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We are a server for people of age 18 or older that is centralized around topics that are considered "Nerdy"
We pride ourselves on being an active server with subjects for all the nerdy people out there.
COME PLAY!! (Latest Developer Branch<---------server branch ---
Were a growing community that's fun and relaxed. We don't take anything to seriously and by far the server isn't that realistic . Just rules that fits common sense :). As well we do offer free "non survival" dinos for people that stay active in the server. If interested hop into game as well the server name is M&A Realism Isle Here's the server rules as follows:

1. We have a 0 tolerance policy against racism. If we find out they you have taken part in this act, regardless of the platform you used, you will be banned. We are all people here, use your heads.
- That being said, any friendly banter or trash talking is allowed, just don't involve what is stated above.

2. Herbivores can mix herd as they wish. However you can only protect each other when the victim is near you or in the main herd. If they walk off on their own that's on them!

3. KOS is not allowed, although you can kill others in your territory or if you are being annoyed by the other dinosaur.

4. All Carnivores are limited to only grouping with their species.

5. Group size for Carnivores is the following:
-Apex Carniโ€™s are limited to 2 adults and 2 juvies, When Juvies reach Sub adult they must separate from the parents (Parents must give a grace period for the child to escape)
-Utah and Dilo may have 8 to a group and 8 babies
-Carno and Allo may have up to 4 adults and 4 babies

6. You can claim territory but do so at your own risk. If you feel the need to kill something in your territory you can do so or KOS. It is either of the players responsibility to remove themselves from a situation if they feel at risk. Others can challenge for territory but just be warned they this may result in death and a 4 call may not save your life.

7. Absolutely NO combat logging or running into water to drown/ waste a body. You will get kicked and if it happens again you will get banned.

8. Admins will not ever allow someone to kill off their dinos for food. We will not kill you if you ask to die. If you are caught doing this you will be kicked or banned if its a recurrence.
9. DINO CALLING- People can call as they wish, however it is encouraged that you act accordingly, like a dinosaur would, Call at your own risk. If you are spam calling chances are someone will hunt you down and kill you.

10. Herbi's and Carni's can not be around one another unless in a hunt. Either 3 call to warn each other away or flee

11. No Care Bearing. Carni's and Herbiโ€™s CAN NOT mix together under any circumstance

12. ON TOPIC OF SEMI-AQUATICS: As far as Austro,Bary,Sucho, and Spino
-All these dinos can camp, hunt, and retreat into the water. HOWEVER if you have a feeling you are going to die or are on the 3-4th screen with bleed you must get out of the water.
13 Herbivores cant defend fallen. if one falls to a carnivore you cant protect territory its done you lost all herbs in the pack need t move o
We have are a small community of gamers, streamer, youtuber etc. Oh ya and we also have Lokiโ€™s :3
Lv8 eSports is a new gaming organization focused on growing its community from within. We now sponsor a streamer and have a partnered designer (which we hope to grow!). Check out our website at to read more.
The Internet Cafe is friendly community of gamers, streamers, content creators, and caffeine addicts. Stop by #๐Ÿ’ฌ-chat and introduce yourself. You can level up by contributing to the discussion, news, memes, and gifs channels. The server includes a chat, a live-stream listing, gaming news, a user-leveling system, free stuff and more.
The Iron Promise is a social gaming discord originating from a warframe clan and branching into many other games.
Join us for fun and debauchery in our voice channels and text channels
Strictly 16+ and keep the language English
This server is for all the gamers who want to chill with other gamers from different systems/platforms and maybe date a little.
General Giveaway Info
"Invite Link" Giveaway Discord

To enter the Giveaways monthly you have to be.
1. in the Discord - Being part of the Clan only gives you 15% chance off winning

Rules to the Giveaways
1. Alt accounts are allowed for higher win chance 1 point per account but be warned you can only win 1 time per month and are locked out of all other chances for that said month.
2. Once given the game or other You are classed as Given and any keys or other that you say are not valid is a lie. "we check all codes and games - other before we give them away"
3. For the above rule you will not be able to enter a chance to win a giveaway for 2month - 4months longer depending on Staff or Admins that you go to they could give you more time limit for a Admin to give is 6months break from events for trying to get more keys or games for falsely saying key does not work.

