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a server where you find people to play r6 with
Welcome To Our Server Feel Free To Join And Make New Friends We Talk In Chat Both Languages Arabic And English
There Is Also A Giveaway Of 20$ Worth Every 2 weeks
╠════════ Welcome to the DarkArmy ════════╣

We are a gaming server looking for chill/ nontoxic community. We have cool bots that you can interact with and voip temp channels join. We hope to see you in-game!

╠═════════════ We'll be providing... ═════════════╣
● Friendly users
● Music bots 🎶
● Self-assign roles
● Gaming channel 🎮
● Spam Safe 🚫
● Idiot safe 🚷
● NSFW Channel(Harrassment Free Enviroment!) 🔞
╠══════ We'd hope to see you guys joining our community, assuming you're interested. ══════╣
╠══════════ ══════════
Boon Community is a small but active growing community where you can select your own roles and find people to play games with while having a good time. As the owner of the server im really against pinging everyone unless it is IMPORTANT! i also like to host random events and just get the community together and have some fun!
We are a very active server that sells cheap non cracked accounts
Ищешь уютный сервер, где можно найти кампанию по таким играх как: RUST, CS:GO, PUBG и т.д и и просто поговорить?Тогда тебе к нам!Присоединяйся(;
[3050+ Members] Like to play Rust? Want to find teammates? Join our Rust discord where you can post any progress you’ve made, search for teammates or chat with the community.
Wanted Servers offers the best, and most friendly community!
We are a Network owning game servers in Mincraft, Rust, and now Unturned and Gmod!
This is the snek server. This server has squad for sneks. We sneak with our slithery bodys inside to enemy bases. We take out every single baddie in sight. We are... the sneks.
From community game and movie nights, raffles, events, and giveaways, all are welcome to our community! Our staff are very kind and are willing to teach new players how to play SCP. Come join us! with over 500+ members, you can find new friends and have a good time!
This is a new and growing gaming server looking for more members! We have voice channels to game with other members as well as music bots.
we are selling Hax
HWID Spoofer
ApexLegend Accounts
We're a small but expanding gaming community. We offer servers to various different games, all within one community. We have multiple Gmod Servers and currently, a modded Minecraft Factions Server set in a 1:1500 scale replica of the Earth. Come check us out. :)
Trillabit's Discord Server
Join 🌵 Peyote Empire 🌵 for epic YEETS and loads of SIK MemES
• We’re active and we’ve got drugs.
• Family friendly server.
• No dabbing.
Hi please join the server and give some support thanks~!

We usually play faceit / csgo

We are a small based community chat! We have very active VC's everyday, and we love to play any game ranging from League to Rust! Have fun!
this is a gaming server where you can make friends and join other and play a wide variety games we try to appeal to every gamer
Are you looking for a server to just hang out whit people, make friends and just chat we are the community for u
This is a rust server I have made to try and help people find teammates, sometimes it can be hard because so many people are toxic. I just wanted to help people not be lonely.
Great Escape Gaming™ was both founded and solidified for the dreamers, by the dreamers. With open hearts, arms and minds, we welcome those who see themselves as visionaries, innovative and inspired and strive to give these incredible individuals an experience that is both unparalleled and unmatched in all aspects all while providing a humble home, hub and environment.

Established as of April 30th, 2019, Great Escape Gaming™ rose from the ashes of a former community and it's previous members into a unification of the people who desired to stay in constant and close contact with their close friends, family members and acquaintances. Due to these events, a community worth building became more and more prominent as well as promising and the story lives on to this current day.
Rust youtuber "Reisks" Discord server for rust players and any game in general. Also we have memes!
We are a Rust community where you have the power to change the world... Of which your in-game self lives, weekly polls will allow you to control map choices, loot tables and resource modifications.