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Ahoy me hearty! Come join the server I run....well, I should probably tell ye a bit about myself and me server before ye take my invitation to come on board 😅

The name's massQraid! I’m a lass on the voyage of life looking for a taste of treasure. I’m a streamer on Twitch with a fiery for playing video games and trying to grow the crew of my hearties which I call the RAIDERS🖤

RAIDERS is a server for gamers, content creators, streamers, and many more! Although RAIDERS may not have any special perks or run by an expert on discord ( as of the moment ), there are many aspects of the crew to experience ☠

💀 A ludicrous community
💀 Events within the server
💀 Look for groups
💀 Shout-outs
💀Self assignable roles
💀 Partnerships
💀 Self-Promotions

All hearties are welcomed even if you might be a landlubber. Join me and the rest of the raiders in sailing the seas. ALL HAND HOY!🚢

Content creator? Gaming enthusiast? Technological skill sets you would love to share? Join the Malevolent movement!

Malevolent is here to bring a new tier of quality to content creators worldwide. Although gaming has always been a staple in our hearts, we believe that everyone deserves to have a support system behind them whether you’re a Streamer, YouTuber, Designer and anything in-between we’re here to support and shadow the steps you take to achieve your goals and successes.
This is the community for you!

CyberGameway is a community helping streamers, gamers, and content creators gain more exposure to help you build your dream! Utilizing our social media platforms, website, and marketing experience to make a difference! Speak with Imfeelnlucky (Founder) or any member of management to get started!

Just looking to game? No worries! We have plenty of gamers here too!
Become a part of a community of gamers who are all about gaming in community!

This is the official Discord server of Twitch streamer "NerdRageQuit". A NA/West Coast streamer. However, it also acts as a great place to look for groups of people to play a variety of games with!
*Ever wanted to join a server that has everything?*  *Interactive community; lots of people? Lots of bots; other interactive things you can play around with?* 
***Well you have come to the right server,*** 

