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A new dnd discord set in a tropical island setting in the forgotten realms. we welcome new and old dnd players alike. glimmershore is a relaxed community made by players for players. some homebrew is allowed but it must be approved first
Welcome one and all to the first official Pokemon 5e Open world server! A mysterious Legendary Pokemon almost ended the world! With the regions being rebuilt, Johto stands ready for the world to travel. Make a trainer, choose your starter, and join the new order of trainers! Battle Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and become the Champion! Can you become strong enough to help prevent future disasters like the one that fell on the world around us?

This is an open world server and friendly community based on the D&D Pokemon 5e system by JoeTheDM. You create a character and load the Pokemon sheets into the Avrae bot. You start in the tutorial area, and then get your trainer license and head out into the world. So come and have fun with all of us and catch some Pokemon!!
Welcome to the best D&D server on the net. join our discord to play epic D&D games and even be a DM and make your own stories
"It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important." – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince.

A world of danger. But also the start of a new beginning. From frost topped mountains to the depths of the underworld, who will make their life journey echo through the sands of time?

We are small in stature but not in nature. Our small little community is literate, welcoming, and tolerant, who are here to play, but also to listen to what you have to say, no pun or rhyme intended. We offer a community of complex maps and cities where you can truly bring not only your experience to life but the ones of others!

We have a host of Dungeon Masters who is ready to provide you with amazing one-shots, as well as players who are ready to play as well as support.

Our server includes (and is MOST definitely not limited to!)

~Great Staff
~Amazing Mods
~Good Dice rolling bots
~Active players
~Lots of RP channels
~Weekly to bi-weekly quests
~Many cities + world map

So what are you waiting for!
Join today!
Heroes of Discord is a fun D&D server! From starting in December of 2018, we've been growing so much since. We offer a nice social area for people to come and enjoy, we do campaigns nearly daily, and we offer the chance for anyone to become a Dungeon Master if they so choose. We also have a lovely staff team who are willing to help you out with nearly anything (as long as you remember to ping them). We accept everyone: young or old, new or experienced; whoever you are, come join the family!
We are a friendly server of nerds who like to play and help others play DND! Even if you have never played DND and wish to learn, we will help!
Plane Shift is a Dungeons & Dragons / Magic: the Gathering crossover community.
We play D&D games set in the Magic multiverse.
We provide discussion channels, resources and a platform to connect with people for your adventures.
VIMMY'S LITTLE BIG WORLD is just a small server starting out. We're mainly here for a good time and junk just looking for some people, who wanna come along for the ride.
Accepting Dungeon Master Applications!

Come check out our living world 5e campaign and explore the world of The Serpents Trade Route! Build your empire!

Our game incorporates it's own set of game mechanics to aid our Westmarch playstyle with new content coming out every day, including:

•Play by Post Text Based
•Avrae Play System
•Extensive Downtime Activities
•Unique Magic Item Crafting
•Hunting and Bounties
•☆Server Wide Questing Events

Curious yet? Come check us out and let us show you one of the best 5e adventure communities on Discord.
We are a Discord server of 800+ members that is set in the Shadowfell. Our community is super friendly and they welcome anyone who'd like to play D&D with us, regardless of experience. The server has many perks and assets to help you learn and play D&D. We also have recently opened up a open world roleplay to just have fun Role Playing. We will soon be running some beta testing of PBP for it soon.

Game: D&D 5e

Group type: Online

Experience: All are welcome

Location/Timezone: Server owner is CST but we have DMs from from all major timezones.

Schedule: Sessions are either scheduled by DMs or Players make a date and DM picks it up.

Roles sought: DM / Player

Game style: One-shots, campaigns, and a server world for all.

RP Channels We have Text and voice channels for you to just hang out and RP your characters to your hearts desire while not on a quest

Link to the server
An Austin Texas are Discord server dedicated to finding groups to play TTRPGs like D&D, Savage Worlds, and Pathfinder. Join us and find others in the Austin area to play with.
18+ adult themes, NO ERP!!
A D&D 5th edition play by post tabletop roleplay server. West March style with quests and downtime events. Open to all timezones. Avare bot included. Homebrew classes accepted within reason. Level 3 starting level. Welcome to everyone.
Nerdy Unity isn't like other community servers out there. Tbh we just goof off a lot, some of us decide to drink off our problems, we have tons of Stoners, LGBT+ members, Furries, and so many more surprises in the form of humans. Here is some of our other benefits:

♡~ Interactive bots, such as Waifu Bot and Pokécord
♡~ Sister servers for Advertising, Roleplay, Sh*tposting, etc
♡~ Well-developed leveling system for those who are active with bonuses for each level
♡~ Staff members almost always on hand for any issues you may have, and there are constant changes in staff to keep everything up to date and not allow any holes in timezones
♡~ There is constant support from other members, with a vent channel and emotional support team to help you when you need it most
♡~ Many different categories, with self assigning roles to build a server YOU want to see, such as music, writing, gaming, art, and even D&D!
♡~ Constant events, such as movie nights, game nights, and karaoke. We even do giveaways every now and then out of the blue! Plus there is almost always a VC to join.

