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Literally just a place for bot spams! Is also absolute hell, feel free to talk trash on your dead grandma here!
Basically this server is to find some friends or gfs or bfs and chat! You can chat with fellow singles , hoes , anything! But if your a pedo get the hell out of here. Also this server is free for all so do anything as long as it follows rules!! (you can get raped sorry bro) also most of us are assholes so don't think we are gonna be hella nice to you dude :)

Its a fun place where many memories are held and I want ppl to join to make even more memories
We now have our 1st floor! Its now ready for disboard.
We have
1+ Floors
A working shop! (Pls do not use .work, .crime, excetera. Thx)
Warning! Some floors may be NSFW. So, thats why its a nsfw server.
The Insane Asylum is a place of welcoming respite for those looking for an SFW 16+ community that finds delight and humor in the dark, psychotic, and strange.
A server filled with heaps of bots (remember to mute this server)
Hi this is Town Of Haran. We are an old server, but decided to change it up and make it better.

In Haran you can find magical creatures, normal creatures, normal people, pets and more. Haran is not like other town in 2099, they have no kings or queen. They have a president, but the president doesn't show his face a lot. People are welcomed here, as it is a peaceful place, unless a Mafia memeber or leader has a problem with someone. Then shit gets crazy. Be sure to stay away from them!

What we have:
-Welcoming staff
-Rp channels for you to rp in
-Ooc channels
-Voice Channels to chat with people

**We are very welcoming and we are looking for staff if you feel like your up to it.**
Welcome to Stars Base! A fun yet crazy server there's always something happening in this server. So come on down and check it out! (I'm not really good at this ;-;)
A server people where crazy people can hang out! the server is still a work in progress. if you have any ideas to improve the server just go to #ideas! enjoy your stay!
Interested in a server where you can relax, chill, and hang/joke around with friends? Then OM is the place for you! Othermind is an Otherkin-based server open to all kin and nonkin alike. We're a diverse community with people of all shapes and sizes. This is no hugbox or safe-space, but instead we're an open place for people to discuss all kinds of topics.
This doesn't mean we won't afford you the respect you deserve, but instead we're a place which lets folks speak their mind without worrying about blacklists or such things.
Interested? Just click join server!
(Note: Before entering the main part of the server, please remember to make a simple intro)
Do you identify on an integral yet nonphysical level as something other than human? Be you a therian, otherkin, or any other sort of alter-human or maybe even someone just curious on the subject and looking. Just Anotherkin Server attempts to form a community for people to explore and question their identities and meet others doing the same. If any of this seems like it might appeal to you, take a look at our server.
The title is the description ;) plus you can do whataever you want, there are plenty of bots I can add if you wanna make your stuff (pokecord, dank memer...), if you're bored you can just talk, aaand that's pretty much it!

Note: there is a nsfw channel
This is a fun server that you can do pretty much rando things in, place to talk as well. :3

This server is accepting of any race, gender, sexuality, race, etc.

We are currently still in a WIP a little bit so new things are always being added. We would love to hear your opinion of what to add!
Thots join
All seriousness have fun
If your name is robot, or robot related, please join
Channels for hobbies such as anime, sports, music, weapons, and more.
Welcome to Fun Chat!

We have:
- Gaming Channels
+ You can also suggest channels.
- Great Staff
- Crazy Chat (eh.)
- Weird server Owner
- Music Channels + Bots
- Fun Bots
- Support, Suggestions
- Custom server bot (sometimes online)

If you want to apply for Staff, check #appeals !

If your Staff Application gets rejected/not accepted, you can get the free Lord, Legend or Legendary role!

Make sure to read the rules! :D
We don’t want you getting kicked/banned!
We will do giveaway’s soon when we get more members! :3

Vote for YouTubers!
If you want to vote for PewDiePie, run the command !pewdiepie

If you want to vote for T-Series, run the command !tseries

you can get free uwu role if you do !uwu

Enjoy the server!
Come join the Kinkster's Asylum where the patients are very... well taken care of by the guards. Be a Guard or Patient. Love or abuse your patients in their cell or out in the open. Full of sane and.. not so sane patients and guards. Come have fun with us.~
hey everyone this server is all about memes and having fun with community.
this server will involve compitions and fun games. we also have shout outs and fun bot to play with.
This is a meme server and a gaming server do whatever tf you want to do because we are all crazy here and we liike all the memes you memers
We are a bunch of cringy rejects so if you think you are one to then come and join. Server is dead atm but come join and let it be active. Has alot channels for you to take part in. Channel we have:
°Nsfw Stuff
°and many more
Come and meet the other Rejects! Bearly has any rules. You can go crazy in this one. Come and check it out!!
This is an rp server that is set in the future with a foundation called “SkyTech”.
This is a Roblox Myths group, we are very well trained Roblox myths by the best myths remaining; VE_LIUS or VM. Valkyrie Masters.