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🍳 *Hello! My name is Eggu! The owner of Cookie CRUMBLE! Our server has all you need and more~! Things including Memes, Friends, and a voice chat, plus, even more! Our servers allows you to make many friends and meet new people! We have bots, an easy to follow rule list, and staff positions still open at the moment! It’s a brand new and growing server, created on Jan/10th/2019.* 🍳
🍳*I know this description is basic- (im new to this please send help :’) ) I apologize if you were looking fir something more exciting ,_,.*🍳
So what are you waiting for?! Come join us already! I’m looking forward to meeting you~!
Worldwide server for Pokémon Go players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
18+ Server: Yes
(Joining and participating in the server means that you have read all rules and agree to abide by them. Ignorance isn't an excuse~)

The Yaoi Consortium's mission is to connect people from across the world to create lasting connections on Discord to share our love for the one thing we all enjoy: YAOI!!! We're also open to many other things as well so feel free to stop by and talk about whatever is on your mind! Also, come join our community events when you can! Any and all feedback is appreciated!
A discord server for a different kind of Gaymer. Where everyone is welcome and acceptance is the key!
Once the biggest LGBTQ on Discord, we're rebuilding to ensure the community continues to thrive in the vision it was create in.
Hey everyone this server is welcome to everyone! It’s a discord for lgbtq+ folks to make friends and play games together!

It does have a emphasis on creating a safe and affirm space for queer women and non binary folks who are into video games! But allies are of course welcome too.

So come join to talk about games or media you’re gay for, or hop onto our voice channel to play overwatch with folks, or even just rant about how much you may hate fallout 76! Just have fun :)