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The Advertising Network is a community where you can:
• Advertise your own server in one of our many channels.
• Ability to choose a role colour for your profile, and which pings you want to receive from our server.
• Applications open every so often, giving you the chance to work for us!
• An active team of staff, on hand to help you grow your own servers.
• Server Spotlights. The more you use our network - the more chances you have.

So why not join us today, and start networking your own server?
A discord server that isn't just a normal discord server, because it's weird... I mean special.
This is a server where if you start talking, you can't stop it

We have lots of things on our server and the only goal is to keep the members happy and to find friends
We have
-party games
-Random events
-nice and weird members
-lots of bots
-anything you want basically

But hey descriptions aren't fun... Stop reading and see it for yourself

Invite link: https://discord.gg/AdnJXrc
A small server about nothing and everything, Talk about whatever you want and have fun!
Hiya! This is just a small server for weebs and alike. We like anime and video games. Also for people who like tsunderes ;D.
A world wide Premier League server for all football fans alike. This server is primarily English speaking but we are accepting of everyone! Rival fans, great banter, live scores and updated league tables are just a few of the things you'll find here alongside everyone's favourite bots. Come and join the best all-round football server discord has to offer!

+ 1,500+ Members!
+ Live feed of the latest transfers and football news around the world
+ Livestreams of EVERY Premier League, EL and UCL match in their designated matchday channels
+ Friendly staff
+ Leveling system
+ Exclusive Club Chats
🎉 Welcome to Dentatsu Space. Thank you for joining! 🎉

This is a chill and weeb-friendly community server!
Do you want to talk about anime, gaming and in-real-life things?
Do you want to make international friends?
Are you interested in Japanese culture or language?
This server is for you! We all hope you enjoy your stay!

🎈 Server Highlights 🎈

🔹 Managed by native Japanese speaker!
🔹 People from various countries and regions have joined!
🔹 Non-toxic, SFW and mature community!
🔹 High security, Auto-Moderation is enabled!
🔹 Friendly staff and warm atmosphere!
🔹 A lot of emotes and gifs! (Anime, Pepe, Meme, etc.)
🔹 Fun and useful bots! (Mantaro, Pokécord, Tatsumaki, Waifubot, etc.)
🔹 Leveling system and self-assignable color roles!
🔹 Self-promote (your stream, art, music, etc.) is accepted!
✨Welcome To Poke|Bot Legends!✨
I sure hope this caught your attention! Now to continue,
What is this server, you maybe asking?

~ It's a lovely pokemon server! ~

🐉Free to catch any pokemon you can!

🐲Buy whatever pokemon your heart desires!

🗣️A fun community where you can relate!

☄️Awesome Giveaways, fun roles, commands, and so much more!

✨We have so much to offer, so come and join to check it out!✨

We All hope to see you there! Gotta catch 'em all anyways!
Welcome to Motus!
The futuristic academy roleplay that probably no one asked for but is here anyway!!

»We have open staff positions!!«

Do you have to be a student and go to school? NO! We have areas outside of the academy for those who wish to not be a student! Everyone can have powers!

We haaaaaave:
💢 Many channels
💢 Detailed Template and Lore
💢 Easy going staff
💢 Fun bots
💢 And much, much more!

Why not give us a try?
We're an LGBT+ group, ran by grade A++ queer meat. We're pro-sex education, and have different channels for varying age groups. We're sfw aside from those channels. Anyone is welcome as long as they are friendly and accepting.
C'est un serveur de publicité, mais vous pouvez aussi vous renseigner et demander conseil sur la protection de votre identité sur internet et nous proposons aussi un espace de jeux ( webTv en approche )
Hey Im ultra the co owner of this server and im trying my best to get this server popular i lt would be awesome if you could join we talk about many things besides persona 3 most of the time that is
Party Animals welcomes you! This is an LGBT+ based, 18+ server. We are an open, welcoming and friendly community, that encourages friendship, support and love, creativity, banter, healthy discussion and adult conversation. This is not an NSFW server.
Este timpul pentru a conversa, daca esti o persoana sociabila si prietenoasa acesta este serverul perfect pentru tine. :)
Mamy dużo stref tematycznych oraz ról, ciekawe eventy i wiele więcej
Mamy miły pomocny zarząd serwera oraz (nie)toksyczną społeczność
Du bist auf der suche nach einem deutschsprachigen Anime/Manga Server? Dann schau doch mal bei uns vorbei 😉
Wir sind zwar noch nicht besonders groß, aber dennoch ist so gut wie immer jemand online mit dem man schreiben kann ^^
Man sieht sich 👋
Bienvenue sur Bots Game.

