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New D&D guild looking for adventurers! Play by post, so no VC necessary! 50+ Members!
Welcome to my mother's basement. Here we play different Table Top RPGs. We're a fun community that really needs the members and some more GMs. So come on in, sit down at the table and be ready to try to kill some monsters and roll very badly. I hope to see you there. Oh, and we have lots of food.
In this dungeon, you will find everything you need to prepare for your next adventure.
The purpose of this dungeon is to help new adventurers join the hunt, and to inspire veterans to try out some new tactics.
Join the guild of Tailbane! Make your character and level up becoming the ultimate hero. Plot will move foreward ,but unrelated quests will be posted in job board by dms.
We do pseudo-AD&D campaigns(completely homebrew) and casual roleplay. We tend to do regular scenarios and then make them seem to take a certain turn. And in most cases, there is a story element following each campaign run. We also don't hold back on what is expressed in each roleplay. Anything can happen! We are also generally a welcoming community, so it's fine if you're not all that into roleplay.

If you show skill in RP and stay awhile, you could get your character drawn out by one of our GMs!

So just be careful when you tread into the server and find yourself uncomfortable. We also allow certain people the privilege to run their own roleplays/campaigns, in case anyone feels like running one themselves. Also, don't expect there to be any often lewd roleplays, for they are usually unnecessary.
***No NSFW Roleplay! Currently looking for DMs and new partners!***

Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Official content only

Welcome to Sabren, a diverse and prosperous land filled with many an adventure! While our server is still budding it's full of creative players, helpful bots, and welcoming staff. We have recently moved to a full version of 5e, and are looking for new players to fill our community. One-Shots and casual roleplay are always running, and plans for a full campaign for a select few are in the works!

☆ No need to worry if you've never played a lick of D&D! We welcome seasoned players and new players alike, and would love to introduce you to the system!
☆ We have a well-rounded character creation with many added races, as well as your favourite core 5e races.
☆ Detailed Roleplay is encouraged, with added channels to casually explore, or channels to fight to the death in an action-packed gladiator arena!
☆ Training camps where you can farm XP and gold!

Come give our server a try and help write an amazing story alongside your Dungeon Master and party; fight mighty beasts, hunt for lost treasures, and make some friends along the way!

If for any reason the join button doesn’t work try this link instead

Sorry for any inconvenience

So me and some friends started a D&D server that we play on sometimes, so far we've done a few campaigns, and have got some people to join, we do want people who are really interested in playing D&D, or want to start playing, and we also are in need of some Dungeon masters who can set up their own campaigns, so if you want to join just to watch, or to join in on the fun, then join here
A small server dedicated to hanging out. Movie/anime nights, tournaments with prizes, D&D, playing games together, and open suggestions to create a better community FOR and WITH members.
Hey everyone! Diggity Dungeons And All That is a safe space to play and talk about dnd in any form! We are also homebrew friendly! Come looks for games and have fun! We also host weekly one shots on Saturdays and Sundays! Hope to see you there!
Long ago the area that would become Sheulnass was part of the Feywild, however this would not last as the winds of magic, guided by expert hands, slowly dragged it into the material plane. Over time it slowly desertified, losing much of its magic in the process, however for a brief time it was a verdant paradise, with lush forests, fertile soil, and extreme growth, in other words the perfect place for a city, this took form as Sheulnass; a beautiful settlement known for magic, wealth, and culture, however as stated before, as the feywild drifted farther away, the fields went fallow, and the former jungles decayed, this was when the Priesthood of Holy Waters formed, a group of powerful sorcerers dedicated to preserving the city and providing life giving water to those in need, we find ourselves in this same city hundreds of years after the formation of the priesthood and the jungles finally disappearing. You are an adventurer. Make this your own story.

The Feydesert is a D&D related server, dedicated to making stories and characters to last the ages! We offer multiple DMs, memes, dungeons and dragons stuff, and a nice community! We're still growing, however, and we'd love if you can accompany us! - SugarGliderz
Hiya! We are a new server that has decided to mix the worlds of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition! We are extremely excited to share this new project with people and are always looking for new members! We are also looking for new staff and DMs!
18+. Smallish Server. General Chat, Roleplaying Games (D&D), Video Games, Memes, Anime, General Nerd things, etc. Meet friends, play games, speak your mind.
I'm part of a server on Discord called Vasterion. We host connected one-shots for DnD 5e, with a setting that is being built by our community.

This server is run a bit differently than your traditional DnD setting, as it is technically series of one off games as opposed to a singular campaign. You create a character following a point buy system and using the approved content, and that character is now an adventurer in the world of Vasterion. You can sign up for quests, RP in the tavern, or help with the creation of the world around you. You don't have to create a new character for each one shot, the one shots are just unique adventures that your character has. You are welcome no matter your experience with DnD or tabletop RPGs in general, and everything is free!

