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☆ Welcome to LtGaming ☆
A friendly gaming community open to anyone who wishes to meet new people and find new friends to game with!

We Have
- an array of games to choose from and play
- friendly staff who are here to moderate and help
- giveaways
- active members and voice chats

So if you're looking for people to play your favorite games with or to make new groups of gaming pals, LtGaming is the place for you. Enjoy your stay gamers!
Mia's, a chill discord server where you can vibe with the most epic of people who are totally not cringe. Mia's regularly hosts community events such as "Mia's's got talent", Haxball tournaments and more that you can join and participate in. Mia's is the place to be if you want to chill and be yourself unless ur a furry lol
This server is brand new and was started by my internet homies and I to focus on our current interests. It’s mostly Animal Crossing related, but we do play games like Among Us, Mario Kart, and Super Smash together.

It is organized into sections so you aren’t overwhelmed with channels and only see what you’re interested in.

We have self-asignable roles, an active owner (hi!), awesome mods, and we hope to grow our community with awesome people.

We are a 16+ server, so please be truthful about your age!
Hey you! We know that school and life can be VERY stressful. Its good to take a break from the chaos. We as a community understand! Come and join to take a break and enjoy our fun community!
We are a mock US government server which prioritizes a fun and semi-realistic Mock US Government. We also cover debates and real politics!
We have:
*President, Vice President, and Cabinet* 🖋️
*House of Representatives* 📃
*Senate* 🏛️
*Lawyers* 👔
*Scenarios* 🌐
*News* 📰
*Political Parties* 🐴 🐘 🇮
*A Company and Economy system* 💰
*A friendly community!* 😄
┌─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┐
Welcome to Seraphine <3 !! ☁
└─── ・ 。゚★: *.☪ .* :☆゚. ───┘

this server has many things to offer such as;
♡・occasional giveaways
♡・role giveaways
♡・fun roles to acquire through talking, using gaming bots etc.
♡・active & friendly staff
♡・active chats
and much more <33
✨ Welcome to Spudmunity ✨
A community focused on gaming and making new friends across all platforms! This server is a fun and friendly way to make new friends for anyone who wishes to meet new people!

We Have:
🍥 An array of games to choose from and play
🍥 Friendly staff who are here to mod and help
🍥 Giveaways monthly for being a part of the events
🍥 Active members and voice chats

If you're looking for people to play games with or make some whacky new friends, Spudmunity is the definitely the place for you!

We hope you come by for a visit and if you'd like to see anything added, feel free to leave a suggestion and we will take a crack at improving! Anywho, Happy Gaming Spuds 🥔
🔥Team TFA🔥 is a discord server that is Flexible and Friendly, you can
√ •Game 🎮
√ •Talk 🗣️
√ •chill 😎
√ •and do lots of stuff here.

JOINING IT WOULD BE A FUN👍😀 ;) Believe Me😏😏... You won't regret it....
This server is a fun server which is always active, The server has members you can easily chat with and make friends with.
A very fun and interactive server that is made and owned by a youtuber by the name of JewishDaddy!
Greetings! The person who's reading this. You may be wondering why the name "Rand0m's"? Well, let me explain it to you. Rand0m's is a fun interactive community discord server with tons of cool things to do, we do fun competitions to earn a HR, and we even have channels to show off some of your work! We have some cool selectable interactive bots (Boxbot, Dank Memer, Says, etc.) We plan to add some more soon! We allow all ages and the server is completely sfw friendly. We have very simple rules to follow as well! So what are you waiting for? Come on down and get to know each other, we hope to see you soon!
Among Us Community

This server is based in the video game Among Us. Here we have multiple lobbies and where you can play with your friends and also find new people to play with as well as make new friends. We are currently hiring Staff and also are hiring Server Advertisers who will have full server perks. If your interested in any of the positions please DM me and I'm sure we can work something out.

What we offer
• 5+ Lobbies to host games
• Among is Tournaments
• A reports channel
• Leveling System
• Community Managers
• Reaction roles | *coming soon*
• SFW Community
• Giveaways

If this sounds like something you like and would enjoy then help us grow the Community by joining and also inviting 1 or 2 friends.

hi! this is the owner of the server! my name is angelica, and i made a server for us younger kids, that may not be included. we have a lot of fun and we try our best to keep the chat fun! some of these people are my classmates in real life, but i swear we'll be able to get to know you better the more you're active! our rules are mostly just common sense, so have fun and meet new people!
Thank you for checking out our server! Join if you wish to have a fun and interactive roleplay experience where everyone can feel free to roleplay however they would like. Want to be a villain? Easy! Just submit a villain character. Want to be the hero? You can do that to. Anything is possible. If you join you will be greeted by a friendly and welcoming community. We hope to see you there!
This is an on the rise server for Pokémon. But we enjoy talking about other topics too. We have a wide variety of bots on our server, including poketwo, dank memer and many more! Our admin and staff are very helpful with any questions you may have about the server or Pokemon.
Do you wanna join a server with a WWE interactive universe well this is the server for you! Here in my server, we do a 2K19 interactive universe which allows you to have up to 8 people. We also now have a UFC interactive universe! It’s really fun and surprising so come join us today!
Looking for a server that doesn't completely suck? We'll look no further than this server. We are a smaller server that has an active community and lots of chill people. So it's time to make the most important decision of your life and join this discord server.
Step On Up To Join The Bacca Family!
This is a discord server that have a couple small time YouTubers in it and a very lovely community. We are starting to host events for (almost) every holiday for the rest of this year and on. We are also adding a bunch of bots to help with make the server more fun and interactive.

Do You Have What It Takes To Join The Family?
Come Find Out And Make Our Lives Interesting!
Hello person, why are you reading this? You could be doing anything else, but no, you are here reading this. And since you are, you should join this server and meet the person who wrote this, if you want to.
1. Please join, if you want honestly no one is forcing you to not unless you want to idk
2. And why not honestly, this server is the S H I T!
3. Overtime is a server where anyone is accepted as a person, no judgment here.
4. Just follow the rules, and discord TOS.
5.Have fun!
We are a new server hoping to bring cheer to all who join, run by 10 equal co-owners.
╰─➛Come join our active multipurpose server now! Where we are all some level of fans of Project Diva or Vocaloid!

↪︎ ꒰ What’s Going on in the Server!! ꒱
- new videos on youtube every day from Project Diva Daily
-friends to socialize with
-layback and chill
-talk about a great assortment of things!
-project diva buddies and conversations!

-Suggestions to shape channel to the demand of the people
-Voice chats about music gaming and general