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Play Fallout 76 the right way! Join an amazing community of over 500! With the ability to help rank up faster then before. Check out our Instagram page @westvirginiarepublicfallout
A really free and no limits fallout roleplay server. Many roleplay sections, many factions, and a ton of fun
This is the Roleplay version of our Community server, with bots there to ensure the RP is fair and mature. In addition, we utilise a faction system alongside individual roleplay experiences!
The NCR Appalachian Outpost is a place to give everyone a chance to have fun and play the game and make the wasteland a safer place
We have many divisions and roles and are friendly to every console
The original owners of Fallout Roleplay Central bring you... Fallout: Eastern Commonwealth, a server with rich custom and original lore! Taking place in 2281 in post-war Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, multiple new, smaller nations have formed, each struggling for their own survival as they try to grow to prosperity! Experience the Fallout world in its most unfiltered state, indulging in guilty pleasures such as roleplaying the life of a slave... Or a soldier of an imperialistic army that mercilessly kills anything in its way!

-Be part of the community which originally started the trend of custom area Fallout rp servers
-Beyond the borders of the already existing nations, create your own raider group and be a thorn in everyone's side
-Rich, detailed own lore with custom area maps
-small but active community
-very experienced, fair and welcoming staff
-ERP friendly

Well, what are you waiting for? Head down to the Post Office and register as a new citizen and join in the action!
In the Winter of 2066, Anchorage was fought over and taken by the Chinese, taken back on January 10, 2077, then abandoned almost completely. Years after the rain has washed the rubble of the once bright beacon of Anchorage; a new creature begins to make its presence known among the townspeople. It creeps in the shadows, preying on unsuspecting citizens, both human and ghoul alike. Attacks are growing more frequent, and whatever is lurking in the shadows is becoming increasingly careless- leaving mangled bodies behind. This has caused the surrounding factions to team up, selecting members to participate in a potentially deadly mission of discovery, to save the Northern Wasteland.
In the South East Commonwealth, bombs were dropped, creating a nuclear wasteland. This Fallout themed roleplay server is OC only, and takes place in Georgia. Come have fun with friendly staff and great roleplays!
Radiation, FEV, and near constant strife have already changed the world into an unrecognizable wasteland, and somewhere along the way, humanity forgot about the things that go bump in the night.

But they didn’t forget about us.

From urban legends to ancient terrors, the things mankind once relegated to the realms of myth and legend have begun to take back the land that was always there. The rad-baked earth is soaked in blood and fear, the perfect hunting ground for the things we like to pretend we imagined.

For the most part, this RP server will function like a regular Fallout game, with plenty of emphasis on faction dynamics and the Fallout worldbuilding we know and love. Lurking in the shadows, however, just out of sight, are monsters and nightmares you'd rather not imagine.

Godspeed, wastelander, and good luck. You'll need it.

We’re a new server, fresh out of the oven, and we want you to come and be part of our burgeoning server culture. We’re currently looking for the following:

★Literate to advanced literate RPers who focus on quality rather than quantity.★
★Friendly, creative members who are as interested in OOC interactions as IC ones.★
★New and exciting lore that melds the horrific and preternatural with the harsh world of the irradiated North American wasteland.★

We offer an environment that’s
★ LGBTQ+ Friendly
★ Brand new! Come create the community you want to be a part of.
★ Low-maintenance — come as you are!
★ Low pressure! Our fluid timeline means no getting stuck in threads.
★ Mature in demeanor, not subject matter. We’re an 18+ server with no focus on ERP whatsoever.

We’re also hiring staff! Let us know if you’d be interested in the following positions:

★Lorekeeper - Help us meld canon and user-created lore to create a wasteland that is uniquely our server’s★
★GMs - Manage quests and bounties from the mundane to the monumental and help to influence server-wide plots that will keep members guessing.★

Come try us on for size! Stick around and talk to the fam or jump straight into the RP, whatever you’re comfy with. We’re here to have fun and we want you to come have fun too.
Welcome to Fallout: Paradise On Fire, a server set in the Baja Desert one month after the events of Fallout: New Vegas. Partake in a brutal Fallout roleplay server, focusing on survival in a vast, southern desert. Engage in the war between the NCR, looking to annex Baja, and the Baja Guerrilla, who wish to stay independent. Here on Fallout: Paradise On Fire, we have:
-Immersive and expansive lore.
-Events that can be caused by players or created by GMs.
-Friendly staff that will help with any issue that arises.
-Enhanced PVP roleplay.
...and much more. Join us today, and explore the large deserts of Baja California and Baja Sur.
The New Brotherhood Republic is a new faction rising in the Wasteland of Appalachia. Founded with the best ideals from both the Brotherhood of Steel and the NCR. That of hoarding old Technologies but not to just keep. But to use to defend local settlements and travelers from the dangers of the wasteland. With a full Hierarchy of ranks and more, the NBR is ready to tackle the worst the Wasteland has to throw at us.
This isn't a literal ghost ship, it is the name given to an abandoned freighter in Southern California after the nukes were dropped. This freighter has been turned into a trading hub and shelter for drifters all over. [DISCLAIMER] The server is still being worked on, so things may change! It is just ready to be roleplayed in at least.
A new server, taking inspiration from both the fallout, and metro franchises, in this server you can make your own custom character, use modern weapons and vehicles, and make friends
[The Enclave Database]
Welcome to The Enclave Database. A Fallout themed discord server.
-Chat with people with similar interests!
-Fallout 76 player events & nuke codes
-Channels for all Fallout games!
-Friendly community
-Fun emotes & commands
-Interactive bots

