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Basically a server with nice people. We all show cool interest and we also need a few more people. So I recommend joining for lots of fun. The more active members we have, the better the server is. We also take suggestions for the server. Like new channels, events, roles, idk.
A chill server for chatting and making new friends! Mostly based on Pokecord.
We have:
- Giveaways and Events
- Reaction roles
- Nsfw channels.
- Pokecord channels
- Active staff and members!
- And lots of other stuff! Feel free to join :)
"Join the Osama Goverment and learn what it feels like to be physically, mentally, and sexually violated by a bunch of sweaty virgins with computers" - Tyrone Shakur, 2019.
If your amount of brain cells is fewer than amount of nose exhales you can do in 0.01 seconds then join

Post scriptum: This is a server
G'day Mates! We're an Australian Discord chat community. Active chat and group voice chats daily. Recommended age is 18+ and you don't have to just be from Australia to join, everyone is welcome!

Server includes:
✧ Level 3 Server Boost perks
✧ Active, helpful and approachable moderators/admins
✧ Over 30 bots!
✧ NSFW channel
✧ Custom and private voice channels
✧ Self assignable roles
✧ Memes
✧ Various channels dedicated for gaming, movies, art, cars, food, pets etc
✧ Partnerships
✧ Leveling for unique roles
✧ Dedicated gaming & karaoke nights

Look forward to seeing you there!

We are a casual and non-toxic community that cares about the finer things in life. If you want an inclusive community to discuss everything with a diverse and growing crowd of people, join us!
ꕤ Casual and serious talk on a range of topics
ꕤ Active community
ꕤ Weekly game and movie nights
Are you sick of being sad? Being unloved? Do you need something to fill that large gap in your heart, or are you just looking for fun to entertain your bored brain? Come into Hell! We have everything you need - a chill community with bots to play with and for you to go crazy. For a cheap price of your soul, you can join this fantastic wonderland.

P.S.: Swearing and NSFW are allowed in the server, because c’mon, this is Hell.
Hey there! I see you're looking for friends and new a friendly server. How about join ours. Some other things we have:
-dope bots (some custom programmed)
-self assignable roles
-awesome community
And much more
This Place is a very small server of good friends, feel free to join and become part of the community, the admin team is very friendly and helpful, most of us are gamers so you shouldn't struggle to find a game you have in common with others and there are many different hobbies amongst our members and anyone is welcome

Have you ever been inspired by Goku, Saitama, Jotaro, or All Might? Then you're in luck, we are a fitness and anime server! We have experienced athletes ranging from all different areas of fitness, strongman, martial arts, long distance running, and powerlifting to name a few. We are always willing to give advice on any fitness goal! We also talk about anime and manga! We hope to see you soon!

We have...
★ Memes
★ Fitness advice
★ Fitness discussions
★ anime discussions
★ manga discussions
★ cartoon discussions
★ music
★ amazing people extremely

If your nitro boosted you're going to love our emotes! And we're always willing to add new ones!
This is just a fun server! You will see great memes that you have never seen before!
A server which notifies people when I upload YouTube videos and when I'm live on Twitch. We are also a family of gamers and play a variety of games ranging from Fistful of Frags, MORDHAU and many more!
This server is a amazing server owned by the meme king @jahrasticpark. Join for a chill time and laugh at memes
Read this next bit in a buttery advertiser voice:

Discord servers fall in one of three categories. Super strict, absolutely toxic, or absolutely dead.

We try to make a fourth kind. A place that doesn't punish without reason, but doesn't ignore trouble. A server where you're not banned for swearing, but not bullied for being a total wuss. Where we respect people, but can take a joke.

Now read this next bit in a Thanos voice:

It's balanced. As all things should be.
Un nouveau serveur qui est sur le fait des rencontres. Dans ce serveur vous avez accès à différents channels de discussion afin de rencontrer un maximum de personne. Amusez-vous bien et bonne rencontre !
Здраствуй путник,устал от бескрайней пустыни?Давай отведу в свой оазис,там ты сможешь передохнуть и закупиться продовольствием.А может даже и поселиться.
Оазис я получил по наследству от деда.Я сменил свод правил и начал подбирать таких потерявшихся как ты!

||Это было вступление если не понял||
Приглашаю тебя на сервер Old West.Также известный как Living In Space.На сервере ты найдешь:
Контент по четырем играм:Brawlhalla,Osu,Minecraft,ZombsRoyale.
Продуманную систему ролей.||150+ ролей||
Внутри серверную валюту.||Чем её у тебя больше-тем ты выше отображаешся в панели участников||
Пожилого админа.||Mеня||.||Учу всех желающий играть в игры(указанные сверху)||
3 игровых бота.||Virtual Fisher,Idle Miner,Pokecord||.
Компанию друзей с которыми можно чилить каждый день.||Но это не точно||
А также:конкурсы,рубрики от всех желающих,кучу интересных людей.

Подробнее на сервере!
The best community server for any type of person! The server has:
- Active members
- An active owner
- Channels for everyone
- Custom roles
- Pokécord (Pokémon bot)
- Dank Memer (Bot for a lot of fun)
- Rythm (Music bot)
- Channel where you can advertise
This server is for chilling, finding new friends, music, and some times roasting if everyone's down to do it. Come on and join up we are the best upcoming server there is, come help us grow.
Welcome to Cold Blood! This is a very laid back place where anyone can join in and meet new people! Everyone should join because we always have active members and fun things to do! Come and join us <3
Welcome to Unknown Valley
Listening to: Good Vibes
1:05 ───|────── 2:53
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Heyo my cool weebs
I'd like to invite you to our server
We offer all kinds of things, such as:
↪A wholesome place for anyone and everyone
↪Bunch of cool peeps to talk to
↪Memes, memes and even more memes
↪Cool bots to play around with
↪Daily waifus, from yours truly
Need I say more?
So what are you waiting for?
Join us! I'll be waiting.
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Idk we just hang out and post memes n shit
(This is also my first server ever so it might not be the best but you can check it out)
Hello there, this server is a meme community if you could not tell already and we give ALMOST zero shits about any jokes you could make. we follow TOS so dont break it, retards.
RWMS is a right-wing hangout server originally based on the eponymous Google+ community.

We discuss everything from politics and religion to weightlifting and literature with the goal of bettering ourselves and ensuring a better tomorrow for our people while having fun. Hundreds of ranks, roles, emojis, questionable PDFs, power-hungry mods and shitposters screaming into the void await!