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Hello we are a bunch of gamers who love to play games. If you want to join feel free too =)
**Welcome to Digia Networks!!**

I am the owner of a fabulous and active community that was created by yours truly and founded by Neuro and Tetra!

Our server has many things to offer including:
-Gaming servers (Rust, CSGO, Garrys Mod, Minecraft, and more coming soon)
-Art Chats
-Music Chats and VCs (Production chats, Lyric chats, Collab chats, etc.)
-Our very own custom made bot Parallax (**Parallax now being used in CallMeCarson's Discord**)
-In discord currency with minigames (gambling, hangman, etc)
-Community events
-And much more to come!

Go ahead and join our community and join the growth with us!
Hi, if you want to join a new discord server that is chilled and friendly please join us.
We also have a rust server, if you want to know more about the rust server then please join our discord where you will receive an immediate rank.
the admins are always active and will be able to help you as much as they can.
We are mainly rust players. We play in VC often and we are usually on late EST time.
LimeEU is a brand new rust server that is focussing on a cozy and amazing community. We have an active staff team for helping (new) players with their problems/questions. Rust is a game about survival, base building and meeting your allies!
A great fun server that is ran by awesome, amazing, and helpful staff.
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Fortnite, Rust, Minecraft, STW, stw, save the world, battle royale, br, duo, solo, squad, tournament
I am a gamer and have 7 game servers live and kicking, there all open and can be played. They are . CS:GO, 7DTD, L4D2, Rust, TF2, COD4 and Gmod. We will be adding more servers as time go on and all members can vote on what server they will like. To get all gaming info take a look here Our Discord server is here We are also looking for server admins and Moderators. Help us grow.
This is a community discord that you can come into and chat, play games, talk in voice chat and etc.
-Voice Chat
-NSFW (Channel)
[3050+ Members] Like to play Rust? Want to find teammates? Join our Rust discord where you can post any progress you’ve made, search for teammates or chat with the community.
At We have a wide variety of cheats and spoofers for different AntiCheats
Gamers Rising is a server dedicated for those that are interested in Gaming and socializing,
With a focus on Making friends.
We accept people for who they are.
We currently offer:
- Self Assignable roles ✔
- 24/7 Ark Server ✔
- 24/7 Rust Server ✔
- Safe space to make friends ✔
- NSFW Chat ✔
- Plenty of bots, including Pokécord, IdleRPG, DiscordBallZ, DankMemer ✔
- Friendly staff ✔
I created this Discord as a way to break free from the stigma of joining other gaming servers that make you feel like just another number.
I was sick of every other server kicking or banning people for merely disagreeing with the staff or having unpopular opinions.
Those who join here will not be kicked or banned for who they are or what opinions they have you will be valued because you are unique.
We simply ask you follow our rules and you will be an ideal member here.

Gamers Rising Staff.
Yo, its a server for gamers to conect and play with, make rust and r6 clans etc.
You wont regret getting in.
Youtubers/streamers and a good community for content and gaming and finding people to play with!
Join our wholesome server <3
e-girls - check
nice roles - check
wholesome admins - check
memes - check
funny commands - check
Frozen Rust is a 2x gather 2x scrap modded server please join us and enjoy your stay!
Dutchsurvivalnetwork Online community For Gamers and Creators. feel free to join the community and make new friends.
Great Escape Gaming™ was both founded and solidified for the dreamers, by the dreamers. With open hearts, arms and minds, we welcome those who see themselves as visionaries, innovative and inspired and strive to give these incredible individuals an experience that is both unparalleled and unmatched in all aspects all while providing a humble home, hub and environment.

Established as of April 30th, 2019, Great Escape Gaming™ rose from the ashes of a former community and it's previous members into a unification of the people who desired to stay in constant and close contact with their close friends, family members and acquaintances. Due to these events, a community worth building became more and more prominent as well as promising and the story lives on to this current day.
Hey are you looking for a fun server? Great gather rate. Great role playing. Come on over to Infinite Rust. Big and chill community, no toxicity! 1.5x loot, you can find the server under MODDED SERVERS. Make sure to join!
Boon Community is a small but active growing community where you can select your own roles and find people to play games with while having a good time. As the owner of the server im really against pinging everyone unless it is IMPORTANT! i also like to host random events and just get the community together and have some fun!
Hello all,

Welcome to K’s Wonderland.

Are you all ready to enhance your gaming experience by getting a “Small advantage” over the other users? :)

As always, our cheat is a Private Slotted Cheat which is one of the main things we brag about. Verifications will happen as Slots gets opened up.

If you have any questions or concerns I, Aaron, and my Support team will be happy to assist you at all times. We strive for excellence in all aspects so we try getting back to you as soon as possible without any delays.

Once again I would like to sincerely Welcome you to our community.

Good luck at your gaming!

 Kind Regards,


We are a new server with new and unique gamemode on Rust! Come and join to see for yourself!
Rust-A-Holics welcomes you to our big family! We are a gaming community in Rust that offers 5 different servers! We welcome all kinds and minds alike.

Enjoy the perks of being surrounded by fellow Rust Lovers and maybe swing into one of our actual game servers! IPs are available in the discord too!

The perfect community for all things Rust, whether it be Memes, Cool Builds, Meeting Friends, or just to chat!

Never played rust before! Dude, come check it out! We’ll get you hooked.