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The Pacific Theater is a Roleplay server that is set in 1944 and the war between Japan and America. The Americans are currently trying to push into the Japanese Islands.

We are a growing server with potential. Most World War 2 servers are Europe based servers, this is a Pacific based server. We have friendly staff. We are also a chill server, literate and semi literate. We do not accept one-liners

What does the Server Have?

- Active members
- Friendly Members
- Friendly Staff
- Available vehicles, aircraft, and weapons list
- Members who know their stuff about World War 2
What do we need?

- We need active members
Welcome to Cold Front! In this you are your own character in the 1900's. You've been recruited by the Germans or Soviets to fight for your country! Will you survive? Or will you succumb to the bullets of your enemies?
Hello and welcome to the Baltic Socialist Republic!
We are a roleplay server, takig place in ww2.
With all the uprising and a strong support to facism and socialism, a new country has emerged from germany, poland, lithuania, latvia. Germany and The BSR being allies they have rifed together and seem almost undefeatable.
What could this mean to the world?
Panzer Research is one of the biggest WW2 themed Discord Servers! We are a community of both WW2/History Buffs and Gamers. Come and stop by or and chat.

What exactly does Panzer Research offer?
-A WW2 community from people all over the world
-A well organized and structure Server
-Over 40 custom WW2 Emojis
-Constant Update or as we call them Upgrades
-A panzer related Economy game
-A Data base for Historical data on tanks
-Gaming Lobby
-And much more

Panzer Vor!

Disclaimer: We do not allow Anime in the server however Anime PFP are ok.
This is a WW2 themed RP server taking place in the year 1943, with main focus' on the battle of Stalingrad in the East and the Italian campaign in the West. Come join out awesome and fun community and RP to your hearts content anywhere you please.
**Opperation Sea Lion Was a success, london would be in ruins and many civilians left dead in the streets.The German armed forces with help of anti soviet partisans and international volunteers fought the ussr to the ural mountains and no furtherer. Japan
never joined the axis powers delaying the intervention of the usa.** Discover Your Characters Story Today. Fight The Reich and their forces or suffer under the oppression of a totalitarian London
This is property of the **‘38th American Infantry Division.’**

Are you looking to be part of a community? Are you looking for the chance to help your fellow brothers and sisters in arms? Are *you* looking for the chance to get your hands dirty, and help our community grow? Then the 38th American Infantry Division wants you!

If you join, look forward to:

⚜️ Friendly fellow soldiers and staff! ⚜️

⚜️ Ranks! Rise up, and show how dedicated you are! ⚜️

⚜️ Helpful and fun bots! ⚜️

⚜️ Weekly events! ⚜️

⚜️ In server achievements!

🔱 And plenty more! Enlist today, and be apart of something big! 🔱
This is a Gate Based Roleplay server based on the premise of gate, But with a twist! The RP takes place in 1936 Germany. You may RP as many different types of races or just play the Germans, as you explore the world beyond the gate.
Iron Guard is a dynamic World War II roleplaying server. Even though it is historical, the community decides the outcome of every battle. This means exactly what it sounds like, Germany could come out on top, Poland could come out on top, China could come out on top. Anything is possible with a large enough community. That is why I ask you to join Iron Guard so that as a community together, we could create an alternate history universe that you, yourself, decide.

What do we offer?
- Friendly and Active Staff
- Available weaponry and vehicles
- Multiple channels to roleplay and combat in

What do we need?
- More active members
Are you up for the trip into the past during the time of fierce, bloody battles of 1944 Western Front during Second World War? Are you up for a roleplay experience which favors beginners and expert roleplayers alike? What about proffessional and helpful staff? Then look no further! We are a new server, yet, we can already offer a lot:
-Helpful, dedicated staff
-Simple, yet practical combat system
-Well-researched battles which offer actual layouts of combat zones and (mostly) accurate weather reports
-Simple and smooth character templates
-Constant supply of intriguing and blood-chilling events for both sides of the war

For now, we are a new, small server, however, we offer a rewarding experience, and will be happy to take any help and suggestions. We look forward to roleplaying with you.
Welcome to Regno d'Italia! This is a community, where you can make friends and join political parties that you like.
-Learn Italy from native Italian speakers.
-Join political parties and vote in polls.
-Talk about World War II Italy and events.
-Meet new people with similar views.

