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The Wastelands is a rp server with a nice community and friendly staff members, with the possibility of making your own wasteland if accepted by a staff member. It is taking place right before new vegas

Come check us out
Welcome to Psychos Mall Inc. Originally founded in the WVR under the name Psychos Ammo Inc, we are a fun mall with many activities and shops, we are always looking for new friends! We employ anyone and have a courier service full of hard-working and trustworthy individuals. So come down, join, and have a great day!
We are a new fallout 76 faction dedicated to player growth and community support. We have an established rank & role system allowing you to play with people who enjoy the game the same way! Standing army with War Divisions, settlements, shops, server-wide events, and giveaways. Join the Empire today!
This server is self explanatory, if you want more information. Join in and we will explain it for you. But basically, its a seriousrp server where you come into the world of Fallout Equestria. Lore and all other information besides what is shown here will be there.

• Fallout Equestria Roleplay
• Butterfly Effect
• Dragons and other Eastern species are allowed. (Other species are a work in progress)
• Has a story behind the role-play
• Does not follow the dice random chance mechanic
• Allows use of weapons from another fiction.
• Automated bots
• Shop system
• Tupperware
• Organized RP

Hopefully we will see you there, stay safe in the fields everyone.

Are you tired of having to explore the nuclear fallout that is America alone?

Are you tired of scummy raiders stealing your hard earned loot because they're too lazy to get it themselves?

Are you tired of not having anybody to talk to as you explore the desolate wastes?

Well say no more! Fallout Federation has exactly what you need, and more!

*This includes:*

• Protection!
• Trading in the market and your own shop (*Tax Free!*) in the **Federation’s Trading Guild!**
• People to chat with from all corners of the community!
• People to hang out with on **all platforms!**
• And much, much more!

The Fallout Federation is also home to **19** factions where we all work in an alliance to help eachother out to the best of our abilities!

So, come on down to the Fallout Federation and join our extensive family! 🥂
Largest and most active Fallout 76 Faction, fun events for every platform, family orientated community, respectful, organized, and welcoming. Organized and diverse rank structure, helpers to assist you ingame, weekly events, giveaways including Discord Nitro, Gift cards, and more! Give us a try!
This is a raider fallout 76 faction
Which inludes three separate groups in this server, you will have to join one to use this server fully.

The groups are:
The trappers
The diehards
The cutthroats

There is also a ranking system which is pretty simple the more you do for the server or the more active you are in game and here the higher your chance of getting promoted

This is a community server for all fans of the Civil Accounts which cover: Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Outer Worlds, Rockstar Games, Tom Clancy Games, Minecraft, World News, Nintendo Games, Witcher, Halo, From Software Games, Borderlands, Assassin's Creed, Bethesda Games, Tolkien, Call of Duty.
We have bots that moderate the channels, play music etc. It also has channels for NSFW with the other channels kept clean for all others.
I'd highly recommend you check it out, and help it grow and expand!
Welcome to Fallout: Frozen wastes, a new Fallout rp server with the focus on surviving in this frozen wasteland. We don’t use combat or loot mechanics, which mean we leave it up to the writers to be fair on what they find in their travels

The state of Alaska has been broken down into 6 different states/regions, each with their own twist to keep you on edge. So this was our little introduction to the server, we also have a minimum of 3 lines (PC standard) for when you start and reply in a scene.
Greetings fellow wastelanders! We are the newest faction in the West Virginia and we are looking for people to join our ranks. If you are in need of a good wholesome community for questing, leveling, future raiding, crafting and trading then this is the place for you. So come on in and lets explore the fallout world together!

This server is for PC players only we also have a rp essence however you are not required to participate.
Play Fallout 76 the right way! Join an amazing community of over 500! With the ability to help rank up faster then before. Check out our Instagram page @westvirginiarepublicfallout
The Soulless are mercenaries for hire, we're open to doing any jobs, provided you pay well. If you're willing to join feel free. We accept all with open arms
Hello, and welcome to Fallout: 2290! We're a brand new Fallout themed roleplaying Discord server, that has many things to offer! Here, I'll show you!
We have...
📚 Specially tailored lore to include every published game in the franchise!
🚩 We allow character RPing, faction Rping, and you can even submit your own custom vaults!
🎓 A well-setup server, with automated ticket systems and more!
🥃 A roleplaying system that includes both Casual RPers, and Hardcore RPers!
We hope to see you soon!
We are a very active Brotherhood of Steel group from pvp - pve.
We run daily RP operations and events.
Steel of Defiance is a very close knit community comprising of Military/Veteran members, we try to keep it clean and effective.

1. ⁠Unique bot
2. ⁠High activity, +80 members
3. ⁠Weekly Operation and Events
4. ⁠It’s own Official Codex
5. ⁠RP Patrols and PvP Wargames

“Si vis pacem, Parabellum”

Join Ranks Today!
[Xbox One]
The year is 2281, and both the NCR and Legion are looking for control of the Hoover Dam. Courier Six was shot dead by Benny, but not before hiding the coveted Platinum Chip, thus ruining Mr. House's master stroke. Without a wild card to tip the scales, the tensions between Bear and Bull continue to grow, day by day. War is coming back to Nevada, it's only a matter of time.

For war never changes.

This is an open-ended, player driven server with the intent of being the platform for players to craft their own adventures with their own original characters. We have a robust rolling system, with stats made specifically to simulate the game's experience in a RP environment.
Welcome to Fallout 4; Atomic Adventure! You can roleplay the events of Fallout 4 and everything after the official ending. There are five sole survivors here. Unfortunately, we don't have DLCS as of right now, but we may add them in the future!

Make sure to read the vault rules! In about a week, give or take, we'll be opening moderator applications. Be sure to apply if you want to be part of the vault staff!

