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Un tout nouveau serveur RolePlay qui a ouvert c'est porte , du serious , Tout l'illegale se passe en citoyen , Un Staff a l'ecoute !
TropicoRolePlay !

>Start< 10K

>Vip< 2Euro Sauf promo jusqu'a mi-septembre 10invite joueurs constant = Vip 1Mois

>Recrutement ON<



>Nom du Serveur< [FR|QC] TropicoRP | Votre vie commence ici !



Merci a toute les personnes qui viendrons !


Fondateur de Tropico Roleplay !
We're a very fun, loving and small community, we have a variety of members from all over the world. We host events and online chats together and we have a TTT and PropHunt Enhanced Gmod servers, don't be scared to ask us anything or to just say hi, we got you.

--- Here is what you can find in WLO ---

> 💎 Memes and media channels

> ☁ Fun Mee6 roles when you level up + perks per level

> 🎲 Events and games (Late night game events like Cards Against Humanity, Uno,, Jackbox Games, etc.)

> 🎵 FredBoat bot, karaoke and music channels

> 🎰 Tatsumaki bot, with a secret NSFW room

> 🔊 Lots of voice and text channels + VC room you can own by donating

> 🛡 Friendly Staff

> 🔥 Custom emojis + animated

> 💣🛢 We have a TTT and PropHunt: Enhanced Gmod servers + donor packages with lots of perks

> ⭐ As the name of our community suggests we got your back, don't be scared to ask us anything or to just say hi, we got you

> 🔰 If you can't or don't want to be staff you can still help us out a lot with the Community Aid system we have

Steam Group -
Donate here -
Servers and War
A relatively new network that focuses on Server Hosting and custom server work with community relations.

Current Features:
-Custom Gmod TTT server
-2 developing flagship servers
-Custom MC server
-League of legends chat groups
-Open chatting with other members
-Open voice chat and lobby channels
-Active staff
-Development opportunities

Our Minecraft server is:
Hello! My Name Is SmokingWinter
And I'm The Owner Of Fancy Networks!

We Are A Custom Gmod DarkRp Server With An Incredible Team That Dedicate There Time Towards This Server.
The Fun You Can Have On Our Server It's Really Limitless.We Tried To Make It Different,
Something Nobody Has Seen On Any Gmod Server And I Think We Successfully Beaten That Task! We Have Mostly 30/81 Daily Active Members And We Need You To Be A Part Of That!

What Is Different Compared To Any Other Server?

We Have Wipes And What That Does Is Every 6Months We Do An Inventory Wipe Without Any Notice And We Give You The 10%
Of The Inventory Into Money Worth. After That In The Next 3Months After The Inventory Wipe We Do A Money Wipe And
That Means We Take Only 15% Of Your Money Away. We Added This Because I Been To Many Servers And When I Try To Make
Money In My Base The Richest People With The Best Stuff Come Even Just To Take A Printer And I Think We All Deserve
A Chance Even If We Started Late.

Server Updated Mostly Every Week With Paid Addons That Benefit The Server And Your Roleplay Experience!

We Have Great, Well Known, Trusted, Trained Staff That Dedicate There Time To The Server. We Are Strict That There Is No Admin Abuse! So
You Won't Have To Worry About Admin Getting An Advantage That Normal Users That Play Our Server!

We Have Sensible Donator Ranks To Members Who Donate To Our Server!

The Community Is Always Active And Friendly To Other Members!

Some Of Our Paid Addons Are:Blue Double Or Nothing, Gprinters, Report Addon, Gmining, VCMod, Purge And Much More!We Have Over $300 Worth Of Gmodstore Paid Addons!

What We Have In Our Discord Server?

Nitro Boosted Server

Active Owner
Active Co Owners
Active Staff
Active Members
Everyone’s Friendly

Daily Giveaways

1 Custom Made Bot
5 Bots
Moderations Bots
Music Bots
Fun Bots

And Much More

Are You Intrested?

If You Are Come And Join Our Discord And Play On The Server. Thanks For The Support!
**Welcome to Digia Networks!!**

I am the owner of a fabulous and active community that was created by yours truly and founded by Neuro and Tetra!

