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We are a gaming community, centered mostly around League of Legends, but which also branches out to a couple other games such as Minecraft and Overwatch.

Here, you'll find players within most skills brackets with whom you can talk to, meet, play with, improve with and have fun with, even in a game as anti-fun as League. ;P We also offer coaching to anyone who asks for it, for free! Out coaches range from being rated at Gold to being rated at high Diamond. Finally, we do our best to make sure League is seen for what it is - a team-game - so we're here if you're looking to find teams for 5-man-flexing or, more importantly, for Clash!
This brand new Pokemon League is made so that amature Pokemon trainers can take on a league that prohibits the use of IV or EV trained Pokemon to help give everybody a fair shot at becoming a champion!

We use the most recent generations of Pokemon for the league and battles occur on the switch console
(A Nintendo online membership is required to participate on online battles)

Note: We are still looking for Gym Leaders!

-18 gyms
-Majors and Minors Division
-Trade Center
-Battle Arena
-Max Raid Rooms
-A safe environment to enjoy Pokemon as a game and a Community.
Welcome to Astral eSports

We are a competitive CODM Team based in EU.

Our goal is to establish ourselves in the Competitive Scene. We aspire to continuously improve as a Team. To do so we participate in Tournaments and Scrims on a daily basis.

We’re looking for talented Scrim Players

We’re offering:
- Chill Community
- GFX Designers
- Experienced Competitive Players

Feel free to join us

JOKECLAN is a clan that focuses on Apex Legends. This server is the tryout server. Please make sure you are at least level 150+ in Apex Legends. Come and join if you think your good. Must be 13+
Below Zero is an American esports organization with rosters currently in Rocket League and Call of Duty. Our rosters are highly involved in the competitive side of Rocket League with all of our teams either playing in tournaments or Psyonix sponsored events. We are pushing towards opening into a few other games including Rogue Company, League of Legends, and Rainbow 6 Seige. We also hold weekly tournaments on Wednesdays and are always looking for ways to give back to our community.
🟢 Several Voice Channels and Tex Chats 🟢
🟣 Daily Among Us games 🟣
🔴 Active Community 🔴
🟡 Growing Community (almost 100 members) 🟡
🔵 Emotes being added 🔵
🟠 Music Player Bot 🟠
The UTA is a Pokemon Draft League that is always looking for more people to join and compete! One of our biggest priorities is that everyone is given a chance to play. Whether you've played in the draft format for years, whether this will be your first time, or whether you want to do activities other than the draft, we have a place for you!

Our draft league contains the following features:
- 3 Groups of 16 people each (48 TOTAL PLAYERS) divided by skill level!
- 10 Weeks Per Season (7 Main, 3 Playoffs)
- 2 Divisions (Pure/Shadow)
- Custom Made Tiers
- A trophy valued at over $150 for the champion!

We also have other events often that are listed below:
- Monthly Tournaments with shifting and creative metagames!
- Our own gym system (CET) with custom badges to collect, gym leaders of each type, 4 elite four, and a champion spot that you can claim for yourself!
- A Battle Frontier with numerous interesting meta games!
- A Minecraft Server!

Come in and check out the server and make a name for yourself!
The Hab Hunters (THH) are a relatively newly formed Squad Community and Clan based in Europe but open to members outside of Europe. We currently boast over 200+ Active Community Members with a solid main playerbase. Our Server is run by a crack team of admins and staff. Since opening the server on the 8th of October we have seeded every single day in under an hour to full 100/100 capacity. Our server is full of friendly faces. If you don't want to join a clan but need a server then we also offer a community of non THH Clan Members in the server. We also offer courses in Squad Leading, Anti-Tank, Piloting, Driving and using armour. We hope to see you around

The server name in the Browser is:
[THH] [UK/EU] The Hab Hunters Official Server

You can find the official Trailer for the server here:
Hello! Welcome to Coastal Stardust (formerly Woomy Empire), a Splatoon group/team, dedicated to helping improve skills to all players alike. Casual or competitive, all players welcome! Happy inking! ~ Tailsy

Status: Currently working on a competitive/clan application form

Team: @CoastalStardust
Leaders: @OrangySquiddy & @TurquoiseVeemoC
Our goal is to create a centralized hub on the Discord platform for anything and everything related to gaming. This could be anything from LFG (looking for group) on your favorite game, discussing the development of the main computer languages and other fields or even finding someone to do development work for you (ironic I know), cryptocurrency, get boosted in your favorite game or offering a boost for said game, discuss Graphic-Design with like-minded artists or simply just hang out.

