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The Herald's Rest is a Dragon Age RP server, and not just for DA: Inquisition!
You're welcome to roleplay OCs AND Canon characters from all Dragon Age series games and DLC content here. Doubles are allowed. E-RP is allowed here but restricted to certain chatrooms.
Some knowledge of the games and the series is required, but you don't have to be an expert on them.
RPers of all skill levels are welcome here!

New members must make an introduction to gain full access to the server!

Dragon Age Roleplay Server (18+ Only)

Join the Inquisitor as he has only recently arrived in Skyhold, and help save Thedas from the new evil that has overtaken the world. Here, you are exposed to an open-world element that enables you to write your characters in the locations we have come to know and love (or not), to incorporate quests and adventures to our stories, and enable combat and war table missions.

There is plenty of opportunity in this group of story-driven writers for immersing yourself into the world of Dragon Age at a whole new level!
A Dragon Age roleplay community, active and expanding, always looking for new writers. Must be 18 years or older to join!

So what do we do in the server?

We're a bunch of Dragon Age nerds that enjoy writing together. We do longform text-based roleplay, set in the Dragon Age universe, year 9:42 (so right after DA: Inquisition finishes, but right before Trespasser). It's a growing community with a lot of different writers, and there's always somebody up for a chat.

We also have channels for discussing characters, lore, and other videogames we enjoy.

What does the server offer?

We share a passion for writing, videogames, and the world of Dragon Age, and we have an open and welcoming community to chat about it. To keep the story flowing, all writers are encouraged to create big overarching plots, and we also create fun seasonal events.

We also welcome OCs, provided they're well developed and the writer proves they can be active with a canon character as well.
I am running a Dragon Age style text RPG that will go through the main events of the Blessed age. The campaign will start at 8:03 Blessing and will continue possibility on into the Dragon age and the 5th Blight. The world state will also contain some original Quests for players to work through. This server is 18+ and may feature some NSFW material.
The Crossroads [18+] is a thread-based Dragon Age roleplay server centered around isolated threads where writers can build their own stories with others and maintain them at their own pace. You choose your own stories and ships, and find other writers who can build that world and play it out with you. We hope you check us out!
A Dragon Age server based during Inquisition. The server is meant to be a casual, fun place to hang out and make stories with our favorite characters, so feel free to check us out!
Hello! This is an open world RP of Dragon Age, set during Inquisition after the events of Haven. We have many different regions open to try see how other lands reacted to the Breach and the Inquisition!

Note: Since some of the topics and such are not for the younger eyes, this is an 18+ server.
Are you a fan of the Bioware video game series Dragon Age? Maybe just want to try something new? Come Join The Inquisition and help stop the end of the world! The setting? Thedas, 9:41 Dragon of course! Never played the games? That's fine! We're more than happy to assist you in learning about the lore and navigating the world.
Set in parallel with events during Dragon Age Inquisition. This role play is only OC driven and Inquisitor choices are voted on as a group. Come join us! You can decide to help save Thedas or be part of the threat.
Thedas, land of elves, humanity, Qunari and more, was at peace, until the day the Grey Warden and The Inquisitior met. On that day the events that the Grey Warden tried to stop returned, and ripped a hole into time. As the elves left Middle Earth, the hole ripped into their world as well, and all in Middle Earth and beyond were horrified as Thedas and Arda smashed into one.

The Dalish Elves and those of Arda join forces to fight against what they consider the evils of mankind, joining them are vampires and other races, from the ranks rise the first of the Elven Witches.

Humanity arms itself, as the Thedas humans experiment on the Arda human children by kidnapping them and turning them who survive the lyrium poisonings, into Witchers.

Join this new world, Tharda, as the two cultures clash and meld at the same time.

A LOTR, Dragon Age and The Witcher Crossover Fantasy rp with original elements.
A place to safely Role Play your Dragon Age OCs (Original Characters). In need of an Inquisitor (Must be willing to be an Admin). Readers are welcome as well, if you're not into Role Playing.
friendly server to make friends, talk and play games
anyone is welcome! :)
Griffon Age is a play-by-post RP group that takes place in the world of Dragon Age, after the events of inquisition, but during Solas' mess. However, we don't follow the inquisitor and their path. Rather, we follow a group of grey wardens who are simply trying to protect, raise, and bond with the clutch of thirteen griffon eggs that were discovered not too long ago.
This is a general non-continuity RP server, both for SFW and NSFW threads. There is no limit to the amount of threads you can have at any given time.

Come have fun, be silly and derpy with us.
Dragon Age RP based on the events in Inquisition.
It is 9:45 Dragon. Fen'Haral's agents have left. Those who remained are free spirits.
Currently despite the Grey Wardens having proved themselves in the fight against Corypheus, suspicion is still rampant.
The RP setting involves Grey Wardens and those whom they consider allies.
Years after the defeat of Corypheus and his evil forces, the Inquisitors were deceived and betrayed by a close friend, an elf mage.

They now must stop him.
Welcome to Thedas Combat University, a new RP server for a Modern AU Thedas.

The setting is a world where modern technology and magic exist side by side.

Most characters are still available, and more characters may be added to the list.

Join us :)
Dragon age server for all three games (soon four) and anything fantasy alike
All ocs and canons allowed
feel free to join and have fun, tell your friends

Note: there is a +18 role to keep sfw separated from nsfw content, therefore its open to both kids and adults safely
Hi, this is a fun casual sever aimed at playing the dragon age RPG. Here you can find people to play with or just chat about the games.
Live chat/voice with other members from across the globe.
From beginners to seasoned veterans, if you're interested in:
• A place to seek players for your campaigns
• Looking to get started at GMing
• Chat and make friends
• Simply looking for tips and info
This is the place for you!

I'm currently looking for mods and people who can help with bots.
This is a server for those who enjoy the Dragon Age and
Mass Effect games by Bioware/EA. Rules are basic and should be followed, after one warning it is a boot and ban.
1)Keep NSFW in the correct channels: Some members of the server have small children and we don't need our kids seeing that.
2)DO NOT ask any member for personal information, it won't be tolerated.
3)Keep your drama out of my server :)
4)Do not cause issues with other members, if an issue arises tag a Moderator.
>18+ preferred
This server was made for people who need some cuddles or just want to have a fun place to talk about video games.
A friendly get together of people who enjoy the Solas X Lavellan ship, though we talk about Dragon Age in general as well! We are a fun welcoming community, making sure to keep our members engaged as possible! Come join now to talk about our favorite bald elf!
A modern, urban fantasy Dragon Age roleplay server with room for PCs, OCs, and any character you can think of from Origins, Awakening, II, or Inquisition. Feel free to come in and check us out, and if you like what you see, apply for one of our open characters.

Some familiarity with the series required, but you don't have to have played every game or read every piece of media. That said, this is not a spoiler-free zone! You've been warned!