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Fellow worksmen of the world, look around you, the wonderful walking machines ever so present. Revolutionising industries since o’ six-
July 28th, 1914. Across the word the inevitable assails. As nations of Europe, Asia, America and Oceania enters a great war-
-These walking wonders not only itself are great achievement of mankind, their contribution to industrial works of the mankind is limitless. Ever so do take in Mesta’s titanic Trans-America freighters, delivering shipworths of cargo across the United States.-
-A war like none before, with modern weaponries and innovations. The war will be brutal, for the Axis and Allies. Bring down the forces of tyranny or let imperialist dreams accomplish. The course of humanity’s future lies in everyone of you-
-To the skirmish mekas of Japan. Truly our time is the golden age of machinery.

Welcome to the Storm of War RP server! This is a roleplaying server with an alternative timeline set during Great war upto World war 2.

Here you can use a wide variety of Combat Mechanical Walker, exclusively designed by Several Severely Severed People (Username) and his team of designers.

You can also apply for a designer role so that you can submit your own designs and use them for your own roleplay.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Storm of War!


⚬ 👮Great staffs and admins
⚬ 📃Paragraph Quality Roleplays
⚬ 🔊Voice and Music Channels
⚬ ✍Designer's Hub (Exclusive for Designer Roles)
Ironguard 1945 is a RP server based in the year 1945 where WW2 had started late, with the same technology, different countries, and different wars. Ironguard 1945 is a massive RP server that is always changing. The battles occurring on the front lines will choose how the future will be. Every single action has an effect on the server, whether it be something small as dating someone to something bigger like winning a war. The entire server is based upon these actions of all the people. The front lines are always changing and moving. Right now, it is quite a small little server trying to rise up and become larger.
This is a Hoi4 Server where you can find players and host a game with them!
This is a roleplay server based around a FICTIONAL Allied "Special Unit 300" which will see combat on nearly all fronts of World War 2. It recruits soldiers from all over the world, even those in non-Allied aligned nations who are willing to join the cause. The unit is named after the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae; a small force capable of something great. Will you help the Allies defeat the Reich's tyrannical grasp across Europe... or will you die trying?
A growing server just starting out and looking for members to have a good time and RP with.
Have you wanted to be part of something special? Something amazing? Something you will absolutely love and shall never want to leave? Well lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place, welcome to The German Reich. We have many things to do here and many perks:

- Active Staff Members
- Lots of memes
- Economy
- Many WW2 quizzes
- Many new people to meet
- Many bots to play around with
- Dedicated Staff
- An actuate WWII ranking system.
- With every service that sided with the Axis Powers as well!

Not just that, but we also have our own Political talks, Parties and Elections. We have Giveaways that you won’t want to miss out on, and much more! So come on down and click that invite link, you’ll regret not joining The German Reich and will have a blast while you’re here!

82nd Airborne; Charlie Company is a Band of Brother recreation following the battles of World War Two.

We have multiple war historians who are taking part to provide an amazing attempt at a recreation via discord.

* We feature an extensive promotion system where your character can go up the ranks!
* The server develops overtime, which means if you join now, you'll be able to participate in basic training with the rest of the members!

Once the training's done, you cannot take basic training and be considered a seasoned member of the 82nd.

Come join us!
Welcome to the War.

This is a roleplay server that takes place in the year 1939, just before the beginning of one of the greatest wars in history, World War Two. Everything up to the starting point has been historical, meaning the future of the war and any future events is in the hands of the players, though it will be a bit restricted to stop laser weapons and such. In this roleplay server, you may play as a german civilian, trying to create a successful business, or a soldier on the front, fighting for his country, an officer leading a regiment or an entire division into war, or even as a leader of a country, or entire faction such as the French Army. Most countries in europe are playable and have each have their own major cities to play in, however some other european countries such as America are also playable.

Some of the server features:

- Choose who you are, a german soldier, a president, a dictator, or a lowly civilian.

- Near unrestricted possibilities.

- A alternate future world, molded by the actions of the players.

While the server is new and currently small, we are looking to expand and find more players to help build this into a growing successful community.
The Defense of the Reich: 1945 is a roleplay server which takes place on the final days of WW2 on the Western Front.
The main theater of the battle is over and on the Rhine river. The roleplay is free for all but there are still some rules to follow.
1st Infantry Division
25 Members
Looking For Active Men!
Experience Needed!
Welcome to WWII. In this server, we will be Role-playing in a WW2 Europe setting. The RP begins in the year 1943, With the Allies about to invade Italy. Enjoy, invite your friends, and remember, We in no way promote the Nazi Cause.
We are a world war 2 role-play community that was just made. Join now to experience platoon combat as an American G.I.
Welcome to The War Of The Dead a alternative history rp in which zombies have turned europe into living hell and now you must fight and survive or join the ranks of the massive zombie army
This server is sopposed to be based off the United Nations and the World Wars. Just have fun in this server.
Superpowered WW2 is set during an alternate Earth where just before WW2 people started gaining superpowers. This event has the potential to change the future, and you can fight with or without abilities on the side of the allies or axis, or just as a bystander to the chaos.

Tiering system that supports character development
Fair flexibility on superpowers
Two bio templates to fit all roleplayers
(Mostly) Active staff and admins
Find what it means to be a hero. This RP takes place in WW2, but on a different timeline, where people had quirks. Be a Nazi, or a American, or even a communist! Find your justice and what it means to you, to be a hero. Note that no one are villains. The Nazis aren't counted as "villains". While yes, I hate Nazis (I am jewish) the point is to find your justice, and your sense of a hero.
Welcome to "In the Sands of the Desert" role-play server! We are a wonderful community of people interested in history and having a fun time!
The year is 1940, the world has decended into a second great war, Italy; Germany's biggest ally, joined the fight by invading British Egypt.
In which side will you fight in? Will you side with the fascists and take the desert and the precious resources beneath it's sands for il Duce? or will you side with the allies, and defend their territory? Join now!
We are a new, small server hoping to grow. Start a country, become a warmongering superpower, or a giant dyplomatic union, the choice is yours! Form alliances, unions, become enemies, war others, live through a crisis, or just grow your economy! We offer help for any new players to this kind of gamemode. Hope to see you on the server!
The Year is 1939. Nazi Germany has taken the countries of Austria and Czechoslovakia, aiming its military for Poland

Will you become a victim of WW2 or come out as a hero? Decide for yourself in our fun and Historical WW2 RP!

From the Sandy beaches of Hawaii to the crowded streets of India, our server provides a wide world for our members to explore during the crisis known as World War 2

Grab your Tommy Gun and let’s show the Japs what happens when they mess with Uncle Sam!
Welcome to [Tanya and Yuu's] in this server we roleplay alternate WW2 history. You can roleplay as a soldier, a spy, a civilian maybe even a world leader. You can choose which country your support in the war and you can rp freely as long as it makes sense. Develop relationships, maybe even start a family. Please check the [Rules link] and don't forget to make a character [character creation link], Erotic Roleplay is allowed.
This is WW2 but alt history we are a WIP most ranks are done, We need staff, There is marriage that means allied forces may become Axis or the other way around
During the crisis of WW2, France: One of a the allied major powers is taken over and put under German occupation. Will you occupy France as German solider or resist the occupation and rise up as a French Resistance fighter