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Whether its talking about games, sharing your interests, or freaking out over the Sherlock season finale; this server is for those who want to talk with others about their interests with others in a casual environment. Looking for active users due to server inactivity.
This is an Elder Scrolls discord server that is also made to have fun, Any additional server ideas are welcome
A place for you to explore all of Tamriel! Become a vampire or a mage, make friends, chat, we even have a special zone for adults! Join now and be the fantasy hero you’ve always wanted to be!
Le RP Braillards de Jerall est un serveur roleplay naissant tournant autour de l'univers des Elder Scrolls.

Se déroulant en 4E207, 6 ans après les événements du légendaire The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim, vous pourrez découvrir un serveur RP bien géré, avec une communauté très agréable et accueillante.

Vous pourrez choisir créer votre personnage de A à Z ! Votre classe, votre caractère.

Vous pourrez voyager dans toutes les contrées de Tamriel, sans limites, et même au delà : Akavir, Pyandonée, ou même un plan d'Oblivion !

Toute votre imagination sera sollicitée, vous pourrez sans problème créer votre propre arc narratif ! Votre histoire !

Le RP est très libre, on vous laissera quasiment faire ce que vous voulez, tant que c'est bien fait, et on peut aussi faire des entorses au canon pour quelques détails, ce n'est pas problématique. Et même si vous ne voulez pas participer, vous pouvez sans problème venir en spectateur !
The Ancient Mage, The High Elf Endalmo has Risen. His causes aren't for good. He is trying to get to Etherius. And the kingdoms have hidden in their keeps. United we stand as a beacon of hope to unite the kingdoms and strike Endalmo down.
One hundred years have passed since an end was put to Alduin threatening Tamriel. Many who witnessed these legendary happenings are no more but memories never die, especially not those that formed heroes for generations to speak of.
Now the time has come for new heroes, for many, to live up to the footsteps of the one Dragonborn from old times, to venture to Skyrim to protect the lands as he once did. It is their destiny and its calling for them is inevitable.
The harsh land of Skyrim is made harsher by the great Civil War that ravages her people. As towns burn and castles are brought crumbling down, many struggle to maintain a sense of normalcy, keeping at their menial jobs, while others rush to war, eager to give battle to the foe they blame for tearing apart their homes.

Enter the war torn land of Skyrim, and choose whether you wish to take part in a struggle that will shape history, or simply try to ply your trade, and escape ravaging bands of bandits or hungry soldiers low on supplies. Play as your own Original Character, or as one of the many famous faces from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

As the skies fill with fire, and ancient foes stir beneath their earthen tombs, who will you become?
”Lugos Isle, a place where Lords hide behind high walls, monsters lurk in the dark and the men… The men change under the pale glow of moonlight.” ~Unknown.

Each of the great nations of Tamriel boasts their own proud tales of heroes, legendary events and their heritage; Lugos is an isle shrouded in the mystery of outdated writings and a thick fog that has ensured that almost all that sail through do not return. The inhabitants have managed to keep themselves out of the hungry paws of empires, conquest, and devastation. That isn’t to say that the rock does not have its own dealings to concern themselves with, as the whispers of feral beasts and strange moons are becoming commonplace.

Starting your journey in Lugos, your character has been enlisted into The League of Hunters; an organisation that has become known for their dedication to upholding the safety of the native people of Lugos in the form of slaying monsters, and completing contracts. Yet the peace that has been maintained throughout the lost continent for decades is becoming shaken by dark forces on the horizon, and with this darkness brings forth an era of change. The heroes of old are passing the future to those who are willing to fight for it.

Elder Scrolls: Lugos Isle is an open world roleplay set on an Island off the coast of High Rock, ensuring an entirely new setting, new characters and several stories for you to follow! Enjoy a world that will shift and change depending on the choices that your characters will make, supported by an active community of like-minded roleplayers and a dedicated staff team that aim to provide you all with an experience like no other.
Strange events are happening in Skyrim again after the dragon situation. Strange portals are starting to appear causing abominations to come in to our world. Here in Elder Scrolls RP, you witness different things that can happen after the events with the dragons. Making almost anything can happen.

The character creation is not really limited but you do have to be fair with creating your character. Don't go too op but just enough for fun. This server is just to have fun, nothing too serious. The staff team are nice and respectful.