Check out our website! It's meant to help you through your Fallout 76 experience with nuke codes provided every week and other services that is slowly being worked on over time.
The year is 2278, and up in Oregon, a has been made?! It's ran by bots who kidnap their students....
You can RP as a student, where you can try to plan out your escape or simply wait to be released, or you can RP in the wastelands of Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. We accept canon characters from all Fallout games but please see the canon-character-claims channel so we don't have multiple versions of the same character running around. We are serious about RP and have a friendly community. I hope to see you there!
Wanna join a server where you'll easily make friends with everyone?
Slick back your hair, throw on that leather jacket and come join us in The Atom Cats Garage!
We offer many channels to meet your every desire:

✓ Gaming voice chat and a wide variety of supported games

✓ Friendly community

✓ SFW/NSFW chats

✓ Special Roles and private groups

✓ Plenty of bots

✓ Very little rules

✓ Art sharing (artist supported commissions)

✓ Special interest chats (such as Game of Thrones discussion and much more)

✓ Greaser Themed

✓ Friendly staff

✓ Podcast, Streaming and other forms of entertainment provided by staff

Come and join the Atom Cats!
This is a Fallout 4 based roleplay server for those who are atleast 16+, OCs are welcome & recommended, canon characters & spectators welcome too!
Come mutants, synths, or best of all, humans, to Fallout: ANE. This is a new server that's looking for dedicated members, playersx and staff members willing to assist growing the server. We do however, hope our users can post a standard 4+ lines of roleplay. Our server includes all locations within the fallout Canon, factions, cities, races, everything! All unique characters can be reviewed and accepted if their written correctly, and we also have canon characters that are open to be played. Hope to see you soon, don't be shy!

A place to role play in the world of Fallout. Become the biggest baddest mother****er in the wasteland and play whoever you want! We take RP very seriously but OOC we're for the most part a group of chill people. We allow you to make factions, adventure with groups, or change the wasteland as a whole for better or for worse.
[Serious Roleplay] Join the ranks in a serious, militaristic and, above all else, realistic roleplay community centered around the NCR-Legion conflict within the Mojave Wasteland. Play your part in the Platoon as we strive to bring detailed and relevant character development. The community prides itself on it's story-arch and strict in-character policies, favoring in-character selection over out of character applications. The server has no out of character influence to pollute the experience, bar the OOC text channels for casual converse. Join the fight against the many hostilities in the Mojave, in a server where your actions have consequences; dictating the path of the story, its outcome, and the survival of your character.

We're looking for committed roleplayers that share the same passions as we do, not Courier wannabes, or "heroes". Can you make it to that legendary bench mark of a second tour? Or will you join the ever growing death tole of New Californian children sent into the desert to die for bureaucrats in fancy attire? Your spot in the family of 1st Platoon is ready for the taking. We'll see you on the sand, trooper.
Welcome to the Tunnel Snakes!

♦ We are the decedents of Butch's Tunnel Snakes.

♦ If your looking to make trouble in the Vault and out in the Wasteland look no further then the Tunnel Snakes!

♦ We got an rp channel so you can rp as a Tunnel Snake.

♦ We are not only about fallout 76 but a bunch of other games including apex, sea of thieves, the other fallouts, ect.

♦ So if your looking for a group to join or you just want to trade join the Tunnel Snakes, and remember Tunnel Snakes Rule!
We are a server dedicated to keeping the peace, fun and helping other servers. We will advertise your server for you. Were open to partnership. We also have a defense force with a economy, elections, housing, and much more. We have channels for a lot of games. Everyone is welcomed!
Fallout New California
Set in the New California wasteland and parts of the mojave in the year 2276, one year before the frist battle of hover dam and four years before the descrution of new cannon, explore and roleplay in the Universe of Fallout
We are/have:
- active and friendly staff
- LGBTQ friendly
- lore friendly rps
- Active community
- Newer Server
This is the Fallout Community where you can talk to others and get help in anyway that we can.