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Welcome to Amegakure! We're a small 18+ community looking to expand with some new regulars, our VC is always active, we're weeb and nsfw friendly, and the server runs multiple Waifu bots along with pokechord

Currently there's a 50/50 gender ratio, So no sausagefest or E-girl takeover here.

Come be our friend!

About us

In need of a friend? We got you, covered man:
—☆ Broadway, Marvel, Gaming, Programming server. Welcoming to all!
—☆ We love Marvel/MCU.
—☆ Fans of NBC, The Good Place, Brooklyn99, Comedies join!
—☆ Fun channels, such as Pokecord, Counting, Cursed Images, one word stories, and quotes.
—☆ Supporting towards all content creators.
—☆ LGBTQ+ supportive. We're here for everyone, no matter what.
—☆ Welcoming Staff.
—☆ Movie nights, Game nights weekly, Active Nitro Giveaways.
—☆ A fun, healthy, and active community.
—☆ Channels for Pokécord, Economy, Art, Gaming, Memes, Counting, Quotes.


Owner: [nick!#0003] [Luke#1000]

Join us today!

hey fellas! we're just a funky group of people who vc every day and are very active! we like to play, minecraft, jackbox, and sometimes host spelling bees and talent shows. we have earnable roles and self roles. check us out!
s t a r, is a new upcoming server who likes to have fun. We all play games and like to talk. hopefully i'll see you on the server <3
This is a small community that would like to grow and expand, we would absolutely love to get to know you!! ^w^
+Roleplay is also included when you join, make a new character or use your own
+Requests and comments about the server are appreciated
+Unique emotes for almost everything (don't touch the lemon ones)
+All fandoms and ships are always open to discussion

We hope you have fun here, and thankku for joining!!
Just a place to meet & talk to ppl ab mostly anything :)) Dark Humor, Gaming, karaoke, emotes, music, Instagram group, SC group, bots & chats/VCs for talented, pets/animals, fangirls, gamers, photographers, witches, music lovers, ppl who need to rant or just to talk, rp for the weebs, even political chats lmao. We also have gaming nights & karaoke nights on big gay calls & Youtubers get a role to promote & Witches get a Witch role for access to a chat skksskdfsjkf
I hope you join so we can chill and vc if you’re down! ^~^ The server contains many weird people just so you're aware. And plz be active if you could.
just join lmao
we got games
hardly any rules
join vc
got different bots
need active admins
NEW metal head server, currently looking to meet fellow MHs that are both active and willing to help the server grow. 🖤
This is a dead server looking to get revived no age limit but you have to be ok with talking to minors, theres basically no rules so if you get butt hurt easy suvers not for you but if you like to fuck around and do and say random sh!t then WELCOME!! This servers for you
Just a generic server, except with the ability to vote on people to kick if they annoy a majority of people. KEEP THE CANCER OUT. Oh and we give away free shit
-Lots of Giveaways
-Game Bots
-Active voice chat with pings
-Music bots
-Levelling system
-Many memes
-Kinda dead but not always
Voice chat that's super active daily, friendly and full of quality banter, not too fast-paced but never boring, regular movie nights, dedicated gaming servers, open to any age. Join and become a regular for a close-knit community experience. Come fill your social bar :)
Hey guys! First of all we both just wanna say welcome. Welcome to kay and fem’s edgy server lmao. SOo this server kinda started because me and fem were hella fucking bored and one day we just decided to make a server of our own. We also wanted to meet new people and interact with ya Kool beans :D. So yeah haha that’s pretty much how the server started :))
Anyways all I want to say is that I hope ya'll can be active on here and I hope we can all have a great time chatting and VCing. Just have fun I guess :)
This is a new server that I tbh just made so people can have fun and not worry about rules and relax!
Social cafe is a laid back community with active VC
Roles/ Gaming/ Movie Nights/ Gaming nights/ Karaoke Nights/ Partnerships/ Patreon/ Join to find out more.
group full of noodles to satisfy all your discord needs. includes bots and taking requests for new bots. join for some fun :)