa: Seaside Despair", a fan-game being made by two siblings (so far). We're hoping not only to get the word out about the game, but to also recruit voice actors and other team members to assist in the game's creation, such as composers and developers.

At present, the game has a single writer and artist. The story so far has Chapter 2 finished, and the initial character art is finished.
"Haikyuu - Hey Hey Hey," the most active and informative Haikyuu!! fanpage on the entire Facebook platform, is finally here with an official Discord server!

Chat with others who share your Haikyuu!! enthusiasm, or just chill and hangout after a long day.

— Self-given team roles (with colors)
— Fun bots, including Pokecord and Rythm
— Friendly staff who're more than willing to help
— Exciting events and activities
— Exclusive channels for manga readers
.......and so much more!

Please don't hesitate to join us; your presence is highly anticipated. <3

- The Admin Team
A community server for anyone to enjoy! We offer a variety of bots, a nice community of people who are usually active, level ranks, and more! So don't miss out and join today.
The UA students are now in their 3rd year. The Paranormal Liberation Front was defeated, and the villains, put in a rehabilitation facility. Will they adapt and behave, or will chaos rule once again? And what about the soon-to-be pro heroes? How have they evolved, and how WILL they evolve? This is up to you to decide!

(Roleplay server, 3rd year AU, 18+ ONLY members AND muses, mostly text-based, friendly mods & members, LGBT-friendly, ocs NOT allowed yet for there are still a lot of characters available!)
Hello! We’re a new LGBTQ+ focused server opened on March 17 2020. Come on in and join us, we have roles, we’re gay, and we’re pretty nice :D
An Apex Legends Server for North America. Come join us to chat, stream, or even advertise. Get tips and stats from Apex Bot!
🤝 Kingdom of Pomerania🤝
Hello there Citizen, yes you!
Come down and join us the People of Pomerania!
We need you to protect our nation from those who seek to destroy it!

We offer many Varieties such as:

⚡ An Engaging and Welcoming Parliament
⚡An Open Community
⚡A Building of Staff
⚡Opportunity to get into the ranks
⚡Engaging Activities to keep you coming back
⚡And many, many more!

So come down as the people of Pomerania need you!

Been feeling lonely, or like an exile lately? Well come right in make some friends, and meet some new people.

Newly Remodeled


Halting Exiles is a small discord server that is open for all and is a cool place to come in meet new people, make some friends, and just hang out. Join us for gaming sessions, movie nights, or music vc where you can just chill and listen to music with your new friends
。⋆୨୧˚𝑳𝒊𝒕𝒕𝒍𝒆𝒔 𝑪𝒐𝒗𝒆!˚୨୧⋆。

Sfw Server




Image and vent channels

Vc channels


Hiring staff

Come visit our happy little cove

.。⋆୨୧˚𝑳𝒊𝒕𝒕𝒍𝒆𝒔 𝑪𝒐𝒗𝒆!˚୨୧⋆。
🚀 • INTRODUCTION • Salut, toi ! J'aimerais te présenter le serveur Discord de journalisme Avagar !

🍹 • DESCRIPTION • Avagar est un serveur Discord qui appartient à une équipe de journalistes ! Nous faisons des articles fun et divertissants !

🎮 • DETAILS • Le serveur contient également :
- Une Histoire interactive avec des épisodes sortant tous les jours
- Des articles venant d'autres sites internet regroupés par catégories.
- Des concepts d'articles comme un "Je visite vos serveurs" qui vous permettra de mettre en avant votre serveur.
- Un staff à l'écoute
This server is for Izombie fans that would like to gather to talk about the show.We have trivia questions and a weekly rewatch.
Hey ! Bienvenue sur HayzFight !

Vous pourrez y trouver :

Des builds à couper le souffle
Un Farm2Win compétitif
Grade achetable en jeu
Pleins de nouveautés
Un staff compétent et à l'écoute

Voici la disquette contenant les coordonnées du serveur

Ip : play.hayzfight.fr
Site : https://www.hayzfight.fr/
Discord : https://discord.gg/ae8rhus
Recrutement : Fermé

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pap pap
Super nice and a v safe space!!!
Every1 on there is rlly awesome and understanding!!!!! All the membrs of staff are super on anything going wrong, and it rlly feels like a wholesome place to be in!!!!! Every1 there is so nice and I'm rlly glad I joined the server!!! It's rlly well organized 2 so it's easy 2 find where u want 2 go, and it's not as overwhelming as other servers are!!!!
MiHekoZ MiHekoZ
Enjoyable and i would like everybody to join this so make sure to join i dont wanna judge i make you to join and thats it have a nice day and make sure to join like i told you
5 16
NyannerzAmy NyannerzAmy
Toxic Raiders
I joined it and they started to attack me. Apparently, this server raids other servers and leaves bad reviews. I wouldn't want to be part of a server like this.

Do not recommend. They also have an obsession with bacon on their private areas.
3 1
*☆*. b a b y  s m o l .*☆* *☆*. b a b y s m o l .*☆*
well organized server, with good/nice staff.

staff seems to know what they are doing
DragonRush DragonRush
Chill environment
Ping friendly. Chill vc, conversation are lit and funny. Just like it overall and staff are nice :)
3 4
bread bread
tacky & broken server.
At the entrance, you're required to have reacted to the age/sex/location role list in order to access the server. However that was not the case for me. I reacted to everything, and only 1 channel was open - which was the nsfw channel. This server is set up poorly.
domesticated domesticated
Nice server
they offer a lot of things, funny people. they gave me hot topic hot cash. 😳it's a good server
🌸 Thana ✨ 🌸 Thana ✨
Was better
The server used to be better but is now mainly a place for Mudae and Pokecord. Owner tries to keep people busy with events but that also doesn't seem to be as great as it used to be.

Not a bad server, just needs and deserves (for most part) more activity.
1 1
Spooky Spooky
isa gooda server
They are very respectful and friendly and they make sure to cover most parts of lgbt+ as well as take care of trolls and help out members. The owner and staff are really good at handling everything and being kind and thoughtful. Overall i would rate this a 5/5.
Karma Karma
this is a master pice
a fucking mazzing toxic shit lol this is a random revi from the sever owner lolo
1 4
Harlequin Harlequin
Serveur Actif
Serveur actif et chaleureux, staff présent et a l'écoute.