Discord Rules
1. "Racism" - "Sexism" and all other kinds of hate towards people is allowed but very limited abuse this factor and you will be removed from the "Events" forever.
2. "Staff" or "Admins" that abuse their rights by removing ranks repeatily will be removed from office.
3. "Editing Roles" or channels with out "Server Manager Permission" will result in remove from office.
4. Every member must atleast log in to the server 1 time a week to stay entered in Event for the month giveaway.
5. Each member has a oblegation to invite others to the server :heart:

Gaming Community
As a fairly new community discord server we are still growing to really call our self a Gaming Community so any help is much loved!
You are free to invite who ever you wish we don't bite that much :)
Legion the owner is just a handy guy with alot of spare things to share with a bunch of people and wants to show some loving off to you wonderful lot!
Looking for an awesome discord community dedicated to Twitch Streamers. We help small streamers grow there channels through networking and exposure. We also do Follow4Follow, Lurk4Lurk, Host4Host we are a community that likes to support small streamers. We want to help the best way we can to help you crush your goals and make the dreams come true. We may be small but do not let the number fool you we as a community will grow just know its all about networking with fellow streamers dont tell others to do follow4follow or anything of that sort because then no one will like just always try to network with others build a community thats what its all about.
We are a brand new community of gamers and streamers. Help each other out with getting viewers, and for playing with someone. From pc to xbox to sony we will be everywhere. I hope that you give us a try!
This is a community server for the streamer UltraCROFTY among others. This server has plenty to offer his followers and anybody else wanting to join. CROFTY plays PUBG ( mostly mobile), ARK Survival, And Black Ops 4.
We Offer:
-other fun bots
-great mods!
-Active schedule and streams!
Looking to network with fellow streamers, viewers and gamers alike? My personal, community and networking server all in one place so come and join in on the fun and grow together <3

Our server features:

Self Advertising & Promotion Sections
Gaming Lounges
NSFW Areas
Jokes and Dank Memes!
Self roles - Roles by Reactions & More
Custom Emotes!
Fun Bots
Amazing People

Just a snippet of what we have in store for now and the near future ;) Come and say hello, see if this is the place for you!
Hey, we are a small community of youtubers and streamers that hopefully will grow
This Discord is the Official Discord of TheBlueFluffyGaming on Twitch. We have a friendly growing community and a lovely set of fellow streamers. We have events such as Karaoke Nights and Cards Against Humanity Nights etc.
Streaming, Gaming, and Memeing community! Join up if you want people to play with all the time!!!!!
This is a server that is for people who want to find new streamers/youtubers to talk with and just have a fun time.
A fun server that consists of people that enjoy playing games, streaming, making youtube content and all sorts. We are a friendly bunch of people and can easily get along with one another but, it can get a little hectic at times :P i hope you enjoy your stay!
**Hello and Welcome to the Flatliners**
We are a community whose main focus is to help other streamers reach their goals of becoming affiliated or partnered.
Here we are a small community of Anime Lovers, Programmers, Gamers, Streamers and just people trying to have a good time
We have daily events and love partners
Welcome to Souloman Live, a chat hosted by Youtubers for Youtubers. But don't worry, this is also a community for gamers, musicians, and people looking for a good time! Whoever you are, you're most welcome here, since we have:

๐Ÿ–ฅ A Rank specifically for up and coming Youtube content to be shared!
๐ŸŽฎ Gaming Text and Voice Channels
๐Ÿค– : Official Bots!
๐Ÿ‘‹ Growing Community!
๐Ÿ”ซ Fortnite Stats checker to compete against your friends!
just a little server looking to grow and just be a chill place for people to hang out. feel free to stay awhile and invite everyone you know. we have streamers and gamers and music listeners. everyone is welcome and just about anything goes.