    **__Welcome To All In One Discord Server™!__** 


```Our server is called "All In One Discord Server™." Like our name implies, we have lots of interactive things including bots, systems, and members. We're a fast growing community that's always on the lookout for new members.```

 *We've got*
👥 -*An active community always looking for new members to interact with and join us.
🕴 -All kinds of Memes for people who enjoy a chuckle laugh, and ones who enjoy making people laugh.
🚫 -NSFW for your enjoyment.
🎉 -We also host occasional giveaways from time to time!
⬆ -We also contain a leveling system, see who's the some of the most active; maybe it can be you!
🎵 -Music for people who're looking to relax and share songs.
🤖 -Plenty of cool interactive bots too!
🤝 -We also have partners, so you can possibly advertise and find other interesting servers* 
💀 -And a lot more!
Yeti's Playground (Y.P.G) We are a friendly and welcoming group of people. Our Dev team works hard on creating and maintaining the game servers our members play on. We currently run a ARK Server, Arma 3 Exile server and a Dayz standalone server. Outside of these servers we also play a variety of games together. We do community events and even do server events. We consider ourselves a family. Small but always growing. So feel free to step into our home, and allow us to welcome you with open arms. For anyone who suffers with anxiety of depression. Some of our oldest members have suffered with similar troubles. Allow us to offer you an environment where you can relax with beautiful people. And laugh till you cry.
😃Comunidad de Discord donde nos ayudamos a crecer en Twitch😃
We just a bunch of gamers that like to play with other gamers, i guess. Some of us stream too but thats no biggie :)
This is a brand-new server for viewers of the Alex J Brimmer YouTube channel, gamers in general, and collaborators. Talk about whatever you want or share your content! There will be a giveaway for viewers at 500 subscribers, so make sure you're keeping up with my content!
| __Powerful Community__ |

- We are an international voice community in the discord with about 100 members, so far it is a community of voice, we have our goals, and these are the growth, and future go to events, and be known and present our main partners, We are creating several teams of several games, so that in the future they can participate in tournaments at a Global level.
We are thinking in the future of having our game servers where everyone can have fun and socialize as we now have our discord.

➤ United and active community

➤ Giveaways

➤ Teams of various games (you have the opportunity to create yours)

➤ We accept Partnerships (Streamers, Youtubers and other servers)

➤ And much more come and check ...
Yo, come join my server if you just want to kick back, meet a variety of different people, game with some of them or just laugh and share funny memes.

A lot of people get sensitive over racist memes and stuff but dank and edgy memes are funny as so everything is aloud.
I don't care what you do just enjoy yourself.
Welcome to the Server

What we allow:

~Advertise YouTube Channels~
~Arts and Cosplay photos~
~Active staff members to help~
~Whatever u wish u want put in the suggestive box!!!~
╔====== Welcome ===================╗
╟▬╢Chill Chats
╟▬╢Interactive Community
╟▬╢Focus on small streamers and viewers.
╠▬▬▬╣Dedicated roles and channels for streamers
╟ Too Many Memes
╟ Come join us!
Welcome to Grand Beasts! We're a small alcove of creatives tightly bound together by this Discord!

What we offer:
- Specific creative channels
- Voice chats for collaboration on creations
- Gaming channels
...and much much more! Feel free to join us and ask as many questions as you'd like!
Heya and thanks for viewing my Server, its not much but its open to all, feel free to share/steal memes, use one of the many music channels for some beats or jump into radio bluwu for something new. we sometimes do livestreams and podcasts so feel free to ask about that.
Official Server of StreamersReloaded | Tom from SR | Community + Gaming server for everyone!
GamerSpot is the ultimate hangout spot with Streamers & Gamers of any and all platforms. If you are looking for people to play with or to make some new friends you have come to the right place. We have an autorole system setup for the server so you select what channels you want to see. We have a variety of game rooms from (Xbox, Playstation, PC, Nintendo and even a spot for the Retro Gamers) Graphics Request, fun bot games/commands, Stream/social media Promoting and MUCH MORE!
struggling to reach affiliate?or partner? trying to grow those viewers? Come join our safe and growing twitch community. We friendly and here to help you promote, advertise and grow your channel
Streamer led Discord Community focused on gaming, watching movies, and sharing memes with their viewers.
حايكم اذا ودكم تلعبون ووتتواصلون وتتكلمون عن الألعاب وعادي اي شي ثاني ولو تتابعون اي شي مع بعض بسرفرنا واخذو راحتكم وكلنا اخوان واهم شي الوناسه والأحترام مطلوب بس في رومات معينه اخذو راحتكم
فيها مع ربعكم والعب اي لعبه واي شي تبونه احنا بخدمتكم

وممكن تدزها لربعك لو حاب يعطيك عضويه مؤقته

الألعاب الي ممكن تلعبونها اي لعبة تبونها واحنا مستعدين نشاركم ولو عندك قناة وتحتاج دعم حياك دسكوردنا نحطلك روم خاص ومع اشياء خاصه لقناتك ونعطيك صلاحيات خاصه
طبعا اللغة عربي وانقلش عادي بس دام السرفرعربي واغلب الموجودين عرب مسموح بشرح بعض الاشياء والكلام بالانقلش بس ياريت ماتدخولن اجانب مانعرفهم اصلن ربعكم عرب على عيونا وراسنا

بس لوسمحتو لاتحطون دسكوردات ثانيه فيها بان على طول..

حياكم الله اي وقت وكل يوم اتمنى تستانسون بالدسكورد!
Welcome to our chill corner! This is a place where creators of all kinds can chill and find each other or get advice to grow. To friends and new possibilities.

Any questions or any of the sort can and will be taken care of by the moderation team or owner. The server is still under work so please be patient, but anyone is welcome.
This Server Is For My Youtube Channel Or Just For A Fun Time And Chat Will Other People Welcome To DiscordLiveStreamer's Discord Thank You For Veiwing This Message Or Joining The Discord Server!

Hiring Staff Now!
The Void of Colours is a community of artists, gamers, streamers, and people of all kinds, working together to promote each other, create friendships, and generally have fun! Our members are outstandingly friendly and always looking for new people to talk to.

We have:
❤️ A fun, welcoming community
💛 Self assignable roles
💚 Artist, streamer, and gamer specific categories/channels
💙 Fun and entertaining bots (BoxBot, Tatsumaki, and Groovy)
💜 Movie nights

We're also open for staff positions!
Looking for:
Streamers (stream team)