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Newly starting gaming community seeking active players! All games are welcome, not just the ones tagged. Come join in on the fun! We would love to have you!
2 hours ago
Community 31
A gaming hub and social for gross godly thicc robot weirdos, This is a friend server so please do relax and be peaceful. Edge allowed and furs Welcome
1 days ago
Welcome to the Arse end of the network, or as I like to call it home. This server is currently more of a PUBG / CSGO with Warframe on the side. However this does not mean that other games could not be incorporated. I am actively looking for new members, there's not many right now, to join the server to hopefully make a friendly and fun community that you can come to, to find people to play games with. Hope to see you there!
2 days ago
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Everyone's Haven is a place for everyone and anyone to become chill (We're currently looking for mods.)! We have have all games for you to enjoy, and are currently growing. Overwatch, Fortnite, R6, L4D2, etc. Come join us and relieve your stress!
♥  ♡  ♥  ♡  ♥  ♡
5 days ago
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Heer Ye! Heer Ye! Salutations! We are a welcoming Gayming Server, Open to ALL. We focus on a wide variety of games, from PC games to Dungeons & Dragons!! We hope you enjoy your stay at Gaymers Castle.
5 days ago
Community 41
Chilled Back Gaming Community, We have people from all over the world on this Discord. You're more then welcome to join, make friends and mingle.

If you join before the 22nd of May, you can enter a Giveaway for a chance to win 5 loot boxes on Overwatch PC. Right in time for the Event.

Currently a friend of mine is working on a Minecraft Pixelmon Server, come join and enjoy Becoming the very best.

Vivid's Steam Group -
Pixelmon Discord -
Pixelmon Website -
6 days ago
Small, chill discord server where you can joke around and play games with people. Being over 18 is preferred but not mandatory.
7 days ago
A new server for gamers who want to chill place to play. All is welcomed!
18 days ago
Anime and Manga 56
Goyal Lame est une communauté qui regroupe de nombreux fans d'animes/mangas, de jeux vidéos (tels que Osu!, warframe, etc...).
Que vous soyez avides de compagnons de jeux, de discussion ou de NSFW, vous êtes les bienvenus !
37 days ago

Seja Bem Vindo Tenno!

Este é o discord oficial dos Guias da Lotus BR.
O mais completo centro de informações sobre os Guias da Lotus.
Contamos com três guias júnior e um guia sênior, além de vários jogadores veteranos.
O objetivo do servidor é preparar os jogadores que desejam se tornarem guias, para que quando o próximo recrutamento abrir os mesmos estejam preparados para serem indicados!
E claro auxiliar os jogadores iniciantes em sua jornada, seja com qualquer dúvida relacionada ao jogo ou com missões.
Você é nosso convidado de honra!

a) Nosso discord ainda está em desenvolvimento!
b) Esse não é um servidor de Recrutamento.
Welcome Tenno!
This is the Official Brazilian Guides of the Lotus discord.
The most comprehensive information center of Guides of the Lotus.
We have three junior Guides and one Senior Guide, plus several veteran players.
The objective of the server is to prepare the players who wish to become Guides of the Lotus, so that when the next recruitment open they are ready to be indicated!
And of course help the begginer players in their journey, with any questions related to the game or with quests.
You're our guest of honor!

a) Our discord still in development
b) This is not a Recruitment server.
57 days ago
All Games 19
A new growing discord server with the intent of becoming (hopefully) a well-known and respected community. You are welcome here to do as you please as long as you abide by our rules and regulations. Please enjoy your stay.
90 days ago
A pre-Warframe roleplay, taking place during the Old War, before the fall of Orokin by the Tenno blades and guns.
92 days ago
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We're a laid-back/social gaming community that loves to have fun! The majority of us play World of Warcraft, but a lot of us also play other games together too, and we are actively looking at expanding!

World of Warcraft
And more!
114 days ago