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A great group of people, Help us reach 1,000 members.
[Server features]
* Music.
* Global emote server list.
* Role & colour react.
hi guys this sever well is basically a gaming server where you can meet other people and make friends so please come and join.
We're a server with chill/active staff! We play games such as Minecraft, CSGO, & Fortnite!
Join today!
Road to 100!
Anaro is a Gaming Clan and community that has been actively playing a multitude of games since 2014. Recently we have entered efforts to expand and are looking for new members to contribute to our lively community.
Warframe, League, Minecraft, Payday, Gmod, And many more
-Digital Credit system
-Purchasable Ranks and Perks
```Join today to help us Grow```
got 100+ Players
:sparkles:High Quality | Community (Private):sparkles:

- The High Quality Discord server is about **Gaming, And making new friends**
- **Having a blast time**
- **reading memes**
- **Be Active in chat**
- **Helping other**
- **once join read the Server rules**
-Server **Owner @♛ ✘ Slayerz✘ ♛ **
- ***once done with that Enjoy the server and invite and share this server with others***

```Our Server Include the following```

:sparkles: **Self-Roles (Section)**

:star: **Giveaways (Section)**

:star: **Announcement (Section)**

:star: **Leveling up system/earning ranks.**

:star: **Fortnite (Section)**

:star: **Meme (Section)**

:star: **Advertise (Section)**

:star: **OwO Spam (Section)
And Lots More....
- **One cool thing about us is you can get a sponsor by inviting 5 people!**
- AND! you may advertise your discord in the advertise (section) Cool right!.
-Discord Link to Share with others:
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**Server Banner** --->
Warframe Dynasty is a community of players on PC, Xbox One & PS4. Instant Price Checks, Weekly Giveaways, Free Promo Codes & More!
Interested in gaming and making friends? Join Rose and her friends to play some games! The gang currently plays Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and Warframe. Everyone is welcome (console and PC)! There are self-assignable and exclusive roles. Along with roles, there is gaming news, a leveling system, and movie nights. Come and join us!
Hey, I'd like to invite you to my server. We are a friendly safe place to go we do activities such as discuss, listen to each other, play games in voice chats, (which we do a lot) listen to music, watch movies as a group and overall chat & chill. We have plenty of text channels and voice chats to have fun in including NFSW rooms and more. Would really appreciate if you came along. Thanks :)
Do you take part in the true end-game that is Fashion Frame? Or are you looking for a good place to learn? Whatever your reason, we're the perfect place for you!

Fashion Frame is shared every day in Fashion Frame Central! We're a close community that specializes in one thing! Looking fabulous! We offer unique ranks to the best Fashion Frame and Captura masters out there!

What sets us apart from other Fashion Frame servers?
-Unique ranks you can earn through fashion frame!
-A lively, competitive setting, that pushes you to be the best you can be!
-Not to mention a fun, helpful group of veteran Fashion Framers who are always willing to offer their help and advice!

If you're a Fashion Framer Tenno, you belong with us! Come join Fashion Frame Central Today!
A gaming hub and social for gross godly thicc Booty robot weirdos, This is a Online Identity server ran by transqueer. Edge allowed monsters and furs Welcome.
Seja Bem Vindo Tenno!

Este é o discord oficial dos Guias da Lotus BR.
O mais completo centro de informações sobre os Guias da Lotus.
Contamos com três guias júnior e um guia sênior, além de vários jogadores veteranos.
O objetivo do servidor é levar o máximo de informações possível à toda a Comunidade Warframe.
E claro auxiliar os jogadores iniciantes em sua jornada, seja com qualquer dúvida relacionada ao jogo ou com missões.
Você é nosso convidado de honra!

a) Nosso discord ainda está em desenvolvimento!
b) Esse não é um servidor de Recrutamento.
Welcome Tenno!
This is the Official Brazilian Guides of the Lotus discord.
The most comprehensive information center of Guides of the Lotus.
We have three junior Guides and one Senior Guide, plus several veteran players.
The Objective of the server is to bring as much information as possible to the entire Warframe Community.
Of course, help beginners on their journey with any questions related to the game or the quests.
You're our guest of honor!

a) Our discord still in development
b) This is not a Recruitment server.
Come join Dragon's Conjure to take part in multiple future tournaments, meet players of all different games! Visit many of our partner discords for extraordinary experiences!

The staff are always looking for new partnerships to get involved. Come enjoy our optional bots to play with friends, or show them who's boss. This includes Pokecord, Chess, and League of Nations!

Please come to make yourself at home or stay for the soon-to-come announcements for future tournaments!
Venez vous faire des nouveaux amies tout en jouant a des jeux . Nous avons plusieurs jeux différent et peut toujours s'agrandir .
Nous avons beaucoup d'humours et peut être vous rencontrerez votre âme sœur sur se discord .
The Iron Promise is a social gaming discord originating from a warframe clan and branching into many other games.
Join us for fun and debauchery in our voice channels and text channels
Strictly 16+ and keep the language English
Casual Gamers Hub where everyone gets together, chills and shoots some baddies. Hope to see ya'll in there!

*Music Requests For Anyone
*Ranking System
*Warframe Guiders
If you enjoy detailed roleplay and Warframe, then this is the server for you! I mashed this server together when I got bored, and I felt that the concept was a fun idea!
There is also a in-game section to the server, so if you aren't too interested in the roleplay side of things, you can chat to others about the game itself.

When you join:
-Read #rules
-Read the layouts to apply
-Have a look in the in game section if you actually play - and put your player tag in the #username channel.

Welcome Tenno!

This roleplay allows you to play as anything you'd like within the warframe universe, from rogue grineer and corpus to a random infestation form if thats your thing! be sure to have fun, meme, do whatever!
This is the Official Discord server for Tyaelastideu's Twitch and YouTube Channel!! Come join a growing and helpful community.
This server is home to many different types of players and memes. However I personally prefer Warframe.
Just join if you love talking about politics and if you are against genderfluid, SJWs, Antifa, radical liberals, and all that cringe worthy conformist bullshit. It's time to make some real friends who are actually intelligent and tolerant.

Also if you love games and anime.
Warframe Discord!

Hier könnt ihr chatten, handeln, Fragen stellen, neue Freunde finden und vieles vieles mehr.
In der „Build Bibliothek“ könnt ihr eure Builds veröffendlichen und die von anderen Mitgliedern begutachten. In „Warframe Aktuell“ findet ihr einen Bot der euch auf dem laufenden hält, und in „News & Allgemeines“ alles neue rund um Warframe. Falls euch nach Reden oder Handeln ist könnt ihr eurer Leidenschaft unter „Chats“ freien Lauf lassen, oder den Admins/Senpais Löcher in den Bauch fragen.

Wir sehen uns! 😉
Hello! This is Lucid Dream, a Roleplay or Hangout server!
Once you join you will have access to colour roles, all of which you can choose by yourself!
Our Roleplay is also open ended, giving the roleplayers more freedom to do as they want! It's theme is Fantasy and is set in the current year!
Please join!
We are also looking for staff!!

+3500 miembros, Tenno eres bienvenido a Warframe en Español!
Warframe, builds, juegos, arte, memes, musica, anime, fashionframe, bots, alertas, noticias, builds, comercio y mucho mas!

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