We may be small, but we have a lot to offer. Come give us a chance. I promise it will be worth your time.
This is a DND themed Roleplaying and ERPing server, there may or may not be adventures and encounters, hoping to get some DMs to run some in the future but mostly its a Roleplaying server, please stop by let us know what you think and hopefully stick around <3
I present you, Oppresed Gamer Club.
OGC is a general gaming server where all are welcome to chill and play together. We specialise in some games like Dark souls, D&D, and CAH, but everything is valid.
Need help with map making, NPCs, or Monsters?
Just don't have as much time to dedicate to your campaign as you used to?
Have a DM related skill that you want to commission?
Just want some tips or discussion on being a DM?
Then this server is for you! This server is for DMs willing to help eachother out and for DMs who want to be paid to make maps/monsters/NPCs for other DMs
A place where we smoke weed, do karaoke, talent shows, talk and play dnd every once in awhile.
You awaken to the sound of a liquid dripping followed by a calm and soothing voice "What are we... Are we monsters masquerading as people... Or are we people masquerading as monsters.... Perhaps... We're both... But... I ask are we cursed or are we blessed to be more then we once were..." you look up you find a humanoid arm reach for you in this black liquid you find yourself submerged in... "Rise and join your new brothers and sisters" you reach out as you get pulled out you see your... Savior... A man who has many eyes coverings his right arm and right side of his face... "Welcome to the Forsaken Sanctuary, I am Relictus"
As you approach the earthen monstrosity that are the walls of Gardia, your body passes through a shimmering field of magic that seems to sense any anomaly within. The sweet thick smell of dirt mixed with grass can be literally tasted upon your tongue and recalled if it werent for the coupled smells of steam-operated machinery that accompanied it. A guard can be seen upon your approach who holds out an arm for you to halt, lance at his side...

"Alright you, stop right there"

He seems to have an abrasive tone, mostly due to the situation at hand regarding *that* event, it seemed everyone was on-edge.
In a Land Split by a Cataclysmic event in the Recent past, which side will you support? will you join the fight for dominance, or will you try to find a way towards peace?
**__Features! __**
-Quick low level leveling! Because we all know that low levels kind of suck!
-Duels and hunts! Run by our dms to make the world great!
-High fantasy means High stats! We start with high stats point buy system! This means you can build unique characters with feats!
-Well made NPCs
-A world where the politics and events are governed by the players actions! Choices have Consequences.
- Fun! Now join and have some!
Note: Currently looking for more players and Active DMs
A portal opens up infront of you as you are suddenly sucked into matter what you hold onto or what you may have done to stop it you are eventually sucked into the dark mass that is the seem to darkness...for what seems to be hours until finally- you wake up, dragons, faries and other mystical things fly around you as in the distance you see a beautiful kingdom...this doesn't look like your home and for right now you have no idea where you are so why not do some adventuring

Hello welcome to Alteria a dnd 5e server that allows homebrew (If accepted) as well as much more! So please check us out we also do partnerships.
~Step into Dnd World~

-Homebrew friendly!
-Play on the go at workplaces and schools with text games!
-Friendly community that teaches newbies!
-RP in a safe space with our family friendly environment!
-Cool emojis for you to express your emotions!
-Earn xp and money without joining a bounty!

Dnd World is a massive homebrew fantasy living world server. We use the theatre of the mind and simple maps (though not VTTs like Roll20/Fantasy Grounds), and always play text-based games. It’s supplemented by a team of DMs who run encounters, one-shots, and sometimes, full-on questlines! Our quests often involve problem solving and think out of the box mechanics that don't rely on just hack-and-slash tactics.
We are the INEVITABLE DISAPPOINTMENT CLUB! We are a discord server created by a group of friends to promote and facilitate the wonderful world of TableTop Role Playing Games among all skill levels.

We have the Level Grinders. A program to help out new DM's in learning to become a Dungeon Master.

We have the Mythic Heroes. Our trusted band of adventures so seasoned in the art of Dungeons and Dragons, they walk through the deadliest fights without a scratch. With their help we can train any willing adventure seeker, into a true hero of mythic proportion!

We have:
D&D campaigns
World Building discussion channels
Art channels
Ways to earn points to redeem awesome rewards
and people that want to help you learn more about the amazingness that is TTRPGs
~Persistent DND 5e faerun World~
Our server is mostly Roleplay oriented, but we welcome all!
Number of Allowed base Classes: 15!
Number of Allowed Races/Sub-Races: 95
Whether that is the reason for joining, or have it be coin, we are glad to have you aboard.
Hey there! Welcome to this FanTroll/FanKid session, heavily inspired by this Fan-FAQ:
We have not started the Game, yet, but in-character on-planet interactions are happening! Make it just keep happening, dawg.


1: If you join, you must be prepared to be in a longterm project. Failure to be frequently active will result in a kick. Please, notify the server of your busy days. Do not stay as a character if you plan on doing nothing.

2: If you join, you must follow the correct prompt formatting, and be literate. This also goes for good grammar.

3: If you join, you must know your character well, and react realistically. Do not make the roleplay any less amusing for other people.

4: We are playing through the entirety of SBURB/SGRUB, and whatever it drags along. Know that this game is unforgiving. It is cruel. There will be death, lore, secrets, breakups, resolved quarrels, sicknesses, and great big beautiful moments. Prepare yourself. Prepare your friends. Prepare to play, and plan to keep playing for a very long time.

"Sometimes, you've just got to let go."