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Fellow worksmen of the world, look around you, the wonderful walking machines ever so present. Revolutionising industries since o’ six-
July 28th, 1914. Across the world the inevitable assails. As nations of Europe, Asia, America and Oceania enters a great war-
-These walking wonders are not only themselves a great achievement of mankind, their contribution to industrial work is limitless. Ever so do take in Mesta’s titanic Trans-America freighters, delivering tremendous amount of cargo across the United States.-
-A war like none before, now fought with modern innovations. It will be brutal, for the axis and alllies. Bring down the forces of tyranny or let imperialist dreams accomplish. The course of humanity’s future lies in everyone of you-
-To the skirmish mekas of Japan. Truly our time is the golden age of machinery.

Dive deep into an alternate history role play in a world much like that of Iron Harvest or the other dieselpunk stories.
Our staffs will assist in making your engineering dreams a virtual reality. It’s not limited to walker mechs, there's zeppelins, aircrafts and much more. As long as they fit in with our progressive era.
Ironguard 1945 is a RP server based in the year 1945 where WW2 had started late, with the same technology, different countries, and different wars. Ironguard 1945 is a massive RP server that is always changing. The battles occurring on the front lines will choose how the future will be. Every single action has an effect on the server, whether it be something small as dating someone to something bigger like winning a war. The entire server is based upon these actions of all the people. The front lines are always changing and moving. Right now, it is quite a small little server trying to rise up and become larger.
This is a Hoi4 Server where you can find players and host a game with them!
. -- -- -- -- -- -- | Eastern Front RP | -- -- -- -- -- --

- We are a new server created by @Posledni Geroi #1293. This server is a “Hyper-Realistic MilSim server” based or set in the era of the Eastern Front (1941 – 1945). Whilst this RP is based on real life events, some of the events will be manipulated and changed.

- We are a an active server looking for new members to join. You can choose between the “Axis” or the “USSR”. Choose from various jobs such as, sniper, engineer, fighter pilot, radioman etc...

- We have staff who are friendly, active and willing to hear suggestions from members.

-- -- -- -- | Eastern Front [1941 – 1945] | -- -- -- --

The Eastern Front of World War II was a theatre of conflict between the European Axis powers and co-belligerent Finland against the Soviet Union (U.S.S.R.), Poland and other Allies, which encompassed Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Northeast Europe (Baltics), and Southeast Europe (Balkans) from 22 June 1941 to 9 May 1945. It has been known as the Great Patriotic War in the former Soviet Union and modern Russia, while in Germany it was called the Eastern Front or the German-Soviet War by outside parties.
A growing server just starting out and looking for members to have a good time and RP with.
Bienvenue! The year is 1941, France. The German third Reich is currently occupying the country during world war two. Have a character who is a regular french citizen. Or one who fights for the future of France and for it's freedom, or fight for your Führer and maintain order in the country. Last option is be apart of the allies. Be a paratrooper and join forces with the Free France.
(This server is new and being worked on, any help is appreciated)
It’s July 21st, 1946, after more extensive battles, the Axis Powers and Allies have come to an standstill, engagements are numerous. D-Day failed, the German line held up. The two nukes never got dropped. Both sides of this war are at an arms race, as to beat the other. The Axis has the winning hand in aircraft due to the Germans producing jet turbine powered aircraft. The Allies have the ground advantage. Both are tied for naval capability. Russia holds their border, not backing down from any fight and holding their own against any invasion from Germany. They too are apart of this arms race, already producing many Super Heavy Tanks and Main Battle Tanks. It seems this war will never end, that it will be an eternity of suffering and warfare.
Welcome to The War Of The Dead a alternative history rp in which zombies have turned europe into living hell and now you must fight and survive or join the ranks of the massive zombie army
The year is 1939. Germany grows stronger every day, and Europe is a tinderbox about to explode. This time, not due to the Balkans, but due to the effects of a war that started there...

This is a realistic World War II role play. All rp is done though text. All RP is done on this server. No NSFW RP is permitted.
We’re a fairly new politics server looking for members who have a passion/interest in debating about politics. All roles are in Latin.
Join today to be a part of a cool politics server!
We are a new, small server hoping to grow. Start a country, become a warmongering superpower, or a giant dyplomatic union, the choice is yours! Form alliances, unions, become enemies, war others, live through a crisis, or just grow your economy! We offer help for any new players to this kind of gamemode. Hope to see you on the server!

Have you ever wanted to change history? Have you ever wanted to be Prime Minister of the UK? Have you ever wanted to lead the UK in WW2?

If you said Yes to any of those questions, this is the server for you.

We have 5 parties to choose from: Communist, British Union of Fascists, Conservatives, Labour and Liberals.

You have the opportunity to change history and help the UK succeed in these dark times.