Our server has many things to offer including:
-Gaming servers (Rust, CSGO, Garrys Mod, Minecraft, and more coming soon)
-Art Chats
-Music Chats and VCs (Production chats, Lyric chats, Collab chats, etc.)
-Our very own custom made bot Parallax (**Parallax now being used in CallMeCarson's Discord**)
-In discord currency with minigames (gambling, hangman, etc)
-Community events
-And much more to come!

Go ahead and join our community and join the growth with us!
We are a Roleplay community for Garry's mod. Our server is centered around the Berlin Wall and gives you a unique opportunity to experience life as either a civilian, Police officer, border guard, soldier,intelligence agent, and a tanker for either the Free allied west or the communist East. You also have the choice of joining the resistance. Outlawed on both sides, you must find your way to survive and hopefully change the political situation for Germany. Join us now and come check out the server. We are in a great need for both staff,VIP, and ofcourse NCOs and COs. You could be very well eligible. We hope to see and hear from you sometime soon. Welcome to the UniCiv family :)
Chill Zone is a relaxed and social group for console and computer gamers alike. Your Discord rank will persist on our game servers. Come hangout with us!
this server is a normal place for people to make friends and have a good time. This server is to make sure people are safe and are following Discord Community Guidelines to be a very highly respected Discord member. We have a variety of channels and nice chats to talk in (and even a NSFW chat 0w0). This server is very fun and everyone will be able to have friends and have fun! I wish you a good time on this server and have a epic day! ^w^
Gmod Creators Area a pour but de favoriser l’entraide entre créateurs de contenu mais aussi de répondre aux question des fondateurs de serveur Garry's Mod !

Principalement axé sur la création de contenu pour le jeux gmod, vous trouverez de l'entraide pour le mapping, glua, web, graphisme mais aussi la modélisation et la configuration.

GCA organise aussi des événement afin de mettre en compétition les créateurs de contenu et récompenser les meilleurs!
We are a growing up community , hosting game servers , cs 1.6 for the moment , csgo , tf2 , gmod and more are on the plan , join our crew and meet other players to play with ;D
A G-Mod community that focuses on Star Wars Imperial RP. We try to cross canon and legends stories where they make sense. The goal is to make a fun and accurate experience for people to enjoy.
SystemRP - A DarkRP server!
Its fairly new however we are growing fast!
We would love you to come on and give it a go!
We do Community Events
A bunch of Giveaways!
Not forgetting a wide range of RP choices in game!

DarkRP Server on Garry's Mod!
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A community of casual gamers who love memes, Destiny, and rainbow six siege especially. Very active especially in games like Destiny and Siege where we often do carries through raids or competitive! Make sure to hit the checkmark on the rules to see all the chats when you join.
Lmao Zedong.
Gaming Community!
We play games such as:
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Garry's Mod
Golf With Your Friends
Grand Theft Auto V
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Rocket League
Battlefield 4
Battlefield 1
The Forest
Dead Island
Welcome to Dark's Mods wave , A server owned by "Thedarkcat12", We make mods,

Games we already are making mods for

Games we are planning on making mods for
🇬Garrys mod

Please enjoy your stay. 👍
Exodus is a server built for RP, but has also begun to expand into games such as Minecraft and Gmod! The lore is primarily centered around a space station orbiting a dead planet, but is ever-growing and expanding. We are currently looking for more SFW Roleplayers, but ERP is welcome as well. We are actively working with Sansar to possibly get our own VR world, likely resembling the setting of Exodus, and are always looking for promising partnerships, as well as friendly new members! Please abide by the rules once joining, and have a wonderful time in our community!
Just a average community hoping to unite everyone we arn't very strict have fun, just obey the rules is all. :D
A place to hang out, and see if you can find other people to play with. As well as Gmod supports and server devs.
Welcome to The Gum Pack! We hope you'll find yourself comfortable and happy during your time in this server!

In this server you'll find yourself with:

-Friendly Staff that that will happily assist you with any inquiry and question

-A variety of bots to have fun with

-No drama and toxicity


-Simplistic channel layout to prevent clutter and enable easy navigation

-Events to be arranged frequently to involve everyone in the server

-An international set of members to share their culture with each other

-A progression system to showcase your activity in the server
welcome to purples network where you can have fun and join our sandbox server have fun!