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An active community for everyone LGBT+! Please do not join if you aren’t LGBT+. No homophobia/transphobia/racism and other awful things!
Ig:lgbtstripes lgbt server!
We have various channels meant for everyone!! Feel free to join 💖💖
Community server for bisexual people to bi themselves and share pink-purple-blue memes.
Herzlich Willkommen auf dem Discord-Server @bi // (e)/ /gay // german ! Dieser Server richtet sich an Bisexuelle und Schwule Personen und an alle anderen diejenigen, die meinen sich hier wohlfühlen zu können. :) Bitte nur deutschsprachige Mitglieder zwischen 14 und 39 Jahren.
This is a new server so dont expect ppl so soon need members, there are stander roles for public and secret roles u have to discover theres nsfw chats for those who like to post ;)

i also need staff if ur intrested lets get to know each other :3
Ein entspannter und deutscher Server nur für Frauen die lesbisch, bi, neugierig und "keine" Transgender sind. Ihr seid hier herzlich Willkommen. ;-) Alter: 18+
All ages welcome! Private chats for each group (including allies)
17- group
18+ group
21+ group
Make friends! Please be respectful!
This is an LGBTQIA+ server for meeting and talking to people in our community. The server is quite active with a group of regulars who support each other when needed. The server is a place for people to talk to people who have similar experiences and meet more of the LGBT community. We have a lot of general channels in order to facilitate conversation about whatever topic you choose (within reason of course)
A fun old place for a fun old time!
TRC2 (the successor to The Rainbow Café) is a pirate themed, tongue-in-cheek, non-politically correct LGBT+ server. We offer a place for anyone who wants a nice, no bullshit atmosphere to chat and make friends who will ravage the seas with you in search of the booty!

We also offer support, and NSFW channels for those over 18 with verification. You'll be safe here and you won't catch scurvy! Promise!
This is mommas community, a chill server meant for people of all kinds to come and chill, chat or get to know people btw 16+ ty
This server is for gay and bisexual people to meet and discuss politics.
All claims should be backed by evidence.
This server is also used for memes and for video game lobbies. The List of Games is ever evolving request new ones please
Freedom for the LGBT Community from the grips of Feminism and the tyranny of the Far left so that even if the tides change we dont loose #LGBTforever
Why, hello there! You have stumbled upon Gay & Bi Guys. We are an exclusive community of gay and bisexual teenage males across the globe. The staff are respectful and the users are valued. We are thorough in our applications, so all those creeps and weirdos won't bother you here. Our users are friendly and make entertaining conversation. Have fun!
A fresh LGBT+ community made to provide a friendly space to meet new people! Everyone is made a member manually for a bit of added security!
Gay or Bi? We are a new, exclusive community of teen gay & bisexual males. The staff are laid back and users are valued. Join to make a new friend, or maybe even more ;)
Hello!😊 we are a LGBT+ safezone where everything is ok!, come if u wanna talk about crushes, boys, girls, it doesnt matter!!! And if everyone wants we can start a NSFW!, so pls come and enjoy yourself
A server for all LGBT+ folks to hang out. We have custom emojis, fun levels, cool bots, group events, and more.
This is a server for those who need a place to be and someone to love. We hope that you enjoy this group because its as much mine and it is your's <3 thank you
Un tout nouveau serveur LGBT+ avec une attitude amicale et détendue. Petite communauté qui cherche à grandir!

Rejoignez-nous et amusez-vous!
If you are girl who likes other girls be sure to join the Sapphic Ship a server for all lady-loving women!
this is an lgbt+ server for anyone who identifies as lgbt.
- not an asshole.
there you go :) if you fit into that, come on down.