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TO ONE AND ALL WE ARE A D&D/Roleplay Server.

This is a new server for any of those who wish for a Homebrew D&D world featuring Roleplay aspects. Our story is based in a world of our own creation we call Aegis. In this server, you will start with a Guild in the world called Silver Tower guild. In this server, we feature One-Shot quests with characters who keep their levels and items and currency between quests. All One-shots quests are meant to be a small episode to a World Arc (World Arcs are storylines run by staff much like a Season of a T.V. show.) If you grow bored our members are encouraged to Roleplay in the Roleplay channels with other members using your characters.

We are set in a unique world and are always looking for new members and we strive to be a friendly server who accept all people from any walk of life. Our only wish is to tell stories and Dm grand adventures for those within our player groups. We also know this may not be everyone's cup of tea but we can't please everyone, and we know real life comes first.

Homebrew material is always welcome after debates from our staff members. We always check and talk amongst our staff before making a decision on any Homebrew acceptance. We encourage people to submit and increase the flavor of our Homebrew section.

Sheets you can use to link to Avrae Bot (Main D&D bot for combat and references)

Starting level: 3

- D&D Beyond
- DiceCloud
- G-Sheet

Currently approved content

- 5th Edition
- Unearthed Arcana
- XGE content
- All Planeshift MTG books


-We consider all Homebrew and discuss the viability in server. We makes suggestions and help if people need it based on our own past experience with H.B.

Current bots

- Avrae Bot
- MEE6 Bot
- Disboard Bot
- Stat Bot

(Contains NSFW or 18+ elements so if you wish to view the content there please staff if you are 18+ and verify by a picture with ID)
Hail and well met!

Welcome to Wild Grove, a text based Dungeons and Dragons server! We play fifth edition, both new and experienced players welcome. The setting is the brand-new settlement of Wild Grove, newly founded in an untamed wilderness. Your decisions will shape how the town grows: you can build whatever you want, craft new items, and influence the politics as well.

Of course, what good would a D&D server be without some good old fashioned adventuring? Well, worry not, we have plenty of that as well! Games will run at DM discretion - we're currently looking for more DMs. New or experienced welcome!

So what's to lose? Hop on in, we'd love to meet you!
The heroes haven is a fifth edition D&D server, that allows thoroughly screened homebrew and UA content. We are currently looking for new players and DMs to join us and help grow our community. Our server is very friendly to new players or experienced players looking to try dming. We have our own website that has been created as an easy place to view our rules and homebrew.
Dungeon Divers Inc. is a server hub for the board game "Dungeons & Dragons." D&D is a game in which players can customize their characters and rely on their wits and a bit of luck to explore the world. Here, we take stories from D&D and recreate them as an RPG for all to experience and enjoy.

As of this moment, a game is currently under development for the popular app/site known as Roblox.
A Dungeons & Dragons / Magic: the Gathering crossover community.

Plane Shift is a place at which you can find:
• D&D adventures set in the Magic multiverse
• Resources & homebrew content for your games
• a safe space for minorities that embraces diversity
• a wholesome & drama free environment
Welcome to Dragonspire Crypt! This server focuses almost entirely on D&D, but there are also things such as Pokeverse, Pokecord, OWO, and a section for gaming. We're always looking for players, and DM's! Never played D&D before, but are interested? We're always happy to help teach new players! Come and down and take a look around, and stay awhile!
A D&D server where you can join and host a game with no difficulty, enjoy the fun community and take part in exciting events!
We are creating a RWBY RP/DND Server where you can come create your OOC within our rules and play them using DND if you do not wish to play DND you can solely roleplay over voice chat or in discord. We do not allow any show characters to be played only OC's come join us and ask us any questions you may have. Looking forward to talking and rping with you
*This server is a mix of arenas, quests, and role playing channels. The setting here is lightly loose for players to actually build up their own stories(either tales from their fights in arena, the achievements they got on quests, or just hanging out on the rp channels). The server's central hub is at Lanaria City where a lot of adventurers gather up to train to overcome hard challenges ahead.*
System: DnD 5e
Common Timezone: GMT+8
Platform: Discord - Play by Post(No discord voice, no Roll20, no Fantasy Grounds)
Looking for Players(especially those who have good reading comprehension)
Starting Level: 3
We're an active Text-rp server with Arena, RP channels, RP events, Downtime, and Quests/Adventures. We are currently looking to add active players! We play in a lightly-flavored setting, meaning you don’t need to know a ton of lore.

