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LGBT Teen Discord - A fun, friendly, and welcoming community for LGBT teens (13-20) to chat and make some new friends.

We are now hosting our Harry Potter themed House Cup. Join now to get sorted into your house, meet some new friends, and take part in some fun activities!

We also regularly host Mafia games and are always looking for new players and hosts! As well as Mafia, some of us play Roblox, Cards against humanity and more.

- Active chats for talking and meeting new people.
- Other channels for gaming, debates, discussing films and TV, etc.
- Fun events and activities.
- Friendly staff members.
- Self-assignable roles.
A nifty LGBT server for youth aged 13-24, come join and have a look around.
We have super friendly users and staff, along with amazing chatrooms and features.

We have over 10 chat rooms, including two lounges for people to chat in, these both also have a voice chat each. We also have a music bot, which is great for when you want to relax and unwind.

For more info visit
Come Join our LGBTQ+ Be Unique where 16+ is welcome to join our community and have fun and be themselves. With emojis and other fun stuff Come join the fun.

We have 16 + Areas
Friendly Staff
Fun Conversations
A 18+ only chat as well.
Share music and art
Make friends.
Welcome to BiCycle!
An inclusive community for bisexual people to be bisexual, without judgement and with loads of support!

So what do we offer?
-exclusive bi-themed emojis
-venting and positivity channels
-age, pronoun and color roles
-hobbies and relationship discussions
-a place to share your [sfw] selfies
-18+ only chat for you after-darkers (NO SELF NUDES)
✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦
💥e - babes 💥
✦ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ✦
🤠 | soft and wholesome server for anyone in the LGBTQ+ community!
🌈 | join us!
A server for lesbians and bi women! (no men please)
Are you gay, lesbian, bisexual? Like fapping to porn? Our server is for you!

Please bear in mind, we are a relatively new server, so some channels may be empty -- but there's where you dirty-minded people come in!
This server is dedicated to the lgbt community!
*13-17 year old only!
*cishets aren't allowed!
*Protected against raids
*Game zone
*Dating Zone
*33 self assignable roles
*Event nights on the weekends such as movie night, game night, and karaoke night!
*Tucutes/Mogai free zone
*The belief that gender dysphoria is required to be trans is mandatory to join the server*
We are a close knit group who like to spend time with each other like a little family. ❤
A new fun server to talk with and make other LGBT+ pals. Including fun bots, voice channels, and a music channel. As well as other channels of discussion!
LGBT Forever is a lgbt+ friendly safe space for all ages. and has a mini area to meet other people and maybe even a partner.
Hello Ladies :3

i have a girls only discord server for league of legends players euw mainly :D
i mean we do have some beautiful NA girls but mainly euw c:

however... most of my girls are lesbian or bisexual just to let you know in advance..

and ofc we do play other games such as apex legends or overwatch xD


we really have no bois c;

An LGBT+ server dedicated to creating a relaxed and friendly environment for queer people and those who support them.

It's minimalist and straightforward, no confusing roles or channels, just straight up gayness.
are u a woman who loves other women? come join us over at snake central then! we are a growing server whos looking for new members to hang out with. 18+
LGBTQ+Discord is a friendly and relaxed community for all LGBT people (and allies) to enjoy themselves in. We have 1800+ members from all walks of life, with most in their late teens to early twenties. We have a role system, weekly events (such as movie nights and quizzes), channels for a variety of topics, and an approachable staff team to assist you. Regardless of who you are, you're welcome to find new friends and make yourself at home!
Welcome to Prideful®! This is a safe community for LGBTQ+ people! Even if you are not LGBTQ+, you are still welcome here! But please be supportive! <3

What Prideful® offers~~

- Caring people to talk to.
- Supportive people.
- Vents
- Rank colour and personal roles.
- Safe, kind, and active community.
- Partnerships.

- Question-of-the-Day questions.
- Game nights.
- More text and chat channels.
- Special roles.

"Out-going pride is beautiful pride!"
Welcome, new comers! I see you have stumbled upon my server because you are seeking some LGBTQ friends to interact with. Not to worry, this is the place for you! We have:
• Friendly chats
• Sexuality and gender specific chats
• Gaming bots
• Anime bots
• Leveling up
• Points and ranks
• A variety of roles with an autorole system
• Memes (dank variety)
• Art and music
• Gaming chats

And much more! We are a friendly server, and are very accepting no matter who you are or what you identify as. Come and join us! We'll be waiting for you. :)
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: We Do Daily Giveaway prizes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
:smiley: More than 150+ Roles :smiley: @everyone
:grinning: We Always Welcome Everyone To be scared to talk in chat about something :grinning:
:sparkles: We use @👂Partner Notify👂 :sparkles:
:large_orange_diamond: 250+ Members :large_orange_diamond:
Join LGBTCord! We're an LGBTQ+ server built on acceptance, trust and friendship ran by the community, for the community. Come on, check us out today!
Welcome to True Pride
Our group's focus is to support the LGBT community, which contains different orientations, and gender identities.
We invite the LGBTQ community, and it's supporters to join us, either for support, or for supporting others.
Code : M4KU956
A brand new server looking for fun, active, and caring members of any age with lots of fun things to do! Hablamos español! Nous parlons français!
hi! welcome to my LGBT+ server! this server is 14-20, anyone younger or older cannot join, my dearest apologies!! here, you can discuss your pride for being LGBT+ with other members of the community <3 (cishet people aka cisgender heterosexual people are not allowed here, including cishet ace/aro people)