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A pretty chill server where you can bring your positivity and also;
-Talk to many people active at many times
-Play Pokecord with many others in the main chat
-Play DiscordRpg and gather them lemons
-Listen to music in voice chat
-And much More
The date was July 17th, 2200. Sentient species across the cosmos finally discovered away to brush their fingertips along the stars that had once been just beyond their reach. A new compound dubbed Lightrium by the public, was the thing that allowed these species to dig their claws into the fabric of space, bending it so that travel would take minutes rather than millennia. Five empires of sorts had committed to this form of travel, and it didn’t take long before they came in contact with one another. There was peace for 5 centuries, until a war broke out that caused tensions to rise, where it became known as the 200 year war. Billions perished before the war had stopped. The current year is set in 3000 CE. Peace is present, and flourishing, though rare at the same time. Unrest is on the low, but tensions are at a record high, surpassing that of even during the war.

Join us in the Federation of Free Planets, where one may find a fast growing Sci-Fi server set in the time 3000. Also being an organized server, with an ever growing, active, and friendly community with a great deal of staff willing to help whenever necessary.

• A selection of 6 races to choose from, along with ones made by other members!
• 35+ rp channels!
• Inclusive OOC channels if you don’t want to rp!
• A friendly and active community
• Helpful and skilled staff
• Numerous fun bots!
• Control as many OCs as you want!

Owner: @Brit No!
Permanent Link:
Hello, we're a small rp server trying to grow. Currently we aren't ready to start, but we are always accepting new people to join and give suggestions to the lore.
We have completely custom lore, races, magic, and a completely ever expanding map.
We hope to see you
Partnerships available! | LGBT+ Friendly | Self Assignable Roles | Custom Bot | Custom Currency | Shop | And over 110 sweet members! Please join today!
Enjoy :zap: Spark Gaming :zap:, a community driven gaming server. Games include:
༶ :pick: Fortnite
༶ :helmet_with_cross: PUBG
༶ :bomb: R6S
༶ :gun: Call of Duty
༶ :trophy: CS:GO
༶ :race_car: Rocket League
༶ :knife: Battlefield
༶ :crystal_ball: League of Legends
༶ :boxing_glove: Roblox
༶ :video_game: Minecraft
༶ :stopwatch: Overwatch

In addition, we also have:
༶ :credit_card: VIP Roles
༶ :scales: Open staff positions
༶ :robot: A custom-made bot
༶ :chart_with_upwards_trend: A quickly growing member base
༶ :busts_in_silhouette: Partnering
༶ :speech_balloon: And much, much more.

Join Now:
This is a nice server and it used to chill out and to be nice! Plus you get to do a lot of stuff and meet new people! This can be an NSFW channel if you want it to. Just go to the channel. I hope you enjoy and watch our community grow!
💎 ⚔ • [PindaNetwork MC] • ⚔ 💎
[{ De meest unieke gamemodes van Nederland }]

[{ Voor meer informatie moet je de Discord server joinen.}]

[{ Alles erop en eraan, geen privacy vragen, gewoon 2 normale minecraft accounts voor jou! }]

💎 • [PindaNetwork is de ULTIEME en UNIEKE manier om Minecraft te spelen!] • 💎
[{ Kom het zelf maar bekijken in de server }]

[{ De NIEUWE en VERBETERDE versie van PindaNetwork komt eraan, en beter dan OOIT! }]

🔹 Custom Kingdom Map
🔹 Custom Cosmetics (Nog nooit eerder gezien)
🔹 Custom SkyBlock
🔹 Gebruiksvriendelijk scoreboard
🔹 De leukste donator functies (Als je een rank hebt)
🔹 Iedere keer een leukere ervaring.
🔹 GloedNieuwe Space Gamemode (In onderhoud)
🔹 De Beste Invite Rewards (Check ze zelf uit in de server)

🎊 IP: Play.PindaNetwork.NL
🛒 STORE: PindaNetwork.BuyCraft.Net
Hi we are a Star Wars Roleplay with. Are very own lore. We are growing quickly and are very new we are open to all types of new members
**This server takes place in a n alternate Star Wars universe**
In the final battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Luke successfully killed Vader and joined Sidious. Only a few years later he killed Sidious and became the emperor. He changed the Sith order. So their were multiple Sith Lords but he was the lead. He successfully wiped out most of the rebels. However, they rise again. Now their is a constant war between the rebels and the dark side. This takes place 27 years later as Luke is still ruling the empire and has taken the name Darth Zoon
Hello comrade! I see you are new to the zone, well I’m here to wish you luck

