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We are searching for members to grow in numbers.
Our server is free from toxicity and everyone helps everyone here!

You are new to any Elder Scrolls game? This place is for you!
You are new to modding? This place is for you!
You are having technical difficulties with the game? This place is for you!
You want to know something about the Elder Scrolls' lore? This place is for you!
You just want to talk about the Elder Scrolls? This place is still for you!

Feel free to join and to say hello! :-)
Skyrim is in peril! Dragons roam the skies, burning villages and cities alike. Alduin looms over the world, a sign of the end times! A daedric prince, long forgotten to time, mounts his assault on Nirn as an affront to the creations of the Gods. The Dragonborn has risen, and it is our job to either help or harm him on his journey. Join us in this active roleplay server for a good time with intense moments, sad sacrifices, heroic journeys, or even villainous pursuits. Be what and who you want, wielding arsenals from the entire TES universe, from spears and combat staves to the ancient arts of mysticism. Or even practice the powerful magic used by those long, long ago... Necromancers, Wardens, Dragonknights, Nightblades, or Templars! It is your world to shape and to create for better or...for worse.
We're a group of grumps, and/or jokers Guilded together on Elder Scrolls Online. We welcome anyone who is "Technically an adult," who is also at least tolerable company...
Set sail through the Abecan sea and surrounding areas of Nirn, 30 years before the events of Skyrim, after hammerfell won the war with the Aldmeri Dominion. Be a priate, a theif, a skooma dealer, an adventurer, a member of the Imperial legion, A member of the dominion or a simple trader. Whatever you can possibly imagine, to an extent of course
We offer/have
- lore friendly rp
-Small learning curve
-lgbtq friendly staff
- detailed descriptions for locations
- friendly community
-a different take on the already beloved elder scrolls
In the Northernmost Provenice of Tamriel, a new Age of strife has arisen. The land is torn asunder by civil war between the stoic Imperials and the determined Nord's and now, the threat of Dragonfire from the sky. But in these times of hardship, new heroes arise to face down the evil, while others seek to bring the evil forth. And most simply wish to live as they always have as adventurers, traders or to settle as simple craftsmen, with the aim of rearing a family.

This is the world in which you shall enter when you join, if you should choose to do so. Like so many other servers, we have:
-Kind and active staff
-The possibility for OCs to develop their own custom lore
-An ever evolving story of all your favourite factions from TES 5
And, most importantly,

We hope you shall join this incredible community of creative and kind hearted people! I hope to see you there!
-Seachnall, Server Owner
Welcome to Tamriel Re-Aligned!
A new Elder Scrolls Written RP Server dedicated to roleplaying the aftermath of Alduin's defeat 20 years later and how the rest of Tamriel turned out.
Roleplay as your favorite Race, favorite class and even join one of the Elder Scrolls franchise guilds!
Join us Adventurers, there are many work for mercenaries, many opportunities to work and interact with each other through all of Tamriel.

We offer:
- Semi Literate RP
- NSFW RP Channels
- DnD Styled Dice Raid Event
- Dailies & Bounties
- Channels for every Province in Tamriel with each City
- Elder Scrolls Classes and Races

(This is not an official Bethesda/Zenimax Server. Purely Fan-Made)
An organized community for Elder Scrolls Online part of a multigaming organization of 2000+ member in 40+ games. You can find the community on
Every wonder what skyrim be like without dragonborn? Every wonder if skyrim had multiple people, from all around tamriel? Well then join the server, we are pretty chill as long as everyone follows the rules (staff doesn't easy up on the whip).
"TES server but actual free speech"
"Small passionate elder scrolls server for sharing, discussions, modding, art, etc. Shitposting and memes. Pro free speech."
"It just works" - Todd Howard
Welcome to The Elder Scrolls: Alternate Timeline Roleplay server!

Mission Objective:
Our goal is to ensure a fun, logical, entertaining, and an open roleplay anyone can get into and collaborate in further expanding the story. The server follows both legends and game lore of Elder Scrolls and attempts to create a fun atmosphere where we can all expand off the story of the server.

