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Among the most prestigious gay teen communities, we are fun, cozy, and private. Our experiences are unmatched by others. After you application is accepted, you can look at other members selfies, have interesting conversations, play games, listen to music, and more. Have fun!


Nearly no raids what so ever.
Only people with profile pictures, and roles get approved to prevent blank inactive profiles.


We have the moderation set to medium to prevent raids by only allowing members with a verified email address to send messages. We have a ticket system in order to contact staff. We have automod, and filters. We have guidelines to make our members feel comfortable in our server.


We offer colored roles as well as many different categories.


We have a minalistic look, so you don't have to constantly scroll to find server channels. The channels are aesthetically pleasing with emojis to make it even easier to find a channel.


Our community is pretty chill. There aren't really many toxic people in our server and if they are they'll be dealt with. accordingly.


We have many different fun and useful bots for you to use.
~~ Welcome to the LGBT Hang Space!~~
As more and more people discover themselves, the LGBT community continues to grow and thrive with new people each and every day. This server is for those people who need a place to hang out and connect with people like them, who are going through questioning and need some advice, want to make friends, or just want to support the community!

~~ In this server, we include... ~~
* Self-assignable roles
* Bots and bot spam
* Ranks
* Media (such as memes, pictures, videos, music, etc.)
* Social media links so you can follow your friends!
* And much more!

We'll be happy to have you join us! Just click the link and come be part of our hang space. We hope to see you soon!

。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ Greetings, stranger! Are you tired of getting lost in big servers? Are you looking for a cozy server that you can be yourself in? Look no further! The Hideaway is the place for you! Stop by, have a chat with our friendly community and have fun with the bot and activity channels. We can't wait to meet you! :)

We offer:
★ Activities
★ Custom emojis
★ Fun channels
★ Games
★ xp and leveling
★ 24/7 Music
★ Self-assignable roles
★ And much more!

We are a very small LGBTQ+ server hoping to unite the community. When we are a larger server we will be hosting games nights, movie nights etc. We have a large array of roles for you to describe yourself with and friendly staff that have no problem helping you out.
We don't have heavy verification although we do have some so please don't be offended if we ask you any questions. After all it's only to keep the server safe
We accept anyone and everyone so please don't be shy!
This is simple server for any bisexual person looking for a community they can chill in.
LGBT Forever is a lgbt+ friendly safe space for all LGBTQIA+ members! SFW And mogai free
A new lgbt server for the ages 13-17!
*Game nights
*Movie nights
*Karaoke nights
*Colour roles!
*Cishets are not allowed
*Protection against raids
*Tucute/Mogai free zone
*The belief of gender dysphoria being needed to be trans is required*

💖Come and join our community💖
Welcome to Virtual Hangout!

Come and join other guys to chat with them and create new friends!
It's for teenagers (ages 13-19) and guys only!

These are the NSFW/SFW channels we have:
-NSFW/SFW hangout
-NSFW/SFW pictures
-NSFW/SFW videogames
-NSFW/SFW memes
-NSFW/SFW videos/gifs
And a couple more NSFW/SFW channels like:
Venting, Bara/yaoi and selfies!

We have four debates channel where you can, as the name suggests, debate about different topics:
-TV series
-General (for debating about anything; controversial or not!)

We also have three bots channels:
-OwO bot (For anime emotes, actions, etc.!)
-Rythm bot (For music!)
-FredBoat bot (For music!)

And lastly, we have three different hangout voice channels to talk with your friends!

There may be new additions to the list and if you want to suggest a new thing that we could add to the server, you can use our Suggestions channel!

So what are you waiting for? Come on in and join the fun!

Please, don't forget to read the rules to be able to join the channel as there are instructions on how to do so!
Welcome to BiCycle!
An inclusive community for bisexual people to be bisexual, without judgement and with loads of support!

So what do we offer?
-exclusive bi-themed emojis
-venting and positivity channels
-age, pronoun and color roles
-hobbies and relationship discussions
-a place to share your [sfw] selfies
-18+ only chat for you after-darkers (NO SELF NUDES)
An LGBT server for anyone who is LGBT, a nice place to feel safe and talk with others in the community as well as have fun.
We have super friendly users and staff, along with amazing chatrooms and features.

We have over 10 chat rooms, including two lounges for people to chat in, these both also have a voice chat each. We also have a music bot, which is great for when you want to relax and unwind.

For more info visit
LGBT Teen Discord - A fun, friendly, and welcoming community for LGBT teens (13-20) to chat and make some new friends.

We are now hosting our Harry Potter themed House Cup. Join now to get sorted into your house, meet some new friends, and take part in some fun activities!

We also regularly host Mafia games and are always looking for new players and hosts! As well as Mafia, some of us play Roblox, Cards against humanity and more.

- Active chats for talking and meeting new people.
- Other channels for gaming, debates, discussing films and TV, etc.
- Fun events and activities.
- Friendly staff members.
- Self-assignable roles.

very chill lgbt server, just come hang and make some friends

we also play a shit ton of games from overwatch, call of duty, division, apex etc
We're a fun, laid back community open for all LGBT people and allies! We're working hard to make sure this is a fun, yet safe space for all! (Please be 16 or over upon joining)
Welcome to Wuh LuH wuH!
this is a server for women who love women!
Lesbians, bisexuals, all women who love women!
Trans girls are super welcome!!
Ages 13-19 only!

men please do not join this is a server for women only

Server made June 11, 2019
A Fresh New Server For Gay Teens! Ages Between 13-18. Fully Accepting Of Every Kink Every Sexuality! Just Gotta Like The Pee Pee. Competitions, Gifs, Memes, Selfies, International, Roles. +Always Taking New Suggestions!
Hello! We're a small and new LGBT server that accepts everyone!
Since we are new we don't have a lot to offer but we'd appreciate if you would join and help us out
For now, we can offer:
- Emojis with LGBT related stuff
- Roles relating to your sexuality

We hope you enjoy this server <3
Just a cozy little Server where you can meet new people, find new interests, and make new friends :)
+++ Welcome to The Pride Cafe! +++
We are a 13+ community server that supports LGBT individuals! Anything and everything can be discussed here, and your interests do not matter to any of us. If you just need someone to accept you, or want to be friends with more LGBT folks, this is the place for you!

What do we offer?
~ Memes
~ Music bot
~ Media channels
~ Events
~ Self-assignable roles
And more!

Just open the doors and walk right in. Grab a cup and take a seat. Everyone is welcome here :)
this is a server for wlw only! 🌾🍓 discourse free, this is a safe space for making friends and for positivity!

we have an art channel, channels to vent in if you need to open up, music channels and a snazzy colour role bot! please join we want friends adjgjldg✨
This server is dedicated to the lgbt youth community <3
*13-17 year old only!
*Cisgender-Heterosexuals aren't allowed!
*Protected against raids
*Game zone
*59 self assignable roles
*Event nights on the weekends such as movie night, game night, karaoke night, singles night, etc!
*Tucutes/Mogai free zone
*The belief that gender dysphoria is needed to be trans is mandatory to join the server*
We are a close knit group who like to spend time with each other like a little family. ❤