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Welcome to the Continent of Eldingar, a large landmass home to many people, from the Kingdom of Helios, to the port city of Weeping Rock, all the way to the Culmination, where darkness reigns! A new place has been discovered, The Jungle of Hastur, where large animals reign in the untamed wilderness! Welcome to your new adventure, your journey begins now! ✨
The Puny Baron is an ongoing free form roleplaying server in a free world to allow for nearly any race for you to make your own stories.

Here are some of our biggest features:
• Free form rp
• Events and small one shots
• All characters on the server level together.
• Friendly helpfull staff.
• Simple and balanced systems for outside and inside events, etc.

(Server owner is looking for a suitable member of the discord community to take their place to run this Free role play and dungeons & dragons server. To enquire (please be 21+) become a member and either DM the owner directly or @ in server. Thank you.
This server is open to all kinds of fantasy no matter the time frame. Whether it’s medieval or modern, it’s got what you want, pirates, dragons, demons, you name it we got it!
There are multiple places to rp, including: Kuvira City, Gahenna, The Land Of Living Ash, Black Reach, and and ocean for aquatic rp!!
(This is an Nsfw server where people ERP in open channels. There is no hentai or porn section)

New and a bit of a stretch in terms of concept. Think of a mashup of all genres of fantasy worlds and role-play. Modern, medieval, a little bit sci-fi as well. Please join and have fun rping!
There are multiple realms and lands for many types of rp and a place to fit your character’s setting! Theres more than enough room for all who like and have fun doing things in a made up world of wonder!

The world was once all new and shiny. A world full of magic and wonder beyond measure. A world where any race you can think of existed and still do. A world filled with gods and monsters once existed but that was a hell of a long time ago. The world grew up as time went on and the world became a more advanced world. The world is still just as if not even more magical. Technology advanced along side more magical methods. Races of all kinds smashed together and formed kingdoms which turned into cities. Modern day cities with a splash of magic make for interesting new jobs and opportunities. A new world where things take a more modern approach and now it’s even a bit futuristic in some regards. There is a world out there that’s primed and ready for any adventure you can think of, magical or otherwise.

(If it isn’t magic then it’s tech and vise versa. The server is just a little bit futuristic and a lot of fantasy and modern. Have fun and enjoy being any race you can think of..... within reason of course...
The year is 1250. Nestled between several countries, though it’s location unknown, Elerahan plunges the travelers, the brave, the forgotten, the good, and the evil together.
The land is ruled by a single capital city, presided over by the Royal family by Queen Scarlett. While this seems simple enough, the position of King has been full of peril — King Arnold was slain for his betrayal and murder of his wife, King Robin was assassinated by the Hunters, and King Lyne was slain doing battle. The vampiric bloodline within the family also causes complications for the common folk — Elerahan is a land where vampires roam freely in the streets without repercussions and devils can make deals in the open.
However, peace, be it in the thick, lush forest, the ocean, or the city is constantly challenged by the monsters that go bump in the night. Do you dare to wander the forgotten path into the kingdom? Seek fame and fortune of the powerful beings that resided here? Or will you fall, your soul taken elsewhere or left to wander and rot? Many have walked this well-trodden path, and you shall not be the last in Elerahan.
Die Adelsfamilie Ires ist im ganzen Land bekannt. Als wohlhabendste Familie zieren sie schon seit Jahren den ersten Platz. Was jedoch viele Aussenstehende nicht wissen ist, dass sie eine Vampirfamilie sind. Als reinblütige Vampire sind sie also nicht nur im Besitz besonderer Fähigkeiten, sondern können noch dazu neue Vampire kreieren, weshalb viele der Nachkommen gar nicht Blutsverwandt mit dem Stammhalter sind.
Das Oberhaupt ihrer, Namus Ires, arbeitet als erfolgreicher Geschäftsmann und leitet eine eigene Firma, weshalb er kaum Zeit für seine Kinder aufbringt. Ständig auf Geschäftsreisen ist er nur selten zu Hause. Ansich hat stehts seine geliebte Frau Edana die Erziehung der Kinder übernommen, doch diese verstarb bei einem tragischen Unfall vor einigen Jahren. Somit überließ er die Kinder nun den Angestellten des Hauses mit der Anweisung ihnen jeden Wunsch zu erfüllen.

Hier beginnt unsere Geschichte. Seid ihr ein Teil der Familie und trägt dazu bei die Angestellten auf Trab zu halten? Oder seid ihr Teil vom Team und umsorgt eure Herren/Herrinnen rund um die Uhr? Vielleicht seid ihr gar ein erkaufter Sklave, in dem Falle könnt ihr euch aussuchen ob ihr als normaler Mensch für die Familie Ires arbeitet oder doch ein außergewöhnliches Wesen seid das hier seinen Unterschlupf gefunden hat. Denn eines ist sicher, Namus Ires hat euch bei Eintritt Imunität versprochen.

