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Herzlich Willkommen auf dem Discord-Server @bi // (e)/ /gay // german ! Dieser Server richtet sich an Bisexuelle und Schwule Personen und an alle anderen diejenigen, die meinen sich hier wohlfühlen zu können. :) Bitte nur deutschsprachige Mitglieder zwischen 14 und 28+ Jahren.
1 hours ago
This is an LGBTQIA+ server for meeting and talking to people in our community. The server is quite active with a group of regulars who support each other when needed. The server is a place for people to talk to people who have similar experiences and meet more of the LGBT community. We have a lot of general channels in order to facilitate conversation about whatever topic you choose (within reason of course)
1 hours ago
A server for all LGBT+ folks to hang out. We have custom emojis, fun levels, cool bots, group events, and more.
2 days ago
Community 7
this is an lgbt+ server for anyone who identifies as lgbt.
- not an asshole.
there you go :) if you fit into that, come on down.
40 days ago
Community 8
This is Under Construction 🚧
57 days ago
Anime and Manga 15
lgbtq pride server join for a fun community
200 days ago