With the added addition of our member application which allows you to join events, tournaments, and our very own E-Sports League to earn yourself in-game prizes or cash prizes.

We are currently looking for people to join our Staff Roles and positions.
Hey there! We are a group dedicated to creating a good, healthy, competitive environment for the game Among Us.
The Fallen Few

Our mission is to provide a place for gamers both competitive and casual to find people to play various games with, find, create, or bring an existing team, and bring out your potential. We will be doing regular hosted tournaments for different esports games. We encourage users to bring their existing team over and join in on the action!

We are a new organization for gamers founded by a few friends who decided to break off on their own and strike it big with their vision in mind. An organization with no petty politics, no favouring and 0 tolerance for abuse of power. We are The Fallen Few, we offer many games, such as popular party games like fallguys and among us, with more to be added regularly.

We are also an environment that is 0 tolerance to hate, racism, and any/all slurs, slang words or anything that is targeted at someone’s sexual orientation, gender identification, etc. So what are you waiting for? Party games? Check! Comp games? Check! Join The Fallen Few today and find out truly what we have to offer!
Wanna play UNO but the classic UNO is kinda boring?
Want to try something new?
Wanna play cross platform with your friends?
Want an active community with monthly leaderboards and challenges?

Here we play UNO with the 50 special wild cards.

-We organize tournaments every 2 months.
-We have a monthly leaderboards + monthly role rewards.
-We have a custom discord bot that reports game results + rewards.
-Active discord members.

*If you still prefer the classic UNO to a special wild cards version, but the UNO BOT is kinda boring and slow, we offer that too! On the website you can play classic mode.

*We play it on the website, so all you all you need is a browser! You can play it on your mobile phone, Ipad, PC or anything that has a browser. There are no user accounts and passwords, just input any name & go.

Join us!
We are a brand new scrim server in the making! Our owner “MRKN Austin” is trying to set up a non griefed scrim server for everyone to enjoy and play!
🍥 Smash Soba is a fairly new server dedicated to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! 🍥

We will provide:
✔️ A friendly environment for all players
✔️ Personal coaching sessions
✔️ Advice for anyone who asks
✔️ Resources for improving in Smash Ultimate competitively
✔️ Fun tournaments and crew battles
✔️ Bi-weekly game nights dedicated to Smash
✔️ Game nights dedicated to other games such as Among Us
✔️ Open partnerships with other servers (DM Ramen#2886 for partnerships)
✔️ Open promotions of other servers
✔️ Leveling up system
✔️ And much more!

🍥 We hope you enjoy yourself in the server! 🍥
A Online gaming community!! Right now we mainly play among us! Looking for gamers that want to compete in tournaments and with a team in multiple games! I want to build this brand and organization to the moon! Join now and feel free to invite completive gamers, or people that want to hang! We do monthly giveaways! We also are doing giveaways for member mile markers! at 250 followers we're giving away a $50 steam gift card!
{Team X}

We just started this clan, the Founder is @PrashantYT. We are hoping to grow a big community as a team in the future, We need you guys to help us out by joining our server and Subscribing to our YouTube Channel

What e offer to our community

❖ Games

❖ Music Bots

❖ Giveaways

❖ Rewards

❖ Clan Editor

Hope You Enjoy Our Server! And Also Follow Us On Twitter.
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Ready to unwind after a long work or school day? Join Super Smash Grill and Chill for a place to rest, run your grill, and practice rounds with a variety of players!

-A non-toxic gaming community geared towards Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
-A great server for teens and young adults.
-Grow your skills and keep them fresh with a variety of players in the matchmaking channel.
-Ranking system for all members to show how much you improved
-Looking for event hosts!
We are a roblox arsenal clan, looking for pro arsenal players! We are a non toxic clan. You can just join to chat or tryout!

Made 11/20/2020
We play Among Us competitively and we tend to have zero trolls and always competitive and hard games. IMPORTANT - If you join please be mature and chill.
A server with barely any members, but anyone is welcome to join!

This is a Splatoon server where you can find matches, or learn tips on how to become a better player.
We have lots of fun on this server. constantly looking for people to play among us with, so if you like among us, Go ahead and join! Its a great time on this server and we welcome you whole heartedly.