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Welcome to Fun Chat!
This server is for you to hang out with your friends. You will get a nice good o’ welcome when you join ;). We also have good staff members, and more :D
Do you identify on an integral yet nonphysical level as something other than human? Be you a therian, otherkin, or any other sort of alter-human or maybe even someone just curious on the subject and looking. Just Anotherkin Server attempts to form a community for people to explore and question their identities and meet others doing the same. If any of this seems like it might appeal to you, take a look at our server.
Interested in a server where you can relax, chill, and hang/joke around with friends? Then OM is the place for you! Othermind is an Otherkin-based server open to all kin and nonkin alike. We're a diverse community with people of all shapes and sizes, and have commodities like:
+Duck Hunt!
Just like the real game, except based on discord and without the annoying dog who laughs at you when you miss a duck.
+Movie Nights!
Watch your favorite movies with others on the server and feel free to also host your own!
+Smash battles!
Like Super Smash Bros, except discord based!

+And a fun/friendly crowd of members. We also have a virtual "marketplace" where you can sell commissions and things for tatsumaki bot credits.
Besides that, we also have sections for gaming discussions, food talk, [Memes], and more serious discussions! Some of these serious discussion rooms include a debates section, vent-room, an Otherkin-focused room, and a grill channel!

We even have TSOMT, which is a server get-together where people can socialize with other members and discuss topics set forth by the community.

Interested? Just click join server!
(Note: Before entering the main part of the server, please remember to make a simple intro. The rules describe this.)
This is a fun server that you can do pretty much rando things in, place to talk as well. :3

This server is accepting of any race, gender, sexuality, race, etc.

We are currently still in a WIP a little bit so new things are always being added. We would love to hear your opinion of what to add!
Hello! Chill Zone is a server that you and your friends can check out while we have a chill time togheter! If you want to be part of an amazing community , this is the server for you!

Here you will be able to find people who are crazy as fuck (well most of them anyway)

This is just a normal server where you can make friends with wakos and listen to top quality moosics like Never Gonna Give You Up
Warning there are many tryhards here so uhHoHH

Just a heads up though, if you fucking dare to be rude or unkind to anyone here— no matter who you are, straight banned. Asshole.
Make sure to have fUNNNN CHIRRENNN and eats ur veggies

Also pls join and talk to us wErE dYInG sLowLY
**__Qu'est ce que Zae ?__**

C'est donc un serveur orienté vers le Gaming.
Au programme bien-sûr du gaming, des giveway et des concours, vous pouvez aussi observer l'équipe E-Sport ou bien **même en faire partie**.

Au fil du temps et de la venus des gens il y'en auras plus encore.

__Lien du serveur:__

Server is full of kiwi cunts (NewZealand) and random shits from around the globe - not druggy's just fckheads. Join for random shit n skitz cunts.
To eat the Trippa Snippa you will need: Speed, weed, heroin, cocaine, mushrooms, pine-o-clean, petrol, battery acid, acid, salvia, some herbs and spices and some lettuce and tomato, vodka sauce, bam and the dirt is gone, Ajax spray and wipe, some chicken and cheese all wrapped in a tortilla.
Join if you are Russian - Especially if you are Russian. Add Munchies#6864 if you are русский. If not then algood you're a cool kid if you come here. (If you really think you're a cool kid gtfo pussy). All shits n gigs aside come over to the realm of Skitz Cunts. P.S - Aussies will be anchored, moored, jammed, rooted, braced, cemented, n riveted.
Jk come here aussie cunts.
A place for people with ASPD/mental illnesses to be themselves. Controversial topics and open discussion are welcome.
Hi, we are a new clan called Vz we are always recruiting new members we play on xbox one and we have a very friendly community we would be very happy if you join!!!
In this server, there are NO RULES! Go absolutely nuts, and do whatever you want! It’s a fun time, and I know you will enjoy it!
Come have a great and funny time at our Soup Village, mysterious secrets will be waiting for you, the most insane and most retarded people that you have ever met in your life will be attending, come make new friends and watch our insane hentai content that the Soup village can offer you.
server invite
A fun little Discord for people to just have fun! We're relatively new and it's pretty empty. Looking for people into a variety of things, we have gaming channels, anime & manga, memes, and more to come! Plus, it's a place to let out your real crazy!
This is a crazy and random server. You can post your art, memes, and just chit chat with people.