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This is server is about Germany in 1940. The idea is to let users create history by making their own choices. You’re free to join and do as you like!
This server is for people who are tired of Allied and Soviet brainwashing, who think that not everyone in the Wehrmacht was a Nazi, and is for people who love Wehrmacht.
What we have on server:

- 💬 Channels for chating about history, art, and regular channel about everything, channels on which you can learn what happened on todays day in world war 2, or some famous quote

-🎵 We have very good German Qualität music and memes 🤣

- 🎥 Gifs, Pictures and Videos (also WW2)

- Many Wehrmacht roles (from Soldat to Generalfeldmarschal) and reward roles

- (Some day in the future we will have 🎉 giveaways)

- NO NSFW and friendly to all

- Helpful staff, and the Führer (i hope)

- Suggestions are very welcome

So, join us today!

If link dont work try this one:
This is a Gate Based Roleplay server based on the premise of gate, But with a twist! The RP takes place in 1936 Germany. You may RP as many different types of races or just play the Germans, as you explore the world beyond the gate.
December 23rd, 1944 With the war losing on the axis side and going in favor of the allies and also with the United States' entry into the war Hitler realizing that he lost initiated a secret Nazi government project not even the allies nor his axis allies know about nicknamed "Projektauferstehung 628". As the allies move swiftly in Europe to the German homeland a haze of green smoke engulfs the allied occupied sections of Europe killing anyone breathing it in. The death toll was at a staggering number possibly in the millions to billions Hitler thought with the sacrifice of his own people he slowed the allied advance of Europe and continue on his campaign of taking over Europe but unfortunately... He was dead wrong. Both allied and axis soldiers became infected by this smoke killing and infecting innocent civilians and including allied and axis soldiers as well. The infection toppled and destroyed governments in all of Europe and are currently heading towards Asia. The survivors of this epidemic would need to endure the remnants of what the world was, fight against bandits and infected even fighting against their own comrades, and find food and supplies which are growing more scarces everyday. Will you survive the remnants of the new world or die trying?

Come join now!

(NOTE: This sever is a W.I.P (Work-in Progress) so expect some latency with future content being added to the server (Like types of zombies, More countries being added as locations (such as the Netherlands and Sweden), And even expanding my idea of "Hybrid Weapons" (basically weapons that have additional features take from other weapons but require schematics in order for it to be built).

Yeah, come and join to roleplay in a post-Apocalyptic World War 2! :)
This is NOT a Nation RP, In this server you Make a Character to Either Fight for the liberation of France by Resistance/Paratrooper or suppress them by the German War machine, we are not too strict on history except obvious things like equipment and vehicles etc.
This is a roleplay server based during world war 2. We roleplay as the italians, germans, romainians and its great fun!. If you like historya nd roleplay then this is the server for you. COME AND JOIN THE FUN!!!
WW2 and comedy may not seem like the best combination, but here we are. Comedy does not mean lol random, it means we're going for things along the lines of 'Allo Allo' for instance. Of course not everything has to be funny as serious and deep character moments are also appreciated.
Attention, the date is December 5th, 1941. Operation Barbarossa has began and the Axis forces are enduring their first soviet winter. The combatants are (axis): Nazi Germany, Romania, Finland, Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, and (allied) Soviet Union. It is your job to choose a side and fight for it!
The objective is to capture the command center!
This is a ww2 roleplay server for the eastern fronts.
The New British Empire

Looking for new friends and Juicy memes?
Looking for A Active Non-toxic Server?
Seeking for some historical Roleplay? Come to our humble server!

*sum important details.*
The Main Roleplay is situated on a Post World War 2 world. But you can setup your own Roleplay by contacting me by DM.
**We offer**
-homework help
-juicy memes and cursed images
-Weekly Events and Fun Roleplay roles!
-a steady Currency (store owner and company chairman roles)
-spam channel (currently being fixed)
-occasional wars with other servers. (Does not violate TOS)

**Military Info** (Roleplay reasons only)

Be anything you want in the Capital! Chat with royals. Deal with Hunters,thieves, and assasins. Setup your own store. The Empire Is facing a time of trouble. Will you answer the call or assist in it’s Downfall?


