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Online D&D community based (also includes a few other game systems but mainly D&D) on Discord. Live chat/voice with over 2500 members about everything D&D related with members from across the globe.
From beginners to seasoned veterans, if you're interested in:
• A place to seek players for your campaigns
• Looking to get started at DMing
• Looking for a group to play with
• Simply looking for tips and info
Name: The Astralguard
The Astralguard is a D&D 5e community based around progressive one-shot quests.
Operating out of Silverdeep, a city that got swallowed into the Astral Sea, DMs and Players alike enjoy the freedom to experience any custom setting due to the access of planar travel; opening the curtain to a near infinite number of different worlds.
Fairy-Dragon Tavern-D&D
Welcome! We're a fellow D&D server ready to take off. Join us and take part in our campaigns and chats! Want to be part of the staff team or be a dungeon master? Go right ahead, we're always looking for more people to join the family as long as you've been in the server for one month.
Hope you all enjoy your stay!
This is a Dungeons and Dragon's Fifth Edition Westmarches Campaign. The campaign itself takes place in a city called Haven in the process of being rebuilt. Surrounded by a vast jungle, Haven plays home to those who have died in their own planes, resurrected by an Archfey calling himself The Companion in order to finish their story here, and fill out the pages they left unwritten.

>At the time of writing we have around 40 players, many of whom are actively using multiple PCs
>We use Discord and Avrae for our rolls. Though Roll20 is used by some DMs, if this is the case they will notify you upon posting their quests.
>Difficulty ranges between DM and quest.
>VC is optional
>We use D&D Beyond, Dicecloud and GSheet for our character sheets.
>Nine DM's currently active to run quests, answer questions, and RP alongside you.

>No PC PvP deaths without consent.
>Be nice to your fellow patrons.
>No ERP in Server.
>WotC official content only, with few exceptions. Exceptions are sometimes made on request, though time to review is required.
Welcome to the world of Cael Nivalis, a world of ice and adventure. We are a friendly server that promotes a fun and enjoyable environment where players of all ages can come to have fun together. We are a budding new server that is actively recruiting new members.
Come and build your fame and fortune in our world! Experience never before seen content with our content creators and DM's who bring the magic of D&D to life. We feature and integrated edition system that allows us to play both 3.5e and 5e in the same server.

You might ask "How does that work?" Well, we allow both editions to play in the same world, however the two editions don't play in the same sessions. In short, they can only interact with each other in the RP. Will you be an Old Soul (3.5e) or a New Blood (5e)?

We will also be hosting learning sessions for the curious players who wish to learn a different system.
Friendly TRPG server, featuring Dungeons and Dragons 5e, pathfinder and more tabletop games. We have contests and more.
A dnd server that’s welcoming it’s just being born and we need people to populate it
New Neverwinter is a brand new 5e Living World discord server set in the north of Faerun, near the Sword Coast. Only, it's forty three years in the future. In 1500 DR the Five Nations of Khorvaire, in Eberron, invaded the Sword Coast and seek to take the continent for their own. New Neverwinter is a small camp of adventurers that lies on the border between Independent Faerurn and the Five Nations, and his home to both loyalists and rebels. Some wish to profit off of the war, and support the Five Nations, while others stealthily sneak in the shadows, plotting the downfall of the Five Nations and yearn for an independent Faerun. Which side will you be on?

We're currently looking for DMs and more players! If you're interested, please don't hesitate to join! If you're new, we'll teach you!
Play by post RPG server. Play 5e, Pathfinder, Powered by the Apocalypse and other great role-playing games in this friendly, inclusive server run by Roll 4 It Dice.

Over 50 games, 500 members. Also chat channels for various topics from Neurodiversity to video games

Also get access to flash sales, special promotions and more from the Roll 4 It Dice company.
Single Campaign with over 30 sessions a week at all times of the day, drop in and play when you can.
Accepting Dungeon Master Applications!

Come check out our living world 5e campaign and explore the world of The Serpents Trade Route! Build your empire!

Our game incorporates it's own set of game mechanics to aid our Westmarch playstyle with new content coming out every day, including:

•Play by Post Text Based
•Avrae Play System
•Extensive Downtime Activities
•Unique Magic Item Crafting
•Hunting and Bounties
•☆Server Wide Questing Events

Curious yet? Come check us out and let us show you one of the best 5e adventure communities on Discord.
Welcome to Woodhaven!

The Woodhaven Open World Role Play server is a Dungeons and Dragons server set in the ever growing town of Woodhaven. With a variety of strange creatures and events happening all around, there is never a dull moment in this once sleepy town.

Here, you can meet new friends, participate in numerous adventures, and play as fun characters of your own creation! Our system is entirely based on the Dungeons and Dragons 5e rule set; however, full knowledge of the game is not required as our active staff are more than happy to assist with any inquires you may have. So pop into the tavern, pull up a stool at the bar, and join us! We look forward to seeing you there!

We operate a bit differently than traditional Dungeons and Dragons as you won’t be playing in a single campaign, rather, participating in an open world role play with a series of one off adventures that you can participate in. All characters are created at level one using the 27-point point buy system as well as all officially published D&D 5e materials (This means no homebrew, Unearthed Arcana, Eberron, or Plane Shift, sorry!) and, once approved, you are free to join the adventures or even just general role play!

