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The Wenja community is a friendly/happy community that is always looking for new members. We also have active admins to help anyone that needs it.
Fancy joining a friendly Rust community Discord, or looking for a good Rust Server? You have come to the right place. Join our server today.
Don’t have enough time for vanilla, and want some fast paced exciting gameplay?
Welcome to Infinite Rust, a perfectly modded, progressive and balanced server designed for those who love raids and action.

[⯈Wipe Info⯇]:
➤Map wipes Monday and Friday at 15:00 (UK Time)

[⯈Server Info⯇]:
➤ 10x Gather
➤Map Size 4000
➤ QuickSmelt
➤Friends System
➤AutoAuth system between clans and friends.
➤Remover Tool
➤Active Admins

[⯈Infinite Rust Rules⯇]:
➤ The maximum group limit is 4.
➤ Only 3 layers of High Externals are allowed around a base/cave/quarry.
➤Racism is not allowed in any form, using/doing it will result in a mute, kick or ban.
➤ No walling off monuments
➤ Any form of hacking/cheating/exploiting will result in a ban.

➤You can donate to our server on our website -

[⯈Our Server Specs⯇]:
➤ I9-9900K
➤1Gbps Connection
The official discord server for the Rusty Owl 5x server.

Wiped: 06/12/2019


Map: Procedural Map

Discord: GppsFSm

Server Specs:
32GB Ram
8 Core 3.4GHz CPU
Hello! Disboard community or people who just look for cool servers I'm a lowkey streamer looking to gather up a community to play with as well as to stream for and have funny moments with my friends and I mess around on all sorts of games so you're bound to laugh from time to time if you don't have a funny bone well then this probably Isn't the server for you here in the near future I'll be opening up a Rust server as well so if you have Rust and would like a fun server to play on for beginners/experienced players well then I may have a server for you come join us!
»»————-What we Offer————-««
♔ A community with active vc and text chat!
♔ lots of content!
♔ video games
We are a growing community of gamers who play War Thunder, Minecraft, Space Engineers, and of course, Rust! We own and operate a vanilla PvP Minecraft server and plan to expand to more games! We also feature an opt-in NSFW channel!
The Oumuamua gaming server! Here we have a welcoming community with dedicated members as well as servers for multiple games. We’re looking to expand and would love for you to join us. We have:

•Oumuamua Bedrock and Java minecraft servers!

•Java is hard mode, modded, and Stargate themed. Minecraft Java Server: Anyone that wants to join the server, please note only premium (paid for accounts) can connect.

•Bedrock is vanilla for the time being. Minecraft Bedrock (Oumuamua Bedrock Edition) is
(put in address and 19132 in port)

•Hosted on a buttery-smooth, Dedicated server.

•We're a small community looking to have a bigger presence in the Minecraft community.

We’ve also started branching out to other games such as Rust, Terraria and Ark. if you have any in joining then don’t hesitate to accept our invitation!
[3800+ Members] Like to play Rust? Want to find teammates? Join our Rust discord where you can post any progress you’ve made, search for teammates or chat with the community.
they work with any mouse and easy to download
Defcon Servers:
Defcon is a new and upcoming rust server! We want to give players/content creators a place to have fun. We aim to make this a friendly community server and thats why we have put certain rule's in place.

---------- Defcon 2x Vanilla | SOLO/DUO ----------

Server IP:
Mapsize: 3.5k
Group Limit: MAX 2

Bp Wipe: Every Tuesday same time as map wipe!
Map Wipe: Every Tuesday at 12PM BST (noon time)

---------- Defcon 3x Vanilla | SOLO/DUO/TRIO ----------

Server IP:
Mapsize: 3.5k
Group Limit: MAX 3

Bp Wipe: Every Week (Same day as Map Wipe)
Map Wipe: Every Wednesday at 12PM BST (noon time)

Social Media's:
- Discord:
- Steam:
- Twitter:
- Website:
- Store:
16+ server (we like to keep SOME level of maturity)
-> Server of random weirdos from all over, we game, chill, chat shit and have fun.
-> Siege, Rocket League, Rust, and Battlefield are popular with our members now, but our list of games goes on.
-> We host a number of events including Jackbox and Cards Against Humanity nights
-> No skill requirements or interviews - we just like people who want to get involved.
Tl;dr - we have fun come check us out xD


C'est un discord actif avec une communauté de joueurs Rust !
Le discord vous permet de jouer avec une multitude de joueurs(euses) Rust !

|☀️| Une équipe et une communauté active.
|🛎️| Une entraide dynamique et rapide..
|🍀| Un discord propre et fluide.
|🎁| De nombreux giveaways régulièrement.
|🎶| Un bot musicale.
|📡| Des channels publicitaires.

Venez nous rejoindre !
Invitation :
We have an nsfw channel but not mainly NSFW!
Mainly an overwatch, PC server!
Everyone and anyone welcomed <3
Do you play last day rules survival?
Do you ever want a teammate who can help you?
Well you're at the right place. join now and meet, play, fight, some people in our server
Small server, looking for more friends to game with. Prefer mature people and/or adults.
We are an all around gaming discord we mostly play Rust, CSGO and FiveM(GTA MOD) and some Battle Royal here and there. We are between the ages of 14-25. We are all mostly active we are small but we are hoping it grows! We give away a lot of our rust loot once we finish on our server usually. We have a bunch of bots and fun things to do on this server so check it out!
Rustilla is a brand spanking new server Vanilla Solo Duo Trio Quad server located in Australia that aims to provide the nostalgic vanilla feeling you crave.

Rustilla - Wipe Schedule
Map: Every Friday @ 7am AEDT
BP: First Friday of the month or when forced.
Community server run by twitch streamer, we do events every Saturday around 5 pm and winner gets 10$ and we try to make sure its a game everyone can play or participate in!
Игровой сервер, здесь ты сможешь найти себе с кем пообщаться и поиграть вместе со своими друзьями! Если ты ищешь адекватную компанию или же просто хочешь порофлить с друзьями, тогда тебе тут рады!