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Angel's Wings Support is a Discord server dedicated to helping anyone who may need a little bit of help. We're a peer-support server, meaning that you can help people too, and we'll return the favor. We're a server for anyone-- mental illness or not. We'll help everyone to the best of our ability. We focus on our support system, and our community. We cater to all ages, and all diagnoses, and those that are non-diagnosed. Our staff team is active, and enforce the rules to keep everyone safe. We hope you come and join us! We're here for you all.
We have: support channels and staff
**friendly community

** acceptance of everyone
**many channels for different topics
**rules and staff members that help keep the community safe
Come one, come all. Join us if you need support, or a friendly community to become apart of:)
Your worries here is a server where you can go to talk about things that are bothering you, whether it be mental health issues, relationship problems, identity/sexuality related or just someone who ticked you off at the grocery store. We're here to help you, reach out to you, and let you know that you're not alone. Or, if you don't have anything to talk about, you can just come here and hang out. We're a server with fun bots and places to talk and chill. It's like a lo-fi hip hop mix to help brighten your day!
Disclaimer: None of us are professionals or lisenced therapists. If you want to talk to us, then by all means do so. But we advise you to also seek professional help if you are going through hard times, as they can provide many forms of help that we can't. Have a nice day!
Welcome to Depressed Beings! We are an active community of both happy people and depressed people, as we will help your depression fade away or just give you a bunch of memes. Please join us!!
We are just here to help people with depression or sad times in people's lives

A Community mostly with Bisaya (visayan) people, but there is an english-only chat the no one would get "out of place"... Foreigners are very welcomed on this server :D

This Server has:
✅ Pokecord
✅ 24/7 Music
✅ Gaming VC (Duos, Squads, Party)
✅ Weekly Small Giveaways
✅ Approachable 24/7 Admin
✅ Variety of Topics: Mostly Games, Anime, Movies, Music, etc...

We want a member that is fun to play with and to talk with... We also have a giveaway so feel free to drop by and join... You know what they say "Treat others the way you want to be treated".
Libertas means Freedom in Latin. This server is for anyone seeking a community to talk to about the terrors that an eating disorder causes. We are NOT a pro eating-disorder server. We do not force recovery, though. Anyone is welcome here as long as you respect the rules.

We're a small server, but we're also new. We're trying to grow. I promise that we don't bite!
Welcome to 𝕀𝕥'𝕤 𝕆𝕜𝕒𝕪.
Join us to become a part of our big family where you can find people to talk to about everything and anything anytime. Here, we have people that suffer from all kinds of problems and many people that can help you get through your problems. Join us for some love and care :revolving_hearts:

• Therapists available 24x7
• Self-assignable roles
• Active staff
• Non-english-chat
• Roleplay
• Giveaways
• Positive messages for you EVERYDAY :heart:
.・゜゜・.・゜゜**we are NOT alone** ・.・゜゜・.・゜゜・
**About us**
We are a community based around supporting & helping people with many struggles in the their lives, regardless of what it is we are here for you!

**What we offer**

✿ Weekly events
✿ Amazing community
✿ Multiple Roles for you to select from
✿ Multiple Channels for you to talk in
✿ Daily games
✿ Movie nights
✿ Partnerships
✿ Support Channels
✿ Many commands for you to use
and a heck ton more!


We hope we've grabbed your attention. If so, we hope to see you soon!

Link Invite:
Safe Haven, is a free place to express yourself. This is a server, for people to make friends, express what they love, talk about their problems, share their favorite memes, listen to music... ect.
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
-37 self assignable roles
-Friendly staff
-Many different channels
-Game nights every Friday or Saturday
-Staff applications available
Halaus 24/7 support is an active support server that allows people with all differences to join and gain the support they need without delay. The mods, owner and people there to support are almost always active and are willing to listen to your problems to help solve them.
Our server's main goal is to give emotional supports, advices, and prevent suicide/further depression (Note: We're not real/professional therapists/psychologists). We'll help you feel better when you're feeling useless, down, etc. Sharing/talking about your problems would make you feel better so if you want to share your problems with us, we'll gladly listen and try to make you feel better or give advices we're also an accepting community so don't be afraid to be yourself. We also have self assignable roles, fun and music bots, and of course, a therapy section.

~ Thank you for reading, have a nice day! ~
Are you bad at talking or being social? Want to meet some new people and make some new friends? If so why not come the server.
A little place where you can receive some help or a friend. If you're feeling a bit down. We will not judge you. You can also feel safe here. Our main priority is always you. The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.
Hello! Welcome to Pinewood General Therapy! Come join us and have lots of fun!

Meet new people, contribute to the server, and help us grow!

We offer, jobs, phonebooths, games, giveaways, and more! So come on down, and join the fun today!
This server is to help people with major depression, I hope you will join, if you don't have depression, we are accepting staff/therapists. But not for long so join up
Welcome to the Lifeline Community Server!
We are a newer server here on discord, and we are hoping to become a striving friendly community for anyone and everyone!
We are currently hiring staff so feel free to claim a position!

Lifeline Includes:
<<Free Mental/Emotional Support>
<<Self Assignable Roles>>
<<Active Moderation>>
<<And More!>>

We are always adding more fun things to the server! So come join and check us out! :)
I am Tamaki and would like to open this server to assist all that need someone to express their woes and worried to or just need a friend! No matter your situation, attitude, or views I am here to assist and respect you.

🥀~ You can @ me any time to chat with and I will answer as soon as I can.

🥀~ There is a general chat with people to keep you company and chat with.

🥀~ We have memes.

🥀~ I am willing to shower you in honest compliments whenever you need a confidence boost!

🌹PLEASE DO NOTE I AM 17 YEAR OLD BOY AND NOT A THERAPIST IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, I am just here to help and support you and do my best to make you happy.💕🌹
Halaus 24/7 support is an active support server that allows people with all differences to join and gain the support they need without delay. The mods, owner and people there to support are almost always active and are willing to listen to your problems to help solve them. This server also allows you to connect with people through different mediums, whether it’s general talk, art or similar interests. It includes people of all ages and hopes to help people feel the very best and to also feel safe, secure and not alone with what they’re dealing with.
This server was created as a casual chatting and venting/therapy server. It's small but friendly, we want this to be a public and kind place, so please keep it wholesome and sweet. You are allowed to share your issues though, and we'll try to give advice.
Welcome to Equestria - The Quest For Friendship!
We aim to become a friendly Community;
Where we together can enjoy each others company and share friendships!
Everyone is welcome!

We hope to bring together the most amazing of people; Namely You!. if you're struggling with issues,Mentally or physically.
Or have a bad day!
Don't be afraid to jump on in and message an admin! they're there for you, to help and guide you.
or just are a fan of the series?
Then come on in!
Here is what we offer:

• We offer Custom Made emoji
• Lots of self-assignable roles! / Or ask staff for a custom role!
• Active Staff 24/7 Support
• OC/RP/ART chats!
• Nsfw for those who desire it **ON OUR WEBSITE; NOT DISCORD**
• Artists creating your oc's
• Events! Weekly/Monthly (with a certain prize pool!)
• All staff are above 18+
For occupational therapists, students, COTAs, and even patients! Get advice from real practitioners, learn about schools, study for the NBCOT and more!
Personal Improvement is a friendly community where you can come and share your self improvement journey and get advice from others ,who share similar goals interests, to motivate you and help yoh improve more.
Hello and Welcome to Help & Co., a friendly server to join in, make friends, have a fun time and you can also get some help with any troubles you may have! We hope to see you soon!