Link to the server: (Perma link added)

I wanna keep this short and sweet, but if you have any questions, myself and the other admins should be around to answer. Hope you guys have fun :)
Lucertola-[D&D 5e]
join us in the marvelous world of Schiebe!
set in the late medieval period, this server has a lot to offer. combining a mix of quasi-historical and fantasy elements. we feature a time-period that is jam-packed full of exciting adventures to be had.
Crusaders, vikings, king arthur and powerful empires at play!
Tavrill is a dangerous land ruled by a paranoid king, who has shut down the castles gates due to people's late night disappearances.
The Eternal Flame is an ancient force of extreme magic, a Sentient fire that is said to be able to grant wishes. Adventurers far and wide searched and quested and each time it was found the world has changed. Now it lies sitting between two planets, Narl and Taalor, binding the two together in an ephemeral haze as they now spin together in the cosmos. The Pantheon of the Twelve gods watch over the mortals of the two planets, but much of the outer worlds are chaos! The focus of our story lies under a large, mysterious magical barrier over an area known as the Godsland. It and the two surrounding lands, the Plains of Valda, and the Endless Kingdoms, are separated from the rest of the world, and have been for hundreds of years. The Godsland was once the most sought after of any of the magical lands on Narl, each land having it's own, unique magical properties. The Godsland is fertile, always green, people can live a life several times longer, and even if they are to die, the very soil can resurrect them. Yes it was a paradise, a wild, unruly paradise. But over time, and war, it has become subjugated and now in the city of Torrin's Stay, our players will have to explore the realms under the barrier.
Welcome to RWBY Remnant AU! We are a fresh RWBY themed, Alternate Universe, Text-Based, Open RP, D&D server! We are just starting up so we hope to get a lot of players and build an amazing community! If you like RWBY, and Love Dungeons and Dragons, this place is for you! We hope to see you there! <3
:20Gear: Perpetual Pendulum TableTop RP :20Gear:

A new beginning, at the end of your tale, how odd. Stories don't have to conclude and characters need not be forgotten in Perpetual Pendulum, a roleplay server where the end may just be a new beginning. With constant new worlds to explore and roleplays to join, there is never a dull moment in Perpetual Pendulum. We are constantly redefining the space between magical and technological and pushing the boundaries of normal. Although our adventures are more freestyle than most, if one prefers a D&D style roleplay or NSFW private servers for enjoyment we offer that too. We call out the to starving artists, writers, and gamers of the world as well; we have a little something for anyone. If you're looking for a close-knit community where your roleplaying can be brought to life, then you can find your new beginning in Perpetual Pendulum.

In Perpetual pendulum TableTop Rp you'll find:

:20Yarn: Active Roleplays!
:20Lego: Places to Advertize your own servers
:20pend: Private, group, and D&D style Servers!
:20Dice: Spots for Darker/NSFW stories,
:20ShankLego: Events and Quest!
:TCW1: Custom In House Bots
:0Airship: Friendly community and staff!
:1Dino3: And more!

We Also have a Interactive wiki Page on docs
:1Dino3: :1Dragon2:
The is a D&D 5e and socializing server. Come here too meet new people, and talk D&D. We don't discriminate. Anyone Can join!


-Self Assigned Roles
-Various channels for talking, memes, homebrew, group hunting, and more
-Some bots to make everything more fun
-A channel category specifically for playing D&D
Dungeon Frontiers is a discord hub based on playing dnd. If you're looking for a group of friends to join in either a homebrew or other campaign we have them going on. If you are looking to host a campaign then we got you there too. Simply post that you would like to start a campaign and get a few people on board and we can get you started.
In the land of Chrysanthemum (cry/San/ theh/ mum), Yggdrasil, the world tree stands strong. In three levels: Muspelheim, Vanaheim, and Svartalfheim. Between each plane is a hub world called Path Verden and they are all connected by portals. The Queen, a powerful tyrant threatens these planes. Going through each realm on quests, dungeons, and a final boss fight grants you badges that lead you to the next realm. You, must rise through the ranks as an adventurer with the help of others or by yourself, defeat the Queen and restore order to the realms. With classic and new inspiration straight from Dungeons and dragons, the experience is grand and expanding, join the fight and become a legend.
Are you looking for a good community, where you can be respected? Well, you’re in luck! Join our server today! What you can expect from us:
A good community.
Fun games, music, and entertainment.
Good staff.
Professional server overall.
What we expect from you:
Respect for staff.
No spam pinging.
No inappropriate content.
All you have to do is:
First, read rules.
Then, write your application in application channel with name, age, region, and promise to follow rules.
Wait to be verified, then have fun!
You can rank up by being an overall good member; Being respectful, no bullying, and following rules. Join today for professional entertainment!

The Hooded Figure: "Welcome all, tall and small, to the realm of Urn's Reach; a custom setting made by the owner of this server. It is a land of danger, intrigue, and unique creations. I, in all my apparent benevolence, shall now list some of the things this server carries to its name.

》Homebrew classes, monsters, races, and about everything else you could desire are allowed in the server; but must be approved before use.
》On the inverse side, this server does not allow any 'common races,' which are any race in the PHB (player's handbook). Apart from Gnome, and Tiefling. We here in the server like to expand our typical catalog of things and use especially interesting circumstances in our existences.
》This server uses a 'roleplay hub' for its roleplaying, which can be quite different to campaigns you may be used to. But, as different as it can be, it can be equally as much fun.
》This server uses the Avrae bot for most of its dealings, so expect to see that bot a lot.
》This server is welcome to anyone with an open mind, so please consider yourself welcome."
Wicked is a community comprised of gamers from every walk of life. Wicked started out as a platform for us to create competitive gaming teams and build community, but we quickly realized that we were much more interested the community aspect of gaming. We strive to promote the community and friendship aspect of both competitive and casual gaming. We host tabletop/roleplaying games, movie nights, game events, seasonal and spontaneous giveaways, and have an extremely dedicated admin team. Whether you’re a competitive or casual gamer, or not a gamer at all, we'd love to have you as a part of our community!