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Wat is Gaming Alliance? Gaming Alliance is een Multi-Gaming community. Van nieuwe tot professionele spelers, casual tot competitief. Ranked tot E-Sport Gaming Alliance heeft plaats voor iedereen om samen van games te genieten.
Rainbow Six Siege PC is a dedicated R6 server focused on PC players whom will squad up with members, discuss about different aspects of the game and become part of a developing, friendly community.

We welcome players of all countries to join this server to support our expansion and to get yourself involved in discussing about the game, throwing as many ideas as you can to our passionate members. This community is already thriving with 100+ members being reached in the last month inclusive of players discussing, squading up and aiming to climb higher in the ranks, casually playing and getting to know each-other.

All members who join are appreciated tremendously so our staff and members will make your stay as comfortable as possible and are open to any general thoughts you may have: simply just message a member of staff.

We look forward to seeing you!
This is a server that has recently been revamped and we want to bring more people into it to widen our community. We have a variety of roles based on games.
This server is for Americans with little to no accent, Canadians who don't speak French, and motherfuckers from from the UK that can actually be understood. No goddamn foreigners. :) You ain't got to be white but you better speak English. Oh, and no goddamn kids! I'm a pipe-line operator who's looking for some fuckers to game with when I'm on my seven off.
The crimsonite sever
Hey everybody Im Gray sieges or gray vlogs as my twitch says come here to have fun with me and my friend just don’t be disrespectful literally that’s all I care about
Have a chill music setup
NSFW (id required tho)
Level system is setup
Good place to have fun and ask questions and am willing to take suggestions
And yes I allow to advertise your sever
Love Rainbow Six: Siege? No? Oh well uhhh we do. Anyways come and join a lovely community where you can join a 5 man squad in can... I mean casual or ranked. We have many channels and cool bots. Okay idk how else to convince you. Just join yeah?
💖You're invited to join Your Senpai's Graveyard!💖

This is the second official server of Animelewds from Instagram.

This is a laid back server based on Anime and Gaming!

We welcome everyone and look to just have fun!
A large Russian gaming community (more than 1000 active players), which will help find partners for games like GTA 5, PUBG, etc. We have great admins and moderator to improve your game experience.
Welcome to Siege Hub! Siege Hub is a brand new Discord server where Siege players can come together and relax.
We're mainly pretty friendly and we're toxic at times. If you have any criticisms, go ahead and tell me so I can improve our server!
really good sorts, mainly from Australia and New Zealand, welcome to our community, help us grow so more. you may meet a life long friend in the most unlikely place ;)
We're just a rather small group of people that just hangout. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Rainbow Six Siege consisting of players from Silver - plat 2. We play other games too such as war thunder,rust,xcom,gtaV,fortnite,pubg on pc
We are a Rainbow Six Siege server who welcomes good players and want to find a platform to grow your skills on and communicate with some pretty dope as fuck players!!!

We have a News section, A helpful tools selection , which will have tools for seige so you guys can play at your best, a NFSW section" you know who you are," and perspective lobbys for what you want to do in seige with another player!

Take a moment to explore what we have, that other servers simply don't have!

Hi everyone, we are a small but fun group of people who like to play games such as Rianbow Six Siege and Overwatch. It is a very chill server and everyone there is nice and friendly. Come and join us!
Flip Flops Esports Is a Rainbow Six Siege discord server and wanna be clan XD

We're curently working on a bot to quickly find others with whom you can play, so you'll never have to solo queue again
join my server and i assure you will have a good time.
there's no rules or anything all you gotta do is act normal.
A fun Community server that plays Rainbow Six Siege and PUBG. We welcome people at any skill level!

- Group up with other players and play games like Rainbow 6 Siege and PUBG.
-Listen to music with other members using music bots such as Rythm.
-Custom Leveling System. Level up and earn new roles by interacting with the community.
DeV1L.Gaming is a rainbow six siege sever that welcomes all types of players casual/competitive. We currently have over 250+ members. Hope to see you guys there!!!