-Friendly players and staff
-Combat system
-Almost unlimited character creation
-Your actions can affect your character
-Many classes and races to choose from
The Sierra Madre is a Fallout themed server that loves discussing all kinds of games and films. We enjoy shitposting and conversing with other people. We have a friendly community and a server that features many different bots and factions.
Set a year after the end of the Dragonborn DLC Frostfall is a character RP where you can create any character you want within the elder scrolls world.
The Plague is not a standard zombie plague, it acts as more of a white walker plague, there are three types of the plagued.

A roleplay server that takes place during a stalemate in the war between the Imperial Legion and the Stormcloaks. All the adventure and story you love about Skyrim now in a roleplay! There are tons of options and variety to pick from! You can pick a side in the war, fight along the Companions, become a thief with the Thieves Guild, or simply be a cabbage vender! It's up to you! Other things we offer are listed below!
• New and Original lore!
• Multiple Room Roleplay!
• Cannon Playable Characters!
• Suggestibility!
• Chance to become a staff member!
+ More!
Set during the Civil War but the Dragonborn never intervened, leaving the two sides at a stalemate of a battle
**This Server is brand new and has very few players, but the more that join the bigger and more active we will get**
Hey everyone, this erver is newly made because i felt that their weren't enough lore-friendly and active Skyrim RP servers.
Skyrim Civil War takes place during (suprise) the Skyrim civil war but this time without the Dragonborn. this is a semi casual RP server but it has a plot. players will be able to Leader or fight with either side of the war. if you dont feel like joining the army you could RP anyone else in Skyrim, maybe a fisherman, maybe a Vampire Lord, maybe a scheming Silverblood, or perhaps maybe you shall be a assasin for the brotherhood. do whaterver you like as long as it doesnt stray to far from lore

Currently looking for admins with knowledge of Elder Scrolls lore.
We are the new Elder Scrolls server that accepts our Kababyan who loves the same stuff.

As we just starting up we hope this server become something amazing and good community in the same country.

We hope to see you here fellow adventurers!
A very small Skyrim roleplaying server. Lots of room for promotion and an overall pleasant little community trying to grow a bit.
A discord server for Elder Scrolls fans! We seek to create a kind, respectful, and drama free environment. We're a 16+ server and LGBT friendly! Please feel free to join and say hi!
An Elder Scrolls RP taking place during the great war against the Third Cyrodilic Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion.
Welcome to the Cozy Heart Tavern! This discord was founded by @BrodiniGotMagic and edited by @SkullCrushr9. Our Goal here is to grow a strong community base for the Elder Scrolls games.
The province of skyrim united under the rule of Ulfric Stormcloak with Galmer Stone-Fist by his side is now somewhat at peace with the Imperial legion but is always under pressure from the High elven dominion for breaking the White-Gold Concordat and tension between the local nords and any mer, elves is high

Meanwhile Cyrodil rules by emperor titus mede III and the imperial legion having set up a strong presence on the border to skyrim due to losing the war to the Stormcloaks as bandits control many locations outside of the imperial city and other towns across cyrodill and more and more insane people arriving from the second appearance of the door to the shivering isles and sheogoraths realm.

After assainatin Titus mede II the dark brotherhood has quickly gained more and more influence as the death of astrid and the dragonborn leaves Nazir in charge he assigns Babbete to the old Cheydinhall sanctuary extending the dark brotherhood to cyrodill aswell as skyrim.

The thieves guild, now ruled by brynjolf is once again restored to its former glory thanks to the dragonborn as people outside of riften once again know of their existence as they hit locations across tamriel after rebuilding the guild in cyrodill and small amount in morrowind

Tamriels mages guild has arrived in skyrim setting up base in the city of whiterun while working with the college of winterhold.

The arena in the Imperial city is full of combatants and has plenty of gold for those looking to risk their life on arena combat.
The Unofficial Elder Scrolls RPG is a pen-and-paper RPG created by fans of Elder Scrolls for fans of Elder Scrolls. This server is mainly centered around adventures in the Rivenspire region of High Rock, taking place in 4E 202 - the year after TES:V Skyrim - but we are open to the creation of new campaigns, whether you're looking to play or GM. The UESRPG system allows for deep customisation of your character and their abilities.