We're looking to add more players who are interested in the following:
- RP Channels
- PvE Arenas
- One shot quests (Possibly X-part campaigns)
- Learning more about Avrae

You'd also want to join this server if you have the following!
- Dedication
- Patience
- Careful Reading
- Friendliness

You might not want to join the server if...
- You'd leave regardless
- You prioritize Voice Chat over text
- You dont want to read walls of text
- You like ERP
In this dungeon, you will find everything you need to prepare for your next adventure.
The purpose of this dungeon is to help new adventurers join the hunt, and to inspire veterans to try out some new tactics.

We provide a fun community for new and experienced players to find new ways to play, or to find other players to play with!

Our main focus is Dungeons and Dragons 5e, but other versions like 3.5e, Pathfinder or anything else are welcome too!

Come and join the hunt, adventurers!
***No NSFW Roleplay!***

Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Official content only with exceptions like UA Feats and different supplements implemented in their server.

Welcome to Sabren, a diverse and prosperous land filled with many an adventure! While our server is still budding it's full of creative players, helpful bots, and welcoming staff. We use the full 5e system, and are always looking for new players to fill our community. One-Shots and casual roleplay are always running.

☆ No need to worry if you've never played a lick of D&D! We welcome seasoned players and new players alike, and would love to introduce you to the system!
☆ We have a well-rounded character creation with many added races, as well as your favourite core 5e races.
☆ Detailed roleplay is encouraged, with added channels to casually explore, or channels to fight to the death in an action-packed gladiator arena!
☆ Training camps where you can farm XP and gold!

Come give our server a try and help write an amazing story alongside your Dungeon Master and party; fight mighty beasts, hunt for lost treasures, and make some friends along the way!
A place where you can play some D&D with other people or just chill and talk about the campaign you're in! Come and discuss how cool your character is or learn how to make one! So come on in and enjoy the fun and thrill of DnD with others!
The Puny Baron is an ongoing free form roleplaying server in a free world to allow for nearly any race for you to make your own stories.

Here are some of our biggest features:
• Free form rp
• Events and small one shots
• All characters on the server level together.
• Friendly helpfull staff.
• Simple and balanced systems for outside and inside events, etc.
Join Dnd World!

-Access our server account and get ALL D&D Beyond materials for free!

-Organized staff!

-Homebrew friendly! Play all official and UA material, choose from our approved homebrew, or submit your own!

-Play on the go at workplaces and schools with text games!

-Friendly community that teaches newbies!

-RP in a safe space with our PG-13 environment!

Dnd World is a West Marches style homebrew fantasy campaign on Discord. We are a pretty active server with multiple quests per week that is always growing via our hardworking staff and players' suggestions. We use theatre of the mind, not Roll20 or maps, and it is a text based game. We are very patient and can help out in any queries you may have!

How is our playstyle like? Well, we've got the usual rp channels. Except the temple got raided by gods. And the town lake has a friendly leviathan. And the tavern burnt down. Several times. And you can find everything from a regular black market to a rapping tome of knowledge in downtime. We have quests! Of course your usual hero stuff, like fighting giant fluffy plush cats, krakens at a waterpark, a crab rave, a teleporting blender, yes, utterly normal! In other words, the wackiest shenanigans you won't find in a regular game.

We have a persistent world that changes based on how our players interact with it, and a pantheon that is very involved with the characters. Our quests often involve problem solving and think out of the box mechanics that don't rely on just hack and slash. You won't learn the lore right away, but rather discover its deep mysteries as you explore!

You will be suitable for this server if you have:



-Willingness to read carefully and slowly

You will not be suitable for this server if you:

-Skim through text

-Only VC

-Are not open to joining communities

-Are an ERP enthusiast

WARNING odds are you’ll lose a pc or two. Or three. Maybe you can set the record and have ten PCs die!
Welcome one and all to the first official Pokemon 5e Open world server! A mysterious Legendary Pokemon almost ended the world! With the regions being rebuilt, Johto stands ready for the world to travel. Make a trainer, choose your starter, and join the new order of trainers! Battle Gym Leaders, the Elite Four and become the Champion! Can you become strong enough to help prevent future disasters like the one that fell on the world around us?

This is an open world server and friendly community based on the D&D Pokemon 5e system by JoeTheDM. You create a character and load the Pokemon sheets into the Avrae bot. You start in the tutorial area, and then get your trainer license and head out into the world. So come and have fun with all of us and catch some Pokemon!!
Online D&D community based (also includes a few other game systems but mainly D&D) on Discord. Live chat/voice with over 2500 members about everything D&D related with members from across the globe.
From beginners to seasoned veterans, if you're interested in:
• A place to seek players for your campaigns
• Looking to get started at DMing
• Looking for a group to play with
• Simply looking for tips and info
Welcome to the Pit, a community server for teens and young adults. Run by Garrett, the Pit has plenty of things to do. From memes, gaming, even D&D nights and fandom chats, the Pit has something for everybody! Discuss literature, movies, music, whatever!

