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We have many areas of the wastes to explore. From California to The Mojave to Chicago to the capital wasteland to the Commonwealth. Choose your path, faction, and allies. It's your choice in the wasteland!
Fallout: Ambiguous Beginnings is a character and faction roleplay based on the entire North American Wasteland. Both custom, canon and non-canon lore is included within this server; giving players a fair amount of room for flexibility. We have also gained more members than Disboard cares to tell; for some reason.
The year is 2281, its an alternate universe where the Enclave is still an functioning faction. The NCR are fighting the Legion. Brotherhood Of Steel are still gathering tech. Who will you choose or lead?
A server for both roleplay and discussion. Fallout x Detroit: Become Human, or Detroit: Become Fallout. Whatever you want to call it. We're mostly laid back, and still in the works. Please be patient and stand by while we get things up and running, but feel free to join so we have someone to talk to while we work!
Welcome to Florida! We are hosting a Fallout RP server taking place in the year 2282, consisting of the postwar state of Florida and the nation of Cuba. Explore the wastes with your fellow players, fighting off pirates and raiders and visiting some of the Existing factions and locations. Maybe you want to create your own group or faction. With the help of the GMs and a little experience, you can create a town and location of your very own!

Our server works on it's own homebrewed combat system, where your RP can be given a random encounter by a GM, and then be played out with the various characters. We hope you have fun down here in Florida, and if you feel like you experience is not great, please, talk to us, we hope to take in as many suggestions as possible.
Welcome to Fallout New Pennsylvania, a server with rich custom and original lore! Taking place in 2280 in post-war Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, a new republic has formed, called the "Republic of New Pennsylvania". With the ruined and slowly rebuilt New Philly as their capital, the RNP faces all sorts of struggles as they attempt to spread their territory!

-Play as a civilian, a soldier, politician or whatever you wish!
-Beyond the borders, you can be a raider in the Pitt or create your own raider group and be a thorn in the side of the small, growing nation!
-Rich, detailed own lore with custom area maps
-small but active community
-very experienced, fair and welcoming staff
-ERP friendly

Well, what are you waiting for? Head down to the Post Office and register as a new citizen of the RNP and join in the action!
Wild Wastelanders: A fallout Style Roleplay server. So this is a roleplay that is based loosely upon the Fallout universe, but doesn't quite adhere to a strict "lore-friendly" attitude, making for quite a wacky and unusual RP experience. We are looking for anyone who'd enjoy this kind of roleplay adventure. Even if you aren't in a RPing mood, we often just have chats about things and send memes. Feel free to message if you are interested.
Some Notable Features:
. Build-your-own-faction
.Roleplay Locations Around the world
.smaller non-fallout roleplays
. Meme chats
. A welcoming group for both newcomers and veteran RPers
. custom artists willing to draw most OC's
.Seasonal/Holiday based RP's
and much more
Hello! Come join us on the server! You can roleplay with everyone else and even get alittle frisky, please be detailed and have a character ready!
This is a community server for all fans of Fallout. We have bots that moderate the channels, play music and help with Roleplaying. It also has channels for NSFW with the other channels kept clean for all others.
I'd highly recommend you check it out, and help it grow and expand!
The Vault is a gathering point for any and all Wasteland Explorers looking for a social hub, a local watering hole, a place to discuss your adventures in the Wasteland, as well as a place to meet Dwellers ready to get out there in the year 2102.
howdy partner do you like fallout new vegas well if you do come on in. this is a place where you can discuss all aspects of new vegas
We are a fallout high school roleplay server. the school is based in the Oregon wasteland, not yet featured in any fallout games to my knowledge, and we accept all kinds of roleplayers. We are a warm and welcoming community open to all, and we aren't very strict either, on both rules and characters. One thing we hate is OP characters. Being OP will result in a ban
Howdy! "What In The Goddamn?" Is a server for people who enjoy the fallout franchise to meet new people and make new friends or share their art and writings among other fans! We're always looking to meet new people and have an 18+ channel for those interested. We have an age restriction of 16-24. Come on down and share a laugh or two. We're also in the works of setting up RP.
A place to role play in the world of Fallout. Become the biggest baddest mother****er in the wasteland and play whoever you want! We take RP very seriously but OOC we're for the most part a group of chill people. We allow you to make factions, adventure with groups, or change the wasteland as a whole for better or for worse.
:crab: Fallout Rp: New England :crab:
Come visit the Commonwealth and enjoy not only the beautiful sight of Boston, but also some amazing irradiated wastelands in Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island. Explore, pick a faction, and overall enjoy the community. Featuring:
• A Post Apocalyptic Roleplay
• New and Original lore
• Multiple Room Roleplay
• Cannon Characters
• Suggestibility
• Chance to become an Administrator
+ More!
We are carnage, a fallout faction that is a mixed gaming group, but a family as well. Join the ranks of the carnage today and purge like the mercs/raiders we are.
This is a pretty coolio server if I do say so myself. I just started it.
There’s a chat for nudes, a chat for games, a chat for chats. There’s chats for everything.
Just follow the rules and you’ll be alrighty.
We are playing fallout PNP 2.0
We are hoping to get multiple GMs for multiple groups to make for a breathing world.
Its not that hard to figure out if you have played other tabletops.
Created: September 2, 2018

Junktown is a small community that is slowly growing. The server provides multiple channels with a range of topics. Many announcements ranging from projects, jokes, or important updates on the server. A news channel for whats going on in the server and much more! Hope for you to join and stay. 👋
A fallout rp server where the whole world is included in a nuclear fallout, come to make ur faction and to battle against other factions, u can have ww1 military vehicles for travel but the ww1 ships will take a long time to create, but eh I’ll see u in the wasteland partner
This server consists of a mixture of communities, often discussing random shit and making db memes and what not. If you want to feel the freedom of cussing unlike other annoying anime servers then this is the place for you! Be sure to enjoy your stay, after all, we have no drama involved so it’s pretty chill.
If you are interested in a community of Roleplayers, come and join! Various bot commands,different roleplay rooms,character registrations,active members,NSFW channeor,and more!
This is a basic fallout plot, humanity was doing pretty good but a nuclear war ended up destroying the world. Though a few humans survived due to planning, a giant diamond-shaped bunker was built to survive the blast and it worked. The ones that couldn't get into the bunker in time became horrific mutants along with the animals they didn't get into the bunker. The diamond was split into eight districts with one ruler (nicknamed a Diamond) seeing over their designated district, though in recent years the air has cleared out and people have started escaping the districts that aren't in too good of a condition. If this interests you, then join! We are always looking for new members since this server is brand new.
Hello traveler! We are the United States Government! The United States Government is what’s left of Americas government that isn’t apart of the Enclave! We have a fully working congress and are semi RP, and the Government also supports all platforms! If you’re interested in joining, join the Discord server listed below! Remember God bless America!