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a new, fun d&d server. we are LGBT friendly, and accept and help rookies!
Ansmond is a prosperous town in the Kingdom of Arcadia. Sitting on lush green lands and towering over a nearby crystal clear lake, it became well-known as the home of the kingdom's adventurers. So the question is, what is your edge that other adventurers lack?

This is a Dungeons and Dragons role play server. As of the moment, I am looking for a reliable staff that will act as moderators and DMs. If you think that you have a solid grasp of the rules and that you're up to the challenge, send me a PM.
***No NSFW Roleplay! Currently looking for DMs and new partners!***

Dungeons and Dragons 5e - Official content only

Welcome to Sabren, a diverse and prosperous land filled with many an adventure! While our server is still budding it's full of creative players, helpful bots, and welcoming staff. We have recently moved to a full version of 5e, and are looking for new players to fill our community. One-Shots and casual roleplay are always running, and plans for a full campaign for a select few are in the works!

☆ No need to worry if you've never played a lick of D&D! We welcome seasoned players and new players alike, and would love to introduce you to the system!
☆ We have a well-rounded character creation with many added races, as well as your favourite core 5e races.
☆ Detailed Roleplay is encouraged, with added channels to casually explore, or channels to fight to the death in an action-packed gladiator arena!
☆ Training camps where you can farm XP and gold!

Come give our server a try and help write an amazing story alongside your Dungeon Master and party; fight mighty beasts, hunt for lost treasures, and make some friends along the way!

If for any reason the join button doesn’t work try this link instead

Sorry for any inconvenience

If your looking for a good dungeons and dragons group to play with your in a good place, we got some hardworking DMs working on adventures for you to go on, so come hang out and enjoy, I know I am!
Are you a dungeon master? Do you want a place to easily talk to and support fellow dms with both your content and theirs?

DMsofZadash is a place for all dms (no matter how experienced) to come together and:

- Collaborate
- Learn together
- Help each other with campaign creation
- Share homebrew content, maps, and other useful dm resources
- Or just generally chat about dnd & critical role

We’re looking to create a community where even first time dms can feel welcome, and gain the knowledge & confidence they need to start writing, and running games.

Join us and make some pals! We’re all friendly, I promise.
Darkies and Downsyndromes 2.0 is a discord game that is loosely based off of dungeons and dragons and is run mostly by the community that plays it. feel free to make suggestions to add new content.
main campaign: story driven mode with players fighting enemies in an area controlled by the host.
side campaign: anyone can host these but they need to follow the same rules as the main campaign
bar fights: feel free to go on an all out rampage fighting whoever is willing.
We need new people! This server is a tabletop rpg game server where we play various games such as d&d, modern 20, and other homebrew games. You can play or host games. This server is open to anyone whos willing to play. We are a new server and we want new people to hang around and play these games with. Welcome to the server and lets try to play together!
I'm part of a server on Discord called Vasterion. We host connected one-shots for DnD 5e, with a setting that is being built by our community.

This server is run a bit differently than your traditional DnD setting, as it is technically series of one off games as opposed to a singular campaign. You create a character following a point buy system and using the approved content, and that character is now an adventurer in the world of Vasterion. You can sign up for quests, RP in the tavern, or help with the creation of the world around you. You don't have to create a new character for each one shot, the one shots are just unique adventures that your character has. You are welcome no matter your experience with DnD or tabletop RPGs in general, and everything is free!

Link to the server: (Perma link added)

I wanna keep this short and sweet, but if you have any questions, myself and the other admins should be around to answer. Hope you guys have fun :)
So me and some friends started a D&D server that we play on sometimes, so far we've done a few campaigns, and have got some people to join, we do want people who are really interested in playing D&D, or want to start playing, and we also are in need of some Dungeon masters who can set up their own campaigns, so if you want to join just to watch, or to join in on the fun, then join here
We are a server made the play Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. If you are unsure how this works, we will be happy to help you along. We have an active and fun group, paired with a world created by our DM Fabz. Come say hello! Even if you don't DnD, you're still welcome to come chat!
Join @TheEyelessReaper108 to play DND
*Choose ur own character
*Do any campaign you choose
*Be verified to play NSFW campaign
*Choose the path you wanna go
*Have tons of fun hours on hours
*Meet cool people and have a ball
Kingston Landing is an Open World Dungeons and Dragons Play by Post server. Join the world of Kingston Landing where adventure awaits on the cobblestone streets. Battle monsters in the Monster Arena, battle others in the PvP arenas and start your adventure. The setting is based on the Podcast You Meet In A Tavern.

