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Lose It! Is an 18+ community dedicated to those on their journey to lose or maintain a healthy weight.

Lose It! is a supportive, friendly, & mature community with over 1500 members, here to encourage you on your health & fitness journey.

We offer topical and off topic chats, venting space, guided topical writing, space for mature content, and multiple different types of challenges to keep you engaged and active in your journey.

This server's top weight loss tool is Calories In Calories Out, but we also have members who participate in specific diet strategies such as Intermittent Fasting, Keto, and more!

This community is strictly work-safe and is moderated as a safe space where everyone is welcome and members can feel free to share their feelings and issues without being attacked or judged .
(18+ Members Only)

As the name may suggest, we are a community of people trying to lose weight and get in shape! ~
However, we don't exclusively focus on weight loss - we welcome anyone who is trying to change their life for the better, or anyone who has completed their journey and just needs the continued support.

In this server you can feel free to ask questions about diet and exercise, show off your weight loss progress, share tips and tricks with the other members or just simply talk about your day.
On this server, you can discuss all aspects of dieting, including weight loss, fitness, and general self-care. We also have dedicated discussion channels for the most popular diets. Join us at the following link!
a community dedicated to women who lift! gone are the worries of being judged for your body-- we realize everyone starts somewhere and will support you through your journey. this is a group of women who lift and exercise for all different reasons! please invite yourself in!

we go through a heavy verification process to ensure the integrity of the server's purpose. larpers are not tolerated.
Simple Fitness is a server that is on a mission to help people worldwide reach their dream bodies. We are a growing family were you can find help and support when it comes to losing weight, gaining muscle, or if you just want a place to hangout and talk about health and fitness!
This is freshly made and a work in progress.

The mission of LS Academy is to help us reach our goals and achieve our dreams!

This server gives you a platform to plan, record, and celebrate little and big accomplishments.

No matter the reason you’re here, I hope you will find this server helpful to you.

We are here to
➸ help each other reach our goals
➸ express ourselves
➸ find new friends
➸ explore hobbies and passions
➸ self-discovery
➸ have fun

We are not here to
✗ make others feel invalid
✗ hurt others or ourselves

Still on board? Awesome!!

Now to explain the system.

✧ Classes

We will have serverwide assignments and discussions to aid in self-discovery.
➸ Surveys
➸ Journal Prompts
➸ Discussion Threads
➸ Habit Discovery/Tracking

These classes are optional.

➸ Topic Projects
➸ Coloring Sheets
➸ Craft Ideas
➸ Critique Room

➸ Writing Prompts
➸ Proofreading Help

➸ Book Club
➸ Book Recommendations

Home EC
➸ Recipe Suggestions
➸ Weekly Challenges

➸ Practice Rooms
➸ Performance Hall

➸ Practice Sessions
➸ Bi-Weekly Song Focus

➸ Translation/Writing Practices
➸ Resource Lists
➸ Language Rooms

➸ Exercise Routines
➸ Weekly/Bi-weekly Challenges
Let's face it: we've all been stuck inside because of the coronavirus, but the lockdowns are lifting and it's time to get back in shape. Gaming is good fun and all, but our personal health should be our top priority. We can't game if we're dead! If you are serious about losing weight and losing weight FAST, join the server, make some new friends, and take your first steps on the journey to losing weight!
We are a welcoming community for those with eating disorders. We are pro-recovery but that is not the point of our server and no one will try to force you into anything. We offer daily and weekly challenges and personal diary channels. This is just our verification server, once you make an intro you will be invited to the main server!
We can help each other lose weight together!😁 Well what are you waiting for?🙄 Check that join server button now!😋 Or not.Either way, check it out! Current;y with 28 members!
A server dedicated to all things fitness. Diet, exercise, lifting, cardio, supplements. Advocates of swole acceptance and disciples of Brodin. Swolehalla awaits you brethren.
This is a server focused on weight loss, posting fatty feels, and weightlifting. We have a tight-knit feel, but everyone is welcome to join us on the path to ascension (aka gainz/losing weight), even if you're maintaining or need advice on your diet. We're all gonna make it brah 💪💪
A community for people under 21 who are trying to lose weight for help, advice and motivation :))
Triple threat (mind, body, soul) is a gamified healthy lifestyle server. Stay accountable and have fun by earning points and participating in daily challenges! We’re a new and diverse community of weight losers, gainers, and everything in between! All are welcome!

NOTE: This server has holiday challenges that allow you to earn points for self care and cash them in for REAL money and prizes! Where else can you win prizes just for taking good care of yourself?
Fatty General is for those looking for motivation and support in helping to lose weight, get healthy, and just hang out in general. Just be chill and it'll be fun times.
Join one of the worlds largest Fitness Discord channels and be supported by 10,000's of people worldwide. Talk about nutrition, workouts, supplements, detox, yoga and everything any anything to do with health, wellness and fitness.

for more information visit my website:
A friendly server where we're working together to all achieve our personal dream bodies :) We want to hold each other mutually accountable so that one day we can look even MORE beautiful than we already are!