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Welcome to Cornerstore, a roleplay server for those who enjoy the bustling environment of New York. We here try our best to accommodate for those who are not quite suited for normal roleplay servers (or just servers as a whole) personality-wise. Casual roleplayers, Detailed roleplayers, Shitposters, furries, and even just people who are looking for a server to hang out in are all welcome here. Just don't be TOO much of a troublemaker, or else you might just get kicked. That's all we really ask of you apart from our rules.


<<What this server has to offer.>>

A healthy mix of roleplayers, old and new.

Reasonable and Understanding Administrators and Moderators,

A great community and a somewhat friendly environment.

A healthy variety of roleplay channels, each set in a different location.

A handful of self-assignable roles.

An optional NSFW role that grants you access to.. Well.. NSFW channels.

Lots of expressive Emojis.

Simple and freeform character creation.

Opportunities for partnerships.

With all of that being said, don’t be afraid to join our semi-functional community. We hope to see you here soon.
This is a server aimed towards 18+ gay men in the New York City/Philadelphia metropolitan areas. Most of our members are based around NJ, NY, and PA but we're open to people in the surrounding states too! We have general chats, an advice room, NSFW rooms, and many more!
Become a citizen of Gotham City. Wether you’re a Batman enthusiast or just looking for a place to hang out and meet cool people this is the Server for you 18+,games,photography,selfies,voice chats active membership. Great community! **See you at the bat cave 🦇 **
A server for people who live in NYC to chat and meetup. Everyone is welcome. Even people who don't live in NYC. (We can be offensive at times. If edgy and dark humor isn't your thing then don't bother joining. You won't like it here)
••●══════••● 𝕷𝖔𝖗𝖊 ••══════●••
Ever wanted to work at one of the world's largest media companies? Join the staff team at Brightly Inc! Experience a detailed, well-thought roleplay with many other people and help contribute to it. Rise from a mere intern to the chairman of the company, or earn your fame here at Brightly Inc.

(if Disboard is being fussy)
Welcome to New York 2018
This is a RP server that hopes to give the realistic feel of Modern Day New York
You can be whoever you'd like. If you dont see role, request it.
Homeless, Lower to Upper Class. All for grabs. Live in any of the 5 boroughs. PD, FD, Court, Politics as well.
(Still a Work in Progress))