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A DnD server. We host one shots and campaigns.
Hello World, We are a small friendly group who get together and play various games like D&D, Pubg, Fortnite etc.
Equipped with:
- Self Roles
- Pokecord
- Boxbot
- Server Levels
- D&D Bot
Apart from the normal rules, we've added a small pinch of our own twist to the DnD gameplay adding custom homebrew items and stats that you will find only here.
** Our very own Arts and Craft shop, where players can spent their hard earned gold**
**Our very own storyteller who will sing the tales of our mighty heroes**
**An arena where heroes can go neck to neck showing off their skills**
and many more.
Ours is a community driven server and encourages everyone to try out new things and have a good time :)
The world of Atheos is a written roleplay server heavily based on dungeons and dragons. This server however doesn't use stats or roles to determines certain outcomes and is purely RP based. All combat is written in story format and judged by the admin/mod team to keep things fair to all players. The religious aspect of this server is based upon the Greek pantheon of gods.

The world itself is of my own creation, every country and the history of the world is unique and any similarity to other sources is purely coincidental. Races and classes are of course taken from D&D but adapted to suit the server.

Includes bots for self assigned roles and adding some fun elements to the server, including, leveling, combat and memes.
Online D&D community based (also includes a few other game systems but mainly D&D) on Discord. Live chat/voice with over 2500 members about everything D&D related with members from across the globe.
From beginners to seasoned veterans, if you're interested in:
• A place to seek players for your campaigns
• Looking to get started at DMing
• Looking for a group to play with
• Simply looking for tips and info
Welcome to the Land of Faerûn RP!

🐉Roleplay server with D&D concepts!

🐉A Vast world to explore!

🐉Expansive lore & hidden secrets!

- Can’t wait to see ya there!

*We are also looking for admins as well*

More Info:
Faerûn starts to expand after steampunk has arrived, new technology starts to happen across new lands opening kingdoms with wars, trading, and selling things. As the mythical creatures mated and caused a unique blood line and smarter creatures across the lands they start building kingdoms and training horses as a way of traveling and eventing guns and ammo. They started to make laws and a court system with jails and prisons. The old Faerûn land starts to be more of a sight except for people who didn't want to change their ways.
( coming soon) * we now have D&D Channel available in the server for the ones who loves D&D please contact D&D admin for info *
We are a friendly people looking forward to meeting you come join the world.
We have music
D&D features that allows you to roll dice for a simple out come.
Venting channel and a place to hang out with friends.
Sincerely Owner/Co-Owner
Hi there! We're a smaller discord server looking to gain a community of people together to play games with! From our start we were a D&D community that has started to branch out into general gaming. We have tons of channels for all sorts of things, including Looking For Group channels for DMs looking to get players for their games!
The One Shot Club is a table top; Discord/Roll20 community used to run one shots in the 5’th edition Dungeons & Dragons module.
Everyone is welcome regardless of their level of experience with the game. We are always looking for more amazing people to join our community and nerd out about this awesome game.

Curious about the server? Go check out our website:
I want to wish everyone a warm welcome to the world of Lounges & Dragons. This is another D&D based community and gaming server. While all are welcome, we do have rules that we expect all to follow. This server was made with major inspiration from the Sips' Tavern family!

Here will be where Lounge Masters can find players and host their own individual campaigns, all within' the server. For players, this server will often act as a hub to find new campaigns to join.
Join Dnd World!

-Access our server account and get ALL D&D Beyond materials for free!

-Organized staff!

-Homebrew friendly! Play all official and UA material, choose from our approved homebrew, or submit your own!

-Play on the go at workplaces and schools with text games!

-Friendly community that teaches newbies!

-RP in a safe space with our PG-13 environment!

Dnd World is a West Marches style homebrew fantasy campaign on Discord. We are a pretty active server with multiple quests per week that is always growing via our hardworking staff and players' suggestions. We use theatre of the mind, not Roll20 or maps, and it is a text based game. We are very patient and can help out in any queries you may have!

How is our playstyle like? Well, we've got the usual rp channels. Except the temple got raided by gods. And the town lake has a friendly leviathan. And the tavern burnt down. Several times. And you can find everything from a regular black market to a rapping tome of knowledge in downtime. We have quests! Of course your usual hero stuff, like fighting giant fluffy plush cats, krakens at a waterpark, a crab rave, a teleporting blender, yes, utterly normal! In other words, the wackiest shenanigans you won't find in a regular game.

We have a persistent world that changes based on how our players interact with it, and a pantheon that is very involved with the characters. Our quests often involve problem solving and think out of the box mechanics that don't rely on just hack and slash. You won't learn the lore right away, but rather discover its deep mysteries as you explore!

You will be suitable for this server if you have:



-Willingness to read carefully and slowly

You will not be suitable for this server if you:

-Skim through text

-Only VC

-Are not open to joining communities

-Are an ERP enthusiast

WARNING odds are you’ll lose a pc or two. Or three. Maybe you can set the record and have ten PCs die!
~Persistent DND 5e Custom Magic-Punk World~

Our server is mostly Roleplay oriented, but we welcome all!

The shadows are controlling the majority, and we are a small group looking to help keep balance in the world, for magic is at the brink, if we do not make action now, we may forever be lost in this change.

Whether that is the reason for joining, or have it be coin, we are glad to have you aboard.

