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We are a syndicate of creative people looking for more creators and outspoken individuals. With an anti-illuminati undertone, we have fun creating music, art and ranting. If you are looking to get into singing, rapping, producing, mixing or streaming games we are the perfect place for you.
3 hours ago
The Internet Cafe is friendly community of gamers, streamers, content creators, and caffeine addicts. The server includes chat, a live-stream listing, gaming news, a user-leveling system, free stuff and more. Stop by and introduce yourself.
12 days ago
You like streamers? You like good streamers? Well then you came to the wrong place. this server is mainly based for BigHeck. Although this could be used for any new streamers with a small following. We will help you get bigger.
12 days ago
Growing server of streamers, viewers and gamers having a place to hangout and make new friends!
14 days ago
Only the lit people can join. New Server Mods and Admins needed! Get us back Active
19 days ago
We just a bunch of gamers that like to play with other gamers, i guess. Some of us stream too but thats no biggie :)
23 days ago
i'm inviting you to the patch squad! why? because we are looking for more fortnite players to play with. We have some awesome streamers that stream daily and will play with people from the discord! if your'e not intrested then not.. but just join and look around maybe it is the place to be!

We are still small but growing!
31 days ago
Gaming community for the small streamers out there...friendly and helping alot of people out there that want to get that affiliate status...come join us
37 days ago
This is a growing twitch community for streamers and there fans to be a part of to help each other grow and support each other by giving feedback on there channel
43 days ago
Is a friendly community full of gamers, content creators and Anime! Team up in your favorite games or chill! Great for Artist, YouTubers, Twitch Streamers + More
66 days ago
SnowWhisker's official Discord Server

Chill server for talking, and hanging out, playing games, and just having an all around good time.
68 days ago
The future of inclusive gaming!
We are proud gamers who know having fun comes before being the best. With an emphasis on being social and helping one another. We know that the gamer playing the game is just as important as the games themselves.
70 days ago
Helpful and friendly Multi-Gaming community to always be there for you! Weekly Group Activities and Tournaments! Game Nights, Movie nights, Karaoke Party, Drawing events & more! We're like a Family, We're the Synners!
84 days ago
Hey, I'm ballistic and I run this server with my friends... I'm a youtuber and streamer, I'm trying to get a large discord server so I can stream on it... ill stream/record gta 5, minecraft, and more.
100 days ago
Furry Streamers is a group dedicated to helping small Twitch streamers become big.
156 days ago