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were an Appalachian bos faction. Our faction uses the full Maxson system. Start as an initiate and finish as a paladin.
We are not platform specific and have a mix of people from the us to Europe. Join us and help rebuild Appalachia. Ad Victoriam!
The Original 'The Vault!' 1400+ members and growing! The Vault is a gathering point for any and all Wasteland Explorers looking for a social hub, a local watering hole, a place to discuss your adventures in the Wasteland, as well as a place to meet other Dwellers ready to get out there in the year 2102. We have giveaways, contests, Vaults & Vertibirds, and many other gaming rooms as well! Come on by!
The Appalachia Republic (We are a new Faction) We Have a functional government. We have a Police force and a standing military Join The Appalachia Republic Today
--Military jobs--
Infantry Corps
Heavy Infantry Corps
Appalachia Republic Rangers
Logistics Corps
Appalachia Republic Recon Corps
More coming in the future
--Civilian Jobs--
News reporters
More coming in the future
God Bless The Appalachia Republic -President Boomer
Halt there Wastelander
We are The Brotherhood of Steel outcasts
We are out on a scouting mission and it just so happens we are looking for new recruits
-What we Have-
Scribes Order of the Quill
Knights Order of the Shield
Paladins Order of the Sword
Join The Bos outcast to Day Ad Victoriam Brothers and sisters
come and join a new fallout 76/4 server i/we would really like to see you and we all hope you have fun :D and there would also be a giveaway every month

JOIN OUR SERVER WE ARE FUN PEOPLE WHO PLAY LITERALLY ANY GAME. Please be 15 and older we do use very very very foul language.
A Brotherhood of Steel faction for Appalachia. Our faction has a great community with in game campaigns, promotions, a reward system and a sister Roleplaying server.

We are non-platform specific and have a lot of XBox and PC members. PS4 players are also welcome to start their own squads.

We stick to Brotherhood ranks and achievements in-game win you points that allow you promotion. We have Knight and Scribe paths. Come join us, Ad Victoriam!
We are The City of New Watoga!
Waste Virginia’s only functioning Republic, with elections every month, we have a charter and a legal system unparalleled in the wasteland.
We are an xbox-focused group, with dozens of active players, and a robust trading network. We are adventurers, merchants and artisans, but we are all Watogan.
Watoga is still the City of the Future, just not the future they envisioned.
When the bombs fell, we retreated into Vault 76. Now, it is our time in the wastes. Join us and help us settle these lands once again.
The Jets are a Fallout 76 role playing faction based around the Fallout 4 faction the Atom Cats
Welcome to The Scorched Blade brothers and sisters of the apocalypse. You lookin' for a cause worth fighting for? Make yourself at home. You lookin' for people to share and trade goods with? Start stocking. The Scorched Blade has got you covered with everything you need to survive to wastes. Make yourself at home. You're one of us.
Vault-Tec Corporation is one of the top Fallout community factions. We are now expanding our territory in Appalachia. We are having issues reclaiming and restoring the wasteland. Our VTC scout team are losing members on their expeditions. We have come to find out that rogue Dwellers are trying to pick us off one by one. Their goal is to end us.

This is where you, Vault-Tec Raiders, come in. Your goal is to rid the wasteland of all threats by either PvP or claiming the top spot in Nuclear Winter. Major threats will have bounties on their heads. As you do so, the VTC scout team will be able to explore worry free.

Vault-Tec Corporation needs you!
We are currently Xbox only
Just looking for a whole bunch of people to squad up on fallout and do some raids and build big bases. Launching Nukes as well
A cool Fallout based group to join where you can discuss the lore, factions, post your own art, post art you find, play together on Fallout 76, and just have a nice place to hang out in!
Simple Fallout server! Great community of people and staff.
Pick your factions, system and streaming site!
Post gamer tags, twitch channels, and youtube channels, as well as get help with any of the fallout games!
~Looking for admins and mods! ~
The Responders are a faction dedicated to helping the people of the West Virginian Wasteland. The police division helps by fighting hostile creatures for you. The Firebreathers help by ridding the wastes of scorched. The medics help by providing food and medical supplies for those in need. The Responders do not discriminate by level, experience, or faction. Working together is key for rebuilding our new world and the Responders will do just that.
Discord server für alle fallout 76 Spieler. Ausgerichtet sind wir mit den kurieren leider nur auf der ps4 aber wir bemühen uns bei wachsenden Mitgliedern auch Kuriere auf PC und XBOX anbieten zu können. Wir haben eine stets aktuelle Scammerliste und auch geprüfte Kuriere deren Dienste ihr kostenfrei nutzen könnt. Scammerliste für PC und XBOX lässt uns bitte aktualisiert zukommen.
This server is a clan for F76, and each person who is invited is specially let in by a human admin, who personally reviews their applications.
Hello! We are the Wolfpack, a fallout rp server. We focus on five different factions, the Enclave, the Brotherhood of Steel, the Gunners, the Responders, and the Vault Dwellers.

We have been going strong ever since the launch of Fallout 76, and with wastelanders arriving in a few months we are excited to welcome more people to our server.

If you aren't interested in roleplay (we get it, not everyone enjoys it) we have people on every night playing Fallout 76, Battlefield V, or whatever else you can convince us to play.
The Republic Of Mothman is a Mithman themed server we go on events and patrols around Appalachia and is overall a place to just chill out and play Fallout with some cool people