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Clan Name: KLUX
Clan Level: 100+
Clan Leader(s): zeude
Clan Info: This server requires skilled players for the recruitment in [KLUX] clan which is made for both casual and competitive gaming. You can join as a casual player or you can join as a competitive member and can join the UNIX clan which is a sub-clan under KLUX.The requirements are minimal for KLUX but you gotta prove yourself to get a place in UNIX.

Requirements :
KDR : 1.5+ (minimum)
Main : All weapons except Rocket/LMG are accepted
Game-play: Mostly aggressive
Level : At least level 10

NOTE: If your KDR or your LEVEL is not as per required you can stay in the discord server as a KDR pusher or Rank Pusher until you reach the required KDR or RANK.

If your KDR is close to the required KDR of 1.5, you can ask for a tryout if you think you can show your skills and get into the clan. For e.g : (KDR of 1.3/1.4 can ask for a tryout)

Contact Info: ZΞUDΞ#8785

For players who play on SIN servers you can join the [KLUX]-SIN clan at
The [KLUX]Global discord server is here---->

Plz send your FPS gameplay clip here and make sure u have some epic moments there, i have started a yt channel and i want you all to contribute to that. Just any game whether it is Fortnite or it is krunker send the best seconds and you will be featured in my videos.
go subscribe the channel now :

KLUX Tournaments:
Check out for important tounament details and go follow the community to participate in tourneys.
~ Welcome to Kygore Cavern! ~
The Kygore Staff team created this server so be yourself, meet new people, have some fun and most importantly..... MESS AROUND WITH POKECORD!
Pokecord allows you to catch,train, trade and buy pokemon! This is our main bot that we use, it makes everything so much interesting the Kygore Cavern!
We may be a small server right now, but we hope you can help us make it grow! We have alot of fun things to do here, like giveaways, tournaments, daycare ( where you can earn money ;D ) and so much more :)

I am currently opening up a tournament server for apex legends, firstly I need to build a community, in trying to get at least 30+ people so I can gain sponsors to fund the Tournament, if you could join it would help out <3
A casual/competitive open Splatoon server to chat, strategize, debate, theorize, roleplay or talk anything about either game in the series.
We’re a small overwatch discord that host custom games,tournaments and much more in the server. Also home to the pineapp1es who run the server and even Top 500’s who can give advice in the discord.
Welcome to Make Or Break Gaming!

We welcome all PC, CONSOLE, and MOBILE gamers!

A new team/community dedicated to gaming!

- Meet new people to be your gaming pal!

- Find people to play with for fun and/or competitive!

- Promotion allowed! Advertise your Twitch, Youtube, Discord, etc!

- Easy and simple rules to follow!

We play all games from Overwatch, LoL, Smash Ultimate, and even the mobile games!
Hello, we are Actually Boosted! A growing community of Overwatch players and home to the Actually Boosted Open Division team! Feel free to join to chill, meet some new people, or maybe learn a thing or two from our wide range of top 500 Overwatch players!
Just a friendly server for casual/comp gameplay. We have members active every day and plenty of channels to keep you interested. Always up for suggestions towards the future of the server and please invite your friends! Hope you have fun while joining and dont forget to say hi!
Welcome to CT Gaming Club! Here we focus mainly on competitive tournaments and competitions for respected ranks and real life cash prizes! Use your gaming skills in a vast selection of video games such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Minecraft, Fortnite, and many more. Or, play friendly matches and socialize with the community. The choice is yours!

Once you're in, please allow up to 24 hours for verification.

Thank you!
A Pokemon server especially for Battling, Breeding, and competitive advice, with bimonthly tournaments of standard formats and unique themes, a Draft League and Breeders who do requests

There's bots for FC's on command and bringing up any needed info on Pokemon such as full stats and move descriptions
Occasionally Smash bros tournaments too now
Note: even though it should be clear from the description, this is for the actual games and not Pokecord
Du bist interessiert an kompetitiven Pokémon? Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig! Die Knilz-Liga veranstaltet nämlich 2 mal im Jahr ein Turnier, um einen Champ zu bestimmen.
Aber das ist nicht alles, der Server ist natürlich auch außerhalb der Liga aktiv. Einerseits gibt es auch neben der Hauptsaison andere kleinere Veranstaltungen, andererseits wird hier eigentlich immer über Gott und die Welt geredet.

