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Here at Larch Dance, we pride ourselves on our unconventional take on canon lore, twisting it and breaking it in order to provide a fun and unique role-play experience.
In our world, we encourage players to tie and untie themselves to canon characters and other custom original characters in order to build a multi-layered web in our own lore system. Want to be the son of Kabuto? Maybe the rival to the First Raikage? The possibilities are endless (within reason, of course)!
Our combat system is simple, and does not involve any dice-rolling or stats tracking, it is solely an honor system.
We hope to find passionate and open-minded people who will contribute their positive vibes to our community! Hope to see you soon!
We make you custom Eup/Cars for your server, and also can find you good scripts for your server! :)
Cing Quay City is the most technologically advanced city in the world, and the only city to be situated on a floating island in the sea.

With this fact, naturally it has the highest work force in the world.

A mafia was started, and no one knows who runs it, except for the mafia elites, and whomever they choose to allow into their presence.

Now the police are notoriously corrupt, having been on the mafia's payroll for years.

The citizens all need to work for their money, even the richest of them, as otherwise the mafia will kill them for not paying their "Protection Fee" which is basically just them forcing people to pay them under the pretenses of protection, with no choice from any of the citizens.
Welcome to my Minecraft Server, GalaxyPvP, a server with a wide variety of customs such as..
* Custom Enchantments
* Custom Bosses
* Custom PvP
* Custom Gear
* Lootboxes
* Envoys
* Crystals
* SlotBots
and so much more to offer! Join now and have a great time!
Welcome to Danganronpa! Please find your seats and we'll get started!

With the addition of new students, the Killing Game has begun all over again!

The only things you have to save you is one of the 35+ ultimate powers (with more being added constantly), and your deduction skills.

The Iconic Class Trials are here as well! Will you punish the blackened, or will they punish you?

You never know who could be a killer, and you can't be sure if you'll survive this Killing Game.

The Mastermind, the source of this killing game, is hiding among the students.

Will you be able to figure out who it is, and graduate from this school?

Will you accept our invitation to this class of chaos?
Hey there, You a Fan RWBY? Wanna talk all Rwby Related Things... Wanna Play in the World Of Remnant and Fight Grimm? Or just Chillax with your Homies... Well in That Case this Is the Server for You! Come Hang out with other people that have the same interest as you do. We are a New Starting Community but with you, we can Start to grow and become a Bigger Family. So Come on into the World Of Remnant and Be creative.
What You'll Find in our Community
~ Non-Toxic / 24/7
~ 😁 Friendly Staff and Moderators
~ 📊 Fun Level-ups
~ 🎨 Custom RWBY Team Roles
~ 🎤 Discuss RWBY Related Thing
~ 💻 Direct Access to Youtube Streamers
+ Hero Hei
+ VelvetJay
+ Magic_Jocey
~ 📜 Updates on RWBY Volumes
and that not all If you're a book writer or a Fan-art maker we have a Spot just for you In our Fanfict Section.

If you have any questions you can DM me ♐Magic♍ Jocey♊#1960 and I will answer any questions.
This server is one of a kind, I promise you

The Hierarchy is an economy server whose sole purpose is economy, and nothing else!
Ran by a ▶️ custom bot ◀️ !

Some features are
✅ Working with custom mini games
✅ Stealing from others, with a risk of choosing to steal more money
✅ A bank, to keep your money safe (or not?)
✅ Heists, that require multiple people to do so
✅ Games, for something fun to do with a reward for winning as well
✅ Gambling, to bet your money and potentially win or lose it all
✅ Fees and taxes, that are collected at a certain interval
✅ A shop, with stocks built into it for constantly changing prices
✅ Items, to assist you with getting more money
✅ Jail, along with bailing for some sort of punishment for crime
✅ Self assignable roles so people can get to know you
✅ Daily rewards that get better every day

And so much more! There are always new updates so you will never get bored!

So, you do think you have what it takes to become on top of The Hierarchy? Find out now!
Greetings from the Floating Mysteries' community, wonderful! Are you bored, or got nothing to do? Well, I must say, this server is for you! This server is recent, and so we wish to grow. We kindly offer unlimited entertainment, and a unique server design, nothing is copied. Server full of ideas and projects, interested? Come join!
Please join to help us reach our goal of 250 members!

Welcome to our server. Our server is a fortnite clan, but yet we still do play other games. our server is a very nice active community. Our server has active owners/co-owners/mods/admins plus we all love to chat! come join this great server.

