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*Warning! - Hacked Pokémon*

This is a unique Sword & Shield server where you can chill or train. The main purpose of this server is to relive battling the Gym Leaders, E4, and Champion, but with real people! With limited spots left, you will be able to have the choice of becoming a gym leader, E4, or participate as a trainer. Defeating a gym leader and E4 is quite an accomplishment. However, the question is CAN you? Not only that, but we have an extraordinarily reliant genning service!
Aside from all that, we have semi-weekly tournaments for Pokemon and Smash Bros for HUGE in-server rewards. If you're feeling competitive, feel free to participate!

Hope to see you in the server!

*- Currently looking for Gym Leaders and Trainers, all are welcome.*
Seconds Till None is a highly casual/competitive FPS server for snd/CDL/sweaty warzone and hardcore. We do NOT stand for any type of toxicity from any of our players or staff and strive to keep a non-toxic environment, even in high stress situations.
This is my first Yugioh server. I want to bring duelist from all various places to share ideas to help improve the dueling skills of others
Welcome to the competitive Call of Duty Modern Warfare community! 

This is the place for warzone, scrims, pick up groups, mixed matches and quick-cups!

Be a part of it! 

Help us to grow! 
Make this a better place and recommend us to others. More players, more activity, more matches, more pugs, more fun! 

Stay frosty!
This is a server where any ranked player in the r6 community can join! We will allow almost anyone as long as they own the rainbow six siege game! Our server is very open to almost everything and everyone is chill! Join today!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are:
-Self Assignable Roles
-Active admin
-Friendly Community
-Free to do almost anything!
-NordVPN accounts for members level 5 and above from the Mee6 bot!
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am always open for ideas on how to make this discord server better! I am usually always online so I will be able to actively monitor to make sure no one is spamming or excessively being hateful. Thank you for checking out my server!
Moin, Wir sind das Team Purge, Wir sind ein Deutscher Fortnite und Rainbow six Siege Clan. Wir wollen richtung competitive gehen und unseren Mitgliedern Etwas bieten können.
We are a team looking for COMPETITIVE players, CONTENT CREATORS and more!
Join our server and you can give a tryout to join Royal Knight !
We are Exelis eSports, a new esports organization wanting to start competitive PC teams in Rocket League, CS:GO, and Rainbow Six: Seige. We offer Casual console teams until we can expand to competitive console teams. We hope to grow our community and eventually get players to create teams to compete in tournaments on different games.
Welcome to the Forza Drag Center with prizes and more. Here is a server that is devoted to drag racing with a leader board and monthly tournaments! We do different specified restrictions in our tournaments. Some basic restrictions like drive train type and especially big tire and small tire! Join to prove that your fast!
Welcome to the Official Valorant Oceanic Competitive discord!
We've got:
✔️ Leagues and tournaments
✔️ Instant updates, leaks and info
✔️ Team managers and players looking in LFT channels
✔️ Team leaderboards
✔️ Player of the week
We host multiple free-entry Minecraft tournaments weekly with cash prizes! We are very well-organized and have lots of fun :) Join us and play for free money!
Home of your 2020 Switch Olympian!! We craft theories and friendships that will carry you in any game we play. A great community regardless of your gaming platform.
Team Shdw is a new Strucid clan. We are looking for more and more players to recruit. If you are interested join this server and react for tryout role, then message one of the staff for a tryout.

We host scrims, box scrims, 1v1s, clan wars and sometimes do tournaments.
On that grind for #1!

Thank you for reading! Hope to see you in Team Shdw soon.
Legend Of Ace brand new official server.
We did not have one so I made one.
Also apologize for the legends of ace tag it’s only way to make the game searchable on google, because other server wrote name wrong.
Join and let’s have some fun.
Hello! Welcome to Synth~Clan! This is a Strucid Server that has Professional Players from all around the globe. We not only want to Grow as a clan, but grow as a Community and people having fun!
- Elite Team
- (2) Server Boosters!
- Active Partners!
- Players are Welcome!
- Clanwars
- Weekly Synth~BoxFights
- Tryouts everyday (Synth Recruiting - Use #SynthRC)
- Special Events (Including Giveaways!!)
- Competitive Players and more
(If the join link invalid, join this link here instead -
Tactical Banditry
Tactical Banditry is an international competitive organization with branches in various games, such as...
CS:GO | Rainbow 6 Siege | Rocket League | League of Legends

We offer a growing Content Creator Support Program for Twitch and YouTube content creators.

We're also looking for graphic designers, video editors, motion designers, & music producers for our Production team.

We also have an Art Zone. Here there are sell and request services channels for designers and clients, feedback channels and art competitions.

We're more than just a competitive team, we're a community. Come join Tactical Banditry and be part of the legacy.
SUPERNOOBS is a global, social gaming community server, boasting of a community of 900+ friendly and passionate gamers from all around the world.

We currently have competitive team lineups for:
• Paladins
• PUBG Mobile
• COD Mobile

🌕Umbran Duelist is a Yu-Gi-Oh server for players old and new. We are slowly growing and are always willing to expand our numbers. We got a variety to appeal to many duelists. Fun games modes and chat rooms such as
* Daily Special Themed Duels.
* Deck Creation Challenges for custom card players.
* Duel links chat rooms.
* Bandit Keith’s den for 18+ players.
* Pokécord
And much much more!!🌖

🌗You could find yourself in a constructive conversation, giving or receiving advice on deck building and the or sharing your opinion about the Anime!!
Put your deck and skills to the test and duel against fellow members or enter in server tournaments to get a chance to receive exclusive roles!🌘

🌑So join quickly and receive the limited role “The 100 Emperors” for the first 100 members to join!!🌒
I am creating a league for a new upcoming fps shooter called Valorant. Here is my discord if you want to help support me. If you want to help even more I would appreciate it if you would advertise in your discord and any other discords you are in.
ClyPhyr is a community that hosts many events invlolving Minecraft and were spreading to other games.
Hello there! We are Team Lunar. We're a new and upcoming Brawlhalla and Rainbow 6 Siege clan. For Brawlhalla, we accept Gold ranked players and above, and for R6S, we accept anyone in high Silver and above. This discord server is for clan members and non-clan members alike. Whether you'd like to join the clan or are just looking for people to spar, this is the server for you!
Come play smash in a relaxed environment with a chill group of people. We will be hosting monthly tournaments soon. Tons of good opponents to test your skill against. We also offer relaxed off topic discussion. Darkest Emotes around, and animal crossing channel
We are a Streaming Server that strives to help smaller streamers make it big on any platform, or maybe help someone lonely to find a nice big group of friends!