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virtual online hospital !
this is a virtual online hospital !
the first of its kind
it's a place too talk about problems , share what's on your mind and make acquaintance's !
chat includes music , movies , gaming , art , relaxation , and general !
here you will receive YOUR OWN PERSONAL ROOM that you can post in !
we have wonderful staff and great members !
come and say hi :)

This is a server based around Sexuality And Gender Awareness (SAGA)

- For those going through meloncholy, we strive on a alternative form of support for that.
There are 3 distinct vent channels as well and general support channels for different needs.

- This is a Safe Space and will have verification and moderation in order to help with that.

- This server has many roles that can be self assigned.

It would be swell if you decide to join the wholesome community.
It's doing pretty well so far.
Your worries here is a server where you can go to talk about things that are bothering you, whether it be mental health issues, relationship problems, identity/sexuality related or just someone who ticked you off at the grocery store. We're here to help you, reach out to you, and let you know that you're not alone. Or, if you don't have anything to talk about, you can just come here and hang out. We have fun bots and places to talk and chill. It's lo-fi under the night sky.
≈Who are we? We are a small dating/casual community that has a number of good opportunities for you to either have fun™, meet new people and maybe wink wink nudge nudge find a suitable partner.
≈What do we have to offer?

»Friendly staff that will be able to survey the server 24/7!:grinning:

»A friendly community (With no toxicity):fingers_crossed:

»RP Channels and ERP Channels to make you feel dramatic!:smiley_cat:

»NsFw ChAnNlE fOr AlL yOuR eDgY nEeDs:sunglasses:

»A lot of job applications are open if you are interested in helping the server grow! :3:man:‍:mortar_board:

»Therapy channel for the depressed and or the troubled:woman:‍⚕️

»And of course bots if you feel you can’t socialise with real people.:robot:

»Gaming channels for the people who have no actually friends online. :video_game:

»VC and music!:notes:

≈What makes this server so unique to the other servers? Well for one we have introduced ERP into the server plus our staff is not like the other annoying lame staff that never talk on the server and I as a fellow admin understand how others feel when being single as I am too.
═════ ღ
The server just started so we would appreciate it everything goes slow and steady and we'll be a great community! Our therapists want to help others so I hope you receive the treatment you would enjoy.
═════ ღ
A little place where you can receive some help or a lover, if you're feeling a bit down. We will not judge you. You can also feel safe here nobody to hurt you.
__In this server we strike to achieve a healthy mind for everyone.

We are a bully free zone server and also we are to be dedicated to helping others with there problems. In this server it is our goal to help you get passed your difficult issues. Our goal is help ensure everyone's mental health is great. Mental health is extrimley important in order to be happy.

We like to see people being as happy as they can be. In this server you are able to express how you feel and help build other people up.__

`In This Server We Have:`

🎵__Music Channels__

❓__Questions of the day__

👂__A fully Certified therapist for professional help__

👮__Active Staff__


🔐__restricted access to ensure privacy.__


A random server, need of members to post DANK MEMES, also if you need therapy, this is the server for you if you don't want to pay money for a therapist, I will make a schedule for all of you CT (Central Time)
We're mainly focused on Rock & Sublime. But we welcome people that aren't rock fans. There a lot you can do here including Therapy, Memes, Gaming, and meeting new friends. Our staff are very friendly and love to help you whether it's an emotional problem or physical. Rember, HAVE FUN!!!

We Listen is a non profit organization working to provide free emotional support of the highest quality to anyone who may need it. Everyone gets down and we understand that, and for whenever you need help, you can trust us to help get you through your pain so you may once again see happier days. We have a growing great community for you to interact with and who also are willing to help you if ever you need it. This server contains very mature content, dealing with issues related to mental health, if you are uncomfortable with this either don't join or do not participate in chat. As we are a mental health server, we have many rules that we hope you will read and abide by. Otherwise, have a good time here and if you ever need support we are here for you.
LifeLine is a NEW friendly support server, for anyone to come and help others or get help for themselves! We are moderated and hiring support members currently! We are a group of open-minded people here to help anyone who wants help. We believe everyone deserves a chance to be happy. We are here to help you pursue that! We have 8 fun bots on our server! We are a non profit server only here for the benefit of others!
We Hope you will join us!
We just like or help people with depression 1 on 1 talks and private chat sections just for you
Just some therapy server that you can go to and vent. We also have a community that you can have fun with and fun bots to mess with!
This server has recently been remodelled to be more efficient at supporting those who need it the most. Our goal is to provide a safe community for people to chill and share advice and experience with similar people.
Hello and Welcome to Help & Co., a friendly server to join in, make friends, have a fun time and you can also get some help with any troubles you may have! We hope to see you soon!
This server is for the purpose of helping you deal with your emotions in a vent or asking for advice when it feels like you have no one else to talk to, we have mods all over the world, so where its 3am for you, its probably midday for someone else, and we're all friendly so dont be afraid of judgement.
A chill server to come and get high. Either tripsit someone having a rough time, get tripsat by someone else, or just relax.
Lost is a multi-purpose server which provides;
-Roleplaying (Optional)
-NSFW Content (Optional)

We also have other channels such as;

Lost was created on Febuary 1st 2019 in hopes of helping discord members with therapy. Thank you for joining.
We're a social server for people who want to meet new friends! friendly people, and qualified staff. Staff positions are available. we are looking to grow our community!
Heyo, do you have depression or suicidal problems. Do you want to join a happy community server like this one!

Well my friend, you're in luck!

Welcome to the Suicide Prevention Helpline Server. This server is for everyone! Yep, you heard me right. EVERYONE!

Here are some perks to this server.

1. There are no rules at all, as long as you don't disrupt this server. You're good to go!

2. We have amazing staff and cool/organized hierarchy!

3. We could use suggestions and more staff (Depends on circumstances)

So come on down and help us out and enjoy your time here at our finest and amazing community friendly server!
Hello im the co-owner of weirdos club we have events like Movie time,scribble io, and we have bots like boob bot,neko bot,koya,rhythm,simple poll,yagpdb bot and we are friendly are rules are

Rule 1 (Tier 2)
No bullying

Rule 2 (Tier 1)
Don't be too toxic

Rule 3 (Tier 2-3)
Don't be overly racist

Rule 4 (Tier 1-2)
Staff rule is final. do not argue with staff

Rule 5 (Tier 1)
Keep content to its assigned channel. memes in #memes and art in #art

Rule 6 (Tier 2-3)
Don't be homophobic this can lead to mute/kick

Rule 7 (Tier 1)
Don't lie to us about your age,gender.

Rule 8 (Tier 1-2)
Don't lie about your age to just access the nsfw channel "16-18".

Rule 9 (Tier 1-2)
No Lolis in any chat.
Welcome to Ice Wolf Therapy. Dont worry this server is safe and has sensible people to talk to!

++What we do++
-Provide support
-Help others with emtional, physical or Mental scars
-no harassment will occur here
-You are loved for who you are
-This is a community where you can be safe
And lots more!
We are a counseling, therapy, and social server that is based on the values of love and compassion to each and every person no matter the circumstances. We are not just a strong community, we are an undying family with the passion of helping and supporting each other. Whether you are staying to find answers or to get help through our counseling programs, or you just want to talk and socialize with others through events or one of the many chat rooms; we are here for you, we will always be here for you.
Personal Improvement is a friendly community where you can come and share your self improvement journey and get advice from others ,who share similar goals interests, to motivate you and help yoh improve more.