Join if you are a fan of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series or maybe you just like action and adventure rps. We have a great staff team that will respond quickly to your concerns and questions
Custom Discord Servers is a place where you can get moderation and management for your discord server, or you can get one tailored to your needs and built from scratch!
This Server Is Placed **150 Years After Frieza decided not to kill off planet vegeta** and changed its name to **Planet Frieza** he then decided not too kill of all the Sayians but keep them under wraps through prison camps and in his army showing him there loyalty by extreme standards. After **Lord Frieza died he gave his throne to his oldest son and the rest of his sons and daughters got some planets** while others just became pirates. Since this the **Sayians are forming alliances known as the resistance**. And you can join them. Or you can fight them.
Our server is a small discord but we're very active and we talk about what ever. We never discriminate.We have 2 roles admin and community. We also take feedback from the community and make adjustments from that feedback . Is the discord!
Taking place 35 years roughly before volume one and a few years after the Faunus Rights Revolution, the world of remnant are at peace, or so it seems. With Beacon going through renovations and rumors of expansion underground to increase the size of Vale being bounced around, the populous are at ease as this time of peace still holds true... or will it?

With Jacques Schnee inheriting the Schnee Dust Company, rumors have spread that unethical practices have began to take place in the mines, but with no real factual data to support this, the civil protests done by the White Fang are just ignored. But deep in the underworld of Mistrial, there seems to be something brewing, something large, and soon ready to explode outward along with rumors in the unmapped areas of the Vacuo deserts that there is also something brewing there, but unknown exactly what is happening.

Will you take up the role as a prospering student in one of the academies, or will you join the underworld and help them complete their goals? Are you the kind of person to become a legitimate hunter or even professor at the academies, or will you fall and get corrupted, taking odd jobs that aren't moral in the slightest. Maybe you feel that the humans haven't learned their lesson during the Faunus Rights Revolution and peaceful protests will just be ignored as they are now. It is all up to you, so come join us. Please message me if the Discord link has expired, Thanks, and hope to see you join us!
A LOCAL POKEVERSE SERVER! FULLY CUSTOMIZED! Rewards for leveling up with custom made bot!
The BlocksVille Network is proud to present to you Season 2 of their popular skyblock series! Join us today for awesome cash prizes!

May the best player win!
This is a RP server set in Tokyo in the Tokyo Ghoul universe, everything will mostly be custom but there will be some stuff from the anime/manga besides the basics. You can play as both a Ghoul or a Ghoul Investigator
A Fun little Roleplay server where you can get your own room and meet loads of interesting characters :)
Yggdrasil is called "The World Tree" and has given birth to all 13 worlds. There have been both heroes and villains in this particular world, some who desire to protect the tree and some who vow it's destruction. Nyoril (Ny-o-reel), Thodea (Though-dee-a), Froetur (Fro-ter), Yerhan (Yur-hon), Amahaz (Om-a-has), Hoyaovil (Ho-ya-vale), Imyth (Im-ith), Umuthal (Oo-ma-thol), Tremyhr (Treh-mire), Noth (Noth), Aistaemhaz (Aye-stem-hoz), Yonnuidynn (Yo-no-ee-deen), and Yuvyn (Yo-vine). Each world has it's own cultures and life, and each has it's own goods and evils. All of these worlds were once connected to Yggdrasil, but at some point in history the connection ended and now each world is separate from one another. Some say it was due to the clashes between the divines, others say it was due to an unknown evil that wishes to destroy each world, though Yggdrasil has now become only a myth, a legend to most. However there are still some who seek out the tree, and they may find it yet.....
Welcome to the Grant © Discord Server!

This is a server where you can interact and just be a part of our friendly and amazing community! There are giveaways, bots, and even a channel for being toxic!

Channels will include: Information, Help, Giveaways, Chat, Marketplace, and Gaming! Feel free to join as we are in need of an active community with dedicated members!
I’m Diablo And I’ve Always Wanted A Destiny RP But i Could Never Find One Well I decided Too Take It Upon Myself Make One And Show It out Too the public There Are no rules really All I wish For is for you too come join rp with us and have fun also we have chats for Teams/Clans/Raids/etc all for you so come down and have fun with us, Guardian.
Welcome to QuantumPvP everyone! This server is a 1.8 custom enchant factions server with all your favourite enchants from cosmic. This is an op server meaning everyone can have the same experience like they would on other servers without the heavy need of p2w. This server has everything needed for a great factions experience. Enjoy your time here at Quantum and from all the staff thanks for coming by.
🏡 Welcome to Camp Half-Blood!
Were you brought here by a satyr?! Or did you find your own way to camp?
Well, anyhow, Camp Half-Blood welcomes you with open arms!

We offer many things in this server, such as -

Minor Gods to be used as parents!

A music bot! Cause we all love those, right?~

LGBTQ+ friendliness!

Weekly quests to keep the roleplay interesting!

Multiple places for campers to explore in Camp Half-Blood!

So what are you waiting for, huh?! Hop in and have some fun!***
1947 Roleplay - Cold War, Alternative, and Customizable Nations.