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Are you a fan of the Bioware video game series Dragon Age? Maybe just want to try something new? Come Join The Inquisition and help stop the end of the world! The setting? Thedas, 9:41 Dragon of course! Never played the games? That's fine! We're more than happy to assist you in learning about the lore and navigating the world.
A Dragon Age roleplay community, active and expanding, always looking for new writers. Must be 18 years or older to join!

So what do we do in the server?

We're a bunch of Dragon Age nerds that enjoy writing together. We do longform text-based roleplay, set in the Dragon Age universe, year 9:42 (so right after DA: Inquisition finishes, but right before Trespasser). It's a growing community with a lot of different writers, and there's always somebody up for a chat.

We also have channels for discussing characters, lore, and other videogames we enjoy.

What does the server offer?

We share a passion for writing, videogames, and the world of Dragon Age, and we have an open and welcoming community to chat about it. To keep the story flowing, all writers are encouraged to create big overarching plots, and we also create fun seasonal events.

We also welcome OCs, provided they're well developed and the writer proves they can be active with a canon character as well.
Set in parallel with events during Dragon Age Inquisition. This role play is only OC driven and Inquisitor choices are voted on as a group. Come join us! You can decide to help save Thedas or be part of the threat.
Dragon Age RP based on the events in Inquisition.
It is 9:45 Dragon. Fen'Haral's agents have left. Those who remained are free spirits.
Currently despite the Grey Wardens having proved themselves in the fight against Corypheus, suspicion is still rampant.
The RP setting involves Grey Wardens and those whom they consider allies.
A new but cool Dragon Age RP based on the Inquisition plot but with a few changes.

Instead of one Inquisitor, there are four.

Most characters are available, so join now to have fun!
Welcome to the Pride of Thedas! We are a discord Based Dragon Age Roleplay

We accept characters from all three games, as well as original characters. We are a very new server, so most canon characters are still available!

Check for a list of available characters on our tumblr at
friendly server to make friends, talk and play games
anyone is welcome! :)
This is a server for those who enjoy the Dragon Age and
Mass Effect games by Bioware/EA. Rules are basic and should be followed, after one warning it is a boot and ban.
1)Keep NSFW in the correct channels: Some members of the server have small children and we don't need our kids seeing that.
2)DO NOT ask any member for personal information, it won't be tolerated.
3)Keep your drama out of my server :)
4)Do not cause issues with other members, if an issue arises tag a Moderator.
>18+ preferred
This server was made for people who need some cuddles or just want to have a fun place to talk about video games.
This server is meant to be an open world concept RP. Here you can go travel wherever you want to complete tasks, missions, or personal quests. This RP is going to take place after Haven was destroyed during Inquisition. The main part of the RP will take place at Skyhold in Dragon Age time. (Players will be staying at Skyhold to help the Inquisition.) We have provided main quests, side quests, and character quests (more for you to remember if your character had one or not). Major quests will be done as group events, such as Adamant Fortress or Winter Palace Ball. We will take into consideration time zones for those so that everyone can participate and feel apart of it. We encourage you to play your character however you feel they would be at the time, as long as they still remain true to character. This is your take on the character, so we feel you should have an artistic right to let them feel, act, or say whatever you feel they would. For OC's please follow a "path" or "tree" that is provided in game. We are trying to stick with spells and such provided from any of the DA games. When fighting, please be true to the situation and do not OP. Though it can be easy to do, in reality, more often than not we all have to reload killing Nightmare right? We are just looking for a good show when reading and feeling like it's realistic. Now go find a traveling partner and help the Inquisition!
A brand new RP, only a few days, taking place in the dragon age universe. Where the Qunari first arrive in Thedas and invade the Tevinter Imperium, Rivain and Antiva which causes the Imperial chantry and Andrastian chantry to call for a religious "exalted march" against the Qunari and Par Vollen. Though, it's been years since the march was called and still the Qunari hold firm in their newly conquered land.

The server is brand new, just officially starting. Though, within you can make any OC you want, rather it be ruler of a nation, a lord, a noble, a mage, or even a dark spawn that plague the deep roads. The choice, is entirely up to you.
University of Skyhold is an 18+ modern fantasy Dragon Age AU. We accept both canon characters and original characters, and encourage creativity within both. Roleplay can be either script or paragraph. All applications are done within the server itself, and a list of taken characters is found within.

For years beyond counting, a building lays in which the clouds protect it, the sky smiles down upon it, and the aura within its walls seeps into the minds of the people who wish to learn from it. The libraries rise tall, endless, deep with pooling knowledge, and there are secrets abound, magic lurking in every corner.

This is the University of Skyhold, and your letter of acceptance has come in.
A medieval RP with Bloodborne, Skyrim, and Dragon Age elements; currently very new, with systems still being setup. You can also join even if you’re not roleplaying. It’ll be fun having you here!
Hey there! Do you like the Dragon Age franchise? Are you looking for an inclusive community focused on the games, gaming in general (table top / digital), building friendships and more then you're in for a real treat here!

We have:

-General chit chat sections
-A suggestion box
-A spoiler free zone
-Animal pics
-A NSFW thirst room
-A vent area
-Specific channels for each game (including Heroes of Dragon Age - the mobile game- and the table top game!)
-Recommendation areas
-Fan art and fan fiction
- Future game predictions
- A super inclusive and welcoming close knit community!


Hope to see you in the server Ser!

(16+ only!)
Dragon Age: Nomads is an Open World, Multiplayer, Text-Based RPG using a Homebrew system. Character ideas can vary from the games and the players are able to eventually rule over the countries of Thedas as Rulers or adventure side by side.

Potentially NSFW, Recruitment 18+ Age only.