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Welcome to BiCycle!
An inclusive community for bisexual people to be bisexual, without judgement and with loads of support!

So what do we offer?
-exclusive bi-themed emojis
-venting and positivity channels
-age, pronoun and color roles
-hobbies and relationship discussions
-a place to share your [sfw] selfies
-18+ only chat for you after-darkers (NO SELF NUDES)
Are you Pansexual with no plans and no friends? Well this is the place for you!
We're Pans with no plans, and we hope to see you with us! We are a safe lbgt community focused primarily around the pansexual denomination however all are welcome. We have fun, games, kinky e sex, and gambling.
💖What we are about and what we have to offer💖
{We accept partnerships for almost any type of SFW server!}

-Dating channels
-We have various bots to make the server more fun!
-We have friendly and inclusive mods
-Venting channel, art channel, positivity channels, roleplay channel, and many more!
Hello! Welcome to SEXUALITY MATTERS ✌🏻🌈?!
What we offer:
> New friends <
> Relationships <
> Jobs, Giveaways, other <
> Selfies <
> Art <
> Vent <
> Rage <
> Cuties <
> Other! <
Join today! Its completely free! We dont bite..
a server for guys who love guys to chill (trans inclusive)
Hey! Join this awesome new community where we talk about our daily lives, and discuss our gay agendas >:)