We role play based off of Dungeons and Dragons 5e. No knowledge required as our very knowledgeable and friendly Captains love to help you with the game. You can always find something to do in Kingston Landing. Friendly or Evil faces. Powerful foes and monsters, and pirates of course. So make the journey to the magical harbour town and grab your gear. Treasure, drinks, and glory await!
18+. Smallish Server. General Chat, Roleplaying Games (D&D), Video Games, Memes, Anime, General Nerd things, etc. Meet friends, play games, speak your mind.
Lucertola-[D&D 5e]
join us in the marvelous world of Schiebe!
set in the late medieval period, this server has a lot to offer. combining a mix of quasi-historical and fantasy elements. we feature a time-period that is jam-packed full of exciting adventures to be had.
Crusaders, vikings, king arthur and powerful empires at play!
Come chat with us or play some dnd if you'd like. We need active dm's as well as players, noob friendly. We do text and voice games.
We're a welcoming and friendly community full of D&D geeks just like you! Come join us and talk with us about your favorite tabletop games or come join some of the campaigns/oneshots that we are running. We are always looking for DMs and Players alike (especially DMs!). No experience is necessary (as we can always teach you) and our server isn't just limited to D&D but all things tabletop. So what are you waiting for?
a server i made with some friends for D&D that has quickly spiralled out of control into a full blown server with continuous and random new expansions, join if you want to meet:
The Damn Cheese (Me)
Dzef, the biggest degenerate to walk this earth
Papa Lee, the holy god of dankness, powerwolf and German
and fucking KBI, the Pinger of Worlds
in a world where the gods have fallen and left their belongings to magical creatures and humans who co-exist in almost constant war a fighting college attended by multiple species (demons angels bakeneko and more) was created after a giant war won by midworld between species followed by a peace treaty. the school was founded with the goal of improving the relationship between the species from the overworld mid world and underworld
The year is 107 CE, a sprawling war between the Ashiko, Meyer, and Torgersen families remains an old, but well remembered tale. Three generations have passed since last the families spoke, but with a new whispered foe rising in the shadows the newest generations attempt to reach out to one another, and protect Ardent from it's certain demise. Of the family of Meyer, there lives a noble cause for the abundance of life. Knighthood.The eldest member, the ‘Allfather’ dons his shining armor of glory, as he is the leader of those loyal to Bracada. The Allfather holds immense strength and speed due to the bound spell of the Chevalier castle, the castle itself holds the core that powers nearby facilities, the Allfather, and the castle itself. To destroy such a thing would mean a total meltdown. The family is well trained, and even has friends of other families, the castle, open to all in some cases. Bracada holds beautiful high scenery,
especially the island to the right of the knights home. It is sacred, as those who enter the land will receive power from the hidden Volcanis Optimus (Volcano) if it’s trials are completed. Those unworthy, or deemed such will be punished by the King’s choice. Only the strong may wield the Volcanis power. Ashiko is at war with itself, as a large group of its people would return to the sea, creating naval bases and such. The other staying on mainland to make peace. The empress is the good one on land, as the bad one is the emperor at sea. They are twins. The emperor at sea welcomes old values and wants foreigners away from his land, but his sister wants to welcome them, and let them bask in glory. The emperor would have raids across the shores of Nighon. As the empress would do her best to defend. The Viking families each don their houses colors. Red for the Dorbji, the warrior clan. Blue for the Gunyr, the sustenance providing clan, green for the Taer, the Shamans, magic users of Archeim. White for the merchant and exploring type, the Imyr. And lastly, Black for the clan that used to be old corrupt royalty, kingdom holders of the frost lands, the Frel. They are the most secluded. They live in the land of frost, the Torgerson family itself, the ruling clan, the Heymr, the ones who brought all six clans together. Their colors are green and gold, and they are those who fight for unification and freedom. The brotherhood of the Vikings, the Torgerson are forever bound. The Meyers and Torgersen both have large hatreds for the races of Ardent. They firmly believe any race not of human blood is of the devil’s creation; Ashiko believes this to be false. Ashiko, a friend to all of Eeofol, believes that the races of Ardent are just and created from the heavens as humans are. This has caused higher friction between the clans.
This is a server where we will be playing through the world of RAVNICA. I am seeking some dms and many players. We will assist you in making your character and i hope you join us and we have an amazing time in this game once the books adventure is finished i will be setting up even more mtg based adventures that i am currently working on alongside any dms that join us.
This server is a place for you and your friends to hang out and play table top role playing games, not just D&D. You can make new friends, learn new things, and try new games. Our server allows you to reserve rooms for your group to play. You can ask to join other people's games as well.
A single large game with multiple DMs running sessions daily in different time zones. D&D 5e, West Marches Guild style.
Super neat server with lax rules and overall fun. Sometimes we host D&D sessions, but our current one is full. Come check us out, we’re sure to disappoint. 🗿
We have custom roles (role bot is down, so it’s manual right now) and also member of the month!