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Hey and welcome to KOSHER! We are a small and friendly gaming community with tons of gaming channels, meme channels, bots, self-assignable roles and more! Along side that, we have an active and friendly staff team, active voice chats and active text chats! Come and say hi!
The 'Wolf Pack' Discord Server is a small pc gaming community based in the U.S. although we accept EU members as well. We primarily play Siege and PUBG. Our only rule is to eliminate background noise from your mic. Other than that, just be cool. Plenty of bots and ranks to help enhance the experience. Stop by and say hi.
Hello Everyone,

We're a Siege Community looking for any members to join.
We're still very small and looking to grow so it becomes a second home for everyone, we don't mind how long you've played siege or how bad you're or how good, everyone is welcome no matter, so come along and help us grow, we cant do it without you. Thank you.

What we can offer:
- A fun and active community of Siege players.
- Custom gamemodes that we will host every weekend (we can host them for the streamers aswell)
- Enough Channels for each and every one of you.
- A chat where you can share your own content (pictures, clips, youtube videos, memes etc.)
- Bots and levelling through diffirent ranks.
- Custom Roles to notify other players what you rather want to play.

What you can offer:
- Try and be active
- Suggest what we can improve
- and most of all, HAVE FUN

We are a fun active server for anyone to come and join. Whether you enjoy memes or video games off all kinds.
A Discord Server to have fun, and meet new people
- Play Games
- Have Discussions
- Have Fun
Give it a try!
Looking for a CHILL and RELAXED community? Want to play games in a DRAMA-FREE discord? Then Check out the Average Joes (AvJ) Discord.
We are a group of like-minded adults who like to just hangout and play games. Some of us play competitively and some of us just play casually. But we are always CHILL!!
We mainly play Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division 2, Warframe, and even a little Apex from time to time. We have members who play random ass games too.

Check us out and see if you like us!
Meteor Gaming Community was founded in mid 2017. =MG= was created as a fun, competitive gaming community to give gamers a place to call home and be able to help expand the community to others around the world.
Welcome to the unofficial Rainbow Six Siege Discord community server. Find new friends and play Siege with each other.
Welcome to paradise. In this server we like to chat and have fun together. We will be hosting events and gaming tournaments regularly.
we are a friendly gaming community that likes to play a lot of different games.
Добро пожаловать в Discord сообщество Inclements! Тут вы найдете опытных игроков в Destiny 2 которые Вам помогут ознакомиться с игрой, вступить в клан единомышленников и просто приятно провести время в компании хороших людей) Так же играем в Rainbow Six Siege, Division 2 и много других проектов.
We mostly play siege but we play and rust and other games too.
Just a little server with some roleplaying and talking, this is my first server
Rainbow 6 Fan Girls
R6FG Is an area for siege players. Our ultimate goal is to provide an area for people to come, talk about siege and find players to play with whilst being accompanied by respectful peers, dedicated staff and a wide variety of bots including an automated Media Hub!
Come join the gulag. We like videogames, history, art, talking, and much more.

Don't be shy- we love meeting new people and are looking to grow the community.
Community of mainly rainbow 6 siege players✔️
Need admins♨️
Regular 5v5 tournaments with CASH prizes (FREE entry) 🥇
We're mainly pretty friendly and we're toxic at times. If you have any criticisms, go ahead and tell me so I can improve our server!
Toxicc Is A Rainbow Six ESL Gaming Community. We Are Currently Looking For More People To Join Us!
A small tournament discord that has recently started
We give away prizes if you win. This will include any steam game up to 75$
for a 4$ paid tournament and up to 40$ in a free tournament!

Our new first tournament will be free!
Brigade Esports is a Disabled Veteran Owned Esports Organization, focusing on high-level competitive play in Rocket League, R6:Siege, and more. Our region of play is North America. Come join in, say hello, we'd love to meet you.