Nous sommes une communauté française qui regroupe un certain nombre de bot pour pouvoir satisfaire nos membres.

Nous venons à peine d'ouvrir donc beaucoup d'ajout seront encore présent mais malgré tout, espérons avoir une bonne communauté avec une ambiance agréable à vivre :)

Nous vous accueillons chaleureusement et bien sûr, les games dans les veines ^^
Lynx Esports is an esports organization with teams currently competing in Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. We have a very welcoming and friendly community, growing every day! We host tournaments with cash prizes and offer a social space to discuss about your favorite games, find groups to play with, and more!

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Volt Volt
Chief Kief
Awesome server, In love
Xavier Xavier
Good Server :D
Good looking Server, semi-active, friendly Members, always new stuff, and fast growing so it's easy to find partners
Max🐏 Max🐏
Trés bon serveur
C'est mon serveur donc je peux pas vraiment être critique ou objectif ><
Mais je vous promets que c'est un trés bon serveur, tout jeune et tout pitit ^^
5 1
Baka🍭 Baka🍭
on va dire la vérité aussi...
Ca fait donc une semaine que je suis sur ce serveur oui et je rejoints totalement Hypo sur les critiques qu'il a donné .
Ce serveur malheureusement est devenu un endroit de jugement perpétuel .
De plus en plus de personnes toxiques qui se cachent derrière du second degré .
Pas de place au différence, tu es bisexuel tu as vanne sur toi , tu es stmg encore une vanne, tu débutes dans le rap et t'essaye de le montrer aux autres tjr une vanne.
Le staff ? J'en ai fais partie oui, c'est pas tout les jours simple, ils sont très respectueux, polis et gentil mais certain son peu actif voir pas du tout et le travail que j'ai fait ? J'étais remercié oui mais que je forçais pour l'être.
Une communauté qui était au départ adorable, à l'écoute, prêt à vous aidez. Mais maintenant c'est devenu une cours de collège avec des gamins dans tout les sens.
J'ai passé de merveilleux moments mais malheureusement toutes les bonnes choses ont une fin ..
Vous pouvez quand même passer jeter un coup d'oeil, en espérant que vous soyez bien accueilli ...
Layne Layne
Tip top
Pour faire simple, c'est optimiser, concret et il y a des jeux de mots ! Donc sans hésiter goooooo !
1 1
SuddenDiscipline SuddenDiscipline
A great community.
Very supporting and helpful members. I've been a member for about 2 weeks and I felt very welcome. No judging and also a lot of fun conversations.
3 1
Krymena Krymena
its lit
its litty titty, much memes and lots of e girls. i will never love anything more than this server
5 2
Nagisa Nagisa
Allgemein sehr gut
Gutes System, gut durchgesetzt! Aber wenn zu viele Leute etwas machen lagt es ein bisschen. Sonst ist der Server perfekt!
5 1
BenedictOctavius BenedictOctavius
Love it!
Rose Lake Hall, is, without a doubt, an amazing server and community. In my days in Discord rps, RLH is by far one of the top on my list. The community is so close and friendly, and pretty funny too. Everyone is eager to roleplay and really dive into their characters, assuming an identity they handcrafted within the safety of the server. The rp is very well organized and run by an amazing owner. From schedules to specific channels, everything is done and rping is super easy to get into. The moderators are helpful and always glad to assist you, and the whole plot of the rp makes for some spicy drama and great memories.
WildCard WildCard
Havent laughed so hard lmao great discord server
iamyourmom iamyourmom
Super Fab
I'm gonna rock and I'm gonna live my life to the fullest
Mynics Mynics
Best Server
This is the best server ever! Theres giveaways and other things!