Wir sind bisher eine recht kleine Truppe und freuen uns natürlich über Zuwachs :) Wichtig ist uns nur das du über 18 bist, Leidenschaft und Fantasie mitbringst.
Geschrieben wird bei uns im Romanstil.
A DnD roleplaying world. Here, you may feel free to adventure with less risk of losing your character and develop their story as much as you wish.

The land of Galloron:
A vast newly discovered continent including large expanses of forest, desert, and ice. Towns and villages are few and far between and only a few larger cities exist as of yet. Explore the wilderness and help found new villages and chart the land. Pick up an honest profession or turn to crime and gambling. Earn experience and level up, unlocking the ability to travel to different area. Mine, craft, and research magic formulas.

Currently seeking Game Masters. New GMs and players new to DnD are welcome. We have people that are willing to teach rules and mechanics. This is a family friendly server.
Have you ever wanted to be a *god?* To rule over a domain of your choosing and to grow stronger every day?

That may be a very direct approach, but it's pretty accurate for Story of Retribution. Here you *can* be what you thought of, to act out as you want! Take control of the storms of life, string along your adversaries or bend the spirits to your never ending, Immortal Will. The Choice is yours to make and change!

The god you can create can have any power you'd like! Want a god of fire? Go ahead! Want a god of knights? Sure! As long as you take it first. We don't allow doubles on gods!

That's not all to this server, though. If being a god isn’t your thing, there are other options to choose from! If you want, you can take a more calm approach to things and be a demigod, or simply a non-god. Toil with mortality, through quests from a god that chose yours, or merely interact with many others, whether they be god, human or something else entirely.

We try to be as friendly as possible here, and it's pretty lenient, as long as you don't do anything stupid and keep hold to common sense of course.

There are endless choices on what you can make! Come and join us in the insanity that can be, Retribution.

I can assure you, you won't regret it.;)
Do you like vampire or werewolf rp? What about a fantasy medieval rp? Hello and welcome to 𝕳𝖆𝖛𝖊𝖓 𝖔𝖋 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕯𝖆𝖒𝖓𝖊𝖉. We are a medieval fantasy based rp in a 1745 manor meant to shelter the supernatural!
This rp is made to host characters such as vampires, humans, werewolves, & witches/wizards.
━━━━━━༻𝕳༺ ━━━━━━
We provide:
♠️ Music bot!
♠️ Shipping & Marriage bot!
♠️ Color roles!
♠️ Server rp events!
♠️ 100+ different chats to share your interests and rp! With more to come!
♠️ Set character template, or you can use your own!
♠️ Easy to follow lore and rules!
♠️ One liner and paragrapher friendly!
♠️ And much more!
━━━━━━༻𝕳༺ ━━━━━━
We can’t wait to meet you!
Welcome to Vivian City, in this server the darker/brown skinned races are basically worshipped like sex gods by different groups of people, as they cuckold shrimp dick men who can't please their lovers. As a citizen, you have a wide range of jobs to choose from such as Mayor, Police Commissioner, Professional Athlete, Musical Artist, Police Officer, Gangbanger and many more even magic fantasy jobs. We also allow magic so means there's also combat in this server. If you have anymore questions in the server please just ask the owner and he'll answer any questions you have. There's many things you can do here as many kinks are allowed even certain kinks I can't say here if you join you'll see what I mean.

(We're looking for more active mods to prove themselves to become admins, we're now allowing humanoid fantasy races in the rp since magic is involved in the rp and we need people to play important roles, we don't have a Black Mayor or Police Commissioner so if your interested come take a look.)
Midnight Menagerie is an immersive, member-driven RP community consisting of three overarching sections, each containing a variety of stories for you to explore and flex your creative muscles.

Supernatural fans can step into the shoes of a hunter in The Road So Far. Scan the local papers to find a case, then travel to the scene, examine police reports and available evidence, and research the lore to find out what you're dealing with and how to gank it.

Is a high fantasy adventure more your speed? Well, gather your weapons and set out in Dichotomy where the Kingdom of Arin has been enjoying centuries of peace and prosperity, but now teeters on the brink of war with a darkness long forgotten.

Looking for a true horror experience? Investigate the desolate Askar's Sanitarium. Reportedly haunted, some visitors have claimed to see and feel negative presences. Other visitors? Well, they never got to leave.