We offer:

🙂 Roleplay

💬 Italian speaking

📡 Open partnership

⚔️ Armed forces and military ranks

🏅 Military and civilian awards

💰 Economic and bank

⚖️ Laws

❓ Quizzes!

Good luck on your Italian journey, and viva la l'Italia!
A roleplay concerning the final months of the second world war, from March 1st, 1945, to the battle of Berlin.

As of now, we have 4 factions:

-Great Britain
-United States
-Third Reich

Looking for experienced role players with some knowledge about WWII.

We look forward with associating with our humble establishment.
This is a war thunder community with several roles to pick and channels to write in!
Choose your country, main vehicle, side activities and more!
You can also join our game nights which are held every sat. at 11am GMT!
We thrive to be a chill server made for anyone who is interested in the game!
We'll also have occasional tournaments!
A Role playing group where you make a soldier, and fight for the county you want, and can become anything from an infantry soldier, to a tanker, or a pilot. Rank up and prepare for War Soldier!

~Original characters
~War simulation
~Territory Fights
~Committed Staff
We're a multi-national English speaking clan focused on creating exciting events and a friendly community for our members.

We are looking for soldiers that are mature and want to play in a organised clan. Players that believe teamwork is the way PS is meant to be played.
As a clan we aren’t really interested in players that play solely for high kill counts and you don't have to be a pro to play with us. Most of all we're looking for team players.
We are looking to fill spaces in Logistics, Armour and Infantry.

We have drills 3 times per week to fit almost any schedule and our goal is to play somewhat competitive against other clans but most of all, to have fun together.
Outside the drills and games we are a bunch of relaxed guys from all across the world.

Our events include custom battle scenarios, training drills, formation exercises and clan v clan events.
Any players interested in joining can message me here on Steam or on Discord.

Good luck and have fun,

R. Jones
We have no clear description, but this is Kotobuki based roleplay. Please watch the anime first to get you to understand the whole plot.
A server where Communists and Non Communists can come chat. We are an accepting server...well unless you are furry or nazi...then fuck you....but if you’re not then you are welcome to join

If you wanna apply for staff message the owner Michael
The New World is a server that allows the players to build the lore of a new continent, given only your wits, some ammo with a gun, and your will to explore the lands. You must decide the fate of the new world, will you group up with friends to create factions, or will you be a feared lone wolf taking down any unfortunate traveler? The choice is yours, set in time with World War 2 technology YOU are the forefront for this roleplay, so come and join us, lets see what you got! Will you be one of the greats... or will you die with no one knowing your name?

Friendly Staff
All ages welcome
Expansive map
World building exclusive
admins are usually on 24/7
This server is just a basic chat group, but it also contains WW2 stuff. So, if you're interested in this server, it's open for all.
This discord was made as a community hang out for my YouTube subscribers but all are welcome to come and join. Most of us play war thunder and other WW2 games but I'm sure there's at least one person that enjoys the things you like so why not give it a shot.
Welcome recruits to a new age of conflict from the ashes of the Great War, where war machines developed their potency! This war will prove utmost lethal!

Here paths an organised role play of the Second World War, complete with :
● The historical timeline of events without any diversions,
● A system of subordinates for immersion,
● A realistic, but casual limitation on characters,
● Actions to user critiques, too keep game-play realistic and fair,

Current Roleplay Status
CHAPTER 1 : First Revs (1938-1939)
Darkest Hour 1936 is a World War II server where you get to RP as nations to face World War II. This is a server where tactics, strategies, politics and historical contexts matter, so join if you're looking for a realistic scenario (somewhat), with a server with an active, competent (overall for the major powers at least) player base.

Overall, summed up here.

- Realism included
- Experienced GMs
- Active, Competent Player base
- Actual purchasing mechanics, economic mechanics and much more mechanics.
- Has been active for over 70+ Days continuously.
- Owner has experience in keeping a server alive for years.