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Welcome to the Brotherhood of Steel Vanguard for Fallout 76 on Xbox One. This server is based on the Brotherhood of Steel and we focus on fighting enemies, team work, and socializing.
We have ranks and a command structure. Come join if you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Ad Victoriam.
The Responders: Appalachia's Finest is a Fallout 76 community dedicated to helping out the wasteland! We have events and dance parties on the regular. It's always fun and games. Pop by and have some fun!
Канал создан для объединения игрового коммьюнити в рамках игры Fallout 76 (PC - версии). Здесь приветствуется взаимопомощь, общение и уважения друг к другу. Будем рады любому новоприбывшему игроку, нуждающегося в в адекватном общении, напарниках с частым онлайном и помощи.
The Original 'The Vault!' 2100+ members and growing! The Vault is a gathering point for any and all Wasteland Explorers looking for a social hub, a local watering hole, a place to discuss your adventures in the Wasteland, as well as a place to meet other Dwellers ready to get out there and play the game without worry of factions. We have giveaways, contests, Vaults & Vertibirds, and many other gaming rooms as well! From private Minecraft servers to a Destiny clan, we have lots of games for you! Come on by! Let us know you found us on Disboard!
A fallout 76 xbox trade hub! Open your own stores and sell your wares!!
We need people to sell items, farm items, and moderate server! I also need someone to assist with bots. We are a growing server and need more people who are interested in fallout and having a fun time!
You Emerge from vault 76. Only to find that the World you left behind is no longer there. You see a personal off in the distance you scream to catch his attention. He turns. Only for you to realize he's a raider. You begin to run as he unholsters a pipe pistol. He shoots you in your right arm. You have a handy Stimpak. You heal your wounds for the moment. You are hiding behind a tree as the raider approaches slowly and cautiously , He calls out something about you stealing his cap's. You hear loud thuds approaching. You see a man in a T60IIV Power armor suit. The man in the power armor Begins to fire off on the raider. He comes to your aid. He tells you he's from the Brotherhood of Steel. You join there cause to help the people of Appalachia. (Welcome to the Brotherhood of steel.) "Ad Victoriam"

Come in out of the cold dark wasteland and join the ranks of
This is a Fallout 76 faction which follows a more Spartan ideology. Play Fallout the right way.
The Virginian Centurions.
FED is a community oriented about information sharing, engaging player interactions and friendly competition, started for Fallout76.
Lap-Corporation was formed in 2016 by experienced gamers from different backgrounds with like minded ideas relating to being able to game and role-play in safe environments. We currently use Minecraft and FiveM and we will be expanding into other areas soon.

You don't like Roleplay don't worry we got you covered!
Lap-Corporation has a lot of other things for you to such has :
- Discord Events and Minigames
- Fallout 4 / 76 Events,Guides and much more
- Daily Weather
-: Giveaways
- 24/7 Radio
-: A forum for all our Fallout 4/76 Guides we also have a full Minecraft Guide to help you out!

Minecraft SkyBlock

Our skyblock server is a revolutionary skyblock server! Why because our skyblock has so many things that another SkyBlock would not have, such as a custom economy that works with emeralds or a super hopper system to automate your hoppers we also have SlimeFun with all its addons we have an automated event that spawns every week! By the way, it’s in 1.16

So what are you waiting for ? Join us today !
Hello, we are the United American Brotherhood of Steel. (UABOS for short.)

We're a Fallout 76 community and we're currently looking for members.
Our server is all about Fallout 76.

Down below are some things we offer if you decide to join.

-You'll be climbing the ranks like any normal UABOS Member.
-You can decide which role you want in the UABOS. (this being Knight, Scribe or Lancer.)
-You'll also be sent out on missions. And for each mission we'll reward you with some caps. (The more difficult mission the more caps you'll earn.)
-We also have events if that's your sort of thing.

We will also offer you free protection and help you out in any situation.

We're looking forward of having you here.
The Nukashining is a friendly, new player friendly group on PC for Fallout 76 players. We offer information and aid to players that are new to the game as we seek to expand our friendships with other people.
The Appalachia Republic (We are a new Faction) We Have a functional government. We have a Police force and a standing military Join The Appalachia Republic Today
--Military jobs--
Infantry Corps
Heavy Infantry Corps
Appalachia Republic Rangers
Logistics Corps
Appalachia Republic Recon Corps
More coming in the future
--Civilian Jobs--
News reporters
More coming in the future
God Bless The Appalachia Republic -President Boomer
This is a community for Fallout but mostly Fallout 76.
You can Trade, Chat, Share you S.P.E.C.I.A.L Builds and C.A.M.P Builds!!!
Good Luck in the Wasteland!!!
Welcome Wastelander,
We are the NCR a group dedicated to upholding pre-war values of democracy and we need your help to succeed. We offer a variety of roles from doctor to soldier. To allow for any play style. So come help us retake the world we once knew.
Praise be the NCR.
Welcome to the wasteland homies! We are a bunch of lads who enjoy chatting and gaming with eachother! Although we are mainly a drama-free factionless fallout server we are planning on expanding to other games!
The New West Virginia Project is Fallout 76 community dedicated to roleplaying. It is relativly new with dedicated members and interesting characters and factions. We are currently looking for new people to come and join the community weather you are new to RP or a veteran. We are a PC only group as of right now.
A Fallout 4 Faction Coming to Fallout 76.
The Gunners
I plan to expand on the lore and history of the group, will you be apart of it?
Halt there Wastelander
We are The Brotherhood of Steel outcasts
We are out on a scouting mission and it just so happens we are looking for new recruits
-What we Have-
Scribes Order of the Quill
Knights Order of the Shield
Paladins Order of the Sword
Join The Bos outcast to Day Ad Victoriam Brothers and sisters
The United Territories of Appalachia

In 2103, as the AR experienced a rise in territory, smaller factions that still resided within West Virginia sought out a way to connect the world around them. As groups came and went, the AR flexed it's power by proposing an alliance. As AR-uniformed couriers ran around Appalachia, they cried out from the streets of Tallahassee to the old ones of Quebec, calling for a "The United Territories of Appalachia " to restore what used to be America. As the criers returned, so did America, as scores of smaller groups sought universal aid by their peers all across the nation. They began to solidify communications, linking up many nations and helping suppress crime all around these nations.

The United Territories of Appalachia (UTA) is, in sum, an alliance to unite America against crime, corruption and disasters, as well as generally rebuilding America's greatest cities.
This Fallout 76 clan is for teams and as we grow bigger more teams and team leaders will be added. you are less likely to be accepted if you are not active. And if we grow too quickly we'll probably add a staff application. Thank you.
Join our loyal, trustworthy community of Fallout 76 players and experience what it would be like to be a member of the Brotherhood of Steel. With our growing ranks and promotion events, one is sure to find a place they fit in.

After reaching the Aspirant rank, you are to decide whether you will follow the path of the valiant knight, or the path of the trustworthy and willing Scribe. Many people to meet in our young server, and plenty of opportunities waiting for you here.