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Hey! we are a group of friends who love to play games, and we would love for you to join us! We play a large variety of games but Destiny 2 is where we hang out the most. We are an active group with fun for all. Anyone is welcome to join all we ask is that you read the rules, stay active, and have fun!
Internal Gaming is a community of gamers who are looking to find purpose in gaming. We build lasting friendships and relations and aim to take you back to the social atmosphere of local co-op and lan parties. We seek to do this by hosting community events (some listed below) and games outside of just league. We plan on running tournaments, hosting/recording coaching lessons and creating team based contests that will lead to rewards. If you would like to learn more about us, come join the discord and check out our “about” page listed in the “Learn more” folder.

Just to quickly share, here are some activities we do :
Karaoke nights
Anime/Movie viewing parties
Live streams and giveaways
Party games (Jack Box, Cards against humanities)
Discord bot games (Currently only pokemon)

Another part of what Internal Gaming is about, is investing in each other. By this I mean we support our fellow streamers. In our community we have a level system from a commonly used to to help measure activity in the discord. Upon reaching level ten (can be reached in 3-7 days if you are active) you will receive the “Content Creator” which will give you access to a channel to promote your own channel when you go live. However, we understand that often, that is not enough. So what we do to help, is that every week we use a randomizer to randomly select two members with the “Content Creator” to be specially listed in our featured streamers section. They will also be allowed to @everyone once a day for the week to help get attention for their stream. We also occasionally have paid commission based position open for different projects. In time to come, we may even offer regular partner positions to pay content creators to help create content for Internal Gaming.

As we all know, anything worth wild takes times and effort. As of right now, we are still in are beginning stages and will need help to make it all come together. As of right now, the best way to help is to join the community and play with us. If you are like me, and believe I.G can be something huge and are looking to be more involved, go visit our “learn more” channel to see how else you can support or join the team. We are currently looking to recruit moderators and admins

This has been Internal Malice from Internal Gaming, and I thank you for your time.
A great group of people, Help us reach 1,000 members.
[Server features]
* Music.
* Global emote server list.
* Role & colour react.
Warframe Dynasty is a community of players on PC, Xbox One & PS4. Instant Price Checks, Weekly Giveaways, Free Promo Codes & More!
Growing multigaming, international (EU, NA&SEA), English speaking community with huge amount of games we play together for fun. Mostly PC and a bit of PS games. Sorry, XBox players, we might not be able to play with you.
Some of the games that we play:
MapleStory 2, Closers, Smite, Paladins, Warframe, League of Legends, Terraria, Torchlight 2, Blacklight: Retribution, 7 Days to Die and many more.

Looking forward to meet YOU! Yes, you.
We also have variety of bots, nsfw channel available for mature members, self-assignable roles and lots of gaming (yes, gaming again).
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A small PC gaming community Discord server looking to grow. Aiming to bring like minded people from all over the world together.

Opt in to the parts of the server you want to see, avoid the clutter of games you're not interested in.

If we don't support your game as of current, let us know, it's an easy addition.

Stems from an original community I owned. Giveaways and tournaments in our future.

British Owned, however, we have people from all over the world. Come and join our growing community.

Current games supported include:
*League of Legends
*Steam Games
⋆-˚。⋆୨୧˚Solemn Vigil of the Phoenix
♡ Created January 2019 growing Forever
♡ In-Depth ranking system
♡ Friendly community.
♡ Multiple text channels.
♡ Multiple voice channels.
♡ NSFW channels.
♡ Multi National Community
♡ Growing SMITE Community
♡ Avid Warframe Community
Hello and Welcome (if you join) to my server! The Server is about memes and gaming. You can also talk about anime or manga (obviously) and yeah thats about it
Anaro is a Gaming Clan and community that has been actively playing a multitude of games since 2014. Recently we have entered efforts to expand and are looking for new members to contribute to our lively community.
Warframe, League, Minecraft, Payday, Gmod, And many more
-Digital Credit system
-Purchasable Ranks and Perks
Hi! So you found our server? Well i'm sure you're wondering what the server is about! Well let me tell you, this server is made for gamers who play Warframe. We will be sure to host some events and giveaways. We will keep you informed about your favourite game!
The Iron Promise is a social gaming discord originating from a warframe clan and branching into many other games.
Join us for fun and debauchery in our voice channels and text channels
Strictly 16+ and keep the language English
Everyone here is friendly. We all play League of legends and like to hang out with each other while meeting new people along the way. This club is next to having a family for me. Join us and be a part of MARKD.
Just a group of friends starting a public discord join The duck pond to day
Join and make some new friends

- I hope I see you on my server soon :D - Samson
Do you take part in the true end-game that is Fashion Frame? Or are you looking for a good place to learn? Whatever your reason, we're the perfect place for you!

