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This server is a Nerd Server where you can share your artwork and cosplays and such, you can also share your favorite Comics or Mangas in the server, we also do D&D Hosts and Compaigns and we'll soon add Comic collabs for people who wish to make comic or manga collaborations. In Conclusion, We want you to have fun and Enjoy your stay !
Name: The Astralguard
The Astralguard is a D&D 5e community based around progressive one-shot quests.
Operating out of Silverdeep, a city that got swallowed into the Astral Sea, DMs and Players alike enjoy the freedom to experience any custom setting due to the access of planar travel; opening the curtain to a near infinite number of different worlds.
This is a rather small and close-knit server. We're pretty friendly and open to new people.

While we're mainly centered around D&D, other tabletop systems are fine and we coordinate things for "regular" computer games. We're also open to regular roleplay.

If you wish, you may host your own D&D/tabletop RPG style games on here once we get to know you a little bit. We have multiple campaigns running. Homebrew content is allowed on a few of them.

Our primary language is English, but you don't have to have "good English" to play. As long as we understand what you're saying, that's fine. You're welcome to use your time on the server to improve your skills with the English language.

In short, we're a bunch of friendly nerds willing to help folks out in playing D&D and other similar games. Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message:
Elias Auxilibus#1234
Dungeons & dragons
And other role play games we have a community of 230 people.
We use tabletop simulator, roll20 and D&D beyond

Join us for experienced dungeon Masters, and loads of fun
This is a server where people run weekly one shots to play test encounters, dungeons, ect.

If your looking for a little more DnD or if your new. Feel free to join and sign up for a game.
Welcome to Woodhaven!

The Woodhaven Open World Role Play server is a Dungeons and Dragons server set in the ever growing town of Woodhaven. With a variety of strange creatures and events happening all around, there is never a dull moment in this once sleepy town.

Here, you can meet new friends, participate in numerous adventures, and play as fun characters of your own creation! Our system is entirely based on the Dungeons and Dragons 5e rule set; however, full knowledge of the game is not required as our active staff are more than happy to assist with any inquires you may have. So pop into the tavern, pull up a stool at the bar, and join us! We look forward to seeing you there!

We operate a bit differently than traditional Dungeons and Dragons as you won’t be playing in a single campaign, rather, participating in an open world role play with a series of one off adventures that you can participate in. All characters are created at level one using the 27-point point buy system as well as all officially published D&D 5e materials (This means no homebrew, Unearthed Arcana, or Plane Shift, sorry!) and, once approved, you are free to join the adventures or even just general role play!

You are welcome to join no matter your experience level and we have a number of staff members that would love to help you out and questions are always welcome!
This server is a mix of role playing and D&D. We have channels where dms can share their campaigns and for role players to share their plots. Everyone from very experienced to a complete noob are welcomed. The main priority here is fun. So come join!
5e RP focused D&D server with a working economy, a sister server for running one-shots and adventures, and a self leveling system! Come say hi!

Update: Now allowing some homebrew items as well as reviewing homebrew requests
(Channel for Homebrew Approval made. Once a homebrew has been approved, it is moved to the Approved Homebrew channel)
Looking to take your character past the weekly tabletop gatherings?
Are you seeking an online D&D community? Gildorym may be the place for you.
Gildorym, which started as a homebrew & simplified D&D 3.5e based Minecraft server embedded with roleplay, is now finally graduating to turn into a D&D 5e experience. Using content from official recent 5e sources including Volo's Guide for Monsters and Xanthar's Guide to Everything, you build your own character as you'd do for any DnD session - however, you don't only get to see the heroic adventures, vicious battles, and crushing losses of your dear adventurer, but also are able to play out their every-day life through roleplay within the world we've created over the past years.

This is not a traditional minecraft server. We are solely roleplay and D&D based. Gildorym is a close knit community of like-minded players, dungeon masters and staff who seek to create a positive and immersive environment that everyone who has ever wondered how it would feel to play out the life of their characters may enjoy.
Pack your bags and weapons; make sure your coin purses are tied tight. Move swiftly and don’t leave anything behind. To the docks you go all the ships are filling fast. The last one there seems steady. Step up and get settled a long journey awaits; sail 3,000 miles across the Trackless Sea to riches and dangers in Anchorome. Where friends are waiting and enemies are plenty.

Every day and every hour the story changes and grows. Gildorym hosts several Dungeon Masters, New and Experienced, along with a solid roleplay community. Find out what your characters would do if they were not in a dungeon or fighting bad guys. Gildorym expands on the Dungeons and Dragons roleplay by adding the day to day tasks: Farming, Selling, Arguing at your neighbor who plays bardic music too loud.

The server is accessible 24/7 with a growing staff of Dungeon Masters; always accepting applications. If the staff Dungeon Master life doesn’t interest you we also have a Creator World where non-staff Dungeon Masters can host their own campaigns.

Gildorym is a Minecraft server but Minecraft is one of the best places to host Dungeons & Dragon events. Each block in Minecraft is a square on a Roll20 or Dungeons & Dragons playing board. While Dungeons & Dragons has figurines and intricate setups to pull you into the scene at Gildorym we build the scenes allowing you to explore the map non-stop and finding new things every time. Step back from the board and come see your surroundings from the point of view of your character. Minecraft and DnD blend the threads of “Theater of of the mind” And visual map making and world building seamlessly
Realms is a ongoing Dungeons and Dragons dedicated roleplay server accepting any and all skill levels. Friendly staff to help walk through character creation,and with real time gaming and chances to reach the top. With the party/guild mechanics you and your friends can team up and physically change the world you play in. With our influence points get discounts to the massive shops and gain popularity in this massive multiverse world. Rank up with the Adventurers Guild and show off to other players how powerful you truly are.