Join the server, Pick your party and Beginning to make your mark on the UK!
Hello! This is one of my New servers for ww1. slightly like battlefield. We're Oc Open and Hope you have a good time. See you on the battlefield Soldier!
This is a WW2 battle of the bulge based alt RP server, this is a new server, I am open to suggestions, here you will either fight for the axis powers, or the allies, the fate of this cold battle depends upon you!
Neu Europa is a post war character RP, set in a victorious Germany scenario. You can play as a real person, or creat your own! Come on down!
We are working on a Roblox game.
Join our server and help us we need a lot of people here !
WW2 Central

--BIO--: WW2 Central or Axis Central was found by DietrichRichentof in mid 2018. Due to mass success Morgan was eventually brought in, however an argument eventually broke up the pair and eventually Morgan made WW2 Central. WW2 Central got AA'd early 2019 and thus making him redoing it all.
--Cause--: Our cause is to unite not just one group, but all the groups as a whole united community to exchange information, get members, and much much more.
--What We Need From You!--: All we need from you is hope and dedication to us! and if you like it around here please tell your friends to join! We'd love the extra members!
-Re-updated version

Have you wanted to be part of something special? Something amazing? Something you will absolutely love and shall never want to leave? Well lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place, welcome to The German Reich. We have many things to do here and many perks:

- Active Staff Members
- Lots of memes
- Economy
- Many WW2 quizzes
- Many new people to meet
- Many bots to play around with
- Dedicated Staff
- An acturate WWII ranking system.
- With every service that sided with the Axis Powers as well!

Not just that, but we also have our own Political talks, Parties and Elections. We have Giveaways that you won’t want to miss out on, and much more! So come on down and click that invite link, you’ll regret not joining The German Reich and will have a blast while you’re here!
Dark ages is a small server with 40+ members and would love more members we do alot of fun events and try to get more members. the server is in ww2 styled so some stuff might come familiar like the german ranking and all. We have a nice staff team and are still looking for new staff we have 3 diffrent staff sections : Mini Mods / Mods / Admins. Thats all for now we hope to see you in here 😀
This is a really niche and strange premise for a roleplay, so feel free to peace out if it’s not for you.

-June 1st 1943. Operation Torch was a success. The allies are now the masters of North Africa, and the German Army that once seemed unstoppable is now retreating in all of it’s fronts

-June 2nd 1943. The British Royal Navy begins transporting the tired troops that had been in North Africa since the beginning of the North African campaign in June of 1940. A Naval flotilla of 6 ships. The HMS Royal Sovereign, HMS Nairana, HMS Rocksand, LST 339, LST 567 and HMCS Haida mysteriously disappear while on their way to link up with the fleet. No wreckage is found

-June 3rd 1943. The Navy flotilla finds itself in a different World. A World called Tamriel. The flotilla encounters a fleet of wooden warships of the Aldmeri Dominion (which are now at war with the Empire). The Aldmeri Admiral insists in their surrender, the British Admiral refuses. After a short Naval fight that sent the Aldmeri fleet scurrying, the flotilla makes it’s way to land. The Allies and the Dominion are now officially at war.

-June 4th 1943. The flotilla comes to a stop near the city of Solitude, after a short confrontation in which the Imperials mistook the flotilla for Aldmeri ships, a cease fire is ordered. The Imperial and Allied commands meet, and sign a treaty of non-aggression that lets the allies use Imperial resources to build factories to sustain themselves, survey for petrol and anchor their ships in Imperial ports, in exchange for assistance in modernizing the Empire and fighting the Dominion, which has taken over High Rock, and will soon invade Skyrim. The Imperials are fascinated by the wonderful machines these people have brought.

-June 5th 1943. The Allies set up camp in the now abandoned town of Dawnstar, which had been razed to the ground after the Dominion’s attempted invasion by sea.

-June 6th 1943. So it begins...

We're just getting started out, so bear with us for a while. :)
1st platoon, 2nd company of the 8th (Midlands) battalion, it is lead by veterans of the Warwickshire regiment before the 13th battalion was transformed to the unit, the RP starts as the platoon prepares for their first combat jump. The RP will not be 100% historically accurate, the battalion may fight in areas they may not have etc, it is based in Leicester, service numbers may not be accurate in first digits or length and women serve in all roles.

Utrinque Paratus means Ready for anything.

1: You can only be a member of the platoon
2: You need permission for anything except rifleman
3: Only use items found on the equipment guide
4: You only can be roles on the list
5: Foriegn people are allowed but must be in the unit (E.g. An american who immigrated)
6: Women are allowed in any role: No meta, FRP etc
7: No meta, FRP, God mode etc
8: Combat requires 3+ people from at least 1 section
9: 1 character at a time (I am only using 2 due to the captain not being at the front constantly, if more captains are made this will be allowed to them as well)
10: Your first 3 bot warns apply mutes, the fourth kicks you
This is after WW2 the Nazi's won and own America, the UK, and the soviet union, Italy owns Italy, the Japs own everything in Asia but the Soviet union. The year is 2035 all original Nazi's have died.
The 50 states still exist, cut into 3 sectors each are ran but a member of the Führer's cabinet