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This is a server aimed towards 18+ gay men in the New York City/Philadelphia metropolitan areas. Most of our members are based around NJ, NY, and PA but we're open to people in the surrounding states too! We have general chats, an advice room, NSFW rooms, and many more!
A server for people who live in NYC to chat and meetup. Everyone is welcome. Even people who don't live in NYC. (We can be offensive at times. If edgy and dark humor isn't your thing then don't bother joining. You won't like it here)
Welcome to the 5-4 precinct Cadet. Here you can hear about all things blue bloods and chat with other fans.
This is a world based in 2019. Hundred of years ago there was a vampire kingdom, they called it Elerahan. Scarlett, May, Jade, Angelina and Brooke had ran away years ago amongst a war. They ran from friends, family and lovers, no one has known if they're dead or alive or their whereabouts...Well until now...A former friend found out about their whereabouts and alerted their friends and family. What happens from there is what is happening now. Buckle Up and Good Luck.
This server is for all new yorkers, either upstate new york, long island, or new york city. If you live in new york state this server is for you.
2037-A gang called the Brothers rob multiple Government facilities and killed hundreds so the military was called in this was the first step to New York falling apart

2043-New York was in ruins crime skyrocketed and corruption spread like a virus But this will not last for long

2048-most of the police force was replaced by robots and others were fired and also replaced with new officers Crime was at an all time low but this only lasted a few more years

2050-all the robots were hacked and went wild in the city killing civilians about 72 Thousand citizens were killed before the robots were stopped most robots war replaced by officers equipped with new equipment

2054-crime is rising and The police force is becoming corrupt again a terrorist Organization is suspected to strike But the police already at least they think they are

What we can offer

a welcoming and friendly community

New server they can be changed by you

And nothing else because I can’t think of anything
ɴᴇᴡ ʏᴏƦᴋ ゔ淫
»»————- ✼ ————-««

looking for a roleplay server to chillax and hang out with others? well here is a server for you.

»»————- ✼ ————-««

we promise you activity, active new yorker nominations, a clean and pg server, and friendly staff to guide you in the server, we are also accepting alliances!

»»————- ✼ ————-««


- join today :)
Become a citizen of Gotham City. Wether you’re a Batman enthusiast or just looking for a place to hang out and meet cool people this is the Server for you 18+,games,photography,selfies,voice chats active membership. Great community! **See you at the bat cave 🦇 **
Welcome to New York 2018
This is a RP server that hopes to give the realistic feel of Modern Day New York
You can be whoever you'd like. If you dont see role, request it.
Homeless, Lower to Upper Class. All for grabs. Live in any of the 5 boroughs. PD, FD, Court, Politics as well.
(Still a Work in Progress))
Français : Bonjour à tous ! Je vous présente un serveur sympathique à thème libre ! Il possède une catégorie lego international car :
De 1 : il existe très peu de serveur lego à ce point
Et de 2 : Aylac (admin) est un très bon builder lego, il est grand ouvert à toutes vos questions !

Le reste, c'est que tu es libres, et on rigole beaucoup. Mais il y a quand même des règles à respecter !

English : Hello everyone ! I present to you a friendly server with free theme! It has an international lego category because:
From 1: there is very little lego server at this point
And 2: Aylac (admin) is a very good builder lego, he is wide open to all your questions !

 The rest is that you are free, and we laugh a lot. But there are still rules to respect !