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This is a server for nonbinary folk, but everyone is welcome, cis or trans! We promote diversity and acceptance of all identities and views. I kept getting kicked from nonbinary servers for my views so I made a true safe space, for people of all kinds, MOGAI, tucute, truscum, transmed, everyone. We keep discussion of these views in a specific channel to avoid unwanted conflict.
Este é um servidor para adolescentes não-bináries socializarem! (Já que existe uma falta desse tipo de espaço) Então se você é não-binárie e tem entre 13 e 19 anos, venha!
Hello! This is a server purely for anyone who would like to make friends with people who are (possibly) as awkward as you are! I'm very new at making servers, so it might just be me for a while.. Server is LGBT+ friendly! As long as you're not a jerk, you're fine!