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**Not a furry server**

A place for cats to roam freely, aka the heaven you've always been looking for :3

What is this? A cat just appeared out of no where. It stares at you.. like.. it wants something. You follow it into a bush, and there's a.. trap door. Do you go in, and follow the cute kitten? Or is it too suspicious?

The Purr Lounge is a gr8 discord server with various channels for you to enjoy from. We have:

Various Bots
Helpful Staff
Plenty of Roles
Growing Community

Our Community Is Purr-fect For You!

We will be waiting for your arrival..
MineMC is an upcoming Minecraft Prison server discord. This discord will be used to do things within the server. I invite you to be apart of the community and join the discord server!
Welcome to Neat’s Place, a noticably small server built from the ground up by our high-class (non-paid, don’t tell anyone) architects! Indeed, a discord server built like a house.

Custom Roles! - As long as there’s space, you can go by whatever you want here. Meme dealer, Thief, Knight in shining armor, ANYTHING.

Custom channels! - The house may have walls, but we have the tools to extend them to your liking! Get your own channel to do whatever you want, venting, posting images, talking to yourself, etc.

Events - Participate in a multitude of events such as Game Night, Splatfests, Karaoke, Movie Time, etc.

A server for anything! - We don't limit our conversations to any specific topic, so go nuts... as long as it doesn't break our rules. Games, Music, anything that's on your mind. We're here to talk!

Welcome to Neat's Place, we hope you enjoy your stay.
Inside of Project RWBY there is no Team RWBY or Team JNPR, there is you. The rp is being brought back with active members and dedicated people. Though we have certain aspects from Canon, it’s you who gets to decide what happens with the characters you make. Join the active, fun, and exciting story! Everyone is welcome, those with little-to no rp experience and those with years of experience! Tell what would happen without Team RWBY and other main characters and plot.
As Grand Zeno is no more by the hands of someone who proclaims to be the creator of everything, he has also taken the 'throne' as he stepped out of the shadows, now he is the one who is titled the omni king.

The omni king decided to destroy everything. Except one universe. And he expanded that universe. And let it grow by itself. It is one, giant universe now. The omni king created life, along with different gods to assist him. This universe would contain at most 3 Gods of Destruction, 3 Supreme Kais, and 3 normal Kais for each part of the universe, totalling 12 normal Kais. They all created life, and now it is 1000 years after the creation.

Age 1000.

AGE ONE One year after the takeover the new Omni King erased everything in existance as he then began rebuilding slowly just because he wanted to do it slowly and not instantly like all the other times.
AGE 100 The Omni King has made the planets and all the races he wanted there to be. Now he has appointed Angel Attendants to train the new Gods of Destruction.

AGE 123

Supreme Kais were appointed. However this time they were much more powerful than before. They were equal to half of the G.O.D. strength. If one dies, their corresponding G.O.D. dies. The Supreme Kais were elegant, and there were also, 3.

AGE 300 The Supreme Kais had created a lot more. And to govern different parts, they appointed 12 Lower kais, called King Kais. There were 3 for each part of the universe. There was one leader kai for each group of kais, called a Grand Kai. These Kais were also very powerful.

AGE 500

Everything is functioning normally. Each planet has it's own technology, species, religions, etc.
Age 750 The first space travel technology broke out, in the Eastern part of the universe. The first wars began to break out.

