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Anime and Manga 88
Goyal Lame est une communauté qui regroupe de nombreux fans d'animes/mangas, de jeux vidéos (tels que Osu!, warframe, etc...).
Que vous soyez avides de compagnons de jeux, de discussion ou de NSFW, vous êtes les bienvenus !
2 days ago
Welcome to the Arse end of the network, or as I like to call it home. This server is currently more of a PUBG / CSGO with Warframe on the side. However this does not mean that other games could not be incorporated. I am actively looking for new members, there's not many right now, to join the server to hopefully make a friendly and fun community that you can come to, to find people to play games with. Hope to see you there!
2 days ago
All Games 113
We're a laid-back/social gaming community that loves to have fun! The majority of us play World of Warcraft, but a lot of us also play other games together too, and we are actively looking at expanding!

World of Warcraft
And more!
19 days ago
All Games 16
A new growing discord server with the intent of becoming (hopefully) a well-known and respected community. You are welcome here to do as you please as long as you abide by our rules and regulations. Please enjoy your stay.
145 days ago