Server Offer
-Plenty of channels for role-play
-No character limit (Nothing breaking Lore)
-Plenty of roles.
It is said that time is like a river, or if you were a Dwemer that time is like a well-oiled machine. However, what matters most to the casual observer is that time… works as intended. Think of all the obstacles which have been avoided or concluded through the usage of the Elder Scrolls. Dagoth Ur marching from Red Mountain. The Oblivion Crisis. Jagar Thorn usurping the Imperial Throne. To mortals the Elder Scrolls have always been maps used to avoid rocks within the river of time. They have been permanent and eternal guides… until now.

The Moon Scroll has been destroyed and with it all prophesies used to direct the people of mundus through the river of time spanning the Second, Third, and Fourth Eras. Events which one came to pass are no longer in a solid state. Old threats which were once resolved are no longer defeated. However, all is not lost. The Psijic Order seeks to undo the damage, but they cannot do it alone.
Welcome madman blessings of madgod join this server in discussion about elder scrolls 4 Oblivion and elder scrolls 5 Skyrim memes and other crazy stuff and you can too get higher roles if you deserve enjoy and here's CHEESE for everyone!!! (We are new so join)
His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Uriel Septim lies dead along with his heirs, the gates of Oblivion lie open, and, and the Daedra are invading. What will happen next? Who will rise as the next Emperor of Tamriel? What consequences will the gates being open have for the Empire and the rest of the world? And what havoc will the Daedra bring with them?
A server for people who like to game, whether you like to debate Elder Scrolls lore, talk about the new Fallout game, or debate dnd characters. Due to recent problems with behavior, looking for mature people preferably over 16.
18+ Roleplay Server!
A place for you to explore all of Tamriel! Become a vampire or a mage, make friends, chat, or fuck everyone in Tamriel! Join now and be the fantasy hero you’ve always wanted to be!
This is an Elder Scrolls discord server that is also made to have fun, Any additional server ideas are welcome
This server is for everything TES related, especially for lore. You can come here for general shenanigans too, not much to say about the server.
Step into the shoes of the great grandparents of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's inhabitants. Join your favourite faction, and maybe even take charge as you explore the great cities of skyrim and gain xp towards promoting your character. Worship Talos, argue with Jarls, become a bandit or become the chief of a stronghold. just be careful to not get on the bad side of Lanther Black-Briar, the snobby Jarl, or get tossed into jail!

Welcome, Traveller, to the Kingdom of Skyrim.

LGBT+ friendly
A simple leveling system for social status
Friendly admin (Lanther)
A huge amount of channels for you to make use of
And room for suggestions!
Northmere is a fantasy rp server, that takes inspiration from TES but is mostly made from scratch. Choose between 5 islands to live on. Choose your race, join a faction, be apart of a cult, church and more
*It is 3E 100, the Nordic King Mantiarco has died in his sleep leaving a power vacuum behind. Instead of holding a moot as hundreds of past kings have, the Nords of Skyrim all declared there own sovereignty and right too the High Kingship, in the wake of the chaos regional warlords and Bandits have sprung up, Skyrim is weaker than ever.*
Le RP Braillards de Jerall est un serveur roleplay naissant tournant autour de l'univers des Elder Scrolls.

Se déroulant en 4E207, 6 ans après les événements du légendaire The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, vous pourrez découvrir un serveur RP bien géré, avec une communauté très agréable et accueillante.

Vous pourrez choisir créer votre personnage de A à Z ! Votre classe, votre caractère.

Vous pourrez voyager dans toutes les contrées de Tamriel, sans limites, et même au delà : Pyandonée, ou même un plan d'Oblivion !

Toute votre imagination sera sollicitée, vous pourrez sans problème créer votre propre arc narratif ! Votre histoire !

Le RP est très libre, on vous laissera quasiment faire ce que vous voulez, tant que c'est bien fait, et on peut aussi faire des entorses au canon pour quelques détails, ce n'est pas problématique. Et même si vous ne voulez pas participer, vous pouvez sans problème venir en spectateur !

A votre arrivée, vous aurez le choix entre une multitude de guildes (Assassins, Mages, Voleurs, et des guildes créées : Lamenoires, Magelames, Compagnie des Artisans de Tamriel.)

Vous pouvez être ce que vous souhaitez, si une guilde ne vous convient pas, vous pourrez toujours créer la vôtre. Alors rejoignez nous !
We enjoy the elder scrolls as much as anybody else, honestly probably more. We seek to enlarge our community, and have fun. we take this seriously, but we have our own events in store. You can be any race in the game, and can be a Daedra or an Aedra, but know that friends get first pick.