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Strange happenings have been going on in the real world. The cause of which is unknown. Many Digimon have appeared and gone rampant, only to leave with no repercussions of their rampages. In response, an organisation called "T.S.A.R" has been formed, recruiting Digimon Tamers from around the globe to fight back against this despair.

This server is a brand new Digimon Tamers based server, giving the members freedom of choice. You can become a saviour for the real world through T.S.A.R, or go Rouge, and cast the world into total oblivion!
Hey there this is Alisare Academy a Yu-Gi-Oh RP server designed for fun duels and overall experience!

= What we offer! =

✦ | custom bot & commands!
✦ | active community/vc's!
✦ | fully setup roles + colors
✦ | giveaways & events!
✦ | low moderation!
✦ | egirls 1:1!
✦ | approachable staff team!

join the community, leave a mark and make new friends
Hey, welcome! We're a new and (hopefully) growing roleplaying server that lets you RP your way. It would be appreciated if you participate in the plots we already have, but you are encouraged to make your own thread or request a plot to be made into a category.

Right now we offer:

Mushroom Kingdom
Legend of Zelda
Houseki no Kuni
The Fate Series

Soon, we hope to bring you:

Toaru no Majutsu no Index (Raildex)
Megami Tensei
Sonic the Hedgehog

But that's really just the beginning! We have a few bots, like Pokecord, to keep things lively, a twitch streaming channel, all to bring you a nice OOC experience as well.
So... Wanna RP?
We are a server that can be anything you want! We adapt and overcome to fit whatever it is you want us to be. Join by 10/20/19 and get member+ role!
~ 𝘾 𝙇 𝘼 𝙋 𝙋 𝙀 𝘿 ~

clapped is a fun lightly moderated discord server, with custom economy bots and friendly staff.

~ 𝒇𝒆𝒂𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒆𝒔 ~
彡large role and color menu
彡custom economy bot
彡friendly staff and users
彡fun events and giveaways
彡active staff team
A Custom Bleach RP Server, With unique and fun Races to play as! Unique Forms and a Staff team that's more than willing to help you on your adventure! Bleach: Soul Wars is an alternate timeline Bleach, taking place after Yhwach has won the Blood War and became the new Soul King

We offer 14 Races and still counting! With numerous new systems and constant updates coming Bi-Weekly (Or a little later, because we like flavor) we constantly look to bring joy and happiness to our players!
The Owner sells SHINY foreign 6IVs Dittos and any other SHINY custom pokemon (including Gmax & mythical) here. Each of them just costs 5$, you can make an individual sale.

You can get Shiny Dittos, Shiny Gmax pokemon, Shiny custom pokemon, etc here.
And some Packs in #shop, like Dittos Pack, Shiny Gmax Pack, etc. Each pokemon in Packs costs less than 3$!

*Because of so many people doing fraud, buyers can purchase after get the pokemon NO LONGER.
Welcome to: Seven Deadly Sins: Reforged!

Custom Lore
The more effort you put into your oc the stronger it will be
No canon characters
Canon abilities
Open community accepting anyone but absolute retards,
We offer good staff
All the custom things you can imagine (custom swords, magic, spells, ocs, etc)
And so much more!

join now!
Ever had an interest in Yugioh? And while you're at it, maybe you've tried to make your own yugioh cards, drawing on papers or just want to make one of your favorite decks better? Maybe you made something super broken or you got confused by PSCT and what that is? We're here to help with that, ROCC is a custom discord for improving your abilities at making custom cards, and definitely helps newbies understand the game better. We review your cards in 24-48 hours and we dedicate ourselves to being faster than any other servers at reviewing, as you could be waiting upwards of a month elsewhere! (this is no joke, it usually is that slow)
We have over 400+ Addon Vehicles,Custom Scripts,Custom Uniforms and Peds weapons and more Come Join now we have an ever-growing community with Many departments. We need lot's of high command LEOS.
Greetings from the Floating Mysteries' community, wonderful! Are you bored, or got nothing to do? Well, I must say, this server is for you! This server is recent, and so we wish to grow. We kindly offer unlimited entertainment, and a unique server design, nothing is copied. Server full of ideas and projects, interested? Come join!
The Time Is 2020 A Holy War Is About to Start From The King of the two remaining kingdoms plan to fight out there differences and when all of that is going on a new threat has been found. Although everyone thought that the demon race is far gone, we where wrong. As a young Traveler was born with the demon mark he has brought fear to the kingdom's great army now the war everyone thought was gone is coming back but this time it may be the end will you be in this War?
The Young Traveler named Yun Jucd has brought a message of war between the human race and the mystery about the Segregation and more about the great wars in the past. No one knows what will happen and the war is coming. Everyone knows that but will you be able to stop it? if not will you fight in it?
Come On Down To Nexus Gaming!
What we offer:

🔨Custom Gaming Roles!

🔨Private Modded Minecraft Server For Members!

🔨Fun and Friendly Staff/Community!

🔨Free advertising and Looking for partners! (DM Me)

🔨Modded DarkRP Gmod Server for Members!

🔨Flawless Moderation System! (So you don’t have to worry about Toxic people 😉 )


Come down to Nexus Gaming for all these benefits, And More!
Welcome to STAR WARS: GALACTIC FALLOUT! Join us to embark on a journey with your very own original character in the Star Wars universe as the story continues to develop and change as time goes on. Will you help mend the galaxy together? Or will you be one of the destructive forces tearing it apart? Come join and find out!
From the deepest part of the revrour, three packs stalk the lands...
Will you join?

