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We are an open community for LGBT gamers and allies to socialize, make new friends and have fun playing League of Legends! This server was made to be a safe place free from toxicity for gamers of all levels and skills!
Worldwide server for Pokémon Go players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
We are a bunch of twitch memers that worship our lords.
Billy Herrington and Van Darkholme.
We are all gay and love gachi.
Now lets celebrate and suck some dick.
Northern Gaymers is an all-inclusive LGBT+ Discord group covering the Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield areas in the UK and further. We also welcome those from across the UK here to get together, play games and make lasting friendships.

Membership is open to those 18 or older.
JOIN AND BECOME MY MINION, you’ll like it trust me
Have funn
A community of pup who play video games. Meet pups with similar interests and play some video games!
♚♛【〘 Love Alike Society 〙】♛♚

We are a society of Queer Male teens trying to create an awesome community for all of us to have fun, support one another, and be ourselves!

We offer a lot of things that will cater to all kinds, shapes, sizes, and minds! Some of those things are:

→ Active co-owners, ensuring safety and security for all members! 🌠 ☑
→ NSFW Channels restricted to certain ages [14+. 16+, 18+, 21+] 😍 ☑
→ Bots like DankMemer and Fredboat to provide games, fun, and music to ease your boredom! 😂 ☑
→ Channels to chat in foreign languages! Currently, we support Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, and French! 🌏 ☑
→ A matchmaking system that's easy as 1-2-3! ♥️ ☑
→ Channels for debates, homework help, sports, and more! 🎇 ☑

So what are you waiting for? Join the Love Alike Society now!

♚♛【〘 Love Alike Society 〙】♛♚
Join our great server the K.K.K (Kool Kids Klub)
It is a great server, no swearing though
have fun ;)
Hey everyone! We’re a fresh new Gaymers server with about 70 members so far. We’re curating to an LGBT crowd so please be open minded and friendly. We’re still growing and looking for new friends to join to socialize and game with. Most of the people are on Xbox but we are looking to expand our other outlets. We have some PC, Nintendo, and PlayStation people as well. Please be active and over 18. We have one NSFW channel. We have Pokécord as many of us are fans of Pokémon. Some games we enjoy are Overwatch, Dead By Daylight, Apex Legends, Final Fantasy, Smash Ultimate, etc.
A small, cosy and chill server with active 13-19 gay guys to hang out and mess around. Join if you wanna, I guess.
stupid cyberpunk server or 13-19 year old guys who like other guys no matter what their sexuality. fuck that male:female ratio shit server is 100% smoking hot e-boy free gaymer boyfriends at entry.

we're really small but if you get past that we're extremely cosy and a tight-knight community and we want you to be part of that :)

Oh yeah..and don't forget our crown jewel, the NSFW category.
🍳 *Hello! My name is Eggu! The owner of Cookie CRUMBLE! Our server has all you need and more~! Things including Memes, Friends, and a voice chat, plus, even more! Our servers allows you to make many friends and meet new people! We have bots, an easy to follow rule list, and staff positions still open at the moment! It’s a brand new and growing server, created on Jan/10th/2019.* 🍳
🍳*I know this description is basic- (im new to this please send help :’) ) I apologize if you were looking fir something more exciting ,_,.*🍳
So what are you waiting for?! Come join us already! I’m looking forward to meeting you~!
Queer Gaming Collective, an LGBT+ casual hang out focused on finding new friends and people to play games with or just chat about anything including games! Very laid back and tons of welcoming people. Channels include gaming related ones, television, and a small NSFW section.
A discord server for a different kind of Gaymer. Where everyone is welcome and acceptance is the key!
Easy Allies community platform for LGBTQ+ gamers and allies to discuss a variety of topics in a safe and friendly environment.

- LGBTQ+ supportive and safe (your comfort and issues are considered first)
- POC supportive and safe (your comfort and issues are considered first)
- Open to all, love & respect is vital