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Weather you are a Rising Star or you are just a Shower Singer this server is for everyone! Competitions are held monthly for CASH PRIZES with varying categories. Come join today to make friends and maybe earn a little dough.
This is a PG Sword Art Online Original Character Only Roleplaying server! There are lots of fun events and channels to explore! Character your own SAO character.
We Offer:
-Friendly Community
-All of the known Floors of Aincrad and More!
-A lot of events planned
This server is for artists to compete in monthly contests to win prizes or just share their art. Anyone may join regardless of artistic talent or lack there of. Come by and check it out.
A channel for those with a passion for midway arcades and ticket redemption. If you love arcade games, getting awesome prizes and keeping up with all the latest games from places like Dave and Busters or Main Event we are the place for you!
GIVEAWAYS SERVER for everybody!
Join, WIN and compete (with invites) for prizes!
Looking for staff!
Friendly commnunity!
Looking for PARTNERS!
We run huge Cash Prize E-Sport Tournaments for Fortnite and Apex Legends. More games coming soon. FREE entry. No pros, just fun competitive tourneys. Join to stay updated on upcoming events.
A fun server that has Simon Says games every once a while.
Our Many Suns..

Dearest reader, many many many eons ago, a stranger who called herself Salvia came into our country. She offered us jewels, spells, magical objects and the most flavorful fruits.
Her only request was that she would rule the country.
And her wish was granted...

Come aboard your dragon, unicorn or carriage into the country of Bright Sky! Join us as a hybrid, elf, human and many more species! We await your entry into this magical land full of creatures and monsters.

•Special Features!•

-Music Commands
-Custom Colors
-Friendly Introductions
-Win Prizes!
And more!
Skyblock Minecraft Server Doing PayPal Payouts For Top As Well As Buycraft Vouchers. Tons of Giveaways In The Discord.

[Name] TrueSkies
[IP] (For Now Will Change For Release)
[Summary] Skyblock
[Features] :video_game:
Custom Enchants
Custom Mobs
Custom Items
Small Server atmosphere
Mature Friendly Staff
Weekly PvP And Boss Events
Token Shop
Server /shop and Auction House
We are tired of larger servers abusing their player base, and we are here to remedy that always
Listening to our community and making sure our players are heard.
Version: 1.8 :gear:
[Recruitment] We are currently looking for Staff such as
[Event] Join our raffle! We will be doing giveaways on our discord to new people that join!
Trident Gaming Rocket League is a new organization broken off of the origianl "Trident Gaming" This server is strictly for the game Rocket League, Tournaments, eSports, and all special events will be done through this discord! We always have new tournaments to compete in!
💎Need Staff
💎Stream Team
💎Rocket League
Apex Legend Tournaments is an independent tournament and eSports Apex Organization, focused on hosting tournaments and events for APEX LEGENDS!
✅ Tournaments
✅ Prizes
✅ Cash
✅ Events
✅ Staff
✅ Apex Legends
✅ Content Creators
Come to R6ST for a tournament with real prizes, the winning team will recieve a £10 Xbox one voucher which when the team win Giveaway bot will select a lucky memebr of that team to give it to. good luck
What is Trident Gaming? - Trident Gaming is an independent Tournament/eSports organization for many games like Fortnite, Rocket League, League of Legends and many more competitive games! We host many tournaments every week for all of these games. We have multiple eSports teams such as our PC | Fortnite Team, PS4 | Fortnite Team, NA | Rocket League Team, and our EU | Rocket League Team. We are looking to create a positive community for all competitive gamers!
This is a new server that is in development of becoming a gaming central for everyone across the world to talk about and play games. We have Friday Night Game Nights and a lot of cool prizes to give out! So come on down and help make this server special.
Compete with the rest, become the best!
Rocket League tournaments and esports discord. Daily Rocket League tournaments and events. Win a tournament, get points spend them in the shop to redeem prizes like cash!
> T O U R N A M E N T S
> E S P O R T S
> T E A M S
> S E L F - A S S I G N - R O L E S
> E V E N T S
> S T A F F - N E E D E D

Dorkside cookies is a community for people with geeky interests, whether it is star wars or cosplay!!! Join our community today and participate monthly prizes, posts and straight up cool streams!!!
-Welcome to Expansion-

Here at Expansion, we are family, the greatest escape from life. Here we have:
- Fun
- Pokecord/Nitro Giveaways
- Custom bots for making chat H Y P E
- Chat Events Hourly
- Pokecord Gyms, Tournies, a loving community & much much more

-Join us today-
BRAND NEW AND LOOKING FOR STAFF (Opened 23/09/18) More information within.

Hello Trainers!
Victory Road is your one-stop hub for all things Pokémon. With a heavy focus on competitive battling, our goal is to not only cater for those adept players, but also help new battlers on the scene to find their mojo.
What we offer:
- 🌟 Regularly scheduled tournaments with prizes. 🌟
- 🍕 Designated off-topic channels for things such as food and pets. 🐶
- 💪 Support for teambuilding and Pokémon sets. 💪
- 👑 It’s a constant battle for the Champion title, who will prevail? 👑
Welcome to Rewards Hub, invite as many people as possible for a chance to win Paypal money and other rewards! Are you feeling lucky today?
This is a server, we do giveaways, tournaments, and lots of other contests for prizes
What is this server about? This server is about having fun, chatting with new people, doing so many activities, competing with other people, ranking up to the top with your friends, getting rewards and having rare roles! This server almost has daily updates you can check them in #upcoming-updates or #server-updates This is only the beginning of TheFunLand, yet to come a lot soon. So join now!