The ruthless Kazatus, headstrong and brutal.
The cunning Izul, intelligent and fierce.
The childish Tholuhn, caring and fatuous.

Aethereum is Revived!

➴Under new ownership
➴Discorded Canine Role Play
➴Plotted (wip)
➴Heavily Custom
➴Literate - An application will be required to join
➳ A roleplay sample will be needed in the application

Do you have what it takes to face to brunt force of the revrour?
A music server with many different custom bots running 24/7 for different genres!
We're looking for people to help us moderate and to listen to music!

+24/7 Radio For Many Genres!
+An awesome community!
+Always looking for help with playlists and staff!
+Come Join Us And Listen!

We currently have: 70's and 80's Music, Classic Rock, Classical Music, Jazz Music, Pop Music, EDM, and Hip Hop, Punk Music, and Alt Pop.
We also have radio for the following bands: Beatles, Queen, Billy Joel, TWRP.

We hope you'll enjoy your time here!
CUBE is a new custom discord server that hosts both a Minecraft server and a Gmod server. We use custom written bots to interact with these games from the comfort of our discord channels. We are currently looking for new members to hang out with / play games with.

Our servers are not here to make a lot of money or to be the biggest server out there. We mainly focus on our user experience. Our goal is to have fun !

Feel free to join our discord !
🇪 💥 🇹 🇷 🇪 🇲 🇪 🇲 🇨
ExtremeMC was created on October 10, 2019, It is a Faction server. The version of the game is 1.8-1.8.8, and here are our features you might like:

💥 | Active community
💥 | Friendly users
💥 | Friendly staff
💥 | Custom Spawn
💥 | Custom Bot
💥 | Custom Plugin (Soon)
💥 | Fun

💠 KitPvP
💠 SkyBlock (Coming Soon)

Important Links:

You can even invite your friends and play!
Dies ist der Community and Clan Server von dem Youtuber WasserBruecke.
Du bist auf der Suche nach:
- einem Clan
- neuen Mates
- oder einfach Lust hast bei Daily Custom Games Streams dabei zu sein
bist du bei uns genau richtig.
The Great War had brought all of the distant planet of Asperitas to its knees, and fully collapsed society. For centuries, no countries could arise thanks to the unforgiving desolation this war caused. Even to this day, wastelands full of old remnants of the Great War are found in small pockets across the planet! Now, 300 years later, civilized communities are coming together again to restore their empires and to rule Asperitas once more.
You were currently in your jump ship, about to leave for [insert favorite destination] when your Ghost tells you something. He has been thinking about what would go on if the two of you explored beyond the Traveller's reach, planets that not even the Vanguard have explored, planets where your enemies may gather. Whether you want to explore these places are entirely your choice, and your Ghost makes it clear.

Welcome to Destiny 2: The Farther Worlds! Here we have much to offer (though this server was recently made so please bear with a currently small community) including the following.

¤ Role-playing! A chance to share your own Guardian's story!
¤ Custom exotics! To spice everything up!
¤ A chance to get together raid teams and perhaps get some help completing triumphs!
¤ Showing off your cool characters in the game of Destiny/Destiny 2!
¤ Fresh server? Be one of the OG Members!
¤ Creating weapons and items that you can collect! Including exclusive exotics to claim!
¤ Random events that can award special exclusive loot!

Be sure that if you join to leave a rating and review so our server can be looked at by other people looking to get a good Destiny discord server with a variety of things to do. Thank you for considering this server!
Transformers: Crossfire is a Transformers OC server taking place in a custom continuity, taking inspiration from G1 and TFP.

Lore Excerpt-
In the beginning, there was Primus, the creator of Cybertron, and further, the creator of the Matrix of Leadership and the 13 Primes. Initially, they were created in assisting Primus in combat against the zealot, Unicron the Destroyer. They were able to defeat him and send him off, thinking him dead. After such an event Cybertron lived in peace for a time. Though, it did not last, a gladiator by the name of Megatronus, who was also known as the false Prime began to cause civil unrest within the city of Kaon. Over a short amount of time, tensions rose to exponential levels and lead to strife and war. Megatronus would have changed his name from Megatronus to the more menacing Megatron and named his faction- the Decepticons.

Before long, bloodshed would take the primes some by death, others by abrupt disappearance. It left only two Sentinel Prime who would lead on the battlefield and Alpha Trion who lead the intellectual fight at Iacon. Sentinel Prime would call his constituents the Autobots whose symbol was the symbol of the Primes. At the height of the great war, the Decepticons would invade Iacon, as a contingency Alpha Trion evacuated the city and sent off the Iacon relics and remained behind with a small squadron to fight alongside Sentinel. When Megatron and the Decepticons came to Iacon, it didn't go well — ending in the sacking of the City and the murder of Sentinel Prime and Alpha Trion — leaving the Matrix to find a new host. The Matrix would choose an archivist by the name of Orion Pax who would evolve into Optimus Prime.....

...The Autobots would begin their work immediately, making the appropriate moves to get in the way of the Decepticons and their attempts to grow back into power. This caused years of strife. The tide of the war shifted once again when in a battle with Optimus Prime, Infernal Storm removed his head. The Matrix would leave his now empty spark chamber and head off to find the next Prime. The Prime chosen was a young Warrior by the name of Variton, who was the apprentice of Ultra Magnus back on Cybertron. He would evolve into Veritas Prime and take the mantle as leader of the Autobot cause. The Decepticons would further unite bringing upon a stalemate that would continue for the next 15 years and beyond with no end in sight. The human race caught in the crossfire.