Klingt interessant? Dann tritt doch bei
welcome to the bridgade, you picked us out of every server on disboard, huh, thats cool!!
maybe you should come check us out.

we play yugioh on duelingnexus/book and ygopro mainly but some of us also play duel links.

old players wanting to relax, and new players looking for someone to teach them the game are welcomed!!!
Come join Cow Hideout!
This is a nice server if you wanna come through to play and improve in a competitive environment.

With 500 members, we're looking forward to making it grow a ton.
-Competitive Smash and quite a few nice members to be around.
-Nice channel/vc lineup and organization.
-list of roles and 2 music bots for convenient purposes.
We’re Team LuNar, a locally recognized Gaming Team. Our winning strategy is adhering to three characteristics that define us as gamers: dedication, talent and passion. By never wavering from these foundations, we’ve experienced wins and victories.

Looking for a home? Stop searching come join our family! 18+ Community for over 10 years in multiple games. Casual and competitive gameplay. Giveaways & more!
Welcome to Paradise!
Tired of the toxic internet B.S. In Paradise, we have created a safe haven or Utopian community to chillax in all categories. Music, Movies, Art Gaming, and VC.
We are the best place to come organize eSports events or campaigns, without all the disruption of the cancerous disruptive internet as a whole.

Come meet new friends, or find one of our many channels to chill after a long day at school or work. Relax while grinding in your favorite game or finishing your homework while listening to music.

Monthly Events: Including art, mixed media, and gaming. Come to join the fun!
This is a Discord Server about Super Smash Bros Ultimate,
-We Also have a Bot That will show the latest News of Smash Bros
-We Have 🎧 Music Bot for your music pleasure.
-Also we will be helding in a couple of week 🏟️Online tournaments (Coming soon) for 0$-20$ eshop cards (US only)
-And 🖼️ Memes and Drawing so you can share your own Masterpiece
-And there are roles where it show you your main and if you play Highly competitively
-And you can share youtube links,Nintendo Friend codes and many more
Even Tho we are a brand new server, an we made this server just to have fun and relax and we hope you can join our server/community and have fun and make friends and foes.
We are community of players mainly centered on PC but open to all platforms and many different games including, Overwatch, Destiny 2, Borderlands 3, Minecraft, League of Legends, and more! Please join and add to the community we welcome all who are seeking a fun environment to sit down and play some games while having a good time.

If you don't see channels for a game you like please message an admin, we are always looking to expand! ^_^
Dark Predator Gaming is a new up and coming Gaming Team with a passion for gaming. Founded by two bored guys wanting to make new friends, we remain committed to improving our skills, achieving victory and creating an entertaining experience for our dedicated fans. This industry is growing rapidly, and we’re proud to be part of the wave of success. Catch us in action at our next competition!
Team Mercy is a E-Sports Clan that just really wants to have fun. Just because you are in the server, doesn't mean you are in the team, but you can join it!

The Team Mercy Server Includes:

- Making friends and frenemies along the way
- Joining a Team, and choosing to be competitive or casual
- Custom Voice Channels to Create
- A channel dedicated to self advertising
- A channel dedicated to finding teammates to play with
- Music Channels, Giveaways, and Polls
- Self given roles
- Fun To Use Bots
- More to come!
I'll keep it snappy; we host events, specifically on games such as CS:GO. These events consist of mini-games, such as hide & seek. If you're interesting in any of this, we would love it if you joined us.
We are looking for Overwatch players to come join!!!! [EU]

Relaxed Atmosphere.
Server Hosted Tournament Events
Self Assignable Roles
Team Finders To Help You Find Players
Server Currency Shops To Buy Premium Roles
Music Bots
Movie Nights

Server is mainly Overwatch dominated but we also play a big variety of games together.
Owner: @ImWoody
Project Edit is an editing community server full of professional editors in this server we offer:

🔴many chats and voice chats
🔴Many staff
🔴Self roles
🔴Music vc's
🔴Dank memer
🔴Editing help
🔴Staff applications are also open at the moment so why don't you come and apply for staff?

Please join it helps and my dream is to have a server with 100 members.
come hang out to play overwatch on the nintendo switch or to simply discuss it just have fun everyone is welcomed even if you dont own the game come make some friends
currently a brand new servers and will require help
keep in mind there is a NSFW section for people that like the lewd side we also have sub category for other nintendo switch games