Fashion Frame is shared every day in Fashion Frame Central! We're a close community that specializes in one thing! Looking fabulous! We offer unique ranks to the best Fashion Frame and Captura masters out there!

What sets us apart from other Fashion Frame servers?
-Unique ranks you can earn through fashion frame!
-A lively, competitive setting, that pushes you to be the best you can be!
-Not to mention a fun, helpful group of veteran Fashion Framers who are always willing to offer their help and advice!

If you're a Fashion Framer Tenno, you belong with us! Come join Fashion Frame Central Today!
Hello everybody,
Our server "[BSK] - Anomalous Journey"
Is a gaming server for games such as...
•The Darksouls series and Bloodborne
And many more

chats and channels
•The "System glyph" channel is a channel about where you can find locations and places in games with base making to join us and build a community with this will be updated by staff as time goes on and we expand.

•The "Space station" is your normal general chat where you can communicate with your fellow gamers and other server members

•The "Atlas station" is the bot chat where you can use the bots that are within the server to your needs however there are rules and guidelines to follow with them.

We use the Yui bot's self assign system and are hoping to add more self assign roles that open up role only channels. At the moment we only have an NSFW chat

At the moment we are just a new server and could use a few active members!
hi guys this sever well is basically a gaming server where you can meet other people and make friends so please come and join.
Our discord strives to be a place that is inclusive but not stifling, my dream is that it will one day be a hub for a large sum of people to come together like a big family, and that you'll be a part of that family. We have focuses in League, Warframe, and some other 'crafting games' like Terraria, Minecraft, and Starbound. Our users also have a bit of a biting sense of humor, and we like to joke around with pretty much anybody. Anime is also a large focus, with regular discussions and recommendations happening around the new seasonal anime, as well as resources to discover old anime. We're excited to meet you and hope you can find your place here with us.
This server is for people who like gaming, and/or just wanna hangout and chill. We are a friendly server with a small community looking to grow our server. Feel free to join the server and hang out. Meet new people, make friends, find gaming partners, the choice is yours.
This is the warframe discord channel for English and Korean User
We always looking for new player for feel free.
Event, Glyph, Community, Helpful bot, Hurry Up!
You are walking through the forest and decide to stomp on a nearby Kwama Scrib, you miss and it climbs up into your armor, it begins to gnaw on your soft bits.
Do you A) Calmly remove your armor and release the thing.
If your choice is 'B', then come join our Gamer Community.
Elder Scrolls Online, 7 Days to Die, Star Craft 2 and lots more...
Hi there !
I’m Neo, the owner of the Nintendo Switch Warframe discord, home of clans trading and friends :)

We have been trying to get as many people as possible over on the server as it would make the whole trading system more efficient and nothing is better than getting into a clan or recruiting people into one !

After about 300 players I will be joining up with some members to make giveaways throughout the year for Different rare blueprints, platinum, credits, etc
Venez vous faire des nouveaux amies tout en jouant a des jeux . Nous avons plusieurs jeux différent et peut toujours s'agrandir .
Nous avons beaucoup d'humours et peut être vous rencontrerez votre âme sœur sur se discord .
Come join Dragon's Conjure to take part in multiple future tournaments, meet players of all different games! Simply come here to chill, meet new people, or bring your own friends in too so you can mix with new!

The staff are always looking for new partnerships to get involved. Come enjoy our optional bots to play with friends, or show them who's boss. This includes Pokecord, Chess, and League of Nations!

Please come to make yourself at home or stay for the soon-to-come announcements for movie nights and possible giveaways!