Join the world of Realms today!
A little space to talk about any topic imaginable and make new friends

Some featured topics in the server :
Gay things
Dungeons and Dragons
And lots more to come!
We also have Mr.Pls Help if you're interested in that

Come join the fun!
We are creating a RWBY RP/DND Server where you can come create your OOC within our rules and play them using DND if you do not wish to play DND you can solely roleplay over voice chat or in discord. We do not allow any show characters to be played only OC's come join us and ask us any questions you may have. Looking forward to talking and rping with you
Raven's Gate is a open world D&D 5th Edition based RPG, created by a group of friends just looking for a fun place to hang out, quest, and RP together!

You can expect everything from a in depth crafting system, all the way to a system for rouges to *actually* be rouges!

Like being a "evil" character? We have a Criminal Underground ready for you to explore!

How about a snotty noble watching over the poor urchins? The upper levels of Raven's Valley is rearing and ready!

With an active, and experienced staff team, not even the stars above can stop us!
Online D&D community based (also includes a few other game systems but mainly D&D) on Discord. Live chat/voice with over 2500 members about everything D&D related with members from across the globe.
From beginners to seasoned veterans, if you're interested in:
• A place to seek players for your campaigns
• Looking to get started at DMing
• Looking for a group to play with
• Simply looking for tips and info
Join the pbp server Heroism and Shame!
We offer several things here and we are currently a small growing dnd community, we are very avrae intensive if you don't want to use avrae or can't this is not the server for you

We offer:
-PvP battles that award XP
-Fun crafting and other opportunities other than adventuring
-High-level server starting from level 5
- A flexible form of XP that will help everyone level up

If interested join now and enjoy!
Born out of the meteoric rise of real play dungeons and dragons streams, Crits for Cancer is a volunteer organization that takes their love of everything nerdy, and utilizes it to raise money for cancer research and those who are fighting this disease. New members are welcome, as we would love to grow our community as much as possible! If you are interested in joining one of our new live stream games, there will be an interview and audition process, but all are welcome to join and play!!
Accepting Dungeon Master Applications!

Come check out our living world 5e campaign and explore the world of The Serpents Trade Route! Build your empire!

Our game incorporates it's own set of game mechanics to aid our Westmarch playstyle with new content coming out every day, including:

•Play by Post Text Based
•Avrae Play System
•Extensive Downtime Activities
•Unique Magic Item Crafting
•Hunting and Bounties
•☆Server Wide Questing Events

Curious yet? Come check us out and let us show you one of the best 5e adventure communities on Discord.
*This server is a mix of arenas, quests, and role playing channels. The setting here is lightly loose for players to actually build up their own stories(either tales from their fights in arena, the achievements they got on quests, or just hanging out on the rp channels). The server's central hub is at Lanaria City where a lot of adventurers gather up to train to overcome hard challenges ahead.*
System: DnD 5e
Common Timezone: GMT+8
Platform: Discord - Play by Post(No discord voice, no Roll20, no Fantasy Grounds)
Looking for Players(especially those who have good reading comprehension)
Starting Level: 3
We're an active Text-rp server with Arena, RP channels, RP events, Downtime, and Quests/Adventures. We are currently looking to add active players! We play in a lightly-flavored setting, meaning you don’t need to know a ton of lore.

We're looking to add more players who are interested in the following:
- RP Channels
- PvE Arenas
- One shot quests (Possibly X-part campaigns)
- Learning more about Avrae

You'd also want to join this server if you have the following!
- Dedication
- Patience
- Careful Reading
- Friendliness

You might not want to join the server if...
- You'd leave regardless
- You prioritize Voice Chat over text
- You dont want to read walls of text
- You like ERP
"Hello, all! Welcome to Arcadia. We are a work in progress DnD 5E PBP (Play By Post) server. Currently, we are looking for staff members- or simply roleplayers- who would like to join."

-Friendly Staff
-Tons of Rp Places!
-OOC chats for random talking
-Pretty easy character creation
-Homebrew to be added
Lordran is a Dark Souls 1 inspired server that revolves around memes, tabletop gaming, and videogames. We host game events and possibly a D&D campaign!
The City of Splendors is a play-by-post Dungeons and Dragons 5e role-play set in Faerûn's Sword Coast settlement of Waterdeep. Characters can live their lives in the city, seek adventure outside of the safety of their home, or maybe even find thrills inside of the walls.

Our role-play offers:
⭐ A chance to test out characters for IRL D&D 5e games
⭐ A role-play-centric community, focused on character development and story rather than character builds and power-gaming
⭐ A series of city roles to fill, giving you different in-game abilities and storylines for your characters
⭐ DMs who create fantastic encounters, adventures and campaigns for your characters
⭐ An ever-growing, friendly community who spend their time OOC enjoying voice channels, music, watching movies, and playing games

We hope you enjoy your stay! 🧙
This is a DND themed Roleplaying and ERPing server, there may or may not be adventures and encounters, hoping to get some DMs to run some in the future but mostly its a Roleplaying server, please stop by let us know what you think and hopefully stick around <3
*New Server*
Hi! Legosi here I invite you to my server!
The Kingdom of Zaera is a semi-literate to literate roleplay server using D&D 5e mechanics, all are welcome, we wish to have fun and create memories and stories with all of you.
Upon joining make sure to fill out an introduction so we can give you a role to see the server, its our way to prevent ad bots and spam bots.