We offer these and much more in our friendly, inviting RP community. Our officers are more than happy to help you flesh out a character or even a potential story idea to add to our ever-growing universe. The stories and community at large are heavily member-driven and as such, we are always open to new suggestions that will allow us to offer a more immersive and enjoyable experience for our members.

We also offer a music bot if you ever want to relax with friends and trade songs back and forth as well as a variety of OOC chat rooms and voice chat rooms to just unwind and have a good time within the community.

Come on in, take a look around, have a great time exploring our pre-existing stories or perhaps even creating one of your own.
Hello there Konosuba fans! If you also happen to enjoy RP, we have a server you might be interested in!

A Konosuba RP Discord! We have a strong focus on continuity here, and want to make the world as believable as it can be!

What can you expect from us?
- We have a custom made stat and leveling system, to help guide character progression.
- Our very own bot to bring any of you isekai'd into our world! Complete with roles to indicate what class and race your character is.
- We're happy to work with people to help make their characters, and even custom abilities/spells that would fit into the world.
- An environment that levels up with its characters! As people get stronger, powerful enemies, and special events will start appearing.
- A hopefully believable world! You won't see 5 Kazuma's running around, there's a limit of one canon character RP'er at a time, and they're selected through application.
- Plenty of OOC channels to talk and hang out with everyone!
Hello! You looking for something to do during the quarantine season? Why not join in on the fantasy-based roleplay and have fun! if Roleplay isn't your cup of tea you can still join, hang out and make friends!
SLaSA is a modern fantasy, server. Or, More accurately, Modern AND fantasy server, built around long term character progression through accruing loot, and learning practical in character skills, with a roleplayer centered staff team who's job is to maintain an entertaining environment for the players.

In ThE BeGiNnInG ThErE WaS TwO WoRlDs. These two worlds were entirely separate for millions of years, lands of myth and legend existing simultaneously with our own. These two worlds collided when the fantasy lands, full of massive beasts, powerful wizards, and evil liches just waiting to sap the souls of unsuspecting men decided that it would be a good idea to open a portal to our wonderful, beautiful mother earth. When magical creatures and expeditions of fantastical peoples entered our world, they were immediately greeted with..

Hails of gunfire. Yep! Apparently giant evil rhinos the size of double decker busses and evil liches stealing the souls of poor commuters wasn't on the world's list of 'acceptable evils'. local military stepped in to try and curb their spread, causing a massive conflict on Real, actual soil. It was well documented globally, with more and more reports of what was happening traveling to all of the world's superpowers. The danger of these fantastical creatures was immense, forcing the world militaries to band together and send massive detachments of soldiers and equipment to help beat these bad boys back to whence they came.

Now, The military has pushed them back through their portal. The fantasy beasts and creatures wait on the other side in a bustling fantasy metropolis for another chance to get at the real world, but the raw might of the modern world is more than enough to keep them in check.

in SLaSA, The entire goal is to travel between these two worlds, collecting gear, and equipment. You become progressively more powerful, and meet friends along the way as you explore, with large story lines, inspired character races and an experienced game master heading group roleplays. You eventually get to a point where you're powerful enough to interact with endgame content, which has bearing on the actual lore of SLaSA as a whole!

We offer Unique, and varied races. They're not just 'unique and varied' in the way every other server is, instead being integral to how you interact with the world, rewarding you for playing the way you want to!

We offer an easy to understand, flexible lore. Lore is one of those things where the more fleshed out it is, the harder it is to read in a timely manner. The lore is kept short and simple outside of major events, allowing you to get the gist of it and make a character within minutes of joining! (hopefully!)

Long term progression based gameplay. Roleplays without an end goal in mind or something to work towards have a bad habit of dying. Lots of people go inactive if they don't have anything to do or any goals to achieve, which is why we've removed the upper cap on character strength entirely. Grab your sword, kill some zombies, get some loot, and save the world!

(Disclaimer: This server is based around group roleplays and dungeon crawling with a game master. This is an odd mix of traditional text based roleplay and inspirations from rpgs. If you aren't used to or don't enjoy party based group roleplays and or require a good amount of Slice of Life roleplay, this may not be the server for you!)
Welcome to Modern Fantasy!

This server is still heavily wip (work in progress) however, as the story moves on, more is added to the lore. Things are revealed along with the characters.

The moderation is meant to be on the lighter side as we are trying to keep things in order (at least somewhat), we don't offer NSFW content as the server is meant to be on the PG side of things.

We won't kick you due to inactivity or not having a character in time, we understand that life does get in the way sometimes and we do apologize if pings get in the way.