We also host custom matches every day!
The year is 202 AC, 6 years after Daemon Blackfyre claimed the throne from Daeron Targaryen. Daeron’s body is now in the grave alongside his sons Aerys and Rhaegel. The Blackfyres have control of the Riverlands with house Tully still lords, in the Vale Arryn still rules although precariously, in the Westerlands the Reynes were granted Casterly Rock and the Westerlands while the Lannisters were sent back to Lannisport. The Greyjoys control the Iron Islands though there are whispers of a new Iron King. The Starks continue their northern rule while in Dorne, Yronwood rules, the Reach has been split into 5 miniature Lord Paramount Ships with Hightower, Tyrell, Osgrey, Peake and Fossoway all ruling shares of it. The Baratheon’s keep the Stormlands in their grasp though there are whispers of their support for the Targaryens. The Blackfyre’s have instilled a great many of their loyalists into positions of power. Yet not all hope is lost for the Targaryen dynasty, though Daeron and two of his sons lay dead the eldest and youngest Baelor and Maekar with their respective children went into hiding into Essos along with their uncle Brynden Bloodraven was has created the Black company of Targaryen supporters in hopes to restore them to the throne. Will the Blackfyres maintain their new throne or will the Targaryens return and take it back from the traitors? Or mayhaps another house will rise from the chaos and claim the seven kingdoms for themselves.... Only time will tell.

The world is full of supernatural beings and it always has been and Castle Resda is one of the worlds best leading institutions of education for these beings. Here students can thrive, make friendships, train in combat, learn how to harness their powers and much more.

The school’s exact age is unknown but legend says that it has been around since the beginning of the supernatural realm. It is known that the school is extremely old, many who study it believe it to be 30 million years older than the human world and has been situated in the Resda realm with entrances to each realm in existence. Over the years the school has produced many famous and legendary supernatural beings such as: Dracula, The Lady in White, Lady of the lake, The headless horseman, Frankenstein and Moth-man. The school even had the privilege of teaching The Seven Princes of Heaven: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Sealtiel, Jehudiel, and Barachiel. The school, over the years has had many events and tournaments. Mrs Orlandi the principal of Castle Resda has been the headmaster for around 299,975 years. Taking the role of headmaster after “Theodore the hated” was fired, she was just the age of just 20 when she took over as principal. Theodore was an archangel who gave up his place working in heaven to become a follower of Lucifer and later leaving that position to work for Castle Resda. During his time as head teacher there were many fights and even deaths but since Mrs Orlandi has taken over the school has drastically improved. Of course, the school doesn’t go with out it’s fair share of bad students and incidents but has remained better than its previous downfall under Theodore’s time as principal.
Join the fun and calve your character's history into the walls of the school. Will you be a teacher or a student? Will you be the next famous folk-law to be educated by the teachers of Castle Resda?!
ɪɴꜱᴛɪᴛᴜᴛɪᴏɴ ꜰᴏʀ ᴛʜᴇ ᴍᴇɴᴛᴀʟʟy ᴏᴠᴇʀᴡʜᴇʟᴍᴇᴅ (ɪꜰᴛᴍᴏ)

This server is an EMOJI-only server! As advertised in the official IFTMO home server description, this clone server contains many gaming and lifestyle emojis done in the neon style as seen in Gilby's Rainbow Emoji Server (Nitro) and sub-servers!

IFTMO Neon (Nitro) brings you animated neon food emojis like pizza, ice cream, various fruits, a cheeseburger, and even a loaf of bread! Let's get this bread, gamers!

Also home to neon brands like Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and uTorrent! Neon McDonalds, Burger King, and various Monster energy drinks! More coming real soon, I promise.

Neon Holiday emojis for anything from Valentine's Day to Easter to summertime, Halloween, and winter!

Popular gaming emojis like Rainbow 6 Siege, Minecraft, The Sims, Animal Crossing, and Warframe -- definitely more coming soon!

*IFTMO Neon (Nitro) is also friendly to those with "Reduce Motion" enabled in their Discord settings -- no more dead or lifeless looking neon emojis.*

With a Level 1 server status and 100 total animated emoji slots, IFTMO Neon (Nitro) is home to many cute neon emojis with which you can express your inner light. Your friends will love it! Others will find it obnoxious! Come check them out today, and feel free to drop me suggestions in DM or in the Institution for the Mentally Overwhelmed home server's #neon_emoji_requests channel. See you there!

Dit is de invite link voor de discord server van CrashCraft!
Wij hebben te bieden:

• Binnekort een toffe pvp minetopia server
• Giveaways
• Invite rewards
• Sneakpeaks
• Een music channel
• En Profesionele builds (
• Balenced crates

Wat hebben wij nodig:
• Staff
• Builders
• Developers
• Spelers
• Youtubers
Welcome to ReddFoxRP! A new FiveM server that brings the community together!
• ESX-Hybrid Server
• CAD/MDT System
• Amazing Scripts
• Fun Community
• Custom YMAP Building Interiors
• Custom Weapons
• Active patrols
• Community Police (/onduty and must be in RTO)
The ReddfoxRP server was originally created and founded by Simon.R but was recently taken over by Charlie.S. The server has multiple developers working on the server 24/7 to ensure a fun time for everyone. If you're looking for a good Roleplay server then please... Check us out!
• You only have to be 13+ to apply for a Whitelisted Department!
• Have a working and clear microphone!
• Follow the rules!
• Must be able to fluently understand and speak English.
• San Andreas State Police
• Blaine County & Los Santos Sheriff's Department
• San Andreas Fire Department
• Central Dispatch of San Andreas
• With so many more cool subdivisions to apply for!