- Growing, friendly community
- Music chat
- Harry Potter, Steven Universe, and more fandoms
- Dungeons and Dragons
- Memes to your heart's content
- And a hell of a lot more!
"Hey! Come join the f u n k y t o w n !"
Atrana is a Dungeons & Dragons open world community with players that engage in lots of fun RP and quests. We have an openness for homebrew, and would love some new players to join our fold! If you've never played D&D, we're also great at helping new users learn the ropes quickly and efficiently.
-Active/Friendly Staff
-Multiple biomes to RP and quest in
-OOC chats for chilling out
-Easy sheet system, so you can get right into the fun
-Homebrew all around
-Easy to join, even with no staff online
If you want to have some fun in an engaging server, then come on down to Atrana! :)) Don't worry, we can give away our interdimensional snacks.
Looking for a place to play or host your D&D games? Well you’ve come to the right server! We are a growing community of dnd fans looking for players and DM’s alike, whether you’re a veteran or just discovered the art of role play, everyone is welcome! 16+

𝙏​̳𝙝​̳𝙚​̳ ​̳𝙈​̳𝙮​̳𝙨​̳𝙩​̳𝙞​̳𝙘​̳𝙖​̳𝙡​̳ ​̳𝙇​̳𝙖​̳𝙣​̳𝙙​̳𝙨​
The Mystical Lands is a D&D-inspired roleplay server with a highly developed game world, character creation system, story, and magic system.
- 128 spells that your character can learn, and counting
- Several magic types to learn
- A unique magic system in development that will allow for near-infinite spell combinations once completed
​̳𝙲​̳𝚑​̳𝚊​̳𝚛​̳𝚊​̳𝚌​̳𝚝​̳𝚎​̳𝚛​̳ ​̳𝙲​̳𝚛​̳𝚎​̳𝚊​̳𝚝​̳𝚒​̳𝚘​̳𝚗​̳
- 8 races, 6 classes, and 21 subclasses to choose from (and a few hidden ones as well)
- A flexible character creation system that can take less than 5 minutes or more than 1 hour depending on your preference
- A completely custom ability
- All the normal roleplay game customization, like appearance, alignment, etc
- Real-time combat gameplay
- An open world with a huge amount to explore
- A story and world that has been developed for 3 years
- Loads of NPCs, all with their own unique personality and traits
- Pets, enemies and quests
- Easter eggs, lore and secrets, of course

The one thing we're missing is more players. I hope you'll consider joining! If you have any questions, feel free to DM SaltedParadox#2851
Looking for a D&D/Tabletop RPG server? Well, join our server!

-Active and friendly staff.
-Positive and nice community.
-Auto-role system.
-DM chat.
-Homebrew chat.
-5 games or more running.
-Good for new people to D&D.
-Text and VC games.
-Taking suggestions.
- And more to come!

This is a server where we look for games and play the games on our server.

We are looking for both players and DMs! We are here to have a fun time and that is all!
Name: The Astralguard
The Astralguard is a D&D 5e community based around progressive one-shot quests.
Operating out of Silverdeep, a city that got swallowed into the Astral Sea, DMs and Players alike enjoy the freedom to experience any custom setting due to the access of planar travel; opening the curtain to a near infinite number of different worlds.
===The D&D Legion===
Hail, Friend! Welcome to my humble tavern. Come in, find a seat. We are just getting started. Now here, you'll find people from all walks of life, and all places in the world. We have a bit of things for everyone, and are still growing!

Do you like D&D games traditionally, and that's your ownly niche? We try to have a tradtional game everyday, and host more randomly, with DM's in multiple timezones.

Are you into traditional roleplay? We are starting a roleplay game section, with games such as Dread and otherwise.

There are some bots for downtime activities and fun!

Join and find your calling, adventurer! The Legion awaits!
Welcome to the Lost Dungeoneer
A safe haven for those of all levels of experience.We welcome all regardless of experience. Looking to DM your own campaign?Then here is a place to start. We play on roll20 and discord voice chat only mainly but we take suggestions!

(Searching for new DMs!)

✦Looking to DM your own campaign? Come join us and start
you're own adventure!
✦Players are welcomed here!
✦ We play on roll20 and discord voice chat only (unless you prefer typing)
✦Positive and nice community.
✦Partnerships (DM owner for approval first)
✦Self-role system.
✦DM chat.
✦A open server campaign welcome to all who join.
✦Good place for new people to learn D&D
✦Text and VC games.
✦Taking suggestions.
✦Friendly Staff to answer any of your questions.

This is a server where we look for games and play the games on our server.
We are looking for both players and DMs! We are here to have a fun time.
We look forward to playing with all who join us!