Number of Allowed base Classes: 15!
Number of Allowed Races/Sub-Races: 95
Come join the top DND Discord server, with over 3,800 patrons: we are full of resources to assist any new and veteran player's alike.

With constant events and a welcoming staff, you are bound to find what you need.
Naruto: Forgotten Paths uses guides and multiple bots to help with roleplaying. When you attack you roll a dice and it's like d&d hence why I tagged it. Check it out if you want to I'd be glad to have you join us on this journey.
Carnage is a multi-gaming community we host 10 games and 4 server events. We have a very active successful staff team. We offer video games, memes, politics, debates, discussions, anime, we also have Pokecord and many more. Yes we stream we also support each others streams. Feel free to join us for Murder Mystery Monday, Uno Night, Movie Night, D&D Night during server events. Come play with us on Iruna, PUBG, Apex Legends, Runescape, Warframe, Destiny, Fortnite, Monster Hunter, Fallout, Call of Duty and even the exclusive games we play. It doesn't stop there we also have a casino for all of your gambling needs.
The heroes haven is a fifth edition D&D server, that allows thoroughly screened homebrew and UA content. We are currently looking for new players and DMs to join us and help grow our community. Our server is very friendly to new players or experienced players looking to try dming. We have our own website that has been created as an easy place to view our rules and homebrew.
For all of your gaming needs, as well as a nice place to hang out and meet new people while you look around the store. The staff is friendly and anything not found initially can easily become a staple to our ever growing selections.
Lucertola-[D&D 5e]
join us in the marvelous world of Schiebe!
set in the late medieval period, this server has a lot to offer. combining a mix of quasi-historical and fantasy elements. we feature a time-period that is jam-packed full of exciting adventures to be had.
Crusaders, vikings, king arthur and powerful empires at play!
A server for chatter with an added side of bot games and Marvel Strike Force on a cone to go!

Or at least what's left of it.

The tale we shall write together is dark and full of troubled times. 500 years ago a great cataclysm altered the very fabric of the universe bending time and space. The many planes of existence once divided are now one and war broke out as a battle for control of the new world ensued.

Fast forward to present day, a City vigorous with life. The world is ready to rebuild after the cease fire. Explore and find your place as we rediscover the world.

This is the story of Paradise Lost a West March style D&D server. We are new and growing and very much look forward to exploring paradise with you. Currently most games are run at the standard of Eastern Time until we get more DM's. We have a homebrew custom setting with an ever growing world. There's a lot of homebrew content including large and tiny playable races and custom classes. Come on in for an exciting adventure.
A d&D 5th edition related servers, made for showing homebrew content, hosting games, advertsing games and discussing d&d in general.
A community of mostly adult gamers that engage in some trolling and banter. We play a multitude of games, including tabletop games and pretty much any and every video game genre.
Hello traveller of the Disboard realm.

I welcome you to The End of Days, a world full of ghouls, raiders, and people to talk to.

During the long history of this planet, Arolu, there were many wars, one of them nearly ending life on it, this is the war you're currently in the aftermath of.
The bunker in which you stayed in survived a multitude of bombs and diseases which had leaked into or destroyed others, though there were others you seemed to be one of the few bunkers that have made it through the war.

We bring to you:
Intriguing RP and Lore
Roles for All
Unlimited Characters
Helpful Staff and Owner
DnD Homebrew Mechanics
And A Constantly Improving Server and Community
Hello all my fellow tabletop RPGers and welcome to summer!

Have free time you need to spend this summer, or just looking for an active campaign? Boredom eating your insides, or need your 5e fix? Well I've got a solution for you! Join a very fun and exciting Westmarches campaign! Enter the world of Brando's Westmarches Campaign and explore the many continents and countries we have written in depth for player enjoyment. Adventure to find mythical objects, aid other organizations; enter tournaments to win food, or loan yourself out as a mercenary! In this campaign, the adventuring life is covered in all aspects, from sitting around the guild spots to chat and drink, and going out to slay liches and dragons. The game is yours to play the character you've always wanted to go in-depth with, building a great story on the adventures you go on with friends. We have a lot to offer including very active text RP channels, arc based long term adventures or casual short adventures for when you're bored, casual conversations, memes, lots of love, and so much more. We are always looking to add more active players!

We are based around the globe now with two DMs in the GMT area, one in the Eastern Asia region, and DMs spanning the American time zones. There is almost always an adventure or small scene to play out in the text channels for anyone and we do our best to have a voiced adventure every so often as well! Due to the campaign size you never have to worry about making every adventure, and on your free time you can roleplay with other players in the roleplay channels!
RPHub is a discord roleplay hub server made for browsing new roleplays to join, or for advertising your own.
If you want to find a new roleplay to join, advertise your own roleplay, or find roleplay partners, this is the place to go!
We have channels for various roleplay genres and tastes, and even channels to advertise things other than roleplay.

As well as being a solid platform for finding new roleplays to join, we also strive to maintain a friendly community.
We have channels for expressing creativity, and for getting other's opinions on your own roleplay's lore and worldbuilding.
Heroes of Discord is a fun D&D server! From starting in December of 2018, we've been growing so much since. We offer a nice social area for people to come and enjoy, we do campaigns nearly daily, and we offer the chance for anyone to become a Dungeon Master if they so choose. We also have a lovely staff team who are willing to help you out with nearly anything (as long as you remember to ping them). We accept everyone: young or old, new or experienced; whoever you are, come join the family!