We also offer certified civilian slots which gives you access to many more cool features!
We are recruiting new Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and Dispatchers. What we are looking for are more experienced, mature and dedicated people who can help the community. If you believe you have what it takes, fill in your application form now!
Thank you for taking the time to read this,
If you have any questions make sure to forward them to anyone within the ReddFoxRP Support Team.
Our Staff Team is very active, so you should be able to get a hold of someone If you fail to do so, contact the Head Admin (Tashner).

Discord Link:

The story of Mekron begins outside Mekron strangely, on the real world where roughly in the year 2030, a team of researchers in Switzerland uncover an alien artifact upon an asteroid which they find resonates with boson signatures when placed in the origin of a particle accelerator. This aritfact is tested about and when world leading scientists get it to resonate again using anti-matter, it accidently zaps a humble particle physicist and over-educated electronics intern into another reality where she is lost. This reality is exceptionally special, she finds herself on an equivalent of earth populated by creatures of fantasy that can wield magic. This universe is completely the same, down to the atomic level, the stars are in the same place and so is the earth. The only difference that this reality had was the alien aritfact arrived much earlier in history and life evolved around it. Life became a lot more diverse throughout this earth's development which made spawned a mosaic of those that have unnatural abilities throughout history including magic as previously mentioned. Life too shaped the continents on this earth just as the regular one was shaped by life so it looks much different. The researcher finds that society here is medieval, wars between races suppressed science for an entire millennia. It only takes one person to change a society, she was the savant and transformed the world around her using technology she replicated from a mixture of memory and trial/error, starting with pneumatics and working her way through her own history. There were many who disregarded the teachings of the savant and could not change, they were the Selparions. The Savant (what the researcher became known as) united several kingdoms across a continent into the Leenarks. Now, in the year 2030, the Leenarks with their steampunk-themed technological power and the Selparions with their ancient magic, find themselves in conflict.
OrlandoRP is a roleplay community based around Orlando, Orange County and Daytona Beach. Anyone can be a cop and we have a variety of custom vehicles. We also include aviation in our server and we have realistic aircraft in our server. We aim to build a community that everyone would enjoy to be in and everyone can have fun on the server. We hope you enjoy OrlandoRP.
3 pm T2 Custom
4 pm T2 Custom
Unlimited Custom on live
From 9 pm to late night
Paid Custom
THRUSDAY and Saturday

2 PM. AND. 3PM.
MOBILE. Mob. And emulator
Note=>Depends on Registration
@everyone @here
Hey, welcome! The lore is simple: At the beginning, only one major species ruled the land: humans. The cities of the land started a war, which ended in a deadly explosion. Due to the nuclear explosion, many new species emerged.
Youngsters are put into these cities by choice. They get to choose their own city - similar to the books and the movie 'divergent'.
Some come in from 'outside worlds' - they can still have roles in this universe but do not specifically belong to any city or role. Soon after the nuclear species, it was connected up to the many of thousands of worlds that are out there. Only the most clever and high-ranking of these worlds can enter this world...

So, why not join us!!
We are a serious FiveM server, based off community feedback.
over 200+ custom cars, custom clothing and custom scripts.
Summary: Chronicle Labs is a plugin-based, US-Central server focused on fleshing out SCP: Secret Lab for the most enjoyment of its users.

Detailed Information: Chronicle labs uses the EXILED framework to stay up-to-date with plugins that change the game in multiple ways. Our Admins work very hard to strike a fine balance between user enjoyment and heavy rule enforcement, so you never feel cheated at any point in-game. We are a newer community and wish to see many people grow with us.
June 2020 we still rolling. Alisare Kingdom is a Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament and RP server with a mildly dark plot and casual non meta decks to make for fun duels. Deep lore and well thought out plots included.
● Fair and decisive staff
● Custom cards accepted AND moderated in the RP
● Ability to freely use a custom character and evolve their personality and deck as we progress
● Tournaments at least once a week involving a range of different things such as pure attributes TCG meta and OCG meta

● Lore Sneakpeek: The world is divided into districts and cities. A pro league of duelists has been formed from these cities where these duelists are able to make insane amounts of money and gain prestige. In Alisare Cylite City there are three factions that rule the city currently alongside a mayor and a police force. The @Ancient Faction is the oldest faction and has been in a decline recently. They believe now in victory at all costs and using strategy over brute force. One of the newcomers the @Ikigai Faction believe in seeking duelists with a higher purpose and dueling with honor. The final faction, the @Magical Hats Faction, is a chaotic faction that believes in dueling for entertainment and being care free duelists.

Join now into one of these factions and fight for control of territories in order to boost your Faction into the ruling state of the city and hopefully: become a Pro League Duelist.
Britain's Finest Roleplay is a GTA FiveM Framework server dedicated to bringing the most realistic British roleplaying to your screens.
Join us for adventures, giveaways and up to date information on all things Britain's Finest.
Hey their people! This server is meant for FiveM developers of all kinds to come together, such as car skin developers, such as my self :)