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Home to the streamer Praaxiiis, rust and destiny 2 lfg’s. We welcome PC, PlayStation and Xbox. We have game bots, music bots, meme bots and even the pokemeow bot! it’s bots galore!

Here, we’re all equal gamers! Everyone and anyone is welcome :)
hello, so not to much going on here, just a few friends and a few channels, tbh im trying to grow so dont expect a whole lot when you or if you join, we a e a small group of people between the ages of 18 and upwards of 32 so we are legally adults but by nature immature fuck heads who like to play games. so again please dont expect alot i am trying to grow.
Игровой сервер, здесь ты сможешь найти себе с кем пообщаться и поиграть вместе со своими друзьями! Если ты ищешь адекватную компанию или же просто хочешь порофлить с друзьями, тогда тебе тут рады!
Small chill server that I just started to play a few games casually with anyone who is interested. We play an assortment of games and are online a good variety of hours given different time zones and lifestyles. Join if you want to meet some funny people and have some good convo. NBA fans encouraged to join, I can talk basketball for hours.
🦀Salut ! 🦀

Si tu aimes parler de dev sur Discord entre deux tasses de café ?

Viens discutailler avec nous sur Les Laboratoires Rust et partage avec nous ta bonne humeur !

Nous ne sommes pas limités au Rust, tous les sujets concernant la programmation informatique sont au rendez-vous, allant de l'open source au web 👨‍💻

Rejoins nous ! 👍
This server is about have a good time and enjoying a game that is sometimes hard to enjoy. We have a wide range of players and skill levels so don't feel left out.
this is a server for people who play dead by daylight and rust
for rust only join if ur good
Самый большой дискорд-сервер по Among Us для русскоязычного комьюнити.
Мы предлагаем:
- Большое количество желающих поиграть по голосовому чате.
- Адекватная модерация. Практичность использования для нахождения игроков.
- Хорошое коммьюнити.
- Проведение ивентов.
DOC's 2x Vanilla | Solo Duo Trio Quad |

-->Wipes every week on Saturdays @1 PM EST AND
-->Wipes every week on Wednesday @ 3 PM EDT/EST

-->The first Thursday of the month and the 3rd Saturday of the Month

DOC's 2x Quad:
-->Max team size= 4
-->This is a 2x Near-Vanilla Server with QOL Mods Only
-->Top of the line server with a zero lag experience
-->Active and friendly admins
-->3500 map size

Mods Include:
-->2x Resources
-->2x Components with junk removed
-->2x Crafting Speeds
-->2x Smelt
-->2x Stacks in TCs Only
-->Tier 1 BPs Unlocked
-->Short Nights
-->Furnace Splitter (VIP ONLY)
-->Skin Box (VIP ONLY)
-->Colored Names (VIP ONLY)


-->All VIP packages are non pay to win
This is a casual furry server/community. With that being said and in mind, please understand that we encourage free speech and that users on our server may speak their own mind so long as it is not intended as harassment. This is in place as a retreat or escape from the infringement and censorship of speech seen on a lot of other furry servers.

& Over 4000 members and still growing
& Very nice :ok_hand: VC moments
& Game/Movie nights
& MineCraft- Ip:
& We accept anyone even normies/ weebs/ Bronies/ trolls/ Etc
& Owner is very chad
& Very Active Members
& Nsfw Section
& Open to change
We have many servers! Including Roblox servers, Rust servers, and much more! We are a chill gaming group that likes to play and roblox. Come join us!
Chilled back and growing community of gamers. RuneScape, Rust, CSGO, and a lot of other games. Preferrably 18+ but all members are welcome. Plenty of bots to use if you're bored as well.
Community discord for the rust server "Ruby Rust"

Ruby Rust includes variety of plugins that make the server fun to play while not making it over excessive.

5x|TP|Kits|Loot+ with much more.

Welcome to King's Playground!

Our community offers many different gaming experiences that everyone will enjoy, such as: SCP: Secret Laboratory, Gmod and Rust. Our community welcomes everyone, no matter where you're from or who you are. We are currently looking for capable staff members who can relax and play, but can also enforce the rules when need be.

So what're you waiting for? We'll be waiting for you to join us in the playground!
Hello, and welcome to Sweat Central. Here at Sweat Central we welcome anyone to come and play games and to vibe in chats (even if you are not a sweat).

What do we have to offer?

We have a ticket system used to report users if they break the rules, we have looking for group channels for many games such as R6 or rust and more. We have a self promo channel for people to help grow. We have an automod system to prevent bad things from happening and we have a dedicated staff team ready to enforce the rules. (Along with a staff application)

SO COME and enjoy your stay : ) we hope to see you there.
FJ Clan (North America) | Requirements: •500+ hours •14+ In age •Decent spray •Good coms •Willing to listen
[- LuGaR De NaDiE -]


LuGaR De NaDiE es perfecto para jugar con o sin amigos.


Siempre seras aceptado y tratado amablemente siempre y cuando cumplas nuestras reglas


no aceptamos gente toxica y si eres toxica te vas ban.


Jugamos muchas variedad de juegos tanto como Rust,Roblox,Among us,o cualquier otro


Lo mejor de todo es que el dueño de este grupo,es un Youtuber con mas de 2030 subs y dispuesto a mas y juega seguido con sus subs y todo.


Únete! No te arrepentirás
we are a very active rust clan looking for new people to play with us combined we have over 10k hours and would love to talk to anyone who is interested
Check out our rust server's,
We run a 1 week wipe schedule.
Modded server
Server name: 5x Dog Park
Server info ⬇
⭕ 5x
⭐Treasure hunt
⭕ No lvl 1 bp's unlocked
✈ plane crash event!
⭕ Kits
⭕Vote day
⭕ Normal decay
⭕ Active Sort
⭕ Quick Smelt
And our
2x Apocalyptic Dog Park (custom map)
It Includes things such as:
✈ The plane crash event!
- The Golden Gate Bridge
- - The Empire State Building
- A Zombie Apocalypse Feel
- - A Whole Custom Designed Map And city! -and roaming zombies
Swing by and check us out. Join our discord if you'd like
Dark server networking originated back in 2016 running servers on Unturned, Today we run servers on rust, gmod and unturned, and also host a dedicated trading channel for fallout 76. We also have weekly giveaways for games and skins, and gift cards in our discord refferal giveaway channel
MISFIT ESPORTS is a esports server that has competitive teams and games of all category!
Welcome to Tilted Hosting
here at tilted hosting we aim to provide affordable but high quality equipment
All our Minecraft server packages have a 12 core cpu and go for as low as $1.50
Official Discord server of crazeeey. For people who love CSGO and want a place where they can share ideas and meet new people. Chill, fun and a great server to be in. Join now!