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War Thunder: World at War is a server for playing as different countries in organized War Thunder matches. Nations can challenge others to matches, join alliances, or participate in many fun events. No drama, no bullshit, just fun. 30+ nations with both ww2 and modern tank/aircraft lists. Soccer event soon!
A small but close community of war nerds and war gamers.
Welcome recruit to the Pacific Theatre. This war takes place in 1942, on islands in the Pacific. This war has two sides, The U.S. Military and Imperial Japan, aka the Rising Sun. You can fight for Freedom and revenge for pearl harbor, or, Fight for your Emperor and defend your nation. BANZAI.
We have

• Air, Ground, & Naval battles, whatever is your style we got a place for you. From grunt storming the beach, to a Ace in the sky, and even a ship captain.
• Custom units
• Active Staff
• Custom lore and islands. (Alot of it built off of CoD WaW)
• Events hosted often, especially on weekends.

Rise of the Third Reich is a RolePlay server taking place in WWII. The timeline starts in 1939 when The Netherlands, France and others joins the Allies and Von Manstein invades Poland. Poland was first to fall. The Benelux not soon after. Will you change the faith of the world? Come in and see for yourself.
Hey.. Welcome to the France, aka hell on Earth right now in 1943. A cold December in Paris.. How fun. You get to play as an axis, ally, and or a person in the french resistance. We have different events like d-day, dunkirk, and operation torch, or just whatever. It's a great server with excellent staff that will care to your needs. See you on the battle-field soldier.
In this server you get to choose a nation in ww2.. You can join, choose a nation and lead it to victory. You can make or join pacts in this server. It all depends on you.
It is a small server trying to expand and if you join it, it would be very helpful to me and the staff
A fun, World War 2 based sever, with both a chatting zone, and a built in Roleplay section.


After assisting Germany on the eastern front, Japan is severely weakened, but so is Russia. Germany is stronger, and has more resources, gained from Russia. Italy is less pathetically incompetent. The war could go either way...
This is NOT a Nation RP, In this server you Make a Character to Either Fight for the liberation of France by Resistance/Paratrooper or suppress them by the German War machine, we are not too strict on history except obvious things like equipment and vehicles etc.
GeoPolitics 1930s is a geopolitics strategy game set in the 1930s. pick your nation and play against others in your struggle for world domination!
You want to RolePlay as Nazi German? Or maybe Polish Conspiracy and soldier of AK. Or maybe you just want to live throughout entire war... Its up to you. Join us and see how life was in those years...
This is not going to be a normal WW2 server. This server is about Operation Hannibal, and the struggle of civilians in areas between Russia and Germany during World War 2. At war, the countries commit multiple atrocities against innocent civilians and you will be playing as one of these. Toward the end of World War 2, Operation Hannibal, a large evacuation of civilians by the German military is enacted. People flee West, but for many it is too late. You will take part of this in this roleplay, and live through what the civilians were put through during these dark times. (This server is completely new, and still in its building phase but I hope people find it interesting. It won’t be your typical World War 2 server with gunfire and fighting, but the dangers here will be more real to the times, with cold, hunger, thirst, and bombing attacks claim tens of thousands of civilian lives. Women, children, and the disabled forced to flee into the barbed arms of the German military. The roleplay is based on real events but you will have the chance to make some changes of your own to a history not too well known. I hope to see you there!
Welcome to HISTORY a server for war history you can learn about all different thing during war like weapons ships and tanks
A growing server with a select active community, always looking for new people to hop in, make a character, and enjoy.
The North African Campain
Choose between 4 diffrent nations
[The Third Reich, Italy, Great Britian, United States]
A battle between the Allies and Axis
Be able to make a character and live his life
Be able to rank up to a general
I will make a whole diffrent world, where every single servers conects, these are the future projects
[×The Western Front]
[×Pasific War]
[×And more]

We hope you enjoy your stay
A series of alt history servers
Each action in the last server effects the next one
With the first one being the
-North African Campain [Still Going]
And now we got the pasific.
The showdown of two naval lords of the pasific.
With a battle for china
With the battle of the pasific.
It depends on your actions
Next servers in the series
[×Eastern Front]
[×And more!]

Enjoy your stay!
A Reichskommissariat of the main server, Greater German Empire (GGE).
Military ranks >Military Hierarchical Dictatorship
Gaming > Minecraft, Gta etc.
We’re a up and coming ww2 FPS semi role play clan who is looking for members I’m hoping it will get big so join us if you’d like we’ve got a chain of command special ranks and game nights where we can play any games as a team to build trust and make friendships
This server is for those who want to RP like a soldier or a civilian. It take place during 1943 in germany and is spread over multiple fronts such as Africa and the eastern front.
Hearts Of Iron IV oynamakmı istedin? Bu gelişmekte olan serverda daima birileriyle oynayabilirsin ayrıca herzaman etkinliklere katılabilirsin sen olmadan bu server olmaz. Gel ve bize katıl
Hello random person looking for servers...You wanna join a communistic server?? Yes? OK ;D We are against Nazis and furries and if you join and we find out you are a nazi or furry you will be banned...Unless i let you stay

If you wanna apply for staff message the owner Michael
This is not Alternate History! Your action won't change the impact of the engagement.

This new server will be in the North African Campaign.

This starts in 1941, in Operation Sonnenblume.

Come join the fun! We are also looking for moderators!

This is still being worked on!
Mit servermitgliedern chatten oder reden, mit anderen servermitgliedern zusammen spielen und spaßhaben.