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An LGBT+ server dedicated to creating a relaxed and friendly environment for queer people and those who support them.

It's minimalist and straightforward, no confusing roles or channels, just straight up gayness.
18+ calling all women who love women to come join us! meet a bunch of other wlw, join us in movie and game nights as well as voice chat nights. currently 20 active members, and wanting to expand
LGBT Teen Discord - A fun, friendly, and welcoming community for LGBT teens (13-20) to chat and make some new friends.
" nyctophilia
A preference for the night or darkness. "

we are a SMALL lgbtq+ server with bots, games, movie nights, game nights, and more! we are open and accepting to everyone.

p.s. notice that this is NYCTOPHILIA and not NECROPHILIA.

Join LGBTCord! We're an LGBTQ+ server built on acceptance, trust and friendship ran by the community, for the community. Come on, check us out today!
18+ | LGBT+ | Gaymers hangout server | October is Halloween movie nights join us every Friday!
Welcome to the LGBTQ+ Zone! This is a new, welcoming and happy safe space that fits your needs. Opened: 2/10/18

- We aim to gather as many LGBTQ+ peeps into one server and would love to make everyone experience memorable.

- We offer:

• Monthly Events such as Karaoke, Film Nights and TV Nights.

• Colorful reaction roles, as well as preferred roles.

• A safe space for you to open up about your issues.

• An all around fun time!

- So come on in! We are currently very small but we hope to grow in the future!

- Note: Please join ONLY if you identify yourself as anything on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, straight allies are not allowed for personal reasons.
We have super friendly users and staff, along with amazing chatrooms and features.

We have over 10 chat rooms, including two lounges for people to chat in, these both also have a voice chat each. We also have a music bot, which is great for when you want to relax and unwind.

For more info visit
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We Do Daily Giveaway prizes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
:smiley: More than 150+ Roles :smiley: @everyone
:grinning: We Always Welcome Everyone To be scared to talk in chat about something :grinning:
:sparkles: We use @👂Partner Notify👂 :sparkles:
:large_orange_diamond: 250+ Members :large_orange_diamond:
A brand new server looking for fun, active, and caring members of any age with lots of fun things to do! Hablamos español! Nous parlons français!
hi! welcome to my LGBT+ server! this server is 14-20, anyone younger or older cannot join, my dearest apologies!! here, you can discuss your pride for being LGBT+ with other members of the community <3 (cishet people aka cisgender heterosexual people are not allowed here, including cishet ace/aro people)
Place to hang out if bored, being a bigot will make you perm. Banned
Why, hello there! You have stumbled upon Gay & Bi Guys. We are an exclusive community of gay and bisexual teenage males across the globe. The staff are respectful and the users are valued. We are thorough in our applications, so all those creeps and weirdos won't bother you here. Our users are friendly and make entertaining conversation. Have fun!
Welcome to Gayming Community! a place where lgbt+ people can come together and game. dating channels aswell. This is a very small community as it is brand new. we hope you can become apart of something big

Gay or Bi? We are a new, exclusive community of teen gay & bisexual males. The staff are laid back and users are valued. Join to make a new friend, or maybe even more ;)
A fun and bullshit-free LGBT+ server, where everyone regardless of their sexuality is welcome to join.
We're a brand new server so bring your friends or whoever you know that would like to join a free-spirited server and ain’t coming with homophobic bullshit.

• Respect others regardless of their s**t
• Don’t come to stir the pot and create f***ing drama
• Listen to mods and the admins and take their s**t serious
• Keep explicit s**t on the right channel
• If you keep doing stupid stuff your ass with be kicked the f**k our or banned

Feel free to curse as much as you want here, there’s no censorship as long as you don’t f**k with other people. And also have fun!

PS: We used to have a lot more members but one of the old mods messed with the server, all chanels and members were deleted and banned. We have created all channels again but we couldn’t recover the members. So it would be very kind to help us rebuild our little community by joining us.
A discord server for a different kind of Gaymer. Where everyone is welcome and acceptance is the key!
A new server looking for active members, oriented towards LGBT+ community and those who support it <3 users 16+
A space for wlw to hang out and chat about tv shows and other such shizzle!!
I’m starting a small server and trying to get a lgbt+ friendly place
LGBTeens is a Discord community for LGBT teenagers