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       ✮ • ● W E L C O M E- T O - W W 2 - R P ● • ✮

Join if your interested in History and Roleplay. There are alot of Factions, Alot of Commands with Gifs, and we have well organized chat rooms and Combat System, Strict Trainings, and even Reenacting Rooms. We are a Friendly Community, (dont mind our Behavior!) and we´d like some Reenactors and Friendlies! We dont have much Active People, therefore we cannot Roleplay Battles, but not everyone is Inactive! We´d also appreciate Active People. Thank You!
Do you like in depth World War Two RP on the Eastern Front? Then you’ve come to the right place.

-Active Owner
-Updating Map and Spreadsheet
-Interesting Events

___August 1942:___

Another German offensive has again set in, as Soviet forces are pressing the German Army to a halt again, it’s forces rejuvenating and desperate at what seems to be a constant stream of Soviet attacks. Bogged down in several key areas around the USSR, Wehrmacht forces start to believe this war might not go exactly to plan...

Elsewhere in Russia, Army group South and more specifically the 6th Army, pushes ever closer to the key city of Stalingrad making good pushes. Hopes now higher this time, as the Volga gets ever closer, and the sights turn to the city.
(We do not support any ideology we are only discussing about history and ww2 hardware)
We Explore History, we discuss about tanks, planes, ships.

•We have 100 Emojis
•Huge WW2 Weaponry Archive
•Gallery of Tanks, Planes, Ships, Guns
•Active Community
•History Lovers

Content: Azur Lane , Girls und Panzer , War Thunder , Company of Heroes , World of Tanks , World of Warships , Roleplay , Factions , Panzers
A Man in the high castle inspired RP, A Darkness Over America is set in 1960 in a world where the axis powers have won and America is now split between Japan, Germany, and Free America. Players will play an active role in deciding the future of America and Play as all kinds of People trying their best to push their own Agenda. The Future of the world is in the balance, Will you be the one to tip the scale?
A small, up-and-coming War Thunder squadron that is open to everyone (unless you're toxic) and welcomes all people.
This is a US based WW2 role-play server where we replicate the actual events that happened in WW2.
What we have:
- A custom character submission system.
- An entertaining storyline.
- Helpful staff.
- And more.
We Need You! Join today!
Welcome to the WWII US Army Rangers roleplay, while being a historically accurate, but with slight alternate history we bring you a combat experience that shows you the ups and downs in the boots of a soldier of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. Start on D-Day... June 6th, 1944 on the attack of Pointe Du Hoc. You and your comrades head towards the shores of Normandy... Boats rocking and waves crashing against the sides. The damp and misty spray of the English Channel pelts you... all you can think about is, Will I survive this? What will combat be like? It's time to fight for your country soldier! Join up and fight!
Panzer Research is one of the biggest WW2 themed Discord Servers! We are a community of both WW2/History Buffs and Gamers. Come and stop by or and chat.

What exactly does Panzer Research offer?
-A WW2 community from people all over the world
-A well organized and structure Server
-Over 40 custom WW2 Emojis
-Constant Update or as we call them Upgrades
-A panzer related Economy game
-A Data base for Historical data on tanks
-Gaming Lobby
-And much more

Panzer Vor!

Disclaimer: We do not allow Anime in the server however Anime PFP are ok.
An alternate history ww2 roleplaying game! Still in early days of development but newcomers are more than welcome. A place where you can talk to other ww2 enthusiasts, while playing as countries!
The year is 1944. A platoon of marines is participating in the island hopping of the Pacific war. The Japanese are merciless, making the Americans pay in blood for every inch of soil they take. WW2 RP set in the Pacific Theater
Hello Do You Like WW2 ?

Then you will LOVE this Server

We provide the following

Self Roles
-active owner
-changing map
What if WW2 ended differently?What would happen if some decisions were not taken? If some other characters appear and change the faith of the war?

1941: After germany succesfully conquers france, and many others countryes the Operation Barbarossa begins and it is considered a succes...still there are lot to happen...
As the war rages all over the world, nobody has tried to focus on the Soldiers who fight for their freedom

Welcome to Love and War - A WW2 themed RP and ERP server
We are a Roleplay server based around World War 2, as shown by our name.
We have a variety of features within our server, we even have a mascot of sorts!

Server Storyline
The year is 1950, and the Axis powers have taken over most of Europe. The Allies are slowly being pushed back, they have plans but nobody knows if they’ll be victorious. The media stations have focused on the war as a whole but they haven’t focused where it matter, the Soldiers who fight and die are the focus of our gaze, we tell their stories, we see them as human. And as all humans, they have thoughts other than killing.

Server Features
•Over 15 different locations to Roleplay!
•A variety of NSFW and Meme content!
•General chats for almost every topic!
•A place to flex your history knowledge!
•A dedicated mod team behind the server!
•Fun and unique special events!
•A question zone for the face of the server!
This is an unofficial War Thunder Discord:
-There are many text- and voice channels
-U can talk to many other war thunder fans ("fans")
-You'll get every war thunder news on this server
-have fun ;)
Hallo! Are you looking for a cool German ww2 themed server? You are at the right place! We are the biggest Waffen-SS server on Disboard with 100+ members! We like ww2 Germany and we hate furries, weebs and commies. In our server you can find some music bots, game bots, or just bots 4fun. We also have a system of historically corresponding ranks of the Waffen-SS and a system of German medals from the times of the Third Reich. Be loyal and active and work your way up to the rank of SS-Oberstgruppenführer!
Join if you want, we will be happy!

(Our server is for serious discussions and wehraboos or fun only, WE ARE NOT NAZIS!
We are against nazism or supression of human rights! We will not tolerate any sort of racism or discrimination on our server!)
This is a WW2 themed RP server taking place in the year 1943-1944 with the main focus now on the Battle of the Bulge and an upcoming Eastern Front setting. Come join our awesome and fun community and RP to your hearts content anywhere you please.
Hello, Do you Like role plays? Do You like the era 1939-1944? Do You play Roblox? well this group is for you Its a Roblox role plays Server, And there is a sale going on half off game passes. Come support Our community and join our group it is appreciated. We will keep you updated on events So if you like Roblox and you wanna come check out our games come join this server.
Sky on Fire: Clockwise is a new World War II combat flight simulator in development to change the landscape of mobile combat flight simulation forever. Relive the aerial engagements of the Battle of Britain in legendary warbirds such as the Spitfire and Bf 109. Low-poly graphics ensure accessibility to our game's realistic physics to a wide range of hardware specs. Our game is in constant development, so check out every now and then for the latest developments!

We offer:
- Our flight simulator (obviously)
- Mobile gamers in search of the ultimate combat flight sim on their phone
- Questions and answers from our dev, ISNI
- Discussions about history and aerodynamics
- And most importantly, your feedback!
Project: World at War is a wiki-like website in making about world war 2 that will have information about all relevant people, countries, equipment, battles, divisions - and even an interactive detailed world map depicting the front lines every day from 1935 to 1945.
Bonjour ce serveur est un serveur rp dans le quel on peut faire ça nation conquérir des territoire, rechercher de nouvelles technologies, créer un marché.
Ce serveur est sur le thème de la seconde guerre mondiale on cherche des gens mature patient et qui n'on pas froid aux yeux.
This server is an international community for the game Call of War, which has many players, including Call of War staff members, YoTubers, and very experienced players, which is highly supportive and a great place to interact with other players.
We are a server that is dedicated to helping players for the WWII Strategy Game, Call of War find alliances and participate in server games! We also help new players to Call of War get their footing and solid advice on how to play.
Yet another nation leading server, this time set in 1936! Just starting so now's the time to join.