[It is now age 1000. The universe is at peace. The current most advanced civilizations are humans and tuffles.]
This is a world not unlike the real world, except for the mental capabilities of the average person is much more EXTREME, this is "Psycho World"....and in this world, people posses psychic entities that make up the very culmination of their mind and personality and willpower, these creatures are constantly around their real counterparts, and can develope in people or animals at as early as one year of age, these psychic entities are powerful, and have various abilities, and yet, cannot effect the real world, only other psychic creatures, though this isn't all bad, as theze psychic creatures can be used to fight against one another to settle disputes, and commonly are, however, one must be careful, because even though the people don't take damage liken to their creature, if their creature dies, they die...
Hello, we are a server based off of the Worlds Collide Heroes Clash series by Raptor2216 on We are a relaxed server not too worried about rules. We have a friendly staff ready at anytime to answer questions. Hope you join us and if you do have a great time.
This is Pop Culture Craft, a Prison based server that is full of exciting plugins, that includes old plugins, as well as new plugins, enchants, and more! Pop Culture Craft is the newest and most exciting up and coming prison server that is blowing away the competition, with its custom builds between each mine, and a new mechanic to prison servers! Pop Culture Craft is still in development, so when you join if you find any bugs or exploits let us know in our discord, or just let us know what we could do better!
This server has recently been made and revised, it is an rp server based in a world where the orginal cast never existed or possibly exists in another Universe altogether, all that is known is that saiyans have recently landed on Earth and are now following their prince's orders to take over. All this takes place in America instead of Japan. Currently, we are still working on the server however, and will take new ideas or outlooks.
Looking for a server that is a hangout place but more? Well you are in luck this group is for the depressed/Edgy teens we have lots of Channels to find out exactly what you want to talk about hope to see you there.
Welcome to Naruto: The Last of Us! This is the Boruto Era, except Kakashi Hatake, Rin Nohara, Obito Uchiha, and Minato Namikaze suffered no casualties in the battle of Kannabi bridge. Obito instead became the 6th Hokage instead of Kakashi. There was a 4th shinobi world war, it was between Iwagakure, and Kumogakure. but it is now ended. And they agreed to stop the fighting, but who knows with the new generation, what kind of conflicts there will be. Custom Jutsu, Clans, Dojutsu, and More! Naruto Rp. Come join the story. How can you make the story yours?
Welcome To Crimson Reborn, I had the Idea to make an Original server with an Original Lore...everything you need to know is in the server so I won't let this go on for too long... Just enjoy the server!
want a Digimon cyber sleuth like RP? this is the one! log onto NEO EDEN and start taming Digimon. pick a side, choose your allies, and do more to help this worlds hope be regained, or destroyed
@everyone The year is 2177. The United Terran Republic has begun colonizing space, starting with its own solar system. By sending a research and colonization crew to orbit Jupiter, UTR plans to experiment on artificial gravity technology and radiation resistant metals.

On the transport is a legion of military staff, as a precaution. The military staff includes the Patriot project, meant to genetically enhance humans to killing machines. Currently, status on the project is classified. Special Operation Commandos and Defense Commandos are the first versions of the Patriot Project, only advancing IQ and other details.

The ship contains multiple civilian centers, similar to a city. In the center of the ship is a wildlife preserve, two kilometers across. This provides food for the crew. The ship is called 710 Titanium.
This is a Custom Role-Play server, that is accepting of anyone whether your Rp, is Bad, Decent, or Good the community is very welcoming.This server was originally private, but made public as I, and my friends felt as though this Role-Play can flourish more when it is public, than if it was still Private. I hope you enjoy your stay in the server!
It's a Greek mythology world pretty much, in the ancient times. However with different gods. You can become a god, or be a demigod, be a king, or be a citizen, be a warrior, commander, and
whatever you desire. This is ancient times.
We have:
~Many places!
~Gods, demi-gods, and creatures!
Hello, we're a small rp server trying to grow. Currently we aren't ready to start, but we are always accepting new people to join and give suggestions to the lore.
We have completely custom lore, races, magic, and a completely ever expanding map.
We hope to see you
Enjoy :zap: Spark Gaming :zap:, a community driven gaming server. Games include:
༶ :pick: Fortnite
༶ :helmet_with_cross: PUBG
༶ :bomb: R6S
༶ :gun: Call of Duty
༶ :trophy: CS:GO
༶ :race_car: Rocket League
༶ :knife: Battlefield
༶ :crystal_ball: League of Legends
༶ :boxing_glove: Roblox
༶ :video_game: Minecraft
༶ :stopwatch: Overwatch

In addition, we also have:
༶ :credit_card: VIP Roles
༶ :scales: Open staff positions
༶ :robot: A custom-made bot
༶ :chart_with_upwards_trend: A quickly growing member base
༶ :busts_in_silhouette: Partnering
༶ :speech_balloon: And much, much more.

Join Now:
The year is 2572. Humanity has reason to believe that in our neglect, Reach has become re-inhabitable due to a spike in forerunner activity. A war wound, home of many before, now housing an enemy to mankind. The UNSC turns towards those still willing to fight for something:
Spartans of old, those who used to call reach home, and others who want to rebuild the planet up to it's former glory.

The UNSC reports that little defects of the covenant, allied with the forerunner threat, have taken the former Human planet hostage under their tyrannical grip. So the question is...

Will you help reclaim Reach?
A random roleplay server. This server has no lore as it is kinda a sandbox type roleplay though the creatures at the moment are modern mythical creatures like vampires etc. Feel free to join! Note, the server isn't extremely active.