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Если Вы хотите найти новых знакомых для общения или совместных игр, то приглашаем присоединиться к RGC!
У нас развитый живой сервер, адекватное общение, новости из мира игр, поиск напарников в разных кооп-играх и многое другое!
• При входе на сервер после ознакомления с правилами прожмите реакцию :white_check_mark: под сообщением в канале #✅подтверждение, это даст доступ к основной части сервера.
Server for anything FPS related with some good ol memes, Thrash metal is a server fav
This is a discord server that was designed for Rainbow 6 Siege, but we have channels made for other games. You will find just about anything in this server. We also have a page to get all of your feedback, especially on features that you want to implement in the server.
We're mainly pretty friendly and we're toxic at times. If you have any criticisms, go ahead and tell me so I can improve our server!
Just a little server with some roleplaying and talking, this is my first server
A growing group of friends who just wanna have a good time, make new friends, and game together!
This is a Siege server for people who communicate! Own and use a mic, people that don't use their mic will get kicked!
We are an LFG Discord playing all the new Battle Royale games. Focused mainly on Pubg at the moment. We have a ranking system in place for you to find members of your caliber. We are growing rapidly, come join in on the fun.
We are also playing scum and Ark Survival Evolved.
This discord is for multiple games such as: Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and CS:GO are just some of the games that we play in the server. We have very active Mods and Admins that keep the server friendly. If you want to have people to play with or just simply chat about your favorite games the join this server!
really good sorts, mainly from Australia and New Zealand, welcome to our community, help us grow so more. you may meet a life long friend in the most unlikely place ;)
We're a discord server/clan for Rainbow Six Siege which is active and want members to play with us. We are gold/plat. All is welcome.
This is a server that has recently been revamped and we want to bring more people into it to widen our community. We have a variety of roles based on games.
This server is for Americans with little to no accent, Canadians who don't speak French, and motherfuckers from from the UK that can actually be understood. No goddamn foreigners. :) You ain't got to be white but you better speak English. Oh, and no goddamn kids! I'm a pipe-line operator who's looking for some fuckers to game with when I'm on my seven off.
The crimsonite sever
Hey everybody Im Gray sieges or gray vlogs as my twitch says come here to have fun with me and my friend just don’t be disrespectful literally that’s all I care about
Have a chill music setup
NSFW (id required tho)
Level system is setup
Good place to have fun and ask questions and am willing to take suggestions
And yes I allow to advertise your sever
Love Rainbow Six: Siege? No? Oh well uhhh we do. Anyways come and join a lovely community where you can join a 5 man squad in can... I mean casual or ranked. We have many channels and cool bots. Okay idk how else to convince you. Just join yeah?
💖You're invited to join Your Senpai's Graveyard!💖

This is the second official server of Animelewds from Instagram.

This is a laid back server based on Anime and Gaming!

We welcome everyone and look to just have fun!
Welcome to Siege Hub! Siege Hub is a brand new Discord server where Siege players can come together and relax.
We're just a rather small group of people that just hangout. Nothing more. Nothing less.
We are a Rainbow Six Siege server who welcomes good players and want to find a platform to grow your skills on and communicate with some pretty dope as fuck players!!!

We have a News section, A helpful tools selection , which will have tools for seige so you guys can play at your best, a NFSW section" you know who you are," and perspective lobbys for what you want to do in seige with another player!

Take a moment to explore what we have, that other servers simply don't have!

join my server and i assure you will have a good time.
there's no rules or anything all you gotta do is act normal.