There are nine different cities that you may belong to:
Zerrinth, City of Fools

Riveriim, "Unknown Wastelands"

Shadowfalls, City of Wealth

Vanison, City of Despair

Tree Of Ruin

Featherfaith, City of Embitterment

Goldbloom, City of Dreams

Lernia, City of The Phoenix

Netherwoods, City of Neutrality

Along with four playable races:


Pheachians (Animal-Human hybrids)

Vindrikians (Vampiric Beasts)

"Eros" (Half Angel/Demon)

The rest is up for you to discover, happy hunting.
PS, all skill sets are welcomed.
• ☆『✦ Kingdom of Lenor ✦』☆ •
If you are looking for a place to chill and roleplay, this is the server for you! Kingdom of Lenor is a roleplaying server for any level of rp.
What you can find in this server

☆ • Friendly staff that will happily assist you
☆ • Almost infinite amounts of species
☆ • Incredible lore
☆ • Player generated and server generated events and much more!
A server about kingdoms who are at war and people are trying to just live life as the war rages throughout them
(No wolf, dog, cat, bull, bear, horse or any other mammal furry characters. Other fantasy species/creatures are fine)

Hey there, are you a scalie, dragon, human, a fantasy creature, or just looking for a fun time with them? Looking for a roleplay server? Come join us, we've got an immersive world, easy-to-follow rules, and a friendly and active community!

(And yes, if you're looking for it, there is breeding and erp/drp as well uwu)
In Evren—a Victorian kingdom divided in three territories—desire for magic once given out by the gods has left society divided…

In Zvezda, the magical population flourishes under the rule of the new Sovereign, after years of oppression under magicless rule. Most of them are content to hold onto their places in the social elite, but there are some that have higher ambitions…

In Sunniva and Ilaria the magicless remain protected under the Governors, and a secret society known as the Valintas work towards discovering the secret of magic so that they may gift it to those who are truly worthy. Ideological differences threaten the stability of the Valintas, but they are still a force to be reckoned with…

It is every person for themselves, so who will you be?

Eminence of the Virtuous is an interactive roleplay community based on original worldbuilding. Members can make characters and develop their own plots set in any of our extensive locations. We have a friendly community of members and active, caring staff! We are relaxed with roleplaying styles, though we do expect a certain level of literacy (good grammar and spelling, and no one-line responses; 10 lines minimum). Whatever your experience with roleplaying, we would love to have you!
**The Enchanted Academy**


The academy was founded many years ago by the order of the enchanter-lords, and was constructed in the great city-state of enchantress (Enchanted City-State). The school was founded for young Mages from all over the continent to be able to come and learn how to master their magic and not be subjected to joining the military of other nations by attending their schools. The Academy is now the best school for magic in the world and people from all over Tew travel miles just to attend, so now you have a chance to attend the great academy, what path will your destiny lead you to?

What does the server offer?

A Wide range for character creation, create your character as a known species, or create your own!

A new and fresh story.

An active and kind staff team ready to answer any of your questions.

A wide range of magical options, or you could even create your own magic!

A Mix of Fantasy and Tech.

Fun OOC Channels As Well.

We offer two way to read the lore, we have a short, simple timeline you can read, or we have a long detailed backstory that is still in the work that you could read.

Be a Teacher, City Guard, Or Student!
In a time long ago, two locations lived quietly next to each other. The kingdom of Aerondor and the Outskirts, an extremely poor location placed against the outside of the high kingdom walls of Aerondor. There was little disturbance between them as the residents went along with their lives. Those in Aerondor continued to grow the economy, their shops, their family, and the ethics and class that Aerondor wanted to display. Those in the Outskirts simply didn’t grow, they were too busy fighting to see another day for any actual forward progress. But the quiet couldn't last forever. The ever growing silence between the two became like a knife that slowly cut at both sides. The Outskirts continually getting pushed while staying silent. Aerondor continued to preach the Outskirts as criminal. The lessons being taught in Aerondor made the Outskirts seem nothing more than just a statistic of how bad crime could be if it weren’t for the walls. The thing about human nature however is there's only so many times we can get pushed without being pushed. That was the turning point. The day the Outskirts created a voice and pushed back. The refusal to continue to be taught more as a statistic than a number. A concept which threatened Aerondor’s way of life. After that fated day, it's only ever been a pushing match. The only difference in that fight? Were you siding with the shadows..or the light?