We will be going off of the canon (vanilla) game but if you want to customize the appearance of your character, check with a moderator!
-Fallout 76 Community Server-

The Fallout 76 Community server is for people who want to find teams, can't sell anything, role-players and more!

You may be wandering what we have over other Fallout 76 servers?

-A Fair Staff Team

-Faction Wars
G&G Fallout:NVRP

Welcome to the G&G Fallout:NVRP!
This server is a new Fallout Roleplay server that aims to give a new perspective to roleplay with custom lore. Our server has over 120 channels with over 20 roles to obtain. We also have a leveling system so you can climb up the ranks as you play! We have a constantly evolving environment and world where everything is based off of player actions. We have factions to join from the base game as well as custom factions and if none of those suit you grab some friends and make your own faction! Play as a ghoul, super mutant, or human and have the world around you form to your touch.

Have a nice time in G&G Fallout:NVRP
We are the Acolytes of Steel. We are a Brotherhood of Steel styled community of friendly Fallout series fans who like to play all fallout games from Fallout 1 to Fallout 76. We welcome all new members to join us in our ranks and help us build a better wasteland with technology.
The Original 'The Vault!' 2100+ members and growing! The Vault is a gathering point for any and all Wasteland Explorers looking for a social hub, a local watering hole, a place to discuss your adventures in the Wasteland, as well as a place to meet other Dwellers ready to get out there in the year 2102. We have giveaways, contests, Vaults & Vertibirds, and many other gaming rooms as well! Come on by!
The ruins of the once prosperous country of Oregon are blanketed in unrelenting snow. Shore lines irreparably disfigured by craters during the annexation of Canada and the Great War. While Oregon was never directly threatened by the Chinese invaders that made landfall in the Northwest Commonwealth's Alaska the city did operate as a staging ground for the conflict.

Due to Oregon's location, it was a prime location to supply the war efforts of both annexation of Canada and conflict raging in Alaska.

The ruins of Oregon are desolate and often soaked in fog from the ocean. What little remains are dilapidated structures echoing in it's forgotten past. The crimes the military committed in an attempt to keep the peace, the fear, and the ashes of the Great War. Much of the buildings near the shore line have sunk into Coos Bay, Crater's Lake, and the Oregon Inlet. While nature slowly reclaims the land once occupied by the proud Americans that called this place home.

The outlying area has become untamed and is rampant with dangerous creatures preying unsuspecting travelers. The ruined military installations made of reinforced concrete stand out among the wild rubbish as silent reminders of an unfortunate past.

Portland fared much worse than other cities, with most if it's structures either collapsed or erased from existence from the Great War. However the atrocities once committed to those here remain as grim reminders to those who survived.
The Appalachia Republic (We are a new Faction) We Have a functional government. We have a Police force and a standing military Join The Appalachia Republic Today
--Military jobs--
Infantry Corps
Heavy Infantry Corps
Appalachia Republic Rangers
Logistics Corps
Appalachia Republic Recon Corps
More coming in the future
--Civilian Jobs--
News reporters
More coming in the future
God Bless The Appalachia Republic -President Boomer
After the NCR broke a part of the Brotherhoods frontlines in South-West the brotherhood has been on the retreat in the West. 20 years have passed and the rubble and warzones are spread across Western California. The long 13 nuclear hell has settled down allowing the NCR to rebuild it and can now have access to the Vegas Region safely again. Although some still turn but is now highly unlikely.

Casers Legion has gone into a civil war after there Caesar died. When he died many saw holes in the philosophy and uprises followed. This has resulted in Casers Legion unable to hold off against an independent Vegas who took the dam out of Casers Legion hands.

Independent Vegas ruled by Yes man was created after Benny and a unnamed man took control of the systems when they hacked it. Later Freeside turned into a war zone and forced the kings and any group running and Free side then was turned into an industrial armoured and fortified area of Vegas.

The Mojave Brother hood of steel exploited the weaknesses of both sides and retook Helios One and the strip that leads there to their hidden bunker. They are still being threaten by the NCR and Legion but have enough influence in the waste to hold their positions.

In the east New York has become the new battlegrounds for the Enclave and Brotherhood of steel. Trenches and barriers have been set up throughout New York City where Both sides are fighting for control.

The Commonwealth is also in a major battle zone where after the institute was destroyed by the Brotherhood of steel but now then the Prydwen was shot down by the Minutemen who now fight for the independence of the commonwealth. This has resulted in the Minutemen and Brotherhood still fighting in the commonwealth as well.

Diamond city has remained to keep its independence and began to slowly lean towards joining the Minutemen. There have made trade deals with the minutemen for Artillery to be made and Deals with the BOS for Anti-Air Artillery.

The Railroad had to flee because of BOS infiltrating there hiding locations as well as the minutemen finding it. Not many have discovered its location. The institute have also managed to flee and are now hidden somewhere in Canada. A lot of synths were misplaced and abandoned in the commonwealth.

The Brotherhood of steel defeated the enclave in the capital wastelands but at a large cost. They become over expanded and two many super mutants finally got to them and they lost many troops in a retreat back. Vault-101 was destroyed by the Enclave and Megatons Nuclear bomb in the centre was detonated 60 years after the war from an enclave loyalist. Tenpenny tower was hit by enclave detonations as well causing the tower to collapse and super mutants now occupy the location.

Canada is largely tribe territory, most of the Enclave and BOS who manage to make it up north were overrun by these tribes and many were killed. Canadas largest tribes are the Ottawa tribes, Quebec Legion and the impure axe children.

The Year is now 2367. the names of the people who fought for these groups and helped them win were lost in the dust of the wasteland. Now new people arrive and go but which ones will join the dust and which ones will stand the test of time. Do people want to build empires or do people want to see empires fall