World War 2 Discord RP Server. Based in post D-Day Europe, with very vague details so even someone who doesn't know much about WW2 can enjoy it. Individual characters and bios, including land vehicles allowed.
A new RP has arrived!

Join us in Fall Weiß: Beginning of an Era and experience World War II as the dark German war machine!

- Plenty of channels to create your own story
- Detailed customization for your character
- Plenty of opportunity to rise within one of the three branches of the Wehrmacht
- March in the Heer, fly in the Luftwaffe, or sail in the Kriegsmarine, the choice is yours
- Accurate ranking system to track your command
- Friendly and fair staff
- Coming Soon: Expansion for Lebensraum to provide our users with an engaging combat system

See the world, meet the women, live the glory of a soldier in the Wehrmacht.
The Vatterland needs you! Join us today!
It's 1944 the second world war is coming to an end, but Hitler wasn't ready to give up, not yet he activated his special and last plan, Plan Z. The moment it was activated, the dead corpses of Axis and Allied troops began raising from the dead and began roaming the earth. Many battles were fought and many people died to defeat the Zombie Army. Alliances were made and Enemies were slain. Soon enough, the Allies Stormed Berlin once more and began the assault on Hitler himself. Hitler tried to fight back with all of his power but he was defeated by some remaining soldiers who gave their lives to prevent the undead army from staying strong so the Atomic bomb would hit Berlin, decimating their leader. It was over, Or so they thought.

The dead are still wandering, but with no leader, they are mindless husks who feed on the flesh of the living. People banded together to rebuild the ruins of Europe, while in the US they fight amongst themselves. But as the Ancient warriors said;

Evil is never truly dead...

This is a continuation of a good server I liked so much so I decided to revive the project and this now shows the aftermath of the ending in the first one. This Roleplay is more focused on survival rather than War, with settlements being attacked by raiders and zombies, while just simple jobs, such as being a courier, is a matter of life and death every step you take.

Willkommen in der Hölle as the Germans would say.
Military History Discord is a community where you can discuss the history and military conflicts during the 20th century. Ask questions, share facts and pictures.We have channels for maps, alternative history, guns, vehicles and equipment.

**We are not a roleplaying server.**
Hearts Of Iron IV oynamakmı istedin? Bu gelişmekte olan serverda daima birileriyle oynayabilirsin ayrıca herzaman etkinliklere katılabilirsin sen olmadan bu server olmaz. Gel ve bize katıl
Hello random person looking for servers...You wanna join a communistic server?? Yes? OK ;D We are against Nazis and furries and if you join and we find out you are a nazi or furry you will be banned...Unless i let you stay

If you wanna apply for staff message the owner Michael
Spanning through any country(starting off with Japan, Germany, Britain, and America rn) in the year 1940 amidst ww2, you can be any warship you want. Rise and sail to glory as you lead your country to glory.
Welcome to Germany in 1940! Will your character be a civilian just looking to make a living during the war or a soldier fighting for the Deutschland?

Battle for Britain and Operation Sea Lion about to kick off.

(This is a US based roleplaying server)
A new WW2-oriented discussion server, that aims to offer members the ability to communicate with other enthusiasts. Feel free to stop by.

- We're in need of staff to keep the server afloat.
- New showcase and debate channels.
A WW2 Server, come check it out! Not putting much here as you need to see it to believe it!
A place for War Thunder players to hang out. We do customs etc, drop by and talk, we'll be glad to have you.
The Year is 1944. The Allies have just landed on the beaches of Normandy in one of the most historic battles. The Germans have been pushed back, but not defeated. Both sides need to send the other back. In this server, you can...
-Role play as both German and Allies (Including the French)
-Look at memes
-Talk with the community about life
-Enjoy historically accurate Role Plays
The lines are drawn and the weapons are set, now it's up to you to decide who wins
Join our server,bröthers and sisters,and enjoy our awesome ww2 eastern front roleplay,join either the wehrmacht or the red army,(this is a WW2 roleplay server which mean you can choose any role/faction you want!! :D)