-------------Roleplay Offers-----------

🌍 Open world with many growing and changing locations depending on chat lore.
☯️ A unique choose your side system along with positives and negatives to both sides to allow unique character development.
📝 In-depth bio system allowing for consistent growth and freedom of character.
🎉 Tons of planned events, games, tournaments along with events that are cross-server
🌟 🌟 Plus More! 🌟 🌟

So come join now! Make yourself apart of HISTORY.
Over thousands of moons ago, the goddess Peace made our world, then played with us like toys, as if we had no true will of our own for millennia. It was only a few thousand years ago that we, united, fought her tyranny and struck her down.
But that wasn't the end of her wrath. As her body faded to the stars of the night sky, she cursed the men who had slain her.
Hundreds of years later this curse manifested in their children, who were four despicable rulers we lived in dread and fear of.

The youngest, King Ernest, was a beastly man of hunger. He had two mouths and an insatiable appetite for destruction. He consumed cities and murdered thousands before he was finally executed during the Freedom War.

The second-youngest was King Lucian, a vile person with a despicable toxicity. Known as the Kiss of Death for his poison lips, he brought plagues of rats and sickness with him until he was captured and subsequently executed during the War. If we had not succeeded, he would've brought the world down in pestilence.

The second-oldest was a hateful man known as King Cain, with a burning hatred for humankind like you and I. He caused riots and war, spreading his malice like toxic smog. The only signs of affliction he caused were red eyes and black veins of the intoxicated. Without this, we never would have known he was poisoning our minds with hatred.

And finally, the First King, King Armani. The Bringer of Death, he murdered millions with a smile on his face. Truly the most despicable and vile man, his sole purpose in existence was to end the lives of all of humankind.

The War against these Four Kings was long, but we finally defeated them and avenged the dead. However, the curse has only seemed to worsen. Spreading and mutating like a plague, it has contaminated our children. Contaminated our minds. Many are possessed by its great evil. Thus, we have created the Compound to protect the innocent and keep us safe from the curse's harm.

However, recently we have noticed there is another development. The Forsaken Goddess, Peace, appears to have survived her death, aiming to destroy our perfect utopia forever and avenge the accursed Kings.

Remember to turn in Possessed individuals to the Authorities. The Symptoms of Possession include: Erratic behavior, unnatural biology, uncontrollable impulsive behavior, and most importantly, the Afflicted Eyes. Observe the eyes of your compatriots and report those possessed to the Security Police immediately. Remember: If they cannot see, they cannot harm.

~Thank you for tuning in to the Daily Broadcast. The Governor is pleased with your attendance~
Greetings and welcome to The Court of Rino! In this RP, we heavily encourage smart thinking and unorthodox methods of gains! This is a literate RP server, you will be required to do an RP sample, when you join. Now here is the story.

The Prince of Rino has fallen terribly ill. He has no male heirs and the Nobles bicker among themselves on what should happen. Edward Argon, Prince of Rino, passed a succession law, allowing his only child, Sylia Argon the blind, and first Princess of Rino. She will step up to the throne, with many of both allies and enemies. With many nations around them, ready to pounce on the small Principality. Will you help the Princess, or will you manipulate and control her for your own gains? What you do here will shape the future of the nation.

- New Server
- Lengthy Lore
- Historically Accurate Ranks
- Historical Weapons and Armor
- Aim for Realistic and brutal battles
- Low Fantasy
- Large World to Explore
- In-depth battle system and economy
- Story events for Nobles and Commoners

Warning, magic is rare in this world. Humans are the only available race, and this server will have dark and adult themes, so ages 18 and up is required for certain areas. Please remember, this is a Literate Roleplay!

This is the third iteration of the server!
✩ Welcome to Mythical World RP ✩
This server was made by a couple of good friends in the simple name of having a good time. We all hope you enjoy being in this server, and we encourage you to make new friends and exciting adventures for yourself! The staff here tries to be friendly and supportive, so don't be afraid to interact with us just because we have a fancy role. We'd love to hear your opinions on the server and learn about your characters!
(NOTE: This is a LORE BASED RP. If you do not wish for a lore based rp, then this is not a server for you.)
====Owners Note====
Our server is small and slow growing and as such we ask to be treated as such. Our server is developed and we believe in Quality over Quantity in our members and their characters.

Welcome to these lands ye weary traveler, time has brought you to these lands whether it be from birth or from travel. Who could say what your origins are? That is up to you. There are many races among the land that intertwine and dance together, like leaves in the fall. What races you ask? Well, there are twelve as of now. Each with its own unique flavor and wonderful qualities, as these are races of Eduviel.

====About Us====
• Structured story, lore and literate roleplay system,
• Small, family like community,
• Friendly and interactive admin team,
• Flexible roleplay,
• Creative environment,
• Partners Welcomed
• And a 13+ friendly environment ♡