You are welcome to join no matter your experience level and we have a number of staff members that would love to help you out and questions are always welcome!
Welcome to the Heaven's Paradox a D&D West March Discord Server.

Based in a custom made world , join the Heaven's Paradox guild and become an adventurer!

~Why Join?~
We are a West March Style game server that uses a custom setting that the players can throw their characters into and the world around them come alive.

Doesn't matter what your timezone is we try and accommodate for all of our players.

Even if you can only find free time once a month it can still count and be an amazing game.

We are always looking for players , DM's and people who would be interested in staff role.

~About the Game~
Heaven's Paradox
The guild created by an ex-teacher has been made to shelter misfits and other folk who are not welcome where they grew up at. And making sure to wipe away the stereotypes pushed upon the races. It is placed in an old mansion and is quite large yet old. It has stood there for a long time and the headmistress is looking over the place making sure that no matter what people believe and what they are. As long as they are good they are welcome in the Paradox.

~Wanna be a DM?~
If you want to try out as a DM on our server its pretty easy. Aside from that you have all the freedom of when to run your games , how you wanna run them. We always have active players so if you feel like running something out of the blue , be sure that there is at least 5 people waiting in line for new games. Even if you are new and just wanna try out DMing we can help you out.

~Game Notes~
We have a simple server style game.

- You start at Level 3 (you gain more character slots as you level up , up to 3 characters)

- We allow all of the published books but not the playtest material as of yet. As you reach level 5 on your first character you can submit playtest or homebrew material for approval from the staff so you can play that as well. After a subclass is approved in this way - everyone can play it.
Join the pbp server Heroism and Shame!
We offer several things here and we are currently a small growing dnd community in need of players and dms.

We offer:
-PvP battles that award XP
-Fun crafting and other opportunities other than adventuring
-High-level server starting from level 5
- A flexible form of XP that will help everyone level up

If interested join now and enjoy!
Diggity dungeons and all that is a safe, chill place to play dungeons and dragons and other tabletop rpgs! After some mod trouble, we have relocated to this smaller server! Anyone that was banned is free to come back,
and please tell your friends. I love you all! Come stay a while!
This server is for players looking to have a good time just sit back relax, and enjoy an adventure or two. We mainly play dnd 5e , and are looking for people that will be active. We would love to have you in the server! Be sure when you join to look at the rules, and remember to stay active all inactive will be removed. Have a nice day 🙂
A complete mashup up between regular DnD settings, the Twilight Zone mysteries, and Star Trek. The basics being your new (favorite character that was killed off in another server) has been sucked through the Twilight Zone thanks to technology from none other than the Wakanda Federation. And now we are on a Star Trek type ship, fighting to protect and balance the Universe.

Text based. Homebrew allowed. Starting level is 5. And everyone is allowed one ' Flavor '
A Dungeons and Dragons server, set up for primarily uk/euro timezone players and dm's. We host campaigns, Adventurers League and one-shots along with a server West Marches campaign all run through the discord server. We are steadily growing and have events lined up for the future. DM's and players welcome to run and play DnD!!
Dungeons! Mostly one-shot dungeons/simmilar to dungeon structure adventures, infinite characters, a new currency, and a league of great people!
Wyverns & Whimsy is a minor-friendly D&D 5e server! We're mainly based around D&D discussion, but we also offer campaign hosting and advertisement!
Along the Inner Sea:

ATIS seeks to combine the planet of Golarion with the drop in and play simplicity of 5e. The server has just been finished and is now open for players and staff.
Golarion is the “Second Earth” created by Paizo for their Tabletop RPG, Pathfinder. They fleshed out not only an elaborate set of gods and outsiders, but also the cultures, politics, and geography of their many continents.
While Pathfinder’s lore is something to gush about, the mechanics aren’t beginner friendly and the power difference between players can be vast. For those reasons, the server uses 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons to make it easy to create a character and explore the world.

Server ideals:
-Allow for the full exploration of Golarion
-Create a safe place for people to get online and play 
-Collect flexible and active staff
-Make sure that every suggestion and complaint is heard

Server features:
-The city of Absalom as a starting location with anything an adventurer might need
-Evolving lore and current events
-An open floor for Homebrew
-An open floor for server suggestions
-Google Docs and Wiki links to quickly reference rules and lore
-A character creation system that allows character flexibility without creating power inbalance
"Hey! Come join the f u n k y t o w n !"
Atrana is a Dungeons & Dragons open world community with players that engage in lots of fun RP and quests. We have an openness for homebrew, and would love some new players to join our fold! If you've never played D&D, we're also great at helping new users learn the ropes quickly and efficiently.
-Active/Friendly Staff
-Multiple biomes to RP and quest in
-OOC chats for chilling out
-Easy sheet system, so you can get right into the fun
-Homebrew all around
-Easy to join, even with no staff online
If you want to have some fun in an engaging server, then come on down to Atrana! :)) Don't worry, we can give away our interdimensional snacks.
We're a D&D server but we like most RPG tabletop games! As long as you're cool we'll get along just fine! Most of our games are open for guests. We always love a good ol' one shot! We'll happily host a game for you you just have to ask!
Current active games:
8 Homebrew 5e d&d games
1 lost mines of phandelver game
1 in-the-